Monday, December 18, 2006

Whose wedding is it anyway?

There is one secret technique that 20-somethings all over the world use when parents pressure them about marriage.

"Pehle meri padhai toh khatam hone do!" ("Let me finish my studies first!")

What these unsuspecting 20-somethings don't know is that their parents are smarter than them (In the words of Amitabh Bachchan “Oye chak de phatte, main tera baap hoon!”). They pretend to buy that excuse just to make you feel smarter, but what you don't know is that they are really taking it literally. So the moment you finish that Master's/MBA/random-course-you-take-up-to-escape-marriage, they'll pin you down on your own words.

Sayesha is no exception.

My friends always said I would make an unconventional bride. And it seems they were right.

I got in touch with a school friend after years. She lives in the same city as my parents.

Friend - So what's the latest in your life?

Me - Oh, I finished my exams! My dissertation's just got first approval.

She - Achha? And...?

Me - Oh I just got a promotion. And hey I am going to Pakistan!

She - Bas? Anything else?

Me - Errr... let me think... hmmm...

She - *string of gaalis* I just spoke to your mom! How could you not tell me THE NEWS first? *longer string of gaalis*

Me – Um... yeah, am kinda getting married.

She - Kinda? Sheesh, tu nahin badli! So are you excited? What does the guy do? How does he look? What are you going to wear at the wedding - sari or lehenga? What style wedding is it going to be? How many days of ceremonies?

Whoa! Slow down. Don't ask questions. I don't have answers. Yet.

After I got back from Pakistan and attempted to put my work life back in order, I told my colleagues about the news.

Colleague - Wow, congratulations! So when's the wedding?

Me - Oh it's a long way off.

Colleague - When is it???

Me - It's next year.

Colleague - Oh ok. Phew. Then you have time to plan. Next year when?

Me - January.

Colleague - January?? January 2007???

Me - Err.. yeah.

Colleague - And you call that a long way off????

Me - Err.. yeah.

Colleague - That's only like one month away! Don't you need like a year to plan??

Me - Ummm... not really.

It seems that if you pick the guy, the parents pick everything else. So I am pretty chilled out, while they're going nuts in India doing the planning.

Once in a while they call me to ask funny questions.

Mom - Should we buy the gold? Or do you want to buy your own?

Me - Gold? Do I really have to wear gold?

Now I am the kind of person who hates gold with a vengeance. I'd rather wear the fake earrings worth twelve rupees that I bought on the streets of Delhi two years ago than 35 kg of gold wedding jewellery, which incidentally is competing with the wedding sari to see which one's heavier.

But it seems a bride wearing fake jewellery worth twelve rupees is not really an option, as my Mom's glare pointed out. When you can feel a glare over the telephone, you know she's on the verge of getting really pissed off.

Me - Ok ok I will buy my own!

Mom - No no, don't buy! You don't know the first thing about gold! Just look around and report to me.

So one early morning I went to the Tanishq gold section at Mustafa to 'look around'. I'd say it was quite a productive trip.

That evening, my sister called me.

She - So Mom said you went to Mustafa.

Me - Yeah, I did.

She - Did you buy anything?

Me - Yeah, I did.

She - You did??? What did you buy???

Me - Err... ipod nano.

She - *heavy silence*

Me - Hello?

She - You bought an ipod nano when you went gold-shopping?

Me - Err.. yeah. I didn't like anything else I saw.

My sister burst into laughter. In the background, I think Aish was chuckling too.

She - I should have guessed you'd do something like that! I am trying to imagine you sitting at the mandap in your wedding sari wearing an ipod nano instead of gold jewellery. *bursts into laughter again*

Phew. Thank heavens some family members still have a sense of humour, while others only send menacing glares over the phone.

"So are you excited?" Everyone's asking me. The truth is - I'm not. Not yet. I guess I'm still trying to wrap up a lot of things - my job, my studies, my bank balance - and haven't had time to feel all...errr... bride-y. Perhaps I've too many other things to take care of first. Perhaps mentally I am still in Pakistan. The truth is - I haven't even been thinking about it. Friends are getting pissed off because they're hearing the news "too late".

However, everyone in my family has been making up for my not thinking about it. For quite some time as I recently found out.

Some time in November, I'd called up my sister after my first exam.

Me - Hey I finished the first exam. It went well. The next one's in a few days. Wish me luck.

Sister - So which side are you going to part your hair?

Me - Huh?? Part my hair? For the exam???

Sister - Not the exam. Offo! The wedding!

Me - The wedding? Sheesh, can we please focus on my exam first?

Sister - Hmmm... okay okay. But grow your hair ok? Don't cut it till the wedding.

Hmmm... the problem with my hair is that it is exactly like me - wild, has a mind of its own and refuses to grow up. The longer I grow it, the curlier it gets, so any increase in length is lost in the curls.

Me - Sigh. I will try.

And everyone's thinking of what to wear. Everyone except me.

The other day, my sister called again.

She - Hey, listen, I want you to buy something for Aish in Singapore.

Me - Yeah sure. What do you want?

She - I want some accessories. To match what she's gonna wear at the wedding and the reception.

Me - You want accessories for Aish?

She - Yeah.

Me – Accessories for Aish??

She – Haan baba!

Me - Apa, baby Aish is 6 months old!!!!!

She - Yeah. I know. That's why I can't find anything suitable here. Apparently, there's a kind of hairband, made of the same material that stockings are made of, the kind that won't hurt her scalp. And there's velcro clips for the hair. I can't find them in New Jersey. So you gotta look for them in Singapore. Light pink, pale yellow and white. Okay?

So here I am, clueless about my own accessories but faced with this rather strange task of buying baby hairbands and clips. If anyone knows of a place that sells velcro clips and nylon hairbands for a 6-month-old baby, please contact me immediately.

Now that my exams are over, I've started on my exercise regime again. Many people think that it's for the wedding. Sheesh. Gotta open the sarcasm bottle.

Friend - Shaping up for your wedding, huh?

Me - Yeah, gotta fit into my wedding dress, you see.

*Friend gives me a strange look*

Friend - Errrm... Sayesha, your wedding dress is a sari.

Me - Yeah, I know.

Friend - Errr... You don't ‘fit into a sari’. A sari wraps around you.

Me - Yeah. But in my head, it's already wrapped, you see. I just need to fill up the hollow within it.

Friend - ??

People are asking me for the cards. I don't have them yet. Apparently, the cards went to the printer last week, and they should reach me soon. No one asked for my approval on the design. This would never happen at work - none of my editors would dare to send something to the printer without getting my signature of approval on it. Hmmph!

Dad asked me not to worry as he would take care of the card. He doesn't know that that itself is the cause of my worry. There has never been any common factor in my parents' taste and mine. I just hope that unlike my blog posts, the card has no typos. (Occupational hazard, yes.)

Right now, I see the wedding as an event that kinda requires my attendance. An event where two thousand grinning people I have never met in my life will surround me and ask “Recognise me?” while I disguise my ignorance about the answer to their question with choreographed ‘bridal blushing’.

From what I have seen so far, a wedding is an event designed around the bride, and nothing but the bride. The guy is the optional feature in a wedding. No one really cares about his whereabouts after the customary "Dulha aa gaya, dulha aa gaya!" I mean - look at this post. It's 35 kilometres long and yet, there is no mention of the dulha in it. Poor guy.

So I'm supposed to gear up for the most important event of my life. I'm supposed to be excited, nervous and what not. But the truth is - no, I’m not nervous. I’m not excited. But it doesn't worry me.

Maybe it will all happen in time. After all, the transition from underworld bhai to blushing bride is not an easy one.

Or maybe it won't.
Maybe I'm just not that kinda bride.

Now if you please excuse me, I’ve got to go now. It's time for me to add fertilizer to my scalp.


Anonymous said...


m first :D:D:D:D:D
that too after reading the post :)

and hei...u havent yet revealed anything abt ur would-be!! and no story abt that....hmmm..still waiting!!!!!

n Congrats once more ! :D!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

bhai, just not fair! the most anticipated post on the bar doesn't have an introduction of the dulha!

:( nope ! not done!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! What do you wanna know about my would-be?

ps: Long time no see at the bar! :)

Introduction to dulha?? Arre shaadi is all about dulhan yaar! Heheheh... :P

Anonymous said...

arre..kuch toh idea do..who he is..and how did it all happen...

i cant blv a great story teller like u..wud jst let this pass :P:P:P

so cmon now..out with the next post on how it all happnd! :-)

n btw...i have become a great fan of ur blog yaar..ur fantastic!! read so many old posts of urs..jst TOOO gud! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! This is definitely great news!!

Lalit Singh said...

card bhejna bhooliyo mat :)

Boogerworm said...


surreal reality said...

I'm borderline devastated for a myriad reasons.

I reckon congratulations are in order but will go there once I get the lowdown in an email.

Sigh... :(

ferret said...

heyy congratulations!!! The last post was sweet, this is sweeter :)
waiting for the sweetest one, with more details of the dulha and the story of how when where :P

Anonymous said...

congrats :)

the whole world got it...and I came five times and kept wondering "what just happened?" :)
me and my misssing brain :P

Anonymous said...

:( this is not the post i was looking for. hmph.

Anonymous said...

the blogging world has just become more vibrant. this is really big, sash!

chalo bus ek baar dulhan kee tarah sharma doh bus! :)

Anonymous said...

aah! the above comment was mine. and thanks for the videos and once again congratulations!


Anonymous said...

As mentioned above, Not the post I was looking for. I wanted to get a glimpse into the guy who got Bhai to say yes..
*Doing the barat dance*
Playing in the background.. Jan mein dost ki shaasi hai...

Ps. I understand why you did not mention all in the post, but teasers are so bad. Now I have to make my own Bhai love story (and you really dont want that :P). So pretty please.. an intro to the dulha..

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Sheesh, everyone wants to know about the boy! :P
ps: Thanks for the compliments :)

Thanks :)

Card humne khud nahin dekha hai... bhejenge... zaroor bhejenge :)

Thanks! :)

#Surreal Reality,
Ah, another one of the pissed-off friends I mentioned... maan ja re, mailing you now :)

Sheesh, you too wanna know about dulha? Lagta hai uske baare mein likhna hi hoga :)

Hahahahahah! Dhakkan! :P

Har baat par daant-ti rehti hai... This is not the TGFI I knew. Hmmph! :(

Dulhan ki tarah sharmana? Okie let me try. How's this - muahahaha! :D

Chalo baba... I will write a post on him... next one... praamis! :P

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

hahaha...Sayesha the bride wearing ipod nano..hahaha..hilarious

hahaha..awesome post...

waiting eagerly for the next few posts..

Iday said...

One full day we wait for this, a long post with stuff u r supposed to do and that u dont do them?!?! (The iPod nano one was good though)

Give us the more interesting stuff Sash bhai :)
When? Where?
More importantly - How?

You've spoilt all of us with ur amazing story telling skills u see. And now we have the mother of all stories and we wont rest in peace before hearing it from you :P

BTW - Indian mein hi hai na shaadi?
Hope u'd put up the invitation cards in the bar once they reach u :)

Anonymous said...

We want the whole story!!!!!!!!!!!! humari mange puri karo!!!! not fair sash..:(((

Anusha said...

Oye! Jumped so soon into the future? Arre baba, first give us back story -- go in order! Past, present...phir future ke bare me worry karenge! ;)

I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon now and demand a nice, long story from the story-telling queen. We want, we want! :D

Anonymous said...

found ur blog a month back. took me this long to read through all your archives. u write really well. would like to join everybody else in haggling you to know the guy's details. :D

Bivas said... my vague idea was really vague...was actually thinking it was another anti-climax thing but u surely phenkofyed a googly this time...
chalo ab officially CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D
//kinda getting married.
what kind is that? ;-)
//wearing an ipod nano
can imagine all dressed up in an ipod...that wud be real geeky ;-)
#and the saree hollow stuff was hilarious...hehehe
Chal now dat u hv read the comments...jaldi se reply n go back to ur khaad dalofying on the head sessions ;-)
Oh and Sash...did I mention...

Restless Rain said...

Hey congrats! I think you will make a very cool bride! And I so wish I could come... :/

See u soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, January????? Pls be excited! And yes, everyone wants to know abt the dulha!:)

HaRi pRaSaD said...

Ok first things first! CONGRATS!!!!

I was looking forward to this post so much that I even downloaded a RSS Feed reader and added your site to it so that I get an intimation when you post it!!! :D But looks like you are more keen on projecting a "Nonchalant Sayesha" rather than an "excited crackpot Sayesha". That is fine, but taking a lion's share of the 35km post with little mention of the guy was a bit too much!!

Anyways,knowing you, looking forward to a detailed post! (Don't you get irritated atleast a tad, when random guys like me demand a post on personal details? Just a little curious)

By the way, I read the cover story of the TIME December 2006 edition. It is about the TIME-Person of the year. Great article, do read it (You must have read it by this time) You were the first person who came to my mind after I finished reading the article.Your writing skills, humor, catchy titles, dicipline, courage,integrity etc., have influenced me in a lot of ways...

HATS OFF to you...

P.S: Just now reread what I have written above. Looks like I got carried away a bit, so kindly don't take it seriously



Anonymous said... is defntly abt the dulhan..esp when she is like u :-))

but then everybody is really eager to knw abt dulha..incl me :D:DD

Di said...

looks liks it hasnt sunk in yet..or ur too wise to be silly..naah..i think its the former.. ;)

HaRi pRaSaD said...

Errr...many sensational actress have opted out of filmdom to settle down in marriage bliss with little thought to their ardent fans...

Er...Am I making any sense?

Bivas said...

n then they make a comeback showing some consideration ;-)
remember the ECE bulb ad.....
"p p p p post...bhool naa likhte rehna" :P

Anonymous said...

A very disappointing post!!! :'(


Abhi said...

Mar jaawa gajar da halwa kha ke !!!!!!! Tu shaadi kar rahee hai charlie ??? Gosh ! This will take longer than the titanic to sink in. CONGRATSSSSSS !

Anonymous said...

aah! you didnt get to sing this song naa-

sayad meri saadi ka khayaal dil mein aaya hai,
ishiliye mummy ne meri, tumhe chai pe bulaya hai.

hum sub toh ladki wale hain. aap please yeh wala gana mat gana in any case-

yeh galiyan yeh chaubara, yahan aane na dubaara,
ab hum toh bhaye pardeshi, tumhara yahan koi nahin,
tumhara yahan koi nahin.

[i still cant believe kee you are getting married.]

[[gandagi machane ke liye maaf kar dijiyega.]]

Archana said...

Congratulations :-D!

janak chandarana said...

Ye pakistan walon ne dulha bhi de diya kya?
No introduction of dulha in shaadi?

Anonymous said...

mubarak ho aapko!!
all the best for the next phase of ur life..

Anonymous said...

mubarak ho aapko!!
all the best for the next phase of ur life..

Shekhar said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just can't stop smiling......

Deeps said...

Hearty Congrats Sash :)). I read your this post and your last post only today, so am replying now. As somebody said earlier, glad that you found your "Sameer" :)).

Just one quick question. Does the guy read your blog? And if so still he wants to marry you knowing about your bhai-giri? Then he's worth keeping :-D.

raghu said...

See You On The Dark Side of the Moon.

IndianArchie said...

Congratulations! This was a surprise but should have seen it coming! Hope you wont quit blogging after marriage tho!


Manasi said...

Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

hey sayesha,

congratulations! and yeah, will be waiting for the next post - about the mysterious dulha. dates ka bhi prior intimation dena, gotta shop for the clothes AND the ACCESSORIES!! ha ha!

sach mein , am very happy to hear about yr shaadi.

tons of love and good wishes

Anonymous said...

on yr bharat darshan, will u be passing thru mumbai! paani puri udhaar hai - meri taraf se!

educatedunemployed said...

Ha ha this was one unconventional post.Congratulations are in order I guess, but you don't really seem to care do you? ..:P

Anonymous said...

there comes sari and here comes I
guess who I am...
tell tell
congrats anyway

qsg said...

Mubarak ho! Best of luck to you. Thank God we all know that a groom is mandatory at a wedding. If my general knowledge wasn't this good, I wouldn't have picked up that a guy is involved too! ;)

Keep smiling and looking forward to some info on the lucky guy! :)

Angelsera said...

I had to surpress the urge to go
'Awwwwww' in office :D
I am really excited...for both of you..congrats to you and the poor unmentioned dulha (I havent seen his comments on the post...keeping silent is he ;))
Ok let me try to be really practical in asking you this..(this is after we meet up next week and I can personally give you a hug and congratulate you :D)
after all your wedding madness finishes and you guys are like over with the 'ahem ahem' post wedding stresses..I wan home cooked pav bhaji from you :D

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah I agree with Angel there....count me in...take your time though, Feb or March orso can :P

PS: what's she mean with the 'ahem ahem' post wedding stress? :P

oxymoron said...

surprise info!
when is the party for the blogosphere?
and when is the party for ntu juniors, whom u 'oriented'?

Dreamcatcher said...

Congratulations :D. You sound kinda stressed out with the stress that accompanies a wedding. When my sister got married it was a total circus, I didn't recognise half the guests :(
And I think I have your type of hair. The longer it gets, the more it curls:( it refuses to listen to me and therefore I frequently threaten to cut it all off :(.

R said...

jeejz kahannn, bahin??

kutch toh batao..?
1.kya karta hai?
2.sigapurrrr mein rahoge???
3.kaise mile??
4.sensible types hai ya tohar tarah crackptwa hai?
5.shadi kahannnn??? india?

and most importantly
*prim and propah luk*

6. uska koi younger bhai hai?


Bhavesh said...

congrats! hope it is all that you wanted it to be!

Strider said...

Are poora post-first-meet, post-shaadi-taiy details diye hai!

Flash back jao .. aur thoda peeche,time me!! :D

Aur yeah! Raam Pyari ke sab sawalo ka jawab dena!!


Anonymous said...

oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd
i have been missing sooooooooo much!!!! oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd!!!!!! u gettin married sayesha??!?!?!?! its AWESOME news!!!!
u gonna love it! :D it = being a bride, being married, being with the one you love... oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd
CONGRATS!!!! *hugs u* :D i m very happy for u :) >:D<

Anonymous said...

/* I'm supposed to be excited, nervous and what not. But the truth is - no, I’m not nervous. I’m not excited. But it doesn't worry me.

right. u neednt worry :) more imp than these emotions, u need to feel happy, blissful... thats enuf :)

more hugs from me to you sayesha!!! >:D<

"the girl who ate everything and didnt even burp" said...

mrs. virdi here again!!! and congrats again!! some MORE hugs for you! >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<

Girl next door said...

Wow, congratulations! Weddings are full of details so it must be nice to get help planning it.

P.S. I'm loving your sense of humor! Hair accessories for your 6-month old niece?

Tejal said...

1> firstly, i luv readin ur blog.

2>secondly, i luved readin hopscotch too *thumbs up*

3> thirdly, all ur blog readers r completely mystified by ur las two posts

4>fourthly, v want a detailed description of da 'DULHA'.. coz as u said '35 km of post but no dulha'

5> fifthly, he seems to hav ur sense of humour..n its totally super cool da way u said yes..
so plsssssssssssssssss giv sum details bout da mystery guy whose ready to steal our sayesha bhai :( n make her sayesha bhabhi!!!

n congrats for ur weddin!!!!!!

virdi said...

haan chalo congrats and all that...

whats on the menu???

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog too long now (silently though, :) )

I thot the last post was just a "gotcha post", but it seems you really got everyone. UNBELIEVABLE.

Well, Congrats, if u said yes, you must have been v happy about it.

But seriously, I will re-read the post again , just o make very sure if there are some gotcha loopholes around.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Badhai Ho Sayesha! :)

Manish Kumar said...

Badhai ho Sayesha ! :)

Manish Kumar said...

Badhai ho Sayesha ! :)

Manish Kumar said...

Badhai ho Sayesha :) !

Inder said...

loads of greetings :)

Tarun said...

Bhai (thoda emotions par gaur karen) (trying to wipe "khushi" ke aa-su)
Blows of his nose ...

Bhai tum dulhan ke joode mein wonder ful lagega bhai ...

Anyways getting married always the case of the single most thing in life.

Kudos ...

Bhai, bhaigiri toh baand nahi hogi naa?

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Hey congratulations! Don't try to fight the whole wedding galata, let it just happen :) My wedding was just a blur, but a happy blur :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both of you!

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

How? How toh bola re last post mein? Aur kitna how? :?
ps: India mein hi shaadi hai baba... hum hindustaniiiiiii... hoooooo... hum hindustaniiiiiiiiiii! :D

Arre ab toh anonymous bhi behti ganga mein haath dho rela hai! :/

Dahling, tu mere haathon pitne wali hai... in sab dhakkanon ko dekhkar apun ko desert kar diya? :D

Hey, welcome to the bar! Batli utha peeche baith ja, apun sunata hai ishtory! :P

Hahahaha! Anti-climax, isme bhi? Hahaha! Nahin yaar kabhi toh serious hona mangta na? :)

#Restless Rain,
Don't worry, we'll party when I get back! Meanwhile, there's my hen party to look forward to! ;)

Pls be excited? Hahahaha! Button hai kya jo switch on kar diya? Hahahaha! :D

Sheesh! Even I dunno how to use RSS feed reader! :P

//Don't you get irritated atleast a tad, when random guys like me demand a post on personal details? Just a little curious

Hehehe... good question... no, not if it's from them who have the haq to demand :)

I think I really need to get hold of this Time December 2006! Everyone's talking about it! :O

//Just now reread what I have written above. Looks like I got carried away a bit, so kindly don't take it seriously

Fret not... happens a lot in the bar! ;)

Hahaha! Next post is up yaar! :)

Yeah could be that it hasn't sunk in yet... pata nahin yaar :)

SHEESH! One kaan ke neeche to you for comparing me to sensational actresses! :/

//Er...Am I making any sense?


Post toh apun likhta hi rahega... soch raha hai mandap mein laptop leke jaane ka... idhar pundit mantra padhega udhar apun blog karega! Kya? :D

Offo! Tu aur tera naatak! Next post padh! :D

Gaajar ka halwa khake na mariyo Abhi bhai... mere haath ki pani puri kha lena! :P
Abbe dhakkan, tu itne din kahan gaayab tha? It takes a wedding to drop by and say 'Hello' to me??? :@

//i still cant believe kee you are getting married.

That's ok. Me neither. :P

Thanks! :)

Hahaha! Paki dulha would have been mast na? :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Naah, he is not Sameer. Sameer will always be a dream. This is reality. And I am happy with it. :)

//Does the guy read your blog? And if so still he wants to marry you knowing about your bhai-giri? Then he's worth keeping :-D.

Hahaha! Egg-jactly! ;)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)
Quit blogging??? :O :O :O

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)
Accessories? Et tu? Nylon hairband and Velcro clips khareedogi kya? :D
ps: Yes, my bhaarat darshan will cross Mumbai too... for a day or two :)

Thanks! :)

Whoa you sound like one of those kids who write letters to my magazine, and I spend an hour deciphering what the poor fella's trying to say! :P

Hahah! He doesn't comment much... he's just basking in the adoration of people who seem so curious about him! :P

Pav bhaji party is on! My new place is very nice, you must visit! :)

Pata nahin yaar... apun ko abhi tak koi stress nahin hua re :)

Thanks! :)
Party for people who have been on this blog for years and know me personally but refuse to reveal their identities??? Hmmmph! :/

Thanks! :)

#Raam Pyari,
Tera jeejz next post par hai. :)
1. Kampooter injneer hai.
2. Haan rehna toh yahin hai abhi.
3. University mein miley.
4. Fultu sensible hai. :/
5. Shaadi India mein yes.
6. No younger bro re... dekhte hain uske koi cousins hunky type ke hue toh teri baat chalaaenge! ;)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

#Mrs. Virdi,
Hahahaha! Thanks! :) And hugs to you too! I will see you in India then, along with Mr. Virdi! :)

#Girl next door,
Thanks! :)

Thanks! :) Details about dulha on next post :)

Kyun, menu dekhkar decide karega, dhakkan?! :/

Hahaha! I can tell you've been reading for a while... but this one's no gotcha! :P

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Wah wah, teen baar badhaaiyan?
Thanks! x 3 :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)
Bhai-giri aur band?? Kya bol rahe ho??? Kaam toh pooja hai! :D

Thanks! :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)
ps: Dekh tere liye special wala alag-se thanks! :P

Bivas said...

//Post toh apun likhta hi rahega... soch raha hai mandap mein laptop leke jaane ka... idhar pundit mantra padhega udhar apun blog karega! Kya? :D
wud be fun...on the mandap with a laptop and ipods dangling from ur ear...upar se tera hone waala shauhar a comp engg...shayad wahin pe koi naya code likh daale inspire hoke ;-)
sahi mein yaar...kya geeky jodi hai :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sayesha.

One evening 10 days ago I ended up in the blog when I was searching in Google for the meaning of word "Sayesha".

This is the name given to a new born of one of my friend, and she never gave the meaning till now.

I never got the meaning but ended up in your blog and it has been wonderful reading your postings.

Latest (well a day late) on the wedding announcements, choosing Ipod for Gold .. it is hilarious all the way.

Good luck to your wedding.

A silent observer. Keep on writing, or should I keep on posting..

By the way what does "sayesha" mean?

neo said...

Its not chak de phatte ,its bhen de takke main tera baap hoon :p
umm anyways congrats :)

u0201535 said...

Wear the ipod nano on the day of the ceremony! It has 'cheesy ad' written all over!

Young Master said...

one word for you - rebonding

Unknown said...

Pehle rulate ho phir hasaate ho, yeh acha tareeka hai! :P

I sooooooooo love you Sash, for all your write ups! You know bacha, you really make me live my own emotions! Don't know if you understood what I meant, will explain you personally sometime, with an example.. Something I just did after reading both yours posts!

Wish you all the luck dear..
Congrats once again, very very verrrrrrry happy for you :) *touch wood, touch forest* :P

Take care,

R said...

Dude are you serious! That's rather err.. unexpected! But hey, great news at that - now that it's almost here. When in January eh?

And here's the expected: CONGRATS!!! :)

Bhavya said...

Wow! I'm reading this one month before my wedding and I can totally relate to it all... I'm not the usual sort of bride either. I would totally freak out if there were typos on my wedding card! And I never get why people keep asking if you're "shaping up for your wedding"!