Saturday, December 17, 2005

What an item!

It takes me over an hour to get to work every morning. And on the commute, I listen to songs on my Ipod (it's actually not mine, it has been kindly lent for an infinite time period by my friend, (who happens to be the most generous soul on earth) to the cannot-afford-an-ipod-but-will-wilt-without-music Sayesha).

So I conveniently plucked out all the English songs he had and filled his ipod up with 667 old and new hindi songs (for now). Yeah, I'm not a big fan of English music, unless the songs have deep, soulful and meaningful lyrics. And there are very few such English songs that touch my heart. One is the song 'Shut up, just shut up, shut up' by the black eyed peas. (Now that song has a soul, and it says so much in such few words. Totally love that song.)

Going back to what this post was supposed to be about, I made a rather interesting observation this week as I walked from my place to the train station.

When an oldie is playing on my ipod, it takes me 15 minutes to reach the train station.

When an item song is playing, I get there in 10 minutes.


Rays Of Sun said...

Yeayyyyyyy! Me first!

Thanu said...

so true, when I'm doing chores ard the house dishes, vacuum and all the time is lot less if playing an upbeat music.

Rays Of Sun said...

//When an oldie is playing on my ipod, it takes me 15 minutes to reach the train station//

I know what you mean baby:)
Let me write you an email for this:p
Sabke saamne kachra ho jaayega naheeto:))

Rays Of Sun said...

Yeay!Thanu exactyly! I was listening to oldies today while vaccuming and I didnt get anything done. I started playing Salaam Namaste and things happened in a jiffy:)

Anonymous said...

sayesha's theory of relativity ...ha?

Sahil said...

Err.. wasn't someone else first, first?

Sayesha? yeh kya ho raha hai tere blog par?

Oh and Shutup rocks. Though never figured YOU would like it.

Rays Of Sun said...

Yeay! When I was commenting..I saw that someone had already commented! MAybe some bhoot at Sayeshaz:O
P.S:-Now am going to stop spammofying your blog:p

Sayesha said...

Arre! Where did your comment disappear man?? :O

Errr... technically Pingoo was first, but his comment seems to have mysteriously disappeared, so chal you're first babes! ;)

Hehehe! :P

Hey where's that email you promised me? :@ The only one sitting in my inbox is that one where we asked Hyde for his "opinion"! Hehehe! :D

Yeah yeah! :D

Pata nahin yaar... jabse aap jaise ajeeb ajeeb log mere blog par waapas aaye ho, tabse gadbad ho raha hai! :P

I LOVE 'Shut up'! That song is SO meaningful!!

Bhoot at Sayeshaz?? What the...??!! Agar koi ghost hai toh woh Pingoo hai who has figured out how to delete his comment and leave no trace! :O

virdi said...

oye item... item songs :-)

i went to a high class disco sometime back... i mean mere se 1000 times uupar wali jo super duper class hai that type of disco...

i asked "hey do you have KAJRARE KAJRARE" they shooed me away!!! hahahahaha... i felt so nice to see his face... it was like "who is this guy??? who allowed him in??" i plan to go again and ask the same question again!!!



Raj said...

I like "Shut up" too. Okay, I like all BEP songs.

and I can't afford an ipod either :((

Sayesha said...

Oye you call me 'item' too?? Your flatmate used to! :D

The 'Kajrare' incident is hilarious! I can totally imagine the whole scene! :D

Hehehe! Let's start a poor-ipod-lovers' charity fund! All bloggers and blog readers are welcome to donate (money or their brand new ipods. Ahem Virdi, are you listening?) :P

Rays Of Sun said...

U know the situation reminded me of AAmir Khan in Rangeela "Kanda katke la in five star hotel"Awesome:p

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! And "AC idhar ghuma na!" Hahahaha! :D

Shobana said...

i sometimes avoid travelling with a cd- player for i fear i'll just start dancing on the road if its a fast favorite number..
the shopping malls are fun these days, everyone there is either humming or tapping their feet( that includes me:)). once saw a guy amost dancing:D

@virdi- lol!!

Anonymous said...

>> One is the song 'Shut up, just >> shut up, shut up' by the black >> eyed peas. (Now that song has a >> soul, and it says so much in
>> such few words. Totally love
>> that song.)

Hahahahaha! Then you'll also like this song called 'Who let the dogs out'. To the casual listner it would seem that the singer talking about "dogs". But upon careful listening one can discern that the 'artiste' is actually hinting at the far more subtle notion - namely that of "letting dogs out".

Blows you away when you finally get it!



[hope you werent being serious :O ]

L said...

The 5 min was gone in the realization of the lyrics of the oldie.., which are absent(improminent) in the item song...!!

ps: Dont spellcheck on my comments

Kaala Kavva said...

arre! oldie ke length 15 min hogi
aur item ke 10 mins!


Sayesha said...

//for i fear i'll just start dancing on the road if its a fast favorite number..

Hahaha!! Been there done that (almost). I even remember the song -- neend churayi meri kisne o sanam' from the movie Ishq. Also, shaher ki ladki makes me wanna catwalk on the MRT rail tracks! :P

Oh I know that song! Very soulful. The second line is especially meaningful, it comes deep from the dogs..

Who let the dogs out
Woof woof woof

//hope you werent being serious :O

Errr... actually I was! :P
As in, I totally love the song. But not just because the lyrics are a true representation of our inner feelings about some people.

Hehehe... but the amazing thing is that my walking speed adjusts itself! :O

//Dont spellcheck on my comments

I never do! :P

#Ze Exaggeratorr,
Wah Randomraj wah! Kya dimaag lagaya! One shabashi type chapaat to you! :D

R said...

ooooh.. how true! the pace of the song quite determines your walk and all that... may be! and also probably cos u dont possibly sing along the dance much as u would with oldies... which ones by the way? my personal faves kishore kumar and hemant kumar...

Nandya said...

ha ha pays to do these calculations....may be u can run a few stats..and do some cross correlations on music composers and singers as well as era of the song...

i am just bullshitting here...pardon me..

Anonymous said...

Add me to the "iPod Chahiye" list, and I want a Video iPod please!

Have seen some people watching videos on the video iPod (where else would they see them, isn't it?) and then others going "How can you watch stuff on such a SMALL SCREEEEEEENNN!!". Well, they are the same people who said "Why would one surf Internet on their mobiles?" - Yes, I used to! Read news, chat, e-mail, everything on my big-screen Nokia 6230.

BTW, to complete the experiment, you should load some podcasts (any talking-show type stuff) onto your iPod and measure the travel time. We'd consider this as the 'control set'

Totally irrelevant, Whatever!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good music can really shorten a route. :-) Interesting observation about old numbers and new item numbers :-).

Ginkgo said...

lolz, if u like BEP... then itz time u probably listened to the one that is doing the rounds..

My Jump my Jump my Jump..

remember, my J and H keys are close together too..:-)

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

the days i'm happy, it takes me 5 minutes to walk from hostel to acad block; when i'm 'normal', it takes 7; rest of the days it takes ages.... ages that end in like 15-20 minutes :(

~absolutely nothing to do with music
~~mujhe bhi iPod chahiye :((

Vikram said...

Haha! You should listen to Heavy Metal. You'll be on the train in five minutes. :D`

Sayesha said...

I love the Lata numbers from the 70s! Awesome stuff! :) Kishore is high up too! :)

Hahaha! Cool, there's a bewda on board to give bewdi company! :)

Errrm... I'd still be one of those who say "How can you watch stuff on such a SMALL SCREEEEEEENNN!!" and "Why would one surf Internet on their mobiles?" :P

Hahaha... control set now?? Looks like my 'observation' has turned into a full blast experiment! :D


Haven't heard this one! Will look for it. And congrats, you managed to type in the song name without the dreaded typo! ;)

Wow, now that's another interesting observation. :)
ps: Sabko ipod chahiye yaar! :(

Hahaha! :D

Anonymous said...

//hope you werent being serious :O

>> Errr... actually I was! :P

Oh no sorry!...really thought you were kidding. But seriously, "shut up shut up" is THE example of 'meaningful english song'?? I mean...what about eagles, simon and garfunkel, clapton, gnr etc. ? Well..I guess ones mans food really is another mans burgerwithoutpatty ... and so forth and so on ....


Abhishek said...

ipods r cool.....check ma latest blog on ipods

Ginkgo said...

kya 'Item' hai yaar...tu aur teri Ipod :-P
cudnt resist:P

amit said...

mujhe bhi ek iPod chaiye.... lagta hai mujhe bhi ek 'generous' dost dhoondhana padega ;)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Yeah, I love the song, not just for the music but for the lyrics.

It's amazing how much they can say in such few words.

Shut up just shut up shut up.


Are you gonna donate to the charity? :)
ps: Is it me or is there a formatting problem with your blog?

Maloom tha tu aisa kuchh hi bolega! :D

//lagta hai mujhe bhi ek 'generous' dost dhoondhana padega

Agar mil gaya toh mera bhi intro karwa dena yaar! Aajkal aise dost kam milte hain.

Anonymous said...

Get me a video-iPod and I shall show you how!

ritzkini said...

so true !! another world altogether ! when listening to a fast track...try "Duniya mein login ko..dhoka kabhi ho jaata hai.."
RD Burman ! the original style icon !(in music alone..not in dressing..sorry !)

ritzkini said...

*logon* ko..
uff...mein aur meri galtiyaan...

Sayesha said...

// Get me a video-iPod

Dude, I can't afford a normal ipod here!

// "Duniya mein login ko..dhoka kabhi ho jaata hai.."

Ah, the markings of a true nerd! :)

Deepa said...

Another IPOD Freak ;o) ...join the gang Sayesha...

Ravi said...

If iPod is what you want, then go for iPod nano. Its really small!! Yeh Video iPod kaam nahi aane wala. And normal iPod is too cumbersome.

Sayesha said...

Hehehehe :P

I agree! Yeh video-shideo is all bakwaas. Solid gana bajta ho, light-weight ho, big-memory ho, long-battery-life ho, aur kuchh nahin chahiye! :D

J said...


It's true abt the music. But wid me it all happens in the local bus. If the oldies are on, i'm just left lookin at my watch.

By the way, could i borrow your very generous friend for a while?!

Sayesha said...

Hey welcome to Sayeshaz!

//could i borrow your very generous friend for a while?!

Get in the queue, missy! :)

Bhavya said...

I've also noticed that, in the gym, I tend to jog faster if a peppy item song is playing on the music system over there.