Monday, December 26, 2005

Sayesha's on the left

When we're kids, we all look so cute and adorable.

What the hell happens to us in the years man??


Vikram said...

Yo! I stand first :)

Vikram said...

Were you born in the 70s? :P

Sayesha said...

Chal kahin toh first hai! ;)

//Were you born in the 70s
Idiot I was born in 1980. And this pic was taken in 1983! And I think black & white photos ROCK! :/

Kaala Kavva said...

we lose our innocence.

Shobana said...

:)wow! that was like a yr before i was born. wonder where i was when this photo was taken:D
seriously i love my bachpan ke photos, i hate being photograhed now!
we are all cuteness personified at that age...sigh...

MeAwinner said...

:) Wow really you look cute.. & innocent :)
Whathappens..LIfe hits.. reality hits..Survival hits.. Challenges hit..Goals hit.. Dreams hit..
We no more left.. like a child..'not bothered from anything'
See any child they always have innocent smile on the face..'I adore that smile..':)

Cheers !

Anonymous said...


>> What the hell happens to us in >> the years man??

Dunno about you but im still cute! :P


Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

if thats you on the left then soprry babe, you weren't cute as a kid either :P

your sis (presumably) though was.

Unknown said...

the cuteness drains away along with one's innocence! :-P

aditi said...

lookin at the brighter side...atleast we get rid of the baby fat !! lol.. i was very chubby...

ritzkini said...

those pigtails really rock !no..seriously !!!

Anonymous said...

There's a huge presumption in this entire dialog ... Being 'cute' in the first place >:)

The Meanie Returns ;-)

Pi said...

Sayesha you look clueless! And you were born in 1980? U mean you are only 7 months younger than me? Did you know there are some people in my batch who are younger than you?

Aditi Were you like Monica (from Friends) when you were a kid?

Abhi said...

Hahaha! Ekdum pre-independence era ke zamane kee foto laagat hai bhaiyya !:)

But sacchi , black and white foto mein jo baat hai , wo kisi rangeen foto mein nahi.but you girls with those little bindiyas look as cute as angels.and u are one little chutki !:)ur sis(?) has this cool "haan haan kheencho , araam se foto kheencho" smile on her face , but tere face pe to 12 baje pade hain , jaise abhi abhi maths exam mein fail hokar ayi ho school se.:)

Anonymous said...

Toll of time.

Anonymous said...

So cute :-), Hahaa. I love looking at B&W pics from the days of yore :-)). I have one blown up on my wall, from a jungle outing. I am standing on a hillock, with a cute lil dress, two ponies, a chinky smile looking straight at the camera. And Mom is beside me, looking on downwards, making sure I am balancing myself right
:-). It's one of my fave. pics.

Sash, and who said you aren't cute anymore?? :-) Look again :-).

ankur said...

some people will still call u cute...though they only mean inside of what you are...!

rest can easily look at this snap and figure your physical cuteness...cause thats something which escapes the passage of time (mre often than not)

what the hell did i jst say...!!!???

Rays Of Sun said...

Hahahahha..looking at the pic, doesnt seem like you can be a "dada":D

Nice pic:)

Anonymous said...

Cute pic! :)

Whoever says you are not cute anymore can eat a rat! Did you say it?? Go eat a rat!!! =))

Vaise kuch log kehte hain main bhi cute tha! kuch log bole to mom and dad.

I read a lot of your blog I had missed recently because of my tour. Read about that thing you did on Virdi's birthday, it was a dashing thing to do! :)


Vikram said...

//I think black & white photos ROCK! :/

Haan re...apun to mazak kar raha tha...

Sayesha said...


I swear! I'm the kind who personally sets fire to all her bad snaps. And this snap not only survived it, but is still one of my favourite snaps ever! :)

Yeah, I also miss the "duniya jaaye tel lene, mummy papa hain na sab kuchh sambhalne ke liye" attitude! :)

Hehehehe! Ok ok you're still cute. :)

Hahaha! This is as cute as I can ever get man! :D

#Vikram H,
Yeah, you're probably right... sigh...

Hehehe! I had no baby fat, so I'm very scared it will all come back in adulthood! :O

Hahaha! Do you notice that they are not even aligned with each other, hence shifting my centre of gravity? :D

Haha! One man's cute is another man's ugly. I think I can live with that! :)

#American Pie,

Yeah I'm jus months younger than you. Next time, zyada izzat se baat karna! :D

//Did you know there are some people in my batch who are younger than you?

Thanks a lot man.

#Juggu Dada,
Hahaha! It's true, my sis really has the "le lo photo meri balaa se!" look! :D

Please also notice how I have copied her exact posture (hands kinda 'grabbing' the knees). She really was the 'goddess of all things' to me when I was a kid! :D

ps: I LOVE b&w photos. Even now, I use Picassa to convert my fav ones to b&w! :P


Hahaha! The two ponies thing is universal, eh? :D

//Sash, and who said you aren't cute anymore?? :-) Look again :-).

Just did. Not bad! ;)

//some people will still call u cute

Haha, yeah they do. ;)

//what the hell did i jst say...!!!???

Dil ki baat my friend, dil ki baat! Haha! :)

Oye I was a dada when I was in school! This was taken when I used to look at sis coming back from school and create a row "I wanna go to schoooooooool too!!" :D

Hey Tinku welcome back! For the longest time I was wondering kahan gaya... and because you don't have a blog, there was no way to find out kya ho raha tha! Didn't know you were on tour! It's good to have you back yaar! :) You're one of the very rare early morn commentators on this blog! :)

//Whoever says you are not cute anymore can eat a rat! Did you say it?? Go eat a rat!!! =))


//Vaise kuch log kehte hain main bhi cute tha! kuch log bole to mom and dad.

Hahaha! That is adorable! :)

//Read about that thing you did on Virdi's birthday, it was a dashing thing to do!

Haha! It was awesome fun man! :D

Apun ko ek decade peechhe bhej diya tuney! :O Khair koi baat nahin, chill re! :)

Pi said...


//Hahaha! The two ponies thing is universal, eh? :D

You never told me that you had horses as pets.

Shreyansh said...

Thats cute :)

Chk out one of my friends blog for another cute pic.

And for ur question , I guess , we dont have prejudices early on , preserving that innocence which suffuses our faces.
And you know why we lose that innocence.

Vikram said...

Sayesha, you looked cute (muffled voice - undecipherable) when you were a kid :)

educatedunemployed said...

We r still cute mate?And who said we lose baby fat!!!!???

Sahil said...

Kid on the right: "Oh, uncle is so nice to take a photo of us together. I love my sister and I'm so happy."

Kid on the left: "Hurry the hell up man. I've got to take care of munnu outside - aaj kal jyada uchal raha hai. Get the damn photo over with NOW."

Sayesha said...

#American Pie,
I see your horse obsession has not died off! ;)

Baap re, your friend looks so angry! :O

//we dont have prejudices early on , preserving that innocence which suffuses our faces.

Yeah, probably... I guess our way of thinking is reflected on our faces.

Hahahaha! Arre yaar, tareef karne mein itna sharmata kyun hai. Bindaas bol! ;)

Errrmm... okhay... :P

Arre! I don't that fierce, okay? Aur bechare Munnu ki kya galti hai yaar, usko beech mein le aaye bematlab ka! :D

Pi said...

I chatted with Jeeves yesterday. Thats why I remembered.

Sayesha said...

#American Pie,
Aha! No wonder! ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Cute pic! Haha...what happens to us in the years? We're smart and intelligent when we're we grow up, people around us affect our intelligence and SKOOL MAYX US SOOPER SMARTT. So, by the time we 'grow up', we lose so much of our brilliance that we become grumpy. That grumpiness makes the cuteness vanish. ;) 'Logical', right?

L said...

Yeh sabne bol diya but still..!!
Yup thats a cutie..!!

Well those were the times when a photograph meant a scheduled visit to the studio and a question
"Will my snap also find a place in that album..??"

Raj said...

You look cute in the picture. I especially like the Kishan Kanhaiyya style ponytails.

Vikram said...

//Arre yaar, tareef karne mein itna sharmata kyun hai. Bindaas bol

Tareef nahi re...just avoid using the word 'cute'...:D

Sayesha said...

Amazing theory man! I TOETALI AGRI!

Haha! Thanks! :P
Oh man. The studio! What funny memories! :D

Thanks! :)
ps: Kishan Kanhaiyya had ponytails?? Wow, so he had I shared the same (bad?) fashion sense, huh? ;)

Oye jus because I'm 'one of the guys' does not mean I'm one of the guys! I'm a chick re. I have absolutely no problems with being called 'cute'! ;)

smriti said...

ur sis is more cute than u

amit said...

dont know how u look at present.... so its difficult to compare current sayesha with the younger version.....

suresly B& W pics rocks....
do u still carry those 2 pony tails...;)

my younger sis used to carry one when she was a kid .... n when she used to walk, it resembled a fountain n we used to tease her a lot over the same...

Ginkgo said...

I dunno abt u...but then Ive always been from then to now..pretty 'good looking'

Raj said...

Sure, he did. Okay, atleast in 'Mahabharat' he did have ponytails.

Btw, inspired by your fascinating 'hand photo' story, I have posted a photo of my hand for the first time on my blog with the hopes of finally getting the cyberstalker (preferably female) i've always wanted.

Young Master said...

you still look the same

rimjhim said...

//we're kids, we all look so cute and adorable.

ye 'WE' me kaun included hai darling...
aapkee baat hm nahee jaante...i still look cute!! hehehe....

vaise chutiya badee pyaaree hai,.,!!

Pi said...

I agree with Ro. You still look the same. :) Unless you did something ever since we left SG.

Sri Harsha said...

It's one of natures many straight answer for tht.

I must also add tht this isn't limited to humans only, young ones of all the species look cute and adorable....

Neha Sinha said...

shooooooo shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet bachhe :D
like me :P

R said...

black and white photographs are just amazing. big time!

now this is a cute girl with ponies! to abhi kya ho gaya? God's way to keep you content with what you *had*. ek dum adorable pic! are those cute cheeks still on?

Sayesha said...

Yeah man. She was always the prettier one! :)

//do u still carry those 2 pony tails

Hahaha! Are you kidding me? Yeah, Sayesha. 25 years old. Senior editor. Two pony tails. Sounds awesome, huh? ;)

//it resembled a fountain n we used to tease her a lot

Geez! I got that too! :O

Awright man! :D

I saw I saw! ;) Good luck with stalking your stalker into stalking you! :D

What???????? :O

Tu bahut cute hai re... I saw your shaadi wala snap na? Very cute couple. And here's another long distance e-kala teeka! :)

#American Pie,
Et tu, Americus???? :O

#Sri Harsha,
Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
Yeah, you're right. Even lion cubs are cute! :)

Like you, eh? :P Chal tu bhi kya yaad karegi. Like you. :)

Haha! Yeah man, cute cheeks are still on. If two of my best buddies Ro and AP say so, I guess I still look the same. Don't have that height anymore though! :D

Kathy said...

You look cute both^_~ sayesha...for sure your sis is smart too like you .

Eclectic Blogger said...

Wut is ur sis' blog address? ;-) :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

#Eclectic Blogger,
Eeesh! My sis doesn't blog. She's sane.

Thanu said...

There is a black and white picture of didi and me too like this. She was 6 and I was 3. My parents have that picture framed and it is on our mantle at their place. Mom says she loves looking at that picture everyday.

Sayesha said...

Yeah, these kinda pics are the best! If we love them so much, I can only imagine how much our parents love them! :)

PuNeEt said...

thatz cho cho choo chweeeeeetttt

not much change...

ur still cute n adorable ;-)


Sayesha said...

Hehe.. thanks thanks! :P

Pi said...

you are no longer a kutti sayesha?

Sayesha said...

#American Pie,
Hahaha! Are you a kutti pie? HAHAHAHA! :D

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Just read all your posts I had missed out on and all of them made me smile :-)

Sayesha said...

And your comment made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »