Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A close call

In order to see if Baby Aish had graduated from depositing everyone in the office when you asked her where they were, I decided to repeat some of the questions I had asked her some time ago.

So I got her on the phone and asked away.

Me - Where's your Mom, Aishu?

Aish - Mom is here.

Me - Very good. And where's your Dad?

Aish - Dad is in New York.
(Bro-in-law had gone there for some work.)

Me - Excellent. And where are grandma and grandpa?

Aish - Hmmm...

Sister (prompting) - Where are grandma and grandpa, Aish?

Aish - Grandma and Grandpa... are in India!

Me - Very good! And most importantly, where is mausi?

Aish - Hmmmmmmm...

Sister (prompting again) - Where is your mausi, Aish?

Aish (stressed) - Hmmmmmmm...

Sister - Come on, Aish. You know where Mausi lives. Tell her? Where does Mausi live?

Aish (really stressed now) - Hmmmmmmm... Mausi lives...

Me - Yes?

Aish - Inside the telephone!

Me - :|


Nidhi said...

and lollllllll

Revs said...

Yeahhhh!! :)
Hamesha mujhe second hi kyun milta hai!! :(
LOL!! Smart Aish!! ;)

Sid said...

Inside the telephone, that is really nice.
My nephew still thinks I stay in the Indian restaurant that we used to visit. That is India for him :)

Prats said...


ROFL!!! SO you live inside the telephone....

Richa said... happened to me too.

The kid in question saw my pictures (from a recent trip) on the computer. So when asked where does Richa Aunty live? He promptly came up with the answer: "In the computer." :D

anshuj said...

Babe you need to plan a trip to US pronto!

Manchus said...

Umm...I thought she was going to say "On the Treetop a treehouse" :)

It is so cute when they come up such answers. Kids have a very visual memory indeed.

Stupidosaur said...

You should Sing-a-pore to her
(Sing to her through the Pores of the telephone receiver) . Then she will say it right.

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

awwwwww... may be it's time mausi pays a visit! :)

Adorable Pancreas said...

Don't you find it a litle cramped? :D

Meira said...

But seriously! Bring her to Singapore before she convinces her friends she has an aunt who lives with the wires!

Meira said...
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Meira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandip Chaudhuri said...

(rofl) your niece is awesome :D

We want Moar :D

Anonymous said...

gawd! awesome child!

Arnab De said...

Aish is great!

Tejal said...

Rofl. Awesome. Baby Aish rocks!
So.. how does it feel like huh? Living in a telephone..hmmm i've never done that before :P

n.aka.zephyr said...

ROFL! This was the best :D

Thousif Raza said...

Rofl, awesome awesome and none the less awesome again, puhleeze chat with aishu, so we all can live life happily ;) lol :D

take care and keep writing..............

rt said...

i second all of the above:
u must be finding it difficult to live in a telephone and u need more open space so a visit to US is a necessity now!!

Anonymous said...

Lolz.... sure her Mausi lives inside the telephone for her...and for all the bewdas she lives 'inside the internet' :P

Sayesha said...


Hahaha! Let's see a catfight between you and Nidhi! :P

Hahahaha! :D

Yeah man... playing ghar ghar inside the telephone. :P

Hahahaha! Cool, a neighbour! :D

I know!! Planning planning! :P

//I thought she was going to say "On the Treetop a treehouse" :)

LOL!! :D

Pata tha you will come up with something like this! :)

I second that!!!!! :D

#Adorable Pancreas,
Well, it doesn't sound like home, but it has a nice ring to it! ;)

Hahahaha! :D

I want more too! I want to go see her!!!


She is! :))

Hahahaha! It's not too bad. When I 'call' you home, you can come see. :P


Hahahaha! :D

Yeah I want to visit soooooooooon!!

Hahahaha! :D