Saturday, May 26, 2007

In good company

So I'm buying some snacks at a 7-11, and I give the very-obviously-new nervous guy at the counter a ten-dollar note. The dude gives me back my change and says, "Keep the change."

Oh the hilarity of being new at a job! :D

I can't wait to get there.

I can't wait. I seriously can't wait. I have been making statements like "I can't wait for the damn saturday and sunday to get over so I can go to work on Monday!", and getting a lot of dirty looks from my friends.

It has been a long wait. The break was good, gave me some time to catch up on 'really-doing-nothing' (which I hadn't done at all in the last two years), a breather from work+part-time studies, and a chance to do some freelance writing, editing, teaching and volunteering. Working from home is okay, but it's not my cup of tea. I guess I'm not really the 'really-doing-nothing' kinda person, in fact it drives me nuts. I need my waking-up-to-the-alarm-clock, my office clothes, my hurried breakfast, my bus ride, the office space, my cubicle, my office computer, my deadlines, office meetings, office lunches, and a bunch of lovable crazy colleagues.

Speaking of lovable crazy colleagues...

  • Right after I tendered my resignation at my last job, word reached me that one of the editors I'd hired had reacted with a, "Man! After Sayesha leaves, the Management will be totally devoid of fun." I was super flattered. A few days later, I heard that he'd quit to join Company X.
  • One of my ex-colleagues lent me her books and offered me valuable advice about my dissertation when I was doing my Master's. I often felt like I did not have time to thank her properly. I recently heard that she's joined Company X.
  • An ex-colleague used to come to my desk at least three times a day with editorial queries, even though she was in another team under another senior editor. She would be extremely apologetic about "wasting my time" but I liked helping her out. She reminded me of the time when I was a new editor looking for "nice" senior editors to pester with questions. I heard she has joined Company X.
  • I was beginning to become really good friends with this guy at work when I quit. The horse's mouth told me that he's joining Company X in a few months.
  • Generally, I prefer hiring my team members myself. Competency, creativity and good editorial skills are not the only things I look for when interviewing a candidate. A sense of humour and fun is very important. So when a girl was transferred from another team to mine, I was apprehensive at first. However, to my utter delight, she turned out to be not just creative, but a very funny and cheerful girl. The last I heard of her was that she had joined Company X.
  • "Woh meri shaadi mein aaya/aayi thi!" ("He/She came to my wedding!") is a phrase we Indians tend to use when we want to express how close a friend is to us. Two of my Singaporean friends made it to my wedding in India. One of them moved to Hong Kong, while the other joined Company X.
I start work at Company X on Monday.


Garrett said...

YOO HOO.... gold at Sayesha'a
A rare opprtunity.... am ecstatic

And Best of Luck for your new Job

Garam Bheja Fry said...

Silbher medal!!

naye job ke mubaarakan!!

Crazy Dhakkan said...

Bronze! :D

Hehehe, I can so understand your emotions!! Sadly, with me, my enthu always deflates like a balloon with a hole! :P

Anyhoo, goodluck with Company X! :D

I hope, 20 days later, I also write something similar! :D :D :D

Unknown said...

Sheesh! I missed it!
CD, aapko toh dekh lungi x-(
Now I read the post n get back.

Unknown said...

WOW Sash. Now I know why you're sooo looking forward to Monday ;) Its great to be back with them, at at new workplace :)

Wish you all the luck with your new job at 'company x' ;):D

Enjoyyyyy babes :)

Gulabo said...


office wrong word hai!! yeh manavata ki .yeh manavta ki sabse badi galati hai.
'Office ' is misspelt and mis pronounced.

the karrect word is

Pronounced as oohh--pee--chch

Neihal said...


What company is that!!!
(not a question :D)

but this is what I'd say
Baap of all co-incidence.


Congrats dear :)

and best wishes.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

congrats, Good luck on the new job and it's awesome that you wiil have familiar faces in a new place. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome.. having so many friends in a new place is cool.. All the best re!

Anonymous said...

hey Neihal.. email me if u wanna know what company it is.. :P
*looks at Sash to know her reaction*

Abhishek said...

did you just follow the footsteps of others, or did you actually like company x?

Sakshi said...

I wish my friends would also join me at least in the same city :(

Iday said...

So u join work at last!!! God u must be so relieved to stop not-doing-anything :)

BTW - what happened to our business plan??? :O :O :O

Good luck with the new job bhai. I'm sure u'll do really well there and earn a lot of lovable crazy colleagues, apart from the ones who are waiting for u already :)

Bivas said...

May the souls in company X rest in peace ;-)

Thisisme said...

arre wah lucky u..joining new place n still will c old familiar faces :) njoy n all the best!

Tarun said...

Bhai lagta hai ki daal mein kuch "X" hai!

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

#Garam Bheja Fry,
Thanks! :)

#Crazy Dhakkan,
Thanks! And hope you write that post soooooooooon! >:D<

Thanks! :)

WHAT? I always thought it was aphis! A-P-H-I-S!!! :O :O

Thanks! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Thanks! :)

#Smiling Girl,
Thanks! :)

Haha I did not even know about all these people being there when I applied! :D

Hey, if they can't join you, you join 'em! :D

//God u must be so relieved to stop not-doing-anything :)

You have NO IDEA! :D
Thanks! :)

Sheesh! X-(
*issues supari in Bivas' name*

Thanks! :)

Hahahahahaha! If only I could disclose the name of the company here, your comment would reach new levels in meaning! ;)

Bivas said...

Sheesh! X-(
*issues supari in Bivas' name*

Bivas chops up n rolls up the supari in a banarasi paan n offers to Bhai ;-) :P
Kya karen...Maikhane mein aate hi talli ho jaate hain :D

Just Jane said...

Talk abt a bunch of lucky coincidences!!! All the best and have fun with the old/new teamies :)

Vijay said...

Brilliant is the way i would like to describe this post!!! Applause, Applause....

All the best for your new job.


Sayesha said...

Ya allah! Kaise kaise bewde aate hain yahan! :P

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)