Saturday, March 31, 2018

Going ape(ril)

Hello bewdas,

YES! The A-Z April blogathon is ON and I'm IN! 26 posts in the month of April; one post a day barring Sundays.

However, unlike the last four years, I plan to do it differently this year. Instead of picking a word based on each letter of the alphabet and blogging about it, I'll use songs that start with the letters. And I will share a few random facts and opinions about each song. 

But what kind of songs, Sayesha? English or Hindi? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Of course Hindi, you dhakkan. Shuddh Bollywood songs. (English songs it seems, HAHAHAHAHA. I know maybe a grand total of three English songs. Maybe less. I'm not even kidding.) 

Since April this year starts on a Sunday and you're supposed to skip Sundays, I thought the blogathon would start on Monday, 2nd April, yes? Well, NO. This bleddy April has 5 Sundays so if I skip 1st April, I would find myself labouring over Z on Labour Day. 

So the blogathon starts tomorrow. And no, this is not an April Fool's joke. 

So let me go and mull over which song I should pick from the plethora of A-songs that come to mind, while simultaneously freaking out over what I will do when I reach X. Wish me luck, bewdas, and if you're taking part in the blogathon, leave a comment so I can go read your stuff too! 



Arun said...

Yay all the way to zee!

Anonymous said...

yay! Can i claim my "Gollllld" in the comments again?

Charan Deep Singh said...

Thank God, you are participating, my motivator-in-chief...

I asked about it yesterday on your previous post...

Here is theme reveal post and second year in a row participation...


Look forward to reading yours too...

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

Of course! :P

Thanks! :)