Sunday, April 20, 2008

Start the bawl rolling

As Starbreez and I found our way to our seats in the movie theatre last night, we wondered if we would cry. We had been warned that U, Me aur Hum was best accompanied by a packet of tissue. "I hope I haven't turned cynical, man!" She whispered to me before the movie started. I knew exactly what she meant. When a movie makes you cry, you kinda feel more alive, assured that you have not lost touch with the human side of things. If a really sad movie doesn't make me sad... now that is really sad. Oh the irony.

In a world where we are constantly telling ourselves to be emotionally stronger and not to allow anyone to make us cry, it's nice to be able to connect on that level with total (and fictional) strangers.

So the movie didn't make me cry. Yes, tears did well up in my eyes at times, but they were mostly brought about by my yawning (you know how when you yawn, your facial muscles squeeze your lachrymal glands and they secrete tears?). No offence to Ajay Devgan here, it was midnight after all, and my body clock is super accurate. In fact, I think Ajay is absolutely great and I am always impressed by directors who can direct themselves. Can you imagine the turmoil in their heads?

Ajay the actor - *dialogue*
Ajay the director - CUT! That was bad...
Ajay the actor - Huh? Really? I thought it was okay...
Ajay the director - Well, it wasn't. Let's do it again.
Ajay the actor (grumpily) - *dialogue*
Ajay the director - CUT! Perfect.
Ajay the actor - Wait, I think I didn't get the eyes right. Can we do the scene again?
Ajay the director - Huh? What are you talking about?? It was fine!
Ajay the actor - No, it wasn't.
Ajay the director - Yes, it was.
*Kajol rolls her eyes and walks off the set*

The movie wasn't boring, in fact, it was a very well-intentioned story. But the scenes did seem a bit draggy here and there. I have a great movie review system, also known as 'Will I buy the DVD or not?' which is based on a great Q&A system 'Can I watch this movie 10 times or not?' and the movie fell in the second category.

People had told me I'd be bawling in Taare Zameen Par too, but I was totally ho-hum in that as well. I guess several factors contribute to why you will or will not cry in a movie - how much you like the actors/director, how much you connect or identify with the story, the people you go to watch it with, and also your state of mind.

On the way out, we started talking about movies that had made us cry, and I thought I'll list them here. Of course, there are some movies that made me cry in the 'bored me to tears' kind of way, but here I am talking about movies where I actually felt so much emotion that I cried.

* * *
I was a kid when I watched this, and this will qualify as the first movie that made me cry. I was horrified when the kid died. Where the heck were Shaktimaan, and Superman and Spiderman and all other superheroes in their stupid costumes? Why didn't they save her? How come a 'good person' died? Died? Like never-gonna-come-back-died? Waaaaaaaa!

I'm neither a fan of Sridevi nor Kamal Hasan (*ducks to avoid shoes*) but when I saw the last scene in the movie where he's doing the monkey antics to jog her memory and she, totally failing to recognise him, takes him for some lunatic and throws a banana at him, oh my. Big bawling.

Anyone remember the scene where the frustrated father Anupam Kher is asking the customs officer if he can take his son's remains home? That entire scene was so well done, and Kher, only in his late 20s back then, was amazing in his portrayal of a middle-aged retired man.

Akele Hum Akele Tum
We watched this movie in the theatre - Dad, Mom, Grandma and me. Suddenly Dad turned to me and said, "It's raining inside the theatre!" "Huh?" I said, and looked up expecting some kind of leakage from the roof. "No, it's them." He pointed cheekily towards Mom and Grandma, who were both finding their anchals too short to wipe away all the tears. Dad and I chuckled, but my chuckling was short-lived. Remember the scene where Manisha Koirala is taking the kid away, and finds Aamir Khan sobbing hysterically in his room? The curve on my lips completely reversed itself in that scene and my poor Dad had to spend the rest of the movie not with two, but three bawling women. And I didn't even have a frickin' anchal!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Okay, here's the thing - I really like Karan Johar movies. (Except Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna - I didn't like that.) KKHH was the quintessential KJ movie, which had all the elements that a typical Bollywood movie has, including some unbelievable shit that I still try not to roll my eyes at. I can't even remember the number of non-Indians to whom I'd recommended the movie and made them fall in love with Bollywood and Shah Rukh. And I remember how I cried when Kajol cried in the rain during the song 'Tujhe yaad na meri aayi' and also her goodbye scene at the railway station. And also the last scene of the movie.

I also referred to it as the Ganga-Jamuna movie. Because just like these rivers, it was free flow time for my tears. I watched it when I was already sad for some reason I can't remember - perhaps it was the time I was looking for a job and couldn't find any that wasn't engineering-related. It was probably one of the movies where I cried for at least half the duration of the movie.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
This movie was widely touted as the movie that had more Gham (sorrow) than Khushi (joy) - which was actually true. The only so-called Khushi moments had a screaming Kajol annoying the hell out of me and I was so shocked when they gave her the award for the best actress (*ducks to avoid shoes again*). However, there is one little scene in the movie which made me cry - the shoelace scene. Remember when 'Yash' is unable to tie his shoelaces, and Daaijaan helps him, and he protests with a "DJ!" Farida Jalal excelled in that scene when she got up, all teary-eyed and said that she knew it was Rohan all the way. I think I bought the DVD for that one scene.

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
Another one of those one-scene wonders. The last scene, when Mousumi Chatterji asks Aruna Irani if she can take Jyotika and Aruna Irani cries out, "Toh le jao na!" was so powerfully done. The absolute silence preceding the dialogue, showcasing the discomfort the characters were experiencing with the situation, and this odd outburst between the two women, just made the end totally worth it. The rest of the movie was quite blah, but I bought the DVD for that one scene.

Kal Ho Na Ho
Frankly speaking, I did not cry when I saw this movie in the theatre. It doesn't even feature in my top five movies. But I'd bought the DVD for the amazing SRK-Saif chemistry. My flatmate was on medical leave, and I passed her the DVD before I left for work so she wouldn't get bored. "You may need tissue for this one." I joked. When I came back from work, she was slumped in the chair red-eyed and the movie had been paused. She had just found out about Aman's illness. "You said I'll need tissue, you didn't say I'll need a box of tissue!" She said. "Huh? Really?? That bad?" I asked. "Watch the rest with me, I can't watch it alone." She said. So the two of us watched it together and much to my surprise, I did find myself shedding some tears.

Frankly, of all his movies, I thought SRK was the best in Swades. Maybe he had some sudden inspiration or Ashutosh Gowarikar didn't let him ham, or whatever - he was totally rocking in that movie and after this movie I actually felt respect for him as opposed to fan-love. Many of my friends cried in the movie, but the one scene that made me cry was when Mohan goes to meet Haridas. Beautifully done.

Lage Raho MunnaBhai
The reason why the MunnaBhai series of movies rank among my top favourites is that the tears are as genuine as the laughter. These movies represent Bollywood and the range of emotions it offers. I laughed my guts out in these movies. And at the same time, I cried my eyes out. Remember that scene where Munna finds Circuit and apologises to him for slapping him? Tears central!

* * *

I guess that's the thing with Bollywood. My reaction to Kramer vs Kramer was nowhere compared to that of Akele Hum Akele Tum. I guess Bollywood really likes to infuse the emotions into the movie with a horse-vaccine-syringe. I can almost imagine the director going, "We HAVE to make the audience cry in this scene! More glycerin! More!" Well, I'm not complaining. I just wish they'd stop the rip-offs.

Okay, I'm done. Whew. So let's start the bawl rolling - which movies made you cry?

And guys, don't just shake your heads and walk away. This question is for you too. Come on, out with the truth. Don't be such men now. ;)


Shekhar said...

GOLD !!!!!!!!

I can't believe it.. I've been reading your blog for what... about one and a half years now, and 1st time GOLD. Yeah !!!

Shekhar said...

Ok.. on to the rona-dhona part of the business now. In my memory, only two movies ever made me cry.

The first was Appu Raja. I was a kid when this film was released and I just couldn't stop crying when Appu (Kamal Hassan) the dwarf is taken away by the police. Come to think of it, he wasn't even dead/dying... but just that the last scene of the film was so emotional and well, I was a kid.

The only other film that made the tear drops well up (and still leaves a lump in my throat at times) is Anand. Obviously, Rajesh Khanna is brilliant in that film and Hrishikesh Mukherjee's way of narrating the entire film just makes you completely love the character and feel sad for him in the end. Plus, of course, when I think of the opening credits of the film where the director says that the film is dedicated to the city of Mumbai and Raj Kapoor... you can't help but smile. (In fact, it was Raj Kapoor who used to call Hrishikesh Mukherjee 'Babu Moshai'.)

Thisisme said...

and i get the silverrrr! yipppeeee! :))))))

well the movies whcih made me cry are somewhat like this..

1. Akele hum akele tum..i filled up all the avlbl buckets with tears in this one (n every1 was it was ganga flowing in the hall) ..this is when i started respecting aamir for his acting and not jst drool on his good looks..he was amazing in this movie and made me cry ganga jamuna in the movie hall !
2. Masoom- Jugal Hansraj was magic this movie.+Naseer ..i choked on tears many a times in this movie
3. Sholay - When Jai Dies in the end, I was a small kid n was watching this movie on TV with my family and tears jst welled up in my eyes at that scene :( amitabh made me cry for once..
4. Mr India - When the kids havent had food for few days and sridevi gets samosa and cakes for them..the expressions on the faces of those kids is amazing and later when anil kapoor goes on to say thanks to sridevi..the way she shrugs it off in a casual manner..trying not to made me cry :-(
5. Sadma..the last scene...Kamal Hassan can really make me cry!
6. Fida - Some scenes of Hrithik Roshan when he re unites with his family and also when karishma shoots him..i remember it made me cry a little bit :-s
7. Lage Raho Munnabhai..the scene when munna says sorry to made me choke somewhere..wit tears of course :)
8. Anjali- of course, I could not blv that thye made a kid..a cute kid die in it ! :O
9. Gandhi-My Father - When Akshaye Khanna meets his parents at a railway station and gets a fruit for his mom..and says that she defntly cares for him and he feels a lot more for his mom than his father who is so much revered n this is his gift for was a v touching scene.
10. In QSQT, when aamir n juhi died bacha wala brain cud not blv it..n i ended up sobbing on it! now when i look back i find it funny!
PS. It may seem like i cry a lot in movies but its not so..Blv me i have a frnd who cried in Barsaat when bobby and Twinkle are separated and sing a song! Bahhh!
Anyways excited to be on ur blog and leaving such a longggg comment :D

Pooja said...

I've seen about half of the films mentioned here but none of them made me cry. The one Indian film that I have cried at was the 2002 version of Devdas. Both times I saw it I cried at the end when Shah Rukh Khan died. I thought his performance was top rate and very, very effective in those moments.

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

Sholay when amitabh dies.
Or java abchan scene when she gives them the keys to the safe. No crying but very powerful scene.

Lots of amitabh movies. I am a fan.
Anjali though would be at the top.
Quyaamat se Quayamat Tak.
the list is endless.

Shashikant Kore said...


Anusha said...

From your list, I gotta agree with Anjali, Sadma (I saw it in Tamil, though), K3G and KHNH. Bawled like a baby for all of them. I can't remember a lot of other movies that I cried for, but I do remember that I bawled a couple of times while watching "It's a Wonderful Life". One was the standard "Oh, what's happening to the protagonist is so sad" crying, but I cried at the end too, when everything turns out alright. I think it's the only time I've cried at a happy ending!

Shan said...

Here comes my list...

Anjali (Tamil)
Moonram Pirai(Tamil)
Nayagan (Tamil)
Kal Ho na Ho
Rang De Basanti
Kannathil Muthamittal (Tamil)
Anbae Shivam (Tamil)
Taare Zameen Par
The Beautiful Mind
Million Dollar Baby
nd goes...

Some movies, ve to say even watching for the 2nd time brought same litres of tears...'ohh what z happening...Why it could not ended this way...'

Urv said...

The first time I cried was in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na. Cried a lot. Everytime Shahrukh n Suchitra were together in a scene.
There have been a lot of movies since then jinse mujh Masoom se bachhe ko kai baar Gum ka Sadma laga hai, par Filhaal, the latesht movie that made me cry was Taare Zameen Par.

Inder said...

anbae shivam - about the tragedies a person faces in his life and how he refuses to succumb to them. though highly emotional, it has a very positive theme.

Sanchit said...

the one time i was genuinely teary was maybe in.. my brother nikhil.. to me that is the most awesomely crafted movie.. the scenes wherein sanjay suri is shown to be getting weeker and pale... it surely sends shivers down my spine everytime i see it.. and guess what i bought its dvd few hours back.. :)

Sayesha said...

Huh? 1st time gold? I thought you have got the gold tons of times! No? or was it some other Shekhar? :O

Appu-Raja? Hmm.... can't remember much of the movie but I was a kid too when I watched it and was really amazed at how they had 'dwarfed' Kamal Hasan. :D

I love Anand too, though I don't remember crying, just feeling very positive after watching it. :)

WHOA! Tuney toh movie names ki ganga-jamuna baha di! Thankssss! :D :D :D Maybe I should have tagged you on this, then you could have made a post out of it, you last-posted-in-Jan-lazybum! :P

ps: Now I wanna watch Mr. India again! :'(

//Blv me i have a frnd who cried in Barsaat when bobby and Twinkle are separated and sing a song! Bahhh!


Wow... that's a new one. Hadn't heard anyone praise SRK for Devdas! :) I think I was too fascinated by how beautiful Aishwarya looked in the movie! :D

Swabhimaan? Aisi movie hai koi? I thought TV serial? :P or are you talking about Abhimaan? That was a beautiful movie! :)

Oooh I haven't watched that one! Will try and catch it!

Hehehe... when I cried at the end of KKHH, I was wondering if I was crying for Salman or crying cos of the 'happy ending'. :P

I think the hindi Anjali wasn't re-shot, it was just dubbed yeah? So it's the same thing then! :P

You cried in Baazigar??? Which scene??

Ah KHKN! I love that movie - SRK was so earthy in that! I remember feeling very sad when he's playing the violin (or was it the trumpet?) at the seaside and the sad music melts the don's heart. :)

Wow that's like the third reco for Anbae Shivam. I gotta get myself a subtitled copy!

Oh yeah! That was an awesome movie! Similar theme was in Phir Milenge... also very well-done.

Unknown said...

Yesterday I saw U,Me aur Hum and the movie did not impress me at all. I went for the night show and was yawning! Of late, I don't cry but I do feel a lump in my throat at times.

The latest one that brought tears in my eyes is Taare Zamin Par: When Ishan asks his parents not to put him in a hostel; when they leave the boy in the hostel; when his father thanks Amir Khan in the end.
Sadma- in the end.
Life is Beautiful.
Black-when the younger daughter gives a speech during her wedding engagement ceremony.
Gandhi my father- It was a touching movie.

Bivas said...

Gotta agree wid u on some of those on the list...
Lage Raho : Definitely the Circuit Manaofying scene
TZP : Yes I did cry in the theatre...Zor Zor se!!!
Sadmaa : Last Scene...
Anand : I still cry when I watch this movie...My fav film of all times...that scene when Johnnny Walker comes to meet Rajesh Khanna only to realize that he is on his death bed...brilliantly done!
Saraansh : Customs deptt scene
RDB : whole movie was amazing but when Madhavan proposed at the fort and the song that followed...Tu Bin Bataaye... :-)
Masoom : Another all time fav...Jugal was brilliant in the movie...
Thr are a few more including some from Hollywood...

Daroga said...

Anand... the Johny Walker scene mentioned by Bivas above. This is the point when you can't hold your tears anymore. And then at the end, when Rajesh Khanna dies and the tape plays : "Babu Moshai... hum sab to kathputliyan hain...." You HAVE to let go of yourself then.


Munnabhai MBBS... Circuit says,"Bhai.... Maa nahin dikhti hai aasmaan mein, saala pollution bahut ho gaya hai". Brilliant.

Lage Raho Munnabhai... the apologizing scene.

Sadma.. I have only seen the last scene but that's enough for the tear glands.

Nemo said...

Waah Sayesha! lovely post!
here are some movies which made me cry...
kal ho na ho
taare zaamen par

Don't remember the rest of them, but I get very emotional when someone dies or is suffering a lot or when someone triumphs over a difficult situation..

You come up with very interesting topics each time...the previous post about Distance was also very good.

Kanan said...

Like Nemo said, excellent topic! I love Hindi movies and specially hate the ones that make me cry. LOL sounds like a total oxymoron... :D

Some of them that I can recall right now, in random order:

Lamhe - when Sridevi gets slapped (did you know they show that slap like more than some 23 times? the same one jeez! reminds me of those Zee TV serials these days)

TZP - when Ishaan wins the prize at the drawing competition and also during "o maa" song (I had ganga & jamuna sitting next to me doing the water works so it was funny to watch them)

Veer Zaara - when they both meet in the court at the end and when Veer reads that poem (penned by Aditya Chopra) and also when Bauji requests Zaara to put the first brick of that girls' school.

Appu Raja - someone already mentioned this earlier... this was just too sad when Appu finds out that the girl he loved doesn't love him but someone else. Too sad *sob sob*

QSQT - tears welled up in my eyes when Rashmi falls down the rocks towards dying Raj.

Lage Raho Munnabhai - When Bhai says sorry to Circuit for slapping him.

Do Badan - (this one I remember very vaguely but) when the Vikas & Asha die.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge - when Pooja meets Raj at the end before Tina's wedding... Raj has made gobi ke parathe (khud apne haathon se) and feeds her and the whole dialog (it sucks these guys ruined it with playing stupid "pyaar hua iqraar hua" song in the background). It's the best dialog of the movie.

Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon - during that "kasam ki kasam hai kasam se" and looking at Kareena... awww its so sad. Yup, I must have watched this film like more than 10 times now. :D

Yaadein - there were times in this movie when I remember getting choked with emotions.

KKKG - when Anjali's bauji passes away, other times it was the mom (Nandini) doing it so I skipped. :P

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - when little Anjali cries reading her mom's letter for her 8th birthday.

Aap Ki Parchhaiyan - this one had those social sad moments where they show the typical hardships that lower middle class folks go through, too emotional.

Mother India, Waqt - when the families are separated and helpless.

Aazadi Ki Aor - numerous times in this one. It's fantastic how animals can make you cry in this one. If you haven't watched it, you've missed out on a quality Hindi film.

Vivah - when Prem says "yeh tum bhi jaanti ho, mera pyaar is pariksha ma mohtaj nahin hai" (or something like that).

Saathiya - right before Suhani wakes up and says (at the end) "tumhe lagaa main chali gayi aur tumhaari aish hai!"

Jahan Ara - numerous times in the movie.

This is too much fun so I can go on forever but will stop now. Thanks for reading.

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

Abhimaan it is :D

Shan said...

//You cried in Baazigar??? Which scene??

Yeah Sayesh, last scene when Sharukh dies on his mother's lap... ;'(

One more movie i forgot to mention but this time it was for the happy ending...

The Pursuit of happiness... :)

Serendipity said...

Gold ..

I liked the last scene in Dil Kya Kare , i loved the look in Kajol's eyes when she bids goodbye to the two people who mattered most to her :)

Stone said...

hmmmm..its kinda confession time :-)

Following made CRY :-)

1) The Blue Umbrella .
2) Water
3) The Namesake
4) KKKG -- those SRK, Jaya Aunty scenes.
5) TZP
6) KKHH ..that train 'good bye' scene.
7) Parzania
8) Chandni Bar

enough for now.

Sonal Chinchwadkar said...
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Sonal Chinchwadkar said...

The first movie I remember crying for was Shekhar Kapoor's Masoom. I think I cried throughout the movie... especially the scene where Jugal Hansraj tells Shabana Azmi that he knows Naseer is his father in the end! :). I also cried quite a bit for Khamoshi, ironically, both the new and the old one. :). And in the recent times I think I cried a little for Nagesh's Dor.

Angelsera said...

Hotel Rwanda was mine!
cried like hell while watching it..first time n the nth time also

Unknown said...

I vote for
*Anand - Dialogue n Death Scene of Rajesh Khanna
* Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
* Sadma
* JJ
* Devdas
* Sree420
* Mauna Ragam
* Ek Duje Ke Liye
* Sadma
Uff....It goes on.. :)

Unknown said...

The common thing in all these kind of movies is music which make situation/scene more sad.... ;)
This is my fav list

- Anand
- Munna Bhai
- Swades
- Black
- Mr. India
- Shwaas (Marathi)

Sayesha said...

//Of late, I don't cry but I do feel a lump in my throat at times.

Ditto! :)

Man... you guys are making me crave to watch Anand all over again! :)

Man... another Anand! I have watched it some 3-4 times but looks like I HAVE to get the DVD now! :P

Thank you. :)

//or when someone triumphs over a difficult situation..

Yeah, I get a lump in my throat when the underdog finally wins. :)

//I love Hindi movies and specially hate the ones that make me cry.

Hehehehe! :P

Anil Kapoor slaps Sridevi 23 times in the movie??? And she still liked him?? Or do you mean they show that one slap 23 times? :P

And that was one looong list - thanks for taking the time to do this. :)

Hahahahahahahhaa! :D
*points at Sandew and laughs*

Achha that scene! He's all bloody and all that na? That guy likes to get all bloody in the last scene... remember DDLJ? :/

Yeah, I liked the Pursuit of Happyness too. :)

Ah... I haven't seen that one!

You've watched The Blue Umbrella?? Ack, me jealoussss! They didn't release it here! :/

Chandni Bar didn't make me cry but it seriously depressed me for weeks!!! :(

#Uptown Girl,
You cried in the new Khamoshi too? The one with Sallu and Manisha? Can't remember much of that cos the old Khamoshi is ingrained in my head. What songs! :)

Yeah I heard a lot about this one... and figured it would be too depressing for me to watch. :)


//Uff....It goes on.. :)

I swear! :)

SWADES!!! How could I forget Swades?? Man I am so gonna add it to my list - thanks for reminding me man! :)

Bivas said...

@Sash: What...just 3-4 times!!!...One can't have enough of Anand :-)
Get the DVD jaldi!!! Then we can have a dialogue to scene pehchano have lost count of the no of times I have watched the movie...nice way to cleanse the eyes u see ;-)

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apu r Sangshar are one of the most tragic films according to me that would bring tears to anyones eyes. Yes all the thre films are by Satyajit Ray.


PizzaDude said...

I had a big lump in my throat when I saw the scene from Swades which had the kid on the railway platform asking people to purchase a glass of water from him! The scene affects me deeply whenever I watch it! I always forward that scene on the DVD.

realistic dreamer said...

so very well written :)

well for me it has to be devdas.. especially the last scene where they dont allow paro to meet him and he dies just outside her gate
:(.. actually if SRK is sad, i cry!

Kanan said...

Sayesha, in Lamhe it was just one slap shown from 23 different angles. ;)
As to why she liked him? I think it was his graying hair locks. LOL

Lavs said...

[Sayesha]-Munna bhai MBBS
Lage raho munna bhai
Tare zammen par
A tamil movie called “mozhi”

Nothing else made me cry!!! But I swear my hubby crying copiously for every ma-beta scene in every movie!!

You cried for Kuch Kuch hota hai??? Jeez, you and my hubby will make a good crying pair!!

Shan said...

Yeah Sayesh his performace in the last scenes will be in extreme... i think he loves and does his dying scenes...

DDLJ,what a movie/pair/acting & Europe especially...i would have watched it defntly more than 15 times...

Soham Shah said...

Swadesh - 1)when mohan goes to meet haridas..2)When mohan sees a poor boy selling water pouches in the train..cried a lot..

Taare zamin par - Many scenes..

Pursuit of happiness - When will smith gets a job in the will make anybody cry..

Shawshank redemption- last scene..

List goes on!!!

parikrama said...

Looks like I am the only person who cried while watching "U've Got Mail" .

The scene where the book-shop is closing down forever.. and a lady comes and reminisces how she use to come to the shop when she was a little gurl. The scene ends with Meg Ryan.. handing her a book and a pack of tissues (ekdum free).

p.s. : Lately i have started crying even while watching Oprah.. Maybe I should check myself in rehab or something.

Jerina J said...

I dunno if anyone has written about the movie - Daddy. I loved the chemistry between Pooja Bhat and Anupam Kher as daughter and father respectively. The climax where he overcomes his drinking problem and sings for his daughter...oh I still feel very mushy when I think of it.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Zaroor zaroor! Let me get the DVD first! :)

I think I've watched PP, not sure about the rest though.

Actually true... that scene was very simply done, but it had that X-factor. I still remember SRK's expression when he drank from that clay glass.

#realistic dreamer,
Thank you. :)
Devdas again? Hmm... I must have missed the ending or something! :)

23 different angles?? Hahahahah! :D

//But I swear my hubby crying copiously for every ma-beta scene in every movie!!

Really?? Hahahahaha! So cute! :D

I love DDLJ, but didn't cry in any of the scenes. :)

Ah... that Swades scene is something else, yeah? :)

//Looks like I am the only person who cried while watching "U've Got Mail" .

I'm sure! :D

//Lately i have started crying even while watching Oprah.. Maybe I should check myself in rehab or something.

Hahahaha! But yeah I know what you mean. That's why I stopped watching. :P

Oh yeah... I still remember when he started singing "Aaina mujhse meri pehli si soorat maange"... :)

Technofun said...

I dont cry much...

but i remember crying everytime when i watched the song "Sach ke raha hai deewana" from RHTDM ...

The only movie where i could not stop my eyes was TZP without doubt.

I stated crying since Ishan was send to hostel ..till almost the end of movie

Shanks_P said...

I never knew that so many ppl cried for Munnahbhai MBBS.

THe recent Hindi movies made me cry was TZP and MBMBBS.
From a mallu movie history there is not much tears left becoz most gud (1985 - 1997) mallu movies make one cry ..Once like Amaram, Chitram, Dhasaradam...I know it won't much sense here :D
But SRK never made me cry in any movies (Ducking to avoid shoes and ur paper thwack!)

Deepak Pushpakar said...

Hey Sayesha,
Your list pretty much matches mine ( with the same scenes), except that I also cried in TZP. You really write beautifully. Taking up real life incidents and churning out this great stuff from it is something I really aspire to :) ...But am miles behind.
Keep writing..and spreading happiness (well, there is happiness associated with tears too, as Rajesh Khanna says in Amar Prem :D

Kunal said...


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KKHH, K3G and KHNH were definitely drainers for me (as you well know!), and there have been a few more who made my heart kinda heavy (eased by a good stream of tears rolling down the cheeks), but I think the last film that truly touched me was Lage Raho Munna Bhai.