Friday, December 05, 2008

Odd and ends

The results of the last poll are out. The clear winner is Rang De Basanti, whose end was disliked for various reasons, ranging from "What? Everyone just dies???" to "What?! That's not a solution!"

My vote goes to Dostana. They shouldn't have shown John and Abhishek with girls in the first scene, and the end should have had both of them coming out of the closet and living happily ever after. Now that would have been a good movie. :D


Sanchit said...

please relase the comments.. wanna see what all others have voted for

Sayesha said...

I released the comments even before I wrote this post. :)

Urv said...


Haan RDB ka end thoda changeable tha..

Dostana mein mere ko aur kuch dikha hi nahi.. I was too busy drooling over Priyanka ;)

Bhavya said...

you have quite an interesting take on Dostana :)

Kanan said...

Sash, who were the runner ups? Actually, I'm gonna go check out the comments on the other one now.

Silver is mine! ;)

~vagabond~ said...

I missed the voting...but if I had voted, I'd have picked Dostana too. I dont know what a better ending would have been, but I agree, the way the movie ended just didnt make any sense. I was left with a big "Huh?!"

Shanks_P said...

Missed out voting .... but can I have my say here :)
My first take on a bad ending owuld be Khayamat se khayamat thak thak ..I couldn't digest cute couples to a suicadal end ... Then comes Tere naam ....because it could have been better But my vote goes to Yuvaraj. At the end i just wanted some one in the sreen to jump up and kill 'Sallu bhai' ( No offence but he was pathetic ..have a look at Rainman to see how bad a movie can be adapted and how bad an actor can do :D

Swathy said...

kya bhai,
india me dandha inta mast chal rahai hai kya..aapne to sala apna
result post bhi itne short form me likha he..
thoda picture victure dalte
to mast rehta..hai na..
vaise abhi to apun aapke travel post (s) ka intazaar kar rela hai..

Sirius Black said...

lol i am just posting to yell GOLD :)

Rosh said...

Sash bhai!
If I ever shift careers and move to Entertainment Ind. am going to re-direct 99.9 FM. Even though the actors in the movie were non-expressive, the screenplay was quite something.

And moreover I have an even wicked twist planned. :)


Tarun said...


Worst hit Hindi movies, do check it out.

Unknown said...

I missed the voting but even I would choose RDB. It is really disappointing and doesn't achieve anything. Yuva had a great ending.

Btw, I am a bit surprised that you haven't written anything about 26/11 yet.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Sudhrega nahin tu! :D


QSQT was second, but that's it. :)

Yeah... me too!

Tere Naam was seriously depressing! Like Chandni Bar! :|

Hehehe... aaj kal picture daalna thoda kam kar diya hai... bole toh copyright ka locha na ho jaaye. :P

Travel post? Lekin apun toh apne des gaya tha... usually I don't put India trips on Hopscotch... ghar ki murgi and all! :P :P :P

#Sirius Black,
*big thwack with rolled-up newspaper*
*Bhai khush hua*

Hahaha! Do it! RGV ka assistant ban ja! :D

Yeahahaha! I agree about Fanaa! BLEAH!

Another RDB vote! Hehe! :)

//Btw, I am a bit surprised that you haven't written anything about 26/11 yet.

You're the second person asking me this. Well, I just think that much has been written and read on it. My comments would have no consequence, not even to myself. News headlines ke liye newspapers hain na... bar ka mood thoda cheerful rakhne ka. :)

V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
V said...

mera pehla comment kahaan ud gaya, flutter flutter flutter flutter!!

here i 'm said...

I agree for 'Dostana' ... both of them discovering themselves as gay would have been much more fun end ;D

Stupidosaur said...

Posting same comment as last post here too, in case older a fossil, less likely it is to get dug up ;)

Pls don't mess with RDB.
The things ppl want changed here are the very essence of RDB. :P

That was what the whole experience was all about.

And before watching the movie I thought Rubaroo must ve been some happy song. With ppl dancing in gardens and Amir khan doing some "pehla nasha" moves.

But man! Look when they played the song! And what significance the words had! And what an effect they had on me. Goosebumps and all. I was the last person to leave the hall. Watched till the song played out completely during the end titles.

Dont worry I am not going to be the moron who follows in the footsteps, as one commentor has feared above :P

But any change, and RDB would not have been RDB :P