Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crack the code

So I have a bad code ad by dose is blocked ad I'b sittig at hobe feelig bored ad I thought I'd write a blog post. Viv ad I played pictiodary last dight ad we drew sobe persodalities. Cad you guess who they are? I have edabled cobbet boderatiod so dobody cad copy others' adswers. I will release the results id the dext post, with special bedshud of special guessers.














Shashikant Kore said...

1 MS Dhoni
2 Sanjeev Kapoor
7 Harsha Bhogle
9 Deepika Padukone (Or is it her father Prakash?)
10 Farah Khan?
12 Daler Mehandi

HaRi pRaSaD said...

1. MS Dhoni
4. Shakira
6. Rajinikanth
7. Anil Kumble
12. Daler Mehndi

Will get back on the rest.Lunch break now!

Sanchit said...

Your blog is the best thing to do in office early morning... :d

1 dhoni
2 sanjeev kapoor
3 rahi sawant ???
4 mauli dave ??? :P
5 sachin
6 rajnikant
7 udayan mukherjee
8 shahrukh khan
9 deepika padukone
10 farah khan
11 shenaz
12 delar mehandi (cud be mika, rabbi too :D)

HaRi pRaSaD said...

5. Yuvraj Singh
8. SRK
9. Gopi Chand
11. Kareena Kapoor

Raj said...

Here are my guesses:

1 Himesh Reshammiya
2 Sanjeev Kapoor
3 Evita??
4 Jennifer Lopez
5 MS Dhoni
6 Nelson Mandela
7 Harsha Bhogle
8 Hangman??
9 Mahima Chaudhry?
10 Farah Khan or any other female film maker!
11 Aishwarya Rai??
12 Daler Mehndi

Unknown said...

1: dhoni; 2: sanjeev kapoor? 3: oprah 4: shakira 5:mandira bedi?? 6:no clue 7: no clue 8: abs no clue! 9: deepika padukone 10. huh? 11: shehnaz hussain 12: daler mehendi

V said...

V was here. And he got gold. No He doesnt know the answers.

Ab said...

hehe... so dont we ever say 'm' and 'n' when th 'dose' is blog'd?

im sure th 1st is Dhoni... haha... yaaaay...
th rest, a lot of names come to my mind wen i see th gal with th mik, but isnt she a bit too over clothed for th ones we get to see these days?
and I bet, one of th pic's were Viv, th chef, and Sayesha, th cricketer... ok, now, Iv been having ideas!!!!!

** Sri Harsha Maiya ** said...

Err... Are you replacing all "n" by "d"??

Or is that some kinda trick?


Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
2. Sanjeev Kapoor
3. Mamata Banerjee
4. Annie
5. Sourav Ganguly
6. Shah Rukh Khan
7. Rahul Dravid
8. Ranbir Kapoor
9. Deepika Padukone
10. Farah Khan
11. Sehnaz Hussain
12. Navjot Singh Siddhu

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

er which ones are viv's pics again ?

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

when did the approval system start ?? grrr
1) Dhoni
2) The chef on Zee tv Sanjeev Kapoor
3) Oprah?
4) Beyonce ?
5) Andrew Symonds?
6) Rajnikant/ Shah Rukh
7) Hair and specs ; harsha hogle?
8) Someone wearing over sized T shirt?
9) Prakash Paduko FO Depika Paduko
10) farah Khan?
11) The one and wonly Shaznaz Hussain
12) dardi rab rab kardi.. Daler mahndi?

Sanchit said...

results kab announce honge???

Sayesha said...

Hi bewdas!

Quite a few of you looked at the '0 bewdas got fultu talli' and yelled 'GOLD', so this is just a reminder that I have enabled comment-moderation for this post to keep everyone's results separate from one another. I'll release the results in the next post, with special mention of people who guessed things Viv and I never imagined they would! :D

aequo animo said...

1. Jack sparrow
2.Cookie man
7.Harsha Bogle
8.Scare crow :D
9.deepika Padukone
10.Probably Sayesha :))
11.Not Sayesha at all ;)
12.Sukhvir sing

shub said...

1. dhoni
2. SRK in duplicate? :P
3. SRK
4. Jlo/Beyonce? (was tempted to type out SRK again, but fear getting lynched :D )
6. rajnikanth
7. dooooon't tell me it's Harsha Bhogle. He wears round frames. Hmph!
8. SRK
9. Easy peasy lah. Deepika Padukone!
10. Farah Khan, eh? Given that tis the season of OSO and all...
11. SRK (MUAHAHAHAHA! :P ) [ penelope cruz?)
12. Dollar mehndi? :D

Anonymous said...

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Crazy Dhakkan said...

1. Dhoni

2. Sanjeev Kapoor?

3. Some Teacher.. hmm.. pata nahin be! :P

4. Singer... hmm.. Is that Saroj Khan trying her hands at singing?

5. Skinny cricketer.. hmm.. pata nahin, be!

6. South Indian Director.. Mani Ratnam? :P

7. Someone being taught cricket in school? ishh! kuch bhi!

8.Gabbar with his arms re-growing!? Or in a trick or treat costume?

9. Deepika Padukone? :P Prakash Padukone's off-spring! hehehehe

10. Farah Khan? :P

11. Aish-Kar-Liya Jai? :P Err. Aishwarya Rai? :P

12. Tunak Tunak Tun - Daler Mehendi! :P

kashika said...

After this comment, I am so sure you can give me the award for 'the one who didnt get a single one right' or something of tht effect just as lame. Anyway, it doesnt hurt to try.
1. Dhoni (he has cut his hair na, thts y)
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-I cant get guess for my life.
9. Dont laugh okay. I think the person with the badminton racket is Prakash Padukone n the girl is his daughter Deepika.
10, 11, 12- no idea.
Okay, tell me I made an ass of myself :D

Shekhar said...

1. Dhoni

2. Sanjeev Kapoor

4. Shakira

6. Rajnikant

7. Harsha Bhogle

9. Deepika Padukone

10. Farah Khan

12. Daler Mehendi

Jina said...

viv's barber..;)..but my fiancee thinks its himesh reshammiya

sayeshas cook ;)

Harsha Bhogle
Shahrukh Khan
Deepika Padukone
Farah Khan
Shahanz Hussain
Deler Mehndi

mathew said...

1.Himesh Reshmiyya
4.Janet Jackson
5. Sachin
9.deepika padkuone
10.ekta kapoor/deepa mehta

Bivas said...

That seems to be an awfully bad cold u have... answers to the clues...looks like I did well :D....wotsay?
1. Himesh aka HR3(the animated character was HR2 but this one is equally funny :D )
2. Sanjeev Kapoor
3.Absolutely no clue...looks like a school headmistress and the kids seem to be in a lot of distress.
4.Mauli from SaReGaMaPa? Or Maybe Shakira :D...but looking at the emphasis on the it JLo by any chance!
5.Viv himself? ;-) or maybe Sachin Tendulkar :-)
6.A deturbanated Manmohan Singh!
7. Harsha Bhogle (A bit too much of hair on his head)
8.Six Pack waala SRK?
9.Deepika Padukone and daddy Prakash in the forefront :D
10.Hmmm...a woman filmmaker...maybe Ahana Deol...unless its Farha Khan
11.That's scary! Itna makeup!! Shehnaz Hussain?
12.Daler Mehendi...if not then Ishmit from Voice of India ;-)

Stone said...

1) Dhoni

2) Sanjeev Kapur

3) Kalam

4) J Lo

5) Ponting

6) Manoj Kumar

7) Harsha Bhogle

8) Shahrukh

9) Deepika Padukone

10) Farah Khan

11) Kareena Kapoor

12) Daler Mehendi

Sowmya said...

Barning: bild bild bild gusshes :P

12. Daler Mehndi

11. Rekha

10. Farah Khan

9. Some female tennis player :P( Hingis? Cos she's my fav :D)

8. LOL @ this :D Hands looks like mug handles... hahhaa.. even my wild guesses won't do :D

7. Harsha Bhogle

6. Maniratnam/Rajnikanth

5. Malaika Arora..hehehe

4. Shakira? Shania Twain?

3. Er... Kalam? No, its some lady principal/teacher na?

2. Some random chef? :D

1. Dhoni :)

Loved doing this, Sayesha! :D


Melody said...

okey! I could instantly see Courtney Love over there (second from last)...

Cool post :)

Ramkumar said...

really interesting!!
j k rowling
chak de india shah rukh
oso shak rukh khan
prakash padukone and his daughter deepika
farah khan
kareena kapoor
daler mehendi

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Daroga said...

2. Sanjeev Kapoor
4. Pop Diva/Madonna/Britney
5. Women's Cricket
6. Rajnikant/any South-Indian Hero
9. Deepika Padukone
11. Mirror/Make-up
12. Daler Mehendi

Thisisme said...

4th is beyonce

11th is britney

12th is daler paaji..

ab correct m i ? :-s

Amey said...

Soddy to head dad youd doze is blocked. Hope id is clead soon...

My answeds, sorry... answers:
1. Dhoni
2. Some cook
3. Some teacher, unless it is Hillary Clindon (the habit is hard to lose)
4. J Lo
5. Dunno, is that a bat or knife?
6. Some south Indian hedo (OK, that was last one)
7. Harsha Bhogle
8. A man?
9. Sania Mirza
10. Female director, so I am guessing Farah Khan
11. Did Halloween come late? Who is THAT? :o
12. Daler Mehandi (must say, that's a good picture)

Strider said...

I have a bad code too! :P
here are my answers:

1.This one's easy. Its Padukone's fav cricketer, Dhoni!
2. No idea.
3.My guess is Hillary Clintonwa.
5.A batsman with long locks suffering with goitre? Hmmm Dhoni again?
6.Is that a french beard? Must be Big B!
7.Anchor... Harsha Bhogle!
8.Too info to handle.. overload hogaya hai yaha :P
9.Tennis star's gf? Leander paes to nahi wo banda? Agar hai to bandi hui Mahima.
10.Female TV personality? hmmm Barkha Dutt?
11.Whoa! Itna makeup? Paris hilton? Mandira Bedi?
12. Daler Mehandi.

That was fun. Thank you!

V said...


Unknown said...

from top to bottom:
some chef (sanjeev kapur?)
hillary clinton?
j lo?
mandira bedi?
deepika padukone?

pic of the post - no. 5.

Baawara Mann said...

12. Daler Mehandi
11. Shahnaaz hussain
10. Farha Khan
09. Deepika Padukone
08. No Idea.. SRK?? - with 2 packs??
07. No clue
06. Rajni Anna
05. No Clue
04. J Lo ??
03. Some idol - Indian idol ??
02. Whos this chef??
01. Dhoni - Who else!! :D

Nice post, got me to actually blabber after getting tulli.. meaning comment, I am sure your comment space will be on a bull run!!


RG said...

1. Yassar Arafat...but why scissors??
2. Sanjeev Kapoor
3. Shania Twain or Briney Spears or Maddonna...looks like Maddonna
4. Beyonce knowles...who else can be so curvy??..Britney??
5. Kya bakwas hai !!!
6. Manmohan singh?? but why camera and no pagdi...??...or Rajnikant??
7.Sachin Tendulkar...but why specs??
8. One of the paintings of Ajanta & Ellora
9. Roger Federer
10. Ekta Kapoor
11. Shehnaj Hussain
12. Daler Mehndi

Kafi dimag wala kam hai...!!!

Sanchit said...

is the 5th person, baby aish

Unknown said...

Wow, you guys really have some fun pictionary sessions:p

Ok, I'm going to try like the rest of the world but I only know a few and will just guess the ones I don't know so you can laugh:)
1. No idea, who had long hair with a recent haircut?
2. The Khana Khazana guy, Sanjeev Kapoor
3. Ms Briganza...aha...:p
4. Mariah Carey/ Jennifer Lopez (going by the emphasis on her rear end)
5. Cricketeer with long hair? Dhoni?
6. An Indian travel show host?
7. Ahhww come on, how on earth will I know cricket commentators:p Nobody watches cricket here!
8. Plastic man
9. Deepika Padukone
10. Farah Khan
11. No idea....I'll say Rekha for the fun of it:)
12. Daler Mehndi

Somya said...

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
2. sanjeev Kapoor(might be wrong here)
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. Beyonce
5. Deepika Padukone
6. Can be either Narendra modi or CM west bengal coz of Nandigram.
7. Can't be Vengsarkar or Pawar..No idea..
8. Rakhi Sawant(anything looking weird has to be Ms Sawant)
9. Ritwik Bhattacharya (coz he is going arnd wid Ms Dhupia).
10. Farah Khan..can be wrong here..
11. has to be ever scary..Shahnaz Hussain
12. Daler mehendi(had it not been the mic in his hand, I'd have this one to be Siddhu).

Bivas said...

pretty interesting :-)...answers puhleez!!!
Oh...n Gold :D Thenga ;-)

Anusha said...

Aaah! I wanna play, but I'm thinking I'm a bit too late. Anyway, I haven't looked at the results post, and I haven't read any of the other comments, so I'm gonna play anyway. Hmph! :D

1. Dhoni!
2. Sanjeev Kapoor?
3. Er, someone on Indian Idol or one of those talent shows that sang so beautifully that everyone cried? Ok, I have no clue.
4. Erm, Rekha! (From Parineeta :P What?! That's what came to my mind first! :D)
5. Very descriptive. I bet Viv drew that :P Erm, is that supposed to be a female cricketer? No idea.
6. Rajni Kanth!
7. Harsha Bhogle
8. Brad Pitt? (From the last pictionary game :P)
9. Deepika Padukone
10. Farah Khan, Meera Nair, Deepa Mehta ... one of those female director ladies.
11. Rakhi Sawant! (Seriously, I'm guessing these as they come to my head!)
12. Daler Mehndi

Yay, I'm going to lose so spectacularly! Off to see the results now! :D

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