Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Embedded systems

"Come on! It's 9.30 am! Your exams are in half an hour, we're getting late!"

"Coming, Dad!"

Panicking, I picked up my bag and ran. Dad had already started the scooter, which was also making impatient noises. I quickly hopped on and soon we were on our way. We were halfway when I suddenly realised something shocking. "Dad, stop stop stop. We have to go back. I left my pencil case at home!"

So back we went, and soon I was home. I ran up the stairs huffing and puffing, and rummaged around on my desk for the pencil case. Ah, there it was. I picked it up.

And suddenly, I blacked out. Nothingness.

I only regained consciousness when I felt the sunlight streaming onto my face through the window in my room. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock at my desk. It said 7.30 am. I looked at the date. It was the 15th. 7.30 am on the 15th?

I looked at the wall clock. 7.30 am. But wasn't yesterday the 15th? Yesterday, before I blacked out, it was 9.30 on the 15th, wasn't it? Technically, I should have missed my exam. But the clock was telling me I hadn't.

In a fit of panic, I went to look for my parents.
"Dad... Mom... what happened to me???? Why didn't you wake me up???? Did I miss the exam????"

"Huh? What exam?"

"The exam I had yesterday?"

"Beta, your exam is today."

"Today?? But what about yesterday? Remember... we had to come back? Because I had forgotten my pencil case? And then I blacked out?"


"Remember? I asked you turn the scooter around and we came home... and then..."


And then it struck me.

Dad doesn't ride a scooter, he drives.


"Yeah?" He looked puzzled.

"Oh. Hmmm... So... It was... a dream?"

"I'd think so." He laughed.

"So it's the 15th today? It's 7.30 am? I have not missed my exam?"

"No you haven't. Okay but make sure you're ready on time today. And don't forget to take your pencil case along."

I was so relieved. It was just a dream. I had not blacked out. I had not missed my exam. I breathed a sigh of relief. My parents were smiling at me.

In a strange sort of way.

Wait a minute...

Err... I don't live with my parents. They are in India.

What the hell was happening?

And then I woke up with a start. I looked at my phone. It was 15th November 2006. 6.30 in the morning.

This morning.


A dream in a dream?

Double WOW.

Or was it a dream in a dream in a dream?

I guess I will find out when I wake up.


Sakshi said...

Let me gloat....
But dream in a dream.. weird.. Never remember my dreams :(
On the flip side - I would hate it if I dreamt about exams because I get the butterflies in my stomach with just that word..

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

Mujhe jaagte hue bhi date yaad karne mein 2 ghante lagte hain... And tu sapne mein jo sapna dekhti hai usmein bhi sahi date and (almost) sahi time!! :/

Waise how u been :)

Anonymous said...

yea it happens to the best of the best :) you are just studying too much and are getting all these weird sapna's....

(munnabhai also studied a lot and he started seeing gandhi everywhere....hope a similar situation doesnt happen with you) :)

-Anjaan ladka

Aaah Grasshopper said...

"Be careful what you wear to bed at night, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."

chanakya said...

so how wsa ur exam?

I love nightmares. you wake up all sweaty and cold. and then the truth hits you. relief pours into you only there is a little something inside which gives you a mischevious smile just so that you keep on wondering 'why did i dream of that now and here?'

Bivas said...

deja vu!!! possible naa...
hv had a dream n a dream xprience but never a third iteration i.e. a dream in a dream in a dream!!!

Thanu said...

my only comment bahut pad rahi hai...

Iday said...

bhai - u r lost in the maze of exams :o
finish all ur exams soon and have a huge party.

Phir bhi - dream in a dream is kinda cool.
Sirf bhai logon kho hi aisa dreams aata hai kya??? :P

dharmu said...

"sayesha bahi ki haseen sapne"

remember, when we were kids, in DD there was one particular serial called "mungerilaal ke haseen sapne"

too good!

Sneha said...

woah! this is like the TV mein TV ad (when they were new heh) :D
this happens a lot to me also. i get utterly confused at times. at times, after an afternoon nap, i feel it's actually morning and go brush my teeth!! freaky!

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

hahahaha...Holy Cow!
that was hilarious.
Sayesha Kaur tell me u made up part of the story, or are all your dreams so vividly clear at all times.
awesome post.
Carry on Sayesha

Aashun said...

What if your nightmare never ends, what if you try to solve a silly sum in the dream forever, what if nobody hears you screaming, and what if I stop writing nonsense comments...

TMaYaD said...

on contrary to many people here, I do get a lot of dreams in dreams. Some times I keep on 'realizing' or 'waking up' from the dreams. Some times, though I realize its a dream, I can't wakeup.
May be because I'm usually distinctly conscious of my dreams as I keep journaling them as soon as I wake up, before they slip from the mind.

Try it, its going to be fun... they can make good stories when you go back and read.

Lizabeth said...

Sayesha, that was hilarious. But to tell the truth it might be true. I hope it is not a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream. It would be too funny for words if it was. I like your little jokes.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lollll!!!! is this blog post in your dream too????

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


I know that you may be missing home right now... but you'll be fine, don't worry.

PizzaDude said...

Haa Haa. That was a good one. I may have had a dream in a dream.. but I dont rememeber very clearly...
Yep, I agree with the others. You definitely need to take a break. Make a trip to "Bar None". :D

~ ॐ ~ said...

Oh boy !!!!

Phew !!!!

ferret said...

LOL!!!!!! this was too cute :B

arpana said...

All too familiar Exam nightmares ... :( I have them too :(

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... tu aur tera imagination re... :)
But sometimes I also get this strange feeling that what I am living now is a dream and I will wake up one fine day! :) :(

Anonymous said...

lol..vel written..nice

Anonymous said...

Matrix dekha kya?

RP said...

ha ha ha... thats a nested dreams. are you aware of compsci terminologies??

does your newspaper...oops!...magazine..oops!!) had this effect on you??

Anonymous said...

Lol!! :D


Sayesha said...

Hehehehe... yeah man... I was freakin' nervous about yesterday's exam... jaan nikal rahi thi... it's overrrrrr! :D

Hey look who's resurfaced! :D I'm good buddy, tum sunao! Aajkal bar mein dikhte nahin ho? :)

#Anjaan Ladka,
Oh man! I think you're right. I think I studied too much for the first paper! :P

#Aaah Grasshopper,
Your comment disturbs me deeply man! :)

You love nightmares? You LOVE them?? :O :O Hey bhagwan is ladke ka kya hoga? :|

Haha... maybe we're all in a universal dream a la matrix :)

Bole toh apun bhi yehi sochta hai! :O

Hahaha! Yeah bhai logon ka dimaag aisa satkela hota hai :P

Oh yeah! I remember that! The whole family used to watch it! Even Dad, who never watched anything but the news! :)

ROFL! I remember once I woke up after an afternoon nap and brushed my teeth! :D

Thanks. :)
ps: Please refrain from calling me Sayesha Kaur. I really don't like it. Thanks.

Eeeeshhhhh! Tu toh apun se zyada bewda hai re! :D

Wow, I actually wanted to do that once... get up every morning and quickly jot down what I dreamt of :)

Thanks :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Chheh! Utha diya! :(


Hehehe... you a fan of Bar None too? Or Addy?? :D Man I will go there as soon as exams get over! :)

Welcome welcome! Der aaye durust aaye :)


I find it so weird that even now I get exam nightmares... isn't it supposed to be a childhood thing? :P

#Smiling Girl,
Egg-jactly! :D

Thanks :)

Yeh kya dhakkan type question hai re? Matrix kisne nahin dekha? Pehle was mast tha, doosra wala dhakkan tha, last wala toh poochho mat! :|

Oye! Tu engineer se baat kar rela hai, apun ko sab terminology maloom hai, kya?
*glares angrily*
ps: Nested dreams kya hota hai? :P

//does your newspaper...oops! ...magazine..oops!!) had this effect on you??

Sheesh! You jusssst about saved your ass buddy, jusssst about! :)


Anonymous said...

ehehe sayesha

I used to get such dreams as a b4 the exam :D:D

esp the one abt not reachin the centre on time :-s

now i jst laff at em..and thank god..there is no exam to give :D:D:D

Koi Pahailee said...

I had a similar experience during My final CA exams...
I had come home after giving paper and fell asleep. I woke up during evening and saw the time. It was around 7...and I freaked out. I thought I had slept the whole evenign and night and that its 7am of the next morning...for next paper...
I fell numb...the thought of not having done any revision and FAILING! Gosh..did I yell at everyone in the house!! At my parents freaked out too..and then it dawned on everyone that I had lost my mind (they already knew it) I was the lafing stock then

but yes, i dream in a dream...what a dream..remindsme of The Thirteenth Floor !

Anonymous said...

Are you out of your mind sayesha?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sayesha,

This doesn't have anything to do with this blog. But would you mind telling me as to how many blogs you have posted since you started blogging? I just checked your blogs. I tried to count them but they made me dizzy.

Irfan said...

Heyy Sayesha.. first comment from my side :-) I just started reading ur blog hmm a week or so back.. really in love with the style and substance of writing. Very nice to even see the consistency. I wish I can follow in ur footsteps ;-) --- coming to this entry, I have had similar experiences when I was a kid - a pencil would break during my exam in my dream and no one would want to give an extra pencil to me becuz they would think that I would get higher marks than them haha.. hmm looking forward to write more comments. bye

Strider said...

pata nahi kyu there's this particular dream that keeps recurring.. some guys are trying to kill me and I am running for my life!! :P

exam kaise gaya???

Anonymous said...


yes! i am crying. it was children's day just a few days ago. paap lagega aapko.

Anonymous said...

".....I wish I can follow in ur footsteps "

Hahahahaha... This guy does know how dangerous that'll be... :D :))



Viky said...

Khwaab mein humne khuda se poocha,
Aankh khuli to dil ne diya jawaab.
Khwaabon ki hoti hai ek duniya,
Aur ye duniya, ek haseen khwaab.

Jay said...


Stop recursing! Wake up.

Sheesh, this geeky language just dosent stop!

Rosh said...

Hey Sayesha..
That was an awesome read!!! Dream in a Dream... ;-)
I can't even manage to remember a dream and u somehow remembered the dream in a dream... Wicked ;-)

I apologize for being out of Sayeshas World for some time... but I am Back...

Aapkha pankha,

R said...

Hahahahaaa...why do such things happen only with you Sash? :O


Vinod Ramamoorthy said...

My friend just told me he dreamt that he saw me reading Sayesha's blog on how she was dreaming in her dreams. Was Sayesha really dreaming ? Or did she really forget to take the pencil.Or was I dreaming that my friend told me this? Or was my friend really dreaming....!!^&%$!!

They say you should not extend an already crackd joke..err..could nt resist ..Piece of art Sayesha :d

Sayesha said...

Lucky you... I still have the dreams.. AND the exams! :|

#Koi Pahailee,
Hahahaha! Freaky huh? :D


443 posts. Writing them made me dizzy too :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Thanks for the compliments. :)

At least your pencil only broke, mine floated around above my head and did not let me catch it! :/

//I wish I can follow in ur footsteps ;-)

Oh boy. Bhai banne ka hai tereko bhi? :)

Sheesh! That's scary man... I often dream of falling from a height :(

The last exam was jhakkas, one more to go! :)

Hey bhagwan, aise bas tu hi ro sakta hai!! :/

Hehehe... You can *hide* but you can't *run* :P
I'm watchin' you babe. :D

Wah wah wah! :)

Hahahahaha! I love the geeks on my blog! :D

Aao thakur! Bahut dinon baad yaad kiya... :)

Maloom nai re aisa apun ke saath ki kaiku hota hai! Faaltu ka wake up in cold sweat! :/

Whoaaaaaa I lost it man! Hahahaha.... :D

Sudeep said...

he he..

tomorrow is my exam.. the only problem is my dad doesn't drop me to the exam centre

Suresh S Murthy said...

I can understand whats it to dream of something like that. Well i have had such wierd dreamns... Me in the exam hall and my mind goes blank and the invigilator grabs the answer scripts forcefully. I am sure its a real night/(morning)mare!

Suresh S Murthy said...

I can understand whats it to dream of something like that. Well i have had such wierd dreamns... Me in the exam hall and my mind goes blank and the invigilator grabs the answer scripts forcefully. I am sure its a real night/(morning)mare!

Aham Asmi said...

nice way to sign off.

PizzaDude said...

I have been to Bar None once. Can't exactly call myself a fan, but liked the place and had a great time there ;)
And about Addy, I could not recognise him. I do rememeber seeing his photo on your blog, but dont know if he was in the band which was playing that night.

Unknown said...

You reminded me of a very beutiful movie by richard linklater : Waking Life ( . You will love it :)