Saturday, November 18, 2006


"There are only 2 questions and they are worth 100 marks. There is a lot to write. Use your time well, and focus when you sit for the exam." The prof had warned about the exam.

So Sayesha was all focused as she entered the exam hall. She had no distractions. All she wanted to have in her head was stuff about the exam.

Only about the exam.

So Sayesha turns over the question paper, reads the two questions and start writing the first answer.

And then suddenly out of nowhere, random thoughts start fleeting in and out of her head. The harder she tries to shrug them off, the more persistently the cross-connections dart through.

So between spasms of furious writing, this is what was happening in that head.

Jab kabhiiiiiiiiiii..........

Sheesh, stop singing in your head, Sayesha! You're in the middle of an exam.

Yeh Aarti ki bachi... exam ke pehle achhe achhe gaane kaiku bhejti hai... jab kabhiiiiii........

Sheesh, you were the one who listened to it 30 times on loop at work all morning, and now you blame Aarti?

Hmmm... woh bhi sahi baat hai...

Lekin KK is God, nahin?

Gosh that girl's jacket is such a bright yellow. I should look at her if I get sleepy.

Waise Shaan bhi koi kam nahin hai...

I like this pen... I should buy one in red for office work...

I had two missed calls from my editor 5 minutes before the exam... didn't have time to call back... hope there was no crisis...

Hey, Louis' mineral water bottle is the same brand as mine!

Since I got the bottle in, I should drink some now.

Don't drink too much. You may want to pee!

Hope I don't have to pee. I hate having to get up in the middle of an exam to go pee.

Damn it's freezing in here... how could I forget my jacket in the office? Thank goodness I asked my friend to get an extra one...

My feet are cold... I should have worn covered shoes...

My sis said she liked these shoes of mine... I think she was hinting man... I should have just given them to her...

After the exams, I will buy a few pairs of shoes for her...

... and for myself too. Gotta reward myself for finishing the exams, yeah?

Actually do I really have to wait till after the exams? The next paper is open-book anyway...

And I'll catch up with all the new movies too... maybe the new Bond movie...

But the new Bond looks like a lizard! :/

I think you're just afraid that you'll end up liking him.

That's just weird... what's wrong in liking a lizard-like Bond? Not like Pierce is my bachpan ka dost who would start sulking...

Hmmm... can't believe I am in the MLT again... seven years ago I was standing there in the middle of the stage and performing 'Ishq bina'... what glorious days...

Arre wah, prof is wearing a colourful shirt today... classes mein toh bahut dull clothes pehente hain... exam mein so rangeela?

Hey, he's walking towards the mike... what's he gonna say?

"You have 15 minutes remaining."



Deeps said...

:-O :-O :-O

The ":-O" is not only for your terrible exam ordeal (;-) :-D), but also for me being first!! Yeah Yeah yeah!!

Deeps said...

And yeah I don't like the new Bond either (Pierce Brosnan is ultimate), but yeah, I too wonder if I watch the BOnd movie I'll end up liking him :-\.

Suhel said...

Hope u were able to complete both the questions....In Time...

Nice post.. :)

Anonymous said...

Top 5....YEAH!..
You seem to be inflicted with speak-in-my-minditis..
and bhai answers her questions too.....
And I don't like the new bond :( But the movie rocks..

Iday said...


But then - i've had these moments during exams too. Moments when i just shift myself to a diff world and start thinking abt all things other than the damn exam.
But the good thing with me is that i've never dreamt till a "15 mins to go" announcement pulls me back :P

Goin shopping?!?!?
What's my gift??? ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hahahhaha!!!! kya mental conversations hain. ;)

My sis said she liked these shoes of mine... I think she was hinting man... I should have just given them to her...

my sis does this all the time. :-)

qsg said...

Waah...brilliant, indeed - I am at my imaginative best while writing an exam!

BTW, the new Bond rocks! He is no lizard!

InExile said...

ha ha u seem like u're on a acid trip while u are bungee jumping among hash field sin afghanistan !

Aashun said...

Who let out nitrous oxide in the room?

Anonymous said...

I know what its like to have songs in your head during exams... And know what, I sometimes stop writing when I cant remember the lines! Duh!! :|


ps: I wont mind a pair of shoes either :P

pps: I HATE people calling me babe/baby etc. ;D

ppps: Didn mean to be rude... hope you took it in the right sense :)

Suresh S Murthy said...

hahaa... Well I seemed to have gone thru this stuff in my prev sem exams, when I ran short of questions to attend. I guess its a sort of feeling of 'liberation'. Gud one da...

Sayesha said...

Hey, long time! :) Hahahah... welcome to the confused-about-the-new-Bond club! :P

Yeah I did... the "spasms of furious writing in between" pulled me through :P

Hahahaha! Yeah Bhai talks to herself in the weirdest places! :P
ps: I will go watch Lizzie Bond after exams! :)

Hehehe... luckily my conversations were interrupted by phases of crazy writing! :D
ps: Gift? Tere liye? Arre pehle tu Pani puri wala udhaar chukta kar! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahahaha! Guess she went to the same 'How to manipulate your younger sis and still appear innocent' school as mine! :P

Hmmm... dikhta toh lizard hai... movie dekhna padega phir I will tell you :)

Whoa what a description! :)

Me me me! :D

//And know what, I sometimes stop writing when I cant remember the lines! Duh!! :|

Hahahahaha! I know EXACTLY what you mean! Sometimes I can't sleep at night till I remember the exact lyrics of a song! :P
ps: *makes mental note never to refer to Sowmya as "babe"*
pps: *makes mental note to buy Sowmya shoes as an apology*

Hahaha! At least you ran short of questions to attend! I did not! :O

Anonymous said...

Didn't need anymore proof Sayesha ki bacchi!!! Bhagwan bachaaye isko! :)

Di said...

totally thinks that anyone wud die laughing if they cud actually hear wat goes on in my head wen im not allowed to talk .... :-/

Bivas said...

OMG!!! and dat was an exam paper u were writing!!!
hvn't yet watched casino no comments on mr.craig yet...but still brosnan's the best :D...shaken not stirred!!!

Iday said...

//Gift? Tere liye? Arre pehle tu Pani puri wala udhaar chukta kar! :D
Arre yaar. If i can send them thru courier i wus have send loads of them already.
Kya kare??? Aise tho kuch kar nahi saktha :(
Is udhaar chuktane ke liye aapke physical presence hona bahut zaroori hai :(

Jab bhi hum mile, be prepared to spend a whole day (or perhaps a few days) eating pani puris.
Only pani puris :)

Anonymous said...


I intended to pull an all-nighter finishing up my homework and research project. Instead I stumbled upon your blog (and I don't even remember how any more!!) and have spent the last three hours reading your posts!
You write extremely well, I hope you won't mind my wandering towards your blog again.


अभिषेक said...

amazing post....
mind... who could control it?
atleast you have been able to assimilate all that.. i am still trying.

Anonymous said...

Haha, nice post!:) I happened to hear this song I liked just before leaving home..and it kept playing in my head throughout the paper:S.. Sheesh..:S.. I get done on wed!.. yeyy!!!:) you? and good luc!!:D


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Congratulations!! Egg-jam khatam!!

But my oh my --- you sure had one helluva wandering mind during the exam! Ladki ka yellow jacket? Naya Bond = chhipkali? Bhai aap apne dimaak mein ek tape-recorder laga lo blog post to aise hi ban jaayenge! :)

Really nice post :)

Black Tulip said...

LOL!! did u manage to finish?

Basanti said...

You're sounding like MEE!! :O :O :O Danger sign it is!! Sash, please be changing your bad habits!! or you'll end up like me!! :O

raghu said...

NOW DAT IS FUNNY...real funny tya.. i mean i get wierdest thots while writin xams only.. really evrythin but phy n chem come 2 my mind ya.. xams r so so weird!

Anonymous said...

Thanks and I'll mail you my address soon :D... Send them ASAP :P


Shekhar said...

Kya Sayesha bhai, aap bilkul hamaar maafik nikle !! :D I remember thinking about stuff like Swami Vivekananda's writings --> karmic yoga --> books I wanted to read --> meditation and exercises that I wanted to start and helluva lotta other stuff during my Bank Management exams..

dharmu said...

mangaye bhai!!!

Lizabeth said...

Hey Sayesha,
So it is not only me who gets into day dreaming and mind walking while exams! Yipee so I am normal. :-).

TMaYaD said...

hehe, I usually sleep in exams. so no random thoughts for me.

The new bond is too good of an action hero :) but he is nothing like bond. :s Neither do I know what to do of him.

Anonymous said...

I had thought I was the only one who had songs ringing in their mind on the day of the exam.Now i am relieved ;-). But the best part is during study holidays i get the best ideas regarding any thing on the earth and they seem to vanish when the exams are over!!!.sign;-).

its me said...

i agree with you.. the new bond looks yuck.. and i fear the same.. that i may end up liking him..
hope your exam went on well.

~ ॐ ~ said...

and then you remembered all this to write about it... sahi hai bhai !!!

PizzaDude said...

Haa Haa.... I have had some song going on and on in my head when answering an exam paper so many times. Luckily, I have never gotten so carried away as to write its lyrics in the answer paper :))

HaRi pRaSaD said...

:D I could so well relate to this post of yours!! For I had this experience 9 years back when I was in my 9th standard! It was quarterly exam time.Myself and my buddy Vijay were pedalling to the school when out of the blue Vijay started "Tarararera..oh..oh..oh...Tarararera..oh..oh..oh" and continued that stupid line till we reached our school gates.

The question papers were given and to my horror I did not know the answers for many question..GULP!!
But I was like...

Shit! I dont know the answers for this question "Tarararera..oh..oh..oh...Tarararera..oh..oh..oh"
..and this one too "Tarararera..oh..oh..oh...Tarararera..oh..oh..oh"
..and again this one"Tarararera..oh..oh..oh...Tarararera..oh..oh..oh"
Oh! I am gonna flunk this exams!!! "Tarararera..oh..oh..oh...Tarararera..oh..oh..oh"

And after the exams I came out searching for that moron Vijay "Now where the hell is this bugger" "Tarararera..oh..oh..oh...Tarararera..oh..oh..oh" !!!

The Inquisitive Akka said...

So how did you do?? And you know something....after watching Munich I realised that its not too tough to love Daniel Craig :) he grows on you :)

Anonymous said...

Beta, hum donon is mein same to same hain.. :D.. I can reel about stories of what I used to sing and think while writing those exams.. :D:D.. Its fun, no.. pata hi nahi chalta ki 2 hrs kaise guzre.. :D

Sneha Acharya said...

hey thts me .... u cant be a replica of me :p

Sneha said...

arrrghhhh... exam season is the worshtesht! even my exams are on (started today). sigh! about the song playing in ur head--soooooo true! i imagine an imaginary player and i press the 'stop' button on that player :) this works at times, but not always!! u could try it and best of luck for ur remaining tests!!

Somya said...

too good sayesha..guess what? I was no different. Those 3 hrs used to be the only time when I would feel like humming some stupid songs or plan for next paper or a movie and coz of that I had a history of my paper being snatched at the end of three hrs. but still winner used to be one of my hostelmate who used to stare at people, used to go for refilling her water bottle , smile at people and god knows what all. Still how she used to pass her exams is still a mystery for all of us.

Rosh said...

Super Sayesha!!! Love ur posts...
U know, even though I am a movie addict myself, I have never had these symptoms( i.e. thinking abt movies songs and other randon stuff) during exams.
I guess there was always an IAN to stop myself from doing it ;)

P.S> From next time I will address you as SS, coz I am a lazy dude and I wont have the patience to type Super Sayesha again ;)


Strider said...

Last exam me baith ke ye sochna ki chuttiyo me kya karna hai!
There are some things money cant buy! :-)

Irfan said...

The last two posts have been filled with dreams and the thoughts that goes to one's head (atleast yours during exam time) lol.. Loved it. As 40+ commentors have already said in their own words....Amazing post!!!

Inder said...

all these at the exam hall??!! that is serious. get well soon. :P

Sayesha said...


Hehehe :P

Yeay for Brosni! :D

Hahahaha! Now you're talkin'! :D

Hey, welcome to Sayeshaz and sorry for spoiling your all-nighter... :P Hope to see you around the bar more often! :)

Thanks :)

Hey... I have one more to go... on Thursday :)

Hehehe... thanks! :P

#Black Tulip,
Hahaha! Yeah, remember the crazy writing in between? Pulled me thru :P

Hahahaha! Behen-behen same same! :D


Haan haan bhej address... joote padenge! Literally! :D

Hehehehe! :P

Tu kain boli? :P

Hahaha! What makes you think this behaviour is normal? ;)

Hmmm... looks like I really gotta watch the lizzie-Bond! :)

Argh... creativity wasted eh? :)

#It's me,
Yeah, it went well thanks :)


Hahahaha! Can't imagine writing 'Jab kabhiiii' in my Campaign Design paper hahahahaha! :D

Gosh your comment was HILARIOUS! :D

Grows on you? Do I really want that? That is the question :)

#Smiling Girl,
Hahahaha! Yeh teen ghante ka paper tha... mere sar mein puri hindi movie ban gayi! :P


Brilliant idea about the imaginary player! I will try it in the next exam! :D

Hahahahha! :D

Cool.. your nick is too long too... TLT is better :P

Hehehe... egg-jactly! ;)

Thanks! :)

Hahahahaha! Oye! Get well soon?? At least say "All the best" yaar! :P

Anonymous said...


that was an amazing post :D:D:DD

tumhara dimaag toh chacha choudhari ke dimaag se bhi fast chalta hai :)):))

Iday said...

//Hahahaha! Now you're talkin'! :D
So yeah, when can i expect my tickets??? :P

Anonymous said...


That was a wonderful read.......more like wonderful fun :D :D :D

Nice....... :)

Anonymous said...

since you mentioned bond and his looks... well, u *must* watch the movie, its nothing like normal bond movies... easily an awesome movie by itself!

As for his looks, I dont think u'd b even bothered while watching the movie :P

Ekta said...

hahah..sweetheart...i so relate to u...everytime I used to give an mind used to be full of all kinds of thots...everything except the paper!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sayesha,
Been reading your blog for quite some time but commenting for the first time cos i have a question, Yeh jaana kya hai??
Jab kabhiii???
Kaun si movie?


Sayesha said...

Damn! Now I miss Chacha Chaudhri comics and their horrendous English! :P

You dun give up, do ya? ;)

Thanks! :)

I will I will! Right after the exams! :P


Welcome to Sayeshaz! (Even though you have been lurking around) :)
The song is from Jhankaar Beats. :)

Jay said...


Is this another dream? If not, hey what's up with ya??! :O


lazy leo said...

i thought the same about daniel craig in the pre-release posters.....but guess what.... he's AWESOME in the movie..... and it's a very different movie in itself.... must watch..

Restless Rain said...

All e best for ur next paper!

Yes, I do rememeber a certain U2 song playing in my head in final year... haha...

Sudeep said...

ha ha ha...
sorry for laughing lekin kya kare control nahi hua :D

waise 2 hi question n for 100 mks.. i wont come to s'pore ever

Iday said...

//You dun give up, do ya? ;)
Why wud i??? :P

Anonymous said...

hey sayesha

the 'marks'ist amma in me says - gaana gaao , prof ke shirt ke color dekho - ya jo bhi man karre, par marks badhiyaa le aana,

btw jhankaar beats ka song list google kiya hai. dekhoon toh zaraa woh kaunsa gaana tha!!!

Neihal said...

hahaha...and I thought I was the only one who had wierd random thoughts running thru my mind during exams.....In my last exam I counted all the brands of pen I have used...and which one's I liked and which ones I didnt :)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Goodness all this pawan-pavitra thoughts between exam :o
that too between spasms or writing.How many brains do you have?

Anonymous said...

kaam before the storm? :P If your last paper isn't done yet (tmrw eh?) Good luck...else yaaaay! exams over! :D

Sayesha said...

No dream... this is the real thing! :P

#Lazy Leo,
Yeah, I'll watch it asap! :)

#Restless Rain,
Thanks! :)

Hahahahaha! Yahan ka toh system hi aisa hai! :D


Drop me an email, I'll send you the song! :)


Hahahahahaha! Pavitra thoughts and all! :P

Yeah tomorrow last paper... man am exhausted!! :(

rt said...

as wonderfully amazing as ever.. hope u finished ur answers :)

Unknown said...

Man! How did I miss this post?? Yeahhh, just a night before I'd left :)
30 times on loop? Not bad! Gaana ekdum mast hai na? Apun ki choice hi aisi hai :P Agli baar bata dena jab exam hoga, usse pehle gaane nahi bhejungi :P

And Basanti, she won't be like you, you'll end up being her stupid! Don't forget, you're younger to her! hehehe :P