Saturday, December 20, 2008

A phony tale

So Viv had been raving about this mobile phone he wanted to get.

I have never really cared much about mobile phones so I didn't quite get it. I use my phone only for calls and sms, so I am not fascinated by the ultra-cool features he claimed this phone had. So I said to him, "Arre I will win the iPhone in my company's year-end party for you, and you won't need to buy your E71." He agreed as apparently the iPhone is also a cool phone (actually I have no idea).

But then good fortune doesn't strike twice, and someone else won the iPhone (apun dekh lega usko baad mein). I was in the 'top ten costumes' though (the theme was retro) and won myself a $50 voucher, showing thenga to those who had rented their costumes. You see, the rental was $50, so while they only broke even, I made money. Muahahaha. :D

So when Viv heard that I didn't win the iphone, he pretended to be all sympathetic, but of course he had laddoos exploding in his mann (sorry, there is no English phrase that can truly represent this) because now he could get his beloved E71. Hmmmph!

So yesterday, he got his phone, and introduced me to its 'cool features'. I couldn't care less. Hmmph. Phony phone!

"Give me your business card!" He said, all excited.


"I'll show you something ultra-cool."

I grudgingly gave him my card. He placed it on his palm and took a picture of it with his E71.

"Oh puh-leez. My phone can also take pictures of things." I said, rolling my eyes.

Then he showed me the screen.

Holy cow.


I was beginning to get impressed, but didn't want to admit it.

But wait a minute... what was that under my name on the screen? I peered to take a closer look at how it had recorded my designation.

Sheesh. According to that stupid E71, I work in a 200-year-old publishing company as... a "Monnger".



Sanchit said...

after so many months... i get a ....
GOOOOOOOOOLD... now will read :)

Sanchit said...

yeah even i am drooling over this piece of gadget and love thsi feature..
tho atleast it got my visiting card perfectly deciphered :P

Bhavya said...

I claim Silver!

Bhavya said...

He he he
just like you, I don't quite get phones and cars and stuff. Most of the time. But I hear the E71's OCR is actually pretty good. Your experience says otherwise

Unknown said...

I claim bronze!!!!
I was a total Mobile lover... I want my hubby to buy E71 from past so many days... But he doesnt care about it... :((((

Sanchit said...


virdi said...

woh software improve hota rahega... its a state of art phone... :-)

Urv said...

Don't tell anything to my E71 :P

@Viv: the phone truly rocks :D

Boundlessdreamz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boundlessdreamz said...

A lot of E71 lovers here. I recently did a comparison of E71 with iPhone and would like to know your opinion.

Nandini said...

A classic comparison of iPhone and E70 (well it's only 1.5% different) has already been made. Google Maddox iphone.

here i 'm said...

LMAO..... even i don't know much about phone... neither crazy about them... but I'm crazy about flickr..and cameras... and i still don't know much about cameras :P

Shekhar said...

Arre bhai, staying with 'phony tales'... My phone got churao-ed from a bus a week ago. :(((

Lost my entire contacts list.

Bhai, need your help to think up an appropriate bhai-waala-gaali to whoever stole that mobile.

fee said...

Sash monnger!! Have heard some amazing things about the E71..but this is priceless :/
I've got one of my own to share - I got gifted a blackberry since I was pregnant..and guess what now neither trackball nor 'g' key work thanks to all that sophisticated tech...hmmph..I'm getting used to typing without spaces and 'g's.
Bring back the simple phones!!!

Btw..whatever happened to the guy who won the phone?? and what was your costume??

mythalez said...

lol ...

sometimes electronics+software have the knack of getting the true 'picture' which we humans are oblivious to :P

Sum said...

Ha ha ha..... Monnger!!!
Now u must be loving that phone then!!!

Prats said...

@ Viv: E71 is an awesome phone...Don't listen to Sayesha.

@ bhai: Sayesha the Monger...ROTFL!!!

Adorable Pancreas said...

You have won an award from me. Please do accept.

And have a great Christmas. :)

Sayesha said...

Le ek aur fan aa gaya us dhakkan gadget ka! :|

//atleast it got my visiting card perfectly deciphered :P

Hmmmph! :/

Hehehe... us phone ko sirf apun se hi dushmani hai lagta hai! :P

Haha! Usko yeh post mat padhana phir! :P

Lage raho! :)

Hehehe... pata hai pata hai... :)

Hahahahaha! :D

Hey, Viv asked me to tell you that it's a very well-written objective comparison. :)

Aha, thanks! :)

#here I'm,
Hahahaha! :)

Hainnn? Phone chori ho gaya? Gaaliyan tujhe milni chahiye... Bhai ka achha naam roshan kar raha hai apni laaparwaahi se! :/

Hahahahha! Typing without Gs and spaces! :D :D

//whatever happened to the guy who won the phone??

Ghar le gaya yaar... aur kya? :/

//and what was your costume??

Hehehe... black and white polka dotted short dress, with a white hairband and huge white earrings, and a huge pair of white-framed glasses. :P

Sheesh! Where's my rolled-up newspaper??

Waaaaaaaaaaa! :'(


#Adorable Pancreas,
Hey, thankssss for the award! :D :D :D

Merry Christmas (belated) and a happy happy happy new year! :)

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