Friday, October 30, 2009

What (c)rap!

I took this video atop the Prudential Tower in Boston of two immigration officers rapping about American citizenship. I'm not quite sure if they meant this to be serious stuff, but it's T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E and H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S at the same time!

I've typed out the "lyrics" below the video.

"So you want to be US citizen?
No problem, step up to Immigration!
Before you become part of the US of A
Now you and I shall complete a little survey.
Don't be insulted, it's just a few questions.
But people must be consulted
Through what we call the constitution.
We might look tough, we might make you angry.
But we do this stuff to protect our home and country.
Who are you? Where are you from?
Where have you been? What have you done?
We need to know about you, that's no big fuss.
And you also need to learn about us.
What's your date of birth and address?
What's the Congress?
Are you crazy, violent or running away?
Are you trying to get in illegally?
Who's the father of this country?
Do you know what is Flag Day?
Are you a drug trafficker?
Do you have a social security number?
Now what is the declaration of Independence?
Are you ready to pledge allegiance?
Have you been declared legally incompetent?
Now do you know who was the first president?
Have you been a patient in a mental institution?
Can you talk about the constitution?
Have you been to war against the US of A?
Are you ready to fight for your new country?
What do you know about our history?
What are Texas, Delaware and New Jersey
In this country do you know anybody?
Where are you going? Got any money?
In God we trust, So in return you must
have good intentions to be part of our great nation
It's the home of the brave, the land of the free
The world that's great, the land of opportunity
It's a privilege to become a citizen
It's a privilege to be called an American!"


I think I should write one for Singapore! ;)


venkatesan said...


smalltown_girl said...

i wanna write something abt india :O

Taurus Girl said...

Bronze it is!!... first time too.. :)
N yes do write one on Singapore...

Anusha said...

Awesome. And I fully support you writing one for Singapore!

Anonymous said...

>>What do you know about our history?
You mean apart from the slavery, civil wars and the Great Depression including the wars on Vietnam, Gulf War, etc.

Archana said...

Lol my first time here, this post made me laugh. Are you from Singapore? That should be a relatively easy rap song to write since becoming a citizen here doesn't require the whole US test taking process. :P It's pretty much a breezeee. :)