Monday, October 26, 2009

(S)no(w) kidding

So I was having lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (as an ardent fan of the show 'The Big Bang' theory, I simply had to go there for a matha-teko when I was in the US), when this waiter said to me, "So it's gonna snow on Friday, eh?"

"Huh?" Was my very friendly response.

"I heard that it's gonna snow on Friday!" He said, excitedly.

"You heard that it's gonna snow on Friday???" I asked.

"Yeah, isn't that awesome?"

"Hahahaha!" I laughed. My exact thoughts were: People in the US are so funny. They like to talk so much, they'll say anything!

He gave me a "Have-you-gone-mad-you-already-insane-woman-I'm-serious-and-I'm-hurt-by-your-laughing' look. (Yeah, that's one complicated look.)

"Err... Wait, you're not kidding me?!" I asked.

"No! It's gonna snow on Friday!"

"Serious? You believe that??" Pardon me, but I have never been big on weather forecasts.


He went on to tell me that he was from Florida and he had just moved to Boston the day before. He had never seen snow in his life and was really excited about Friday.

I cast aside all thoughts of taking his menu and gently patting his head with it in a 'Oh you poor poor dhakkan' gesture. I didn't want to break his heart. He looked so earnest and sincere, believing that it was going to snow in the middle of fall. Believing that one could forecast on Wednesday that it would snow on Friday. In the middle of October.

"Well, I hope you get your snow on Friday!" I said to him, as I left.

"Thanks!" He smiled.

Oh the poor poor guy, I thought to myself. Was he in for a disappointment or what.


So when I opened the window that Friday morning and looked out, here's why I couldn't stop smiling.


Unknown said...

Goldd!!! After so long!!! now let me read the post!!

Bhavya said...

This is my first fall/winter in the Boston suburbs, and I was also rather surprised one morning, on Diwali eve, when my hubby woke me up n said that it's snowing outside. I thought that was just one of the random things he says just to amuse me... but, wow, it was really snowing!

Bhavya said...

Oh, by the way, during my first week here, I had the same thoughts on The Cheesecake Factory and The Big Bang Theory! I just had to have their cheesecake, and it was definitely worth it :)

Nimit said...


~ Lopa said...

hehehe ya that is what happened when we moved to Europe, we started checking weather forecast everyday and started depending on it, unlike we never believed it back home ;)

And yes when we came here and people were talking it is going to snow, i was so surprised, do you believe in weather forecast?common... and coldest months are Dec and Jan, then why will it snow in Nov ? Then i found out in the part of Europe we are, coldest months are Dec & jan alright, but it is not then that it snow... mostly it snows either in Oct-Nov or Feb ;) hehe

Btw that poor Waiter...hehe

Amey said...

Oh, ye of little faith (in weather forecasts) ;)

Ashwin said...

I dont know which Friday are you talking about, but it did snow rather heavily on Sunday the 18th. Quite unusual for mid-October. Having seen more than my fair share of snow, it is really depressing to see in the middle of fall when you want to savor last few days of nice weather. Thankfully, it was just a passing flurry.

Did anybody claim Bronze yet??


mythalez said...

big bang theory yayyy! ;)

but yeah, weather forecasters do a pretty decent job in UK as well. In fact, the BBC ones even predict the exact few hours it would be raining on a particular day and so on :)

quite useful, and perhaps quite easy given that it drizzles most of the time anyway :P

Koi Pahailee said...

I had the same reaction on ppl believing in weather forecasts, when I moved to UK some years ago

It used to amuse me to see ppl carrying umebrellas in the morning, going to office when not a single cloud could be seen on the sky. But they knew better.

I learnt very quickly that the weather man is mostly right. atleast in that past of the world, where the weather changes to all four seasons in one single day.

Meira said...

You met the Snow-God at The Cheesecake Factory. :O

Sayesha said...

Gold lekar gaayab?? :O

Amazing, isn't it?? :)

//I just had to have their cheesecake, and it was definitely worth it :)

Gosh the slice was SO BIG! I couldn't finish it!!! :'(


Hehehe... :)

//Btw that poor Waiter...hehe

Why poor yaar? He got his snow! :)

Hehehe! :P

It was the 16th. Light snow, but SNOW!!! :O

//big bang theory yayyy! ;)

High five!!! :D

//In fact, the BBC ones even predict the exact few hours it would be raining on a particular day and so on :)

Wow! Impressive! :)

#Koi Pahailee,
I am still so amazed at that! :)

LOL! :D :D

Bhavya said...

The helpings for everything were so big! The salad I ordered was huge!! But my hubby n I managed to finish the cheesecake between us :)

Neha said...

Here in India, weather forecasts is something noone ever relies on...they just dont come up with anything which will make us have faith in i know why u did not believe the waiter :)