Sunday, April 01, 2018

A is for 'Accident ho gaya rabba rabba'

"Ohhh! That song!"

Yes. That song. Who remembers it?

The song was way ahead of its time in many ways. Accident ho gaya, rabba rabba. Agreement ho gaya, rabba rabba. Permanent ho gaya, rabba rabba. First of all, such deep, meaningful and life-altering lyrics could only have been written by someone as talented as our very talented Mr. Yo Yo Honey Singh. Anand Bakshi managed to achieve this way back in 1983.

The song starts with Amitabh Bachchan looking up at the skies yelling 'ALLAHRAKHA!" and what appears above him is a 'flying' stuffed bird, which I initially assumed (due to the poor quality of the video) to be a pigeon.

The bird brings him a garland to put around his lady love's neck. "Aha! So Maine Pyaar Kiya was not the first movie with a pigeon playing Cupid!" I thought. But it turns out that it wasn't a pigeon, it was an eagle. Yes, AB had an eagle for a pet in Coolie.

Then they dance bindaas. In the middle of the busy road. Amidst traffic. Classic filmi ishtyle. Love it. Also, can't stand it. Perfectly describes my relationship with Bollywood movies.

A truck driver, distracted by their dancing, slams into a wall, and what tumbles out from the back of the truck? TONS OF APPLES! Our lead pair has a new substrate to dance on, yay! Now I am experiencing some major Maine Pyaar Kiya flashback, okay?

After watching the song 238748923 times, I realise that they may not be apples after all. Fine, they might be green mangoes or green lemons or something, but my point is that MPK was not the first time our lead pair danced on or tumbled with tumbling fruit.

Then, Coolie and Julie (no, seriously, that was her name) go to a forest and engage in some... err... yoga and stretches? 

After this, they turn into Tarzan and Jane and make a casual escape by swinging on some vines. The truck driver pursues, only to be hit on the head by large and heavy objects (bricks, stones, coconuts, etc.) that the loyal Allahrakha is loyally dropping from above. Pehle pyaar ka pehla paththar voyeur ko de aa.

13 years ago, I had written a post on misheard lyrics. (I also learnt that day that there is actually a term for misheard lyrics - mondegreens. A great remedy for Monday blues.) One of the commentators on that post had absolutely insisted that the Accident song went 'Accident ho gaya, taxi dent ho gaya, parmanand ho gaya' and he wanted to know if anyone could explain the parmanand part to him. Of course, many jumped in, making the comments space a hilarious discussion field. This was one of the many posts from that era where the comments were way more entertaining than the posts. I had laughed till I had cried at this one. (Sample these: Uske nana ki tareef mumkin nahin, and Aankhon mein ghusa diya, maaf ho, and Ek akela is shaher mein, raat mein aur dopahar mein, sabudana dhoondta hai.)

Anyway, I digress. Here you go, Enjoy this 'accidental' gem!


Charan Deep Singh said...

I remember this song and movie vividly... Nostalgia...

I wrote about changes in our lives today... About nostalgia...

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Anonymous said...

What a beginning! This song is so bad! I want my eyes and ears back! May your other songs be this bad!

Arun said...

Fruits seems to have dimples, so not mangoes.

Horizon said...

Hehe good one

Sayesha said...

Yes, after the blogathon I feel like I need to go back and watch some of these movies again.

Bwahahaha! You're welcome! :D

Oh wow. Yeah, maybe. :D

Thanks! :)