Sunday, January 11, 2009

Viv toh pagal hai

So have you ever woken up and said to yourself, "Man! Suddenly I feel like watching 'Dil toh pagal hai'?

Okay fine, you haven't. Just asking. Bhaav kaiko kha rela hai re? Hmmph!

Well, my Bollywood buddy Pizzadude and I have. And so when he suggested that we watch DTPH during one of the weekends, I couldn't contain my excitement. See, this is the problem. There is this genre of movies from when we were kids/teenagers (e.g. MPK, HAHK, DTPH, KKHH, etc.) which seem kind of silly right now, and it takes a deep sense of senseless love and forgiveness for us to watch it now when we are in our late twenties. And Pizzadude and I have never found anyone as willing as each other to watch (and actually enjoy) movies from that genre. Most of my friends are Bollywood cynics (there was one who wasn't but she moved to Dubai) and Viv sleeps through all of them anyway, so it's great that Pizzadude and I are not only Bollywood freaks, we actually have the same taste in movies.

So when I told Viv we were planning to watch DTPH, he jumped.

Viv - I want to watch it too!
Me - WHAT?
Viv - Yeah!
Me - Really??
Viv - Yeah!
Me - You want to watch DTPH?
Viv - Yeah!
Me - Of all movies, DTPH?
Viv - Yeah!
Me - Okay fine. You'll sleep anyway.

The problem is that he didn't sleep. On the other hand, in order to show his support for us (and prove my claim about his sleeping wrong), the poor chap tried hard to find ways to stay interested. By bringing in cricket, software, his rather sad knowledge of Bollywood, anything he could actually.

As soon as the movie starts...

Me - Ooh. Yash Chopra will appear in the opening credits with his wife.
Pizzadude (pointing to the TV screen when they appear) - Oh yeah, that's them!
Viv (out of nowhere) - Is Yash Chopra dead?
Me (dirty look) - Nope. That was Yash Johar.
Viv - *nodding wisely* (but most likely wondering who Yash Johar was)

During the song 'Le gayi le gayi'...

Viv (in his 'wise' voice) - You see... this is exactly where Lata Mangeshkar started to sound really bad...
Me (straight face) - Dude, this is Asha Bhosle.
Pizzadude - Hahaha!
Viv - *sheepish face*

Pizzadude (during the 'Le gayi le gayi' song) - Karishma Kapoor was so fit in the movie na?
Me - Yeah man! She had an awesome body.
Viv (pointing to the TV screen) - Yeah, she looks fit. But she has thunder thighs.
Pizzadude and me - *totally speechless at this totally random statement*

20 minutes into the movie...

Viv - You see these vertical lines that appear in the video every now and then?
Pizzadude - Err.. yeah..?
Viv (proudly) - My company designs software that can remove them!
Pizzadude (trying to be polite) - Oh really? Wow.
Me (not so polite) - Err... okay...

Some time during the movie...

Pizzadude - I hate Dholna.
Me - Me too! That is like the worst. We HAVE to forward it.
Viv - *silence* (he has no idea what we're talking about and probably thinks it's a Gujarati breakfast item)

Some time later, the song Dholna starts to play, and I pick up the remote control and press 'Forward'.

Viv - Wait! No! I LOVE this song! (proceeds to headbang to 'Dholna' while Pizzadude and I roll our eyes at each other)

During the 'Dance of envy'...

Viv - Oh no... Is her ankle going to start bleeding? Is her ankle going to start bleeding??
(Background info: He just got de-titaniumed in a surgery two weeks ago and the stitches started bleeding a few days later. I think he's still a bit freaked out.)
Me - NO! It won't start bleeding. It was a fracture, dammit.
Viv - Are you sure?? I don't want to look!
Pizzadude - Errr... Viv, you have watched this movie before, haven't you?
Viv - Yeah, but I don't remember anything!

20 minutes later...

Viv - Oh! I remember this movie very clearly!
Me - Oh yeah? Now you do?
Viv - Yes! The day I went to watch this movie, India got thrashed by Sri Lanka. Theatre jaane se pehle hum log achha khel rahe they, waapas aate aate Jayasuriya ne phod diya tha!


Nidhi said...

Going to read the post no :D

Anonymous said...

My first one!! Yippeee!!

Nidhi said...

I already took it. HEE HAW!!! :D

Lolllling during the entire post. Really good one!!!

Push said...

i claim silver...I am a Viv Fan now...Ending bahut phodu hai.

Bhavya said...


Tarun said...

Bai Jayasuriya ne century maari thhi from 64/4 hr smacked us all over espcially that Camel Passenger Train, Venky Prasad.

*Please ask this to Viv.

Bhavya said...

Hilarious! How do you manage to tolerate Viv when you're watching a Bollywood movie together? :P

~vagabond~ said...

That was hilarious! :D Viv sounds totally like someone I favorite geeky moment - "My company designs software that can remove them!" 8|

Tejal said...

*calls up printer guy immediately*
''Why arent my 'I Heart Viv' tees ready yet?? :X ''

:P Happy new year to both of u! :P

Taurus Girl said...

You should watch more bollywood movies together.. ;)

Manchus said...

Viv is very cute at least from what I have read here. Hope you agree. He is like a 'Sammathu Amanji'...just tell him he will translate to you. Don't forget to post in the comment reply..let me see if he tells the right meaning to you.

Asha said...

"Viv - Yes! The day I went to watch this movie, India got thrashed by Sri Lanka. Theatre jaane se pehle hum log achha khel rahe they, waapas aate aate Jayasuriya ne phod diya tha!"

- PRICELESS. just love this incident you mention.

must tell u of something which happened on mar 1st 1992. that afternoon at 4.00 pm was my engagement ceremony, and my mom who is a avid cricket fan , was pacing up and down in the mandir room at our native place. The relatives thought that mom was nervous and that she was praying for her dear daughter. Actually she WAS praying hard. it was a world cup match. the prayers were either for india to win, or for pakistan to lose that day. i dont remember which match she was following at that time.

- asha

Richa said...

i m rollin lierally rolling reading this post..

juz one doubt.. MPK came in late 80s n KKHH in late 90s, how did u manage to remain in teenages over the decade ?? :P

tumbs up to u!! :D

Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

This was hilarious sayesha... it's the first time i've visited your blog and i loved it.

Sanchit said...

once a cricki.. always a cricki...
tho am interested in the s/w which removes those lines.. seriously man..
too good a post.. LOLing...

VIDYA said...

Haha,,,watching movies wid Viv does sound like a humongous laughter riot....hehe :D
P.s:I loooove DTPH too...especially the rain song,"chak dhoom dhoom"...SRK looks absolutely delectable in it,nahi? :)

K. D. said...

hi its superb as usual .... especially viv... for ashaji

nits said...

LoL.... btw... i don't know how many times i have watched DTPH myself... and still love this movie...

shub said...

The last line was the killer! Viv is awesome! :D :D :D

Jass said...

Hahah Hilarious! Can relate a lot to viv, cos i forget most movies i watch, and my bollywood knowledge is pretty bad (okay! you can say pathetic) :D

Art said...

I do this a lot of times... I start watching DTPH just like that.. I love the dance and music in the movie the best...

Viv's reactions are too good. I would have plastered his mouth :)

Deepali said...

Bhai, post ka title change karne ko mangta! How abt "Sash Bhai to (bollywood) ke liye...?"..
Ek to viv ne itna suport dikhaya, soya bhi nahin,tumhare liye DTPH bhi jhela..aur tum ho ki??
Aur Kuch bhi kaho, sabse majedaar post to viv waale hi hote hain :)

SAS God said...

khi khi khi.


Urv said...

Which match was it? Jayasuriya ne apne ko bot baar phoda hai ;)

:P :P :P

Urv said...

Very funnily hilarious post with so many rofling moments :)

ani said...

i jus dropped the idea of making my better half watch DDLJ like hot cakes!!!! :D hee hee!! still rolling on the floor! :D :D

Sayesha said...


Ooopsie! :P

Thanks. :)

Hahahaha! Saare uske hi fan bhare hain yahan! Hmmmph!


Hahahahaha! :D

Hehehe... I manage. It's multi-level entertainment. :D

Hahahaha! :D

Hehehe... shhh... warna Viv sachmuch T-shirts bhej dega! :P
Happy new year to you too! :)

#Taurus Girl,
From the looks of it... we will! :)

Hahaha! I asked him and he looked so lost. He said it's something like 'good hubby' but I don't really trust his Tamil knowledge! Wait, is that even Tamil?? :P

#Lady Hope,
Hahahahahahaha! Your mom rocks! :D :D :D

Uffff... kids/teenagers. Happy now? :)

#Little Girl Lost,
Welcome and thanks! :)

Hehehehe... next time make your stopover in Singapore longer... we can all hang out and talk about software. Bleah! :P

Thanks! :)
ps: I heart SRK. :P

#Teja Shreyus,
Thanks. :)

Meeee tooooo! :D

Hehehehe! Hey I am a little awesome too. Behind every great man is an even greater woman! :P

Hahaha! Competition ho jaaye? :D

Hahaha! :D

Hehehe! :P

Welcome back, buddhe! :D

Thank you. :)

Thanks! :)

Manchus said...

Yes it was Tamil.The literal translation actually is 'Good boy'. English doesn't do justice to the is equivalent to 'Bholanath' in Hindi. So Viv was close.

Nidhi said...

You always leave me laughing for long... and trust me people in my office have actually started looking at me suspiciously :( They think I ve gone mad :D

But every time you write... I njoy it so much :)

Awesome post bhai :) and this time I must thank Viv specially for its because him taht this post turned out to be so hillarious :)

Suds said...

Really Funny. :) I need to watach DTPH again. :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Cool post!!! Since the spouse over here is just about as knowledgeable as your VIV, I can totally transplant the experience into my life. VIV-a gaffes!!!

Sayesha said...

Ah okay! :)

Thanks. Viv also says thanks. :D

Hehehehe... :)

Hahaha! :D

--Sunrise-- said...

hehehe... I loved reading this!


workhard said...

You both crazily funny, i just enjoy reading your posts

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rayshma said...

hahaa... my friend DDD and i woke up one morng and felt like watching "tridev" :D