Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mentally unstaple

"Children's book publishing has two seasons - peak season... and super-peak season."

Thus spake a colleague and made history by being the most quoted guy in my company.

As the super-peak season draws near, lunch hours gradually disappear. People seem to work through lunch, and eat only if interrupted by a caring colleage's reminder. I'm lucky to have a few caring colleagues who pop by my cubicle with a "Lunch?" at 12.30 pm.

Yesterday, Belly Dancer dropped by with the magic word, and pulled me out of my stress-ridden daze. And suddenly I realised how very hungry I was. Still kinda dazed, I hurriedly grabbed the usual three things I take with me when I go for lunch - wallet, umbrella and mobile phone. We were waiting for Bananapen when I suddenly realised that something wasn't right. My mobile phone felt different in my hand. Gosh, had I picked up someone else's mobile phone?

So I looked down at the object in my hands.

Nope, it wasn't someone else's mobile phone.

It wasn't my mobile phone either.

It was a stapler. :|

I was gonna go for lunch with a stapler in my hands. :|

Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'staple food', doesn't it? :|

In unrelated news, the innocent citizens of Singapore were struck by panic due to reports of the jailbreak by the dangerous criminal Psychotic Stapler (or Stapling Psycho as the media 'fondly' refers to her), who has been spotted roaming the streets of Singapore, armed with a fully loaded stapler. It is to be noted that she is highly trained in using the weapon. Considering that she's been kinda pissed off with anything and everything in the last few days, any attempts to say things that could further annoy her may lead her to use the weapon. It is in the interest of the public to keep their mouths shut when in her company.

This message was issued in public interest by the Stapling Psycho.


Anonymous said...

Guess this is the first time am posting a comment with the "No comments yet" title above. :D... Brb...


Anonymous said...

Hehehe... Psychotic Stapler.. sounds good..

I went to my TL's cubicle in the morn and when I returning to my cubicle, she was giving me weird looks...

I wrapped her Moto RAZR in my hanky :|


Iday said...

Here's hoping the Psychotic Stapler doesn't harm our dear bhai!!!

I am worried now :(
Bhai - us aurath ko kahi dekha naa, tho silent se us place se nikal jao.

Looks like an insane female :o

Anonymous said...

@Iday, so Sayesha should save herself from Sash?? :P


Lizabeth said...

So, did you get caught with the stapler as Pcychotic Stapler? :@

Anonymous said...

Oops... Made a mistake in my excitement... I meant "...when I was returning to my cubicle..."

Ok, hopefully my last comment for this entry.. :)


Black Tulip said...

ROTFL!! so how was lunch with the stapler? :P

Anonymous said...


tooo gud sash!!!

u knw this lunch par thoda sa aur dhyaan do!!!
so had a staple diet?? :D:D:D:D

TMaYaD said...

oooh! I'm scared!! mummyyyyyyyy..........I got a staple psycho on my PC [:D]

Bivas said...

ummm...errr...can imagine u dressed up in a krrish like dress holding a stapler and backgrnd music..."Staplerman u on the hand...if u don't...keep ur mouth shut, in goes the staple pin"(sung to the tune of spiderman!!!
P.S.: wanted to be politically correct by saying staplerperson instead of staplerman but then it wudn't have rhymed ;-)

Iday said...

//so Sayesha should save herself from Sash?? :P
Yep ;)
The "bhai wali" Shaz must save herself from the "stapler wali" Shaz :D

eT said...

>>"It wasn't my mobile phone either.
It was a stapler. :|
I was gonna go for lunch with a stapler in my hands. :|"

Haha... too funny, did anyone (other than you) around notice this...?/ lol :P

Anonymous said...

My dearest darling Stapler... Tera mood ko kya hua? Why annoyed reh rahi ho? Tikh se staples nahi daal rahe hain kya tumhare andar.. :D

Anonymous said...

ha ha staple diet !! That was quite hilarious :))


Di said...

he he..real kind of u to fore-warn the rest.. ;)

HaRi pRaSaD said...

I too heard about her in the BBC. She goes around saying...

The name is Stapler.Psychotic Stapler

Phah bam Phah bam... Phah bam Phah bam...Phah bam Phah bam...

:D Yeah! I watched Casino Royale last nite!!! Craig Rocks! As far as I know lizards don't rock, so he is definetly not one!
This 007 is fully manual! No complicated gadgets(Not even a stapler!)...only fists!!! I loved it!


HaRi pRaSaD said...

I missed out an important detail...

She says

The name is Stapler.Psychotic Stapler

Phah bam Phah bam... Phah bam Phah bam...Phah bam Phah bam..

[The above mentioned sound is produced vocally by Bellydancer and bananapen, who accompany the Psychotic Stapler in her stapling endeavors!!!)

Basanti said...

Khi khi.. bhai bana bhediya! :P (sorry, can't come up with better word to rhyme :P but htis also sounds funny, hai na? :P)

Fun only coming reading this..

looks like Sowmya is super duper happy she is not in Singapore.. :P or is she? :P :P

Please don't kill everyone who comes your way.. ! :P

arpana said...

how many mouths have been stapled shut already o stapling psycho?

Anonymous said...

Hehehe..Stapler.. hehehehe

Reminds me of the time(s), I leave the lab with the timer attached to my hip and my pencils stuck behind my ear. The Cafeteria lady know is used to me dumping things on the counter to search for the change.

Rosh said...

Flash News:
"Glad Tidings All!
The Psycotic Stapler's weapon has been inspected by the Singapore Police Dept! It is found that she had been using fake staples all the way! No one was reported to be injured till now"

P.S> Due to safety reasons, the current whereabouts of this reporter has not been disclosed to the media. ;-)

Anonymous said...

aur proof NAHI chahiye! :P

Iday said...

Saw Casino Royale :D
James Bond minus gadgets and gizmos - Craig does a great job.
One of the best movies of the season. Go watch it for sure.
BTW - heard that Doom-2 is also is good :)

Sneha said...

stapling psycho!! happens happens.. i had once gone all the way to college in my home slippers :S i had forgotten to change into my shoes and ran off with the slippers on!! :D

Lalit Singh said...

abe tu yedi ho gayeli hain

aisa karengey to dhanda kaise chalega bhai... tu thoda light le and jaake khandala/mahabaleshwar jaake chill maar

dharmu said...

can this psycho-the-rapist help her?

Anonymous said...

I have a list of people I want to see stapled.

Do you take requests?