Friday, September 25, 2009

Double role

So I am walking towards my bus-stop after work when this dude in pointy boots, standing outside this line of eating places, looks me up and down and says in the most annoying desi-road-romeo manner, "Helllllooooobeautiful...!"

Now this kind of thing just doesn't happen here so for a brief moment I stop in my tracks, very very confused. The radio station located in my head is playing "It happens only in India!" (including the 'tadang-tang' music that follows right after). And just when I am contemplating whether to ignore him or give him a dirty look (I've been in Singapore so long I have forgotten how to deal with these morons), he suddenly remembers that he's actually a waiter and is not supposed to do this to potential customers. His facial expression instantly changes, and he suddenly goes all polite and earnest on me, as if it's the first time he's speaking to me.

"Hi ma'am, set dinner for you?"

What the..?! :/


Unknown said...

goooooold .... :)

Unknown said...

that was my first ever gold at ur blog .. how u doing? ;)

Anonymous said...

Silver is mine....first time too!

Stupidosaur said...

Yay! Brawns Me Dull is mine! :p

Stupidosaur said...

Anyways there was this fellow in college. Two of us were not on good terms. When I went to a McD, he was working there and was going all 'customer delight personality' on me :P

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

Bhai's khubsurti doesnt spare even the waiter!! :D wah wah..

Thousif Raza said...

i just cant help laughing sayesha, thx for making me smile again ;)

people yaar what can you say?

so what did you say in answer? ;) temme next time

take care and keep writing..........

iyer-the-gr8 said...

hee hee haa haa - bhai met her match... :-)

Sayesha said...

Arre long time no see! I'm good, hope all's great with you too! :)


Heheh! Brain toh hai nahin, brawn hi sahi! ;)

Hahahaha! Was it awkward, or did you also play the 'delighted customer' part well? :D

LOL away! Ek din tumhaare saath bhi hoga dekhna! :P

//Bhai's khubsurti doesnt spare even the waiter!!

Khubsurti my foot. He would have said that to a female hippo also, his kind are conditioned! :/

Sheesh! Okay on hindsight, I guess it's funny. :D I didn't say anything, I just completely ignored him and walked on. :)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My match?? That moron?? Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

mythalez said...

lol at the title as well

though, more apt than double-role is schizophrenic :P

Tejal said...

arre bhai..u got it wrong.. i think that this mus be his way of attracting the customers and increasing his sale!

step 1 : must get your attention -
"hellllooo beautiful"

step 2 : must get u to eat there -
"hi ma'am, set dinner??"

sorry , puja vacations chal rahe hain, n as u can see, i'm completely jobless :P

Sayesha said...

//though, more apt than double-role is schizophrenic :P

Hehe... true. I guess it's the Bollywood influence... starring psycho waiter and psycho waiter in a dabbal role! :P

//arre bhai..u got it wrong.. i think that this mus be his way of attracting the customers and increasing his sale!

Ya allah, tu kabhi restaurant mat kholna Tejal, ek din mein bankrupt ho jayegi! :O

//sorry , puja vacations chal rahe hain, n as u can see, i'm completely jobless :P

I can see! :P Lekin phir bhi tu har post par end mein aati hai! :P

hobbit1964 said...

Well, Ms Sayesha, with regard to your earlier blogpost, it would appear that there may be several "points of no return", one being in this situation you described. It's the point when you still elicit a compliment and it raises your ire. The final point then, will be chronological, when whichever way and whomever from the compliment comes, you're at such a vintage that you seize it. May our prayers be that nobody gets there.

Neha said...

Maybe that was his way to draw attention to his shop!! And he whatever way and manner...I know ...u just wont agree to it...honestly, I would have created a rucus there had I heard such nonsensical stuff...Just cant get rid of this kind .... and that does not mean u hv to put up with them...all I am saying is that no matter where u r...these creatures never die...

rt said...

LOL.. I just cant stop laughing /smiling...