Tuesday, November 20, 2007


"You saw an SRK movie yest and still no post about it on your blog. Are you alright? Is everything ok?"

My friend sent me this sms yesterday.


The rest of you who probably think Bhai has kalti-maroed from patli gali after leaving bar khulla, are wrong. Bhai is not underground, Bhai is overworked. I am covering four titles of one of my editors who's away on marriage leave, and also involved in the training program for the newest editor in my team. Bole toh - this week fultu biji. Saans lene ko fursat nahin types. Aap convince ho gaye ki main aur bolun? (Yes, this dialogue is from Jab We Met - one of my favourite ones from the movie!)

Besides, a very dear blog friend is visiting Singapore and staying with Viv and me, so I doubt I will have a lot of time for the bar this week. Dukaan khulla hai, bindaas piyo, bhidu log! Bhai bhot generous hai.

So I watched OSO on sunday (I totally refuse to watch SLB's translucent-towel-dropping movie), and my review is exactly that. (S)o-so. I watched Jab We Met again in the theatre right after OSO and I think I still enjoyed it more. But there were brilliant moments in OSO too. Here is my quick review (may contain spoilers).

1. Shabana Azmi totally phodoed it - her one-liner was the best in the movie.
2. I totally think Karan Johar should have said what Sanjay Kapoor said - that would have brought the house down!
3. Manoj Kumar, chill re, if there's anyone who should feel insulted about his portrayal in the movie, it's Sooraj Barjatya and even he was heard ROFLing over his scene.
4. I can't believe Vishal got two lines but Shekhar didn't get any. Acting nahin aati? Do line nahin bol sakta? Useless fella!
5. Deepika is hot, but not hotter than Shilpa Shetty in a sari.
6. Farah should only make spoof movies.
7. Sonu Nigam sounds heavenly in "Main agar kahoon". The song sounds better heard by itself - without the video.
8. The 70s scenes were not very authentic. Looked very movie-set type. I'd expected Farah to use the 70s' grainy look in the first half.
9. Shreyas was wasted.
10. "Real life mein kitna short hai!" was howlarious.
11. King Khan is King Khan. Arrogant rascalaaa, but we love him. Mind it!

Samachar samapt hue.


Bivas said...

Totalli...the Khan brigade in OSO is so rocking...Mind It!!! ;-)
and oh yes...absolutely agree that Shilpa is hotter in a Saree!
And I guess I officially get the Gold as well...Yippee :D

shub said...

12. Farah Khan's last scene :D
11. Hopeless people should stop dragging hapless non-SRK fans to SRK movies! eeeediyot!
HMPH! :-/
I was gonna send you the exact same sms sometime back! :P

shub said...

ummm I was not counting down or anything. Galti se mistake ho gaya.

Sayesha said...

Oh yeah! MIND IT! Hahahaha! :D

Abbe ja re! Who asked you to come? You tagged along! I told Pizzadude that we should not even ask you. My first email to you guys was - Pizzadude and I are going to OSO, you are not invited. Remember? Hmmph! :/

And you're the one to talk? You wanted to pick Saawariya over OSO! Ahahahaha! You would really prefer the movie that even LOOKS boring?! :D Itna Saawariya Saawariya kar rahi thi! Gayi kyun nahin Saawariya dekhne phir? Bol bol? Aha! :D

aequo animo said...


mythalez said...

totally agree with pt 1,2 and 3.
yeah the movie is worth it (or shud i have said mind it? :-s) for its one liners and spoofs

shub said...

wah kya massst gali deti hai :D

Amey said...

*Ouch* news hurt...

The 70s scenes were not very authentic. Looked very movie-set type.

Wouldn't that be the spoof part? Or is it one of the unintentional jokes I heard the movie has?

Congrats on ab tak (panch sau) chhappan!!!

rayshma said...

stopped by pehli baar, so thot wud say "hello!"
awesome space... mind if i drop by more often?!

Just Jane said...

(bas, anil kapoor ki kami thi jo maine ab poori kar di)

Unknown said...

LOL...the south-indian scene was Hilarious!! Haha..
Many funny moments in the film. I was totally not expecting to be 'scared' though. I was in a scene or two :-)). I am liking SRK more n more :-)). Yes, Deepika is quite something. I can imagine, ladkon ka kyaa haal ho raha hoga.

Shekhar said...

harshi said: I can imagine, ladkon ka kyaa haal ho rah hoga

I'll tell you what, I went completely fida !! Deepika looked H-O-T... Bollywood's newest eye-candy. What's more, my Mum thinks she's gorgeous too!! :D

Sayesha Bhai (sorry for the 'ben' bit in the comment on the previous post.. the Gujju bhai in me keeps getting hiccups at times), it is half past two in the morning and I'm just returning from a late night show of OSO. I log on and was about to write a review myself, but before I could, you've put in an 'executive summary' of the film already. :))

Completely loved the film. And I don't know whether you remember it or not, but the scene where SRK tries to do a Rajni sir with his sunglasses and fails..and then says, "Never mind..it!!" ROFL..

Awesome film.. reminded me of the Manmohan Desai style Bollywood masala films..

Err...btw, did I tell you Deepika looked H-O-T !!

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

hmm in totally some scenes were good but the movie in itself was crap?

Rosh said...

Shash bhai.
Haven't watched OSO, but daringly ventured into a theatre playing Saawariya.
Expression 'O what an evening!' changed to 'Uff! what an evening!' as the movie progressed :(

Review available on my blog.

Rosh(erstwhile TLT)

Sonal Chinchwadkar said...

I think Manoj Kumar's driver's license scene was a ROFL scene! And of course the last scene! It rocked... :D.

satish said...

salaam bhai

Adorable Pancreas said...

We're going to see it this friday! Yay!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

It was way better than Saawariya I thought. I felt sorry for Ranbir Kapoor that he had to launch his career with that movie. He looked like he was on happy drugs throughout the entire movie.
OSO was timepass :-)

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

But I think Shantipriya is hotter than anybody else. Shipa Shetty looks as if she he come to the set from bed without brushing her teeth or even washing her eyes and face.

Yes, Karan Johan must have said what Sanjay Kapoor said.

The picturisation of the song Dhoom Tana was also nice. what do you say Sayesha? Even the song was a very nice one.

What about the "Naughty Pussy"? Mind it !!! :-D

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Not quite (o)so. :P

Yeah, Farah should do more spoofs man! :)

Tujhe dekhte hi inspiration aa jata hai! ;)

Naah, I meant the first part of the movie didn't seem like it was in the 70s. They could have done better. :)

Hello!! Welcome! And please do drop by more often! :)

You sound like Virdi! :D

Scared? Of what?? Oh "that which should not be named till everyone has seen the movie"? Hehe! :P

Hehehe! Ganguly moment again eh? :D

I LOVE the term you used for my review - executive summary! Hahaha! :D

The Never Mind It was awesome!! :D

Not really crap... but I'm not buying the DVD. :)

Hahahaha! You went for towel dropping movie? Hahaha! Serves you right! :D

#Uptown Girl,
Yeah it was! :D

Salaam! Tu overground ho gaya? Pulis toh nahin aayi tere peeche na? :P

#Adorable Pancreas,
Enjoy! And stay alert - there are many subtle things to watch out for! :)

Heheheh! Yeah timepass is the word! :)

I didn't like the Dhoom Tana song at all... or even the dard-e-disco! I only liked "Main agar kahoon". :)

Pujya said...

hey...been reading your blog regularly, but my office does not allow us to login to personal id (paise kat jate hain ...chindi )

I thought the movie was crap... fun but crap, Jab we met and bhul bhulaiya remain the best watch after Chak de, and Blue Umbrella.

by the way, can i mail you? no fwd no crap...just about some work?

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! I think I like Farah Khan too much to find her movies crappy, but I agree that it wasn't a great movie or anything. It just had moments. :)

//by the way, can i mail you? no fwd no crap...just about some work?

Sure! As long as you're giving me some work that you'll pay me for! ;)

Dev said...

Like Akshay Kumar in 'Return of the Khiladi'... this is the 'Return of the Bewda Dev' to the bar. ;)

Akshay Kumar ka reaction to losing was awesome!!! For me however the best parts were the 'in and as Mind It', and of course, Manoj Kumar's driving license. :D

Sanchit said...

i'm still to watch this movie, dekhne ke baad pakke se apne precious inputs dunga... muhahahahaaaa

Lehmunade said...

Abhishek Bachchhan was hilariously sporting!