Monday, December 25, 2006

Salaam Namaste... aur alwida...

All right that's it - Sayesha kicks Viv (and his fans) out and regains normal control of her bar!


I'm a woman of my words (well, most of the time anyway). I said it, and I did it. It has not been easy since. To leave a job you love, one that defines most of what you are, is not easy. However, it was the right thing to do. It was the right time to do it. A job is like a relationship - when things get jaded, you need a little time, a little distance. I decided that since I'm going to take a long break from work for the wedding, let it be a clean break - no strings attached.

And I quit.

It led to mixed reactions at work. Some were happy for me. It has been four long years after all, and the average shelf life of an editor in this industry is only a year.

Then there were some who were angry because I quit. People who did not understand my reasons, people who could not find it in themselves to be happy for me and what I had decided.

And finally there were those who almost jumped off the building rooftop for me.

It was one of those dreary days when I was trying to wrap up four years of working here - preparing handover files, generally feeling depressed and what not. I'd also been sad because my usual lunch group had been too busy to have lunch with me the last few days - they were "working through lunch". Even though random people were approaching me and taking me out to lunch, it just isn't the same when your friends don't have time to have lunch with you in your last few days at the office.

So here I was, brooding over things when my colleague (henceforth known as 'The Captain') approached me with a letter in his hands. This is what the letter said:

15 December 2006

Dear Management,

Subject: Letter of mass resignation

Please accept this letter as formal notification that the undersigned Editors are leaving their positions with effect from 22 December 2002.

Sayesha is leaving soon and all of us have completely lost our motivation and drive to continue working here. Sayesha is kind, understanding and appreciative. She has been the light at the end of our tunnels, the lone flower in the field of mud, a diamond among zircons, the reason for us being the super editors we all are, and the one boss to rule all bosses. Without her, we cannot carry on. No amount of salary increments or staff benefits will change our minds. The only way for us to retract this letter is for her to retract hers.

Thank you for the opportunities you have provided us during our time with the company. If we can be off any assistance during this transition, please let us know.

[Signatures of 17 of my colleagues]

There was also a footnote, in really really tiny font, with the words:

If Management is reading this letter, then it is just a joke.
If Sayesha is reading it, then it is for real.

After I'd finished reading the letter, and getting all choked up - both with laughter and with emotion - the Captain asked me to follow him. I did so, and soon I found myself outside the gates of the building. Hot on my heels was another colleague - fondly known as the official paparazzi of our company - mainly because he uses his camera phone more than he uses his keyboard.

So I turned around and asked the Captain and the paparazzi what the hell was going on. The Captain explained that all the editors, unable to accept the fact that I had resigned, had decided to tender their resignations and jump from the building rooftop. In his own words, "Their ghosts will forever roam the grounds of the building, and haunt those who have resigned by stealing their pens and stet-ing their mark-ups in their manuscripts." [Only an editor would get why the mental image of this is so hilarious!]

He motioned me to look towards the rooftop, and I did. There was errr.... no one. So I looked around, confused.

This picture of a clueless me was taken from the rooftop by one of the suicidal editors.

"So where are they?" I asked the Captain. He looked just as clueless as me. Had the editors taken one look at the distance they had to jump and changed their minds? Was this part of an elaborate joke where I was being made to look skyward like a fool?

There was a lady posting a letter at the post-box who was giving me strange looks.
"So are they going to jump or not??" I asked the Captain.

Suddenly the suicidal editors materialised on the rooftop - waving their arms and generally behaving loony. The letter-posting lady looked at me, looked at them, looked at me and quickly scurried off (to call the police, I suspect).

My suicidal editors

The "we're gonna jump" actions they were making were so comical I burst out laughing. The Captain's dramatised "Sayesha, if you don't retract your resignation, they will really jump!" did not help. The "show" lasted a few more minutes, after which I was escorted to the rooftop.

A metallic chair had been strategically placed on the rooftop and I was asked to take a seat. The suicidal editors were standing in a row by the side in costume - the girls in white and the guys in black. After they had reassured me that they were not going to electrocute me, I sat down.

Suddenly familiar music started playing from a CD player placed near the chair. What happened next is something I wouldn't even have imagined in my dreams. The suicidal editors broke into a wonderfully-choreographed dance, to the song 'Salaam Namaste'! In spite of being an editor, I have no words to describe how hilarious it is to be surrounded by a bunch of Singaporeans dancing to Bollywood music. And the best part was - they were singing along, and instead of 'Namaste', they were singing 'Please stay!'

I learnt later that they had been rehearsing the dance for days now, burning the errr... lunchtime oil. No wonder, none of them had been available for lunch all these days! This was their "working through lunch"! I also learnt that all the lunch invitations from random people was also a part of the plan - to take me away from the building during lunch so I don't wander into the company canteen and walk into them rehearsing! Sheesh!

The dance had been choreographed by the talented Belly Dancer. She even emailed me the very hilariously described steps that she'd sent to the others to memorise.

Starting music
Eight counts: Walk in for the first 2 eights. Stylishly.
Eight counts: Do four poses or freestyling.
Guy starts singing
Eight counts: Move from side to side for next eight counts.
Eight counts: Then wriggle left and right for next eight counts.
Some easy retroish steps
Eight counts: Right index points to the air, twice.
Eight counts: V over right and then left eye.
Eight counts: Ali Baba steps. Basically moving your head side to side, with palms facing up.
Girl starts singing
Repeat retro steps and Ali Baba steps.
Filler music
Eight counts: Roll hands right and then left.
Salaam Namaste music
Eight counts x2: Guys go in with shoulder shrug and bangra hands.
Salaam Namaste music
Eight counts x2: Girls go in with shoulder shrug and bangra hands.
Bangra music
Eight counts x4: Bangra moves which I can try to teach you guys later…
Salaam Namaste
Eight counts x2: Macarena step. Hope you remember them…

This was not all. They'd set up my office crush (of course I have an office crush! Everyone has an office crush! You mean you don't?????? Get out of the bar now!!) to give me a bouquet of pink gerberas - my favourite flowers and make a final attempt to make me stay.

Ah well, crush or no crush, I wasn't staying for sure. But I was really really touched at what my colleagues had done. They even got me to pop the cork of a 'champagne' bottle - except that the champagne in this case was fruit juice (we may be a crazy bunch, but drinking during office hours is not something we do. Errr... usually.) Snacks and drinks were followed by a photoshoot. We were lucky because another department in the company was having a photoshoot for one of the new cookbooks, and we used the (free) services of the professional photographer conducting the photoshoot.

There had also been a mix-up because the flowers had been delivered to the reception and since they had my name on them, the receptionist called me to tell me "Sayesha, there is something for you, please pick it up." Before I could make my way out to pick up what I thought was my author's manuscript, one of my editors had made a lunge for my waist, saying it was actually something for her, not me. I was really suspicious but I let her go and pick it up. Now it all made sense!

We took a bunch of random pictures on the rooftop in various weird poses, till we were forced to admit that it was high time we got back to our cubicles on the first floor! Sheesh! But what a day it had been! I'll admit that all this crazy stuff by the adorable crazy people did make me reconsider my resignation for a fraction of a second. However, I gotta do what I gotta do.

In the words of the Captain again, "Alas, despite the valiant efforts of everyone, Sayesha still chooses to leave. Where else in the world can she find a bunch of people who would mass-resign, commit mass suicide and perform a Bollywood number for her? That is a question only she can answer."

Nowhere, guys, nowhere. :')


Anonymous said...

me firsttttttt!

jst awesome yaar!! mst say that ur one lucky gal..really blessed to have such ppl arnd u :)..and also u mst b really ppl feel so much for u!!

Best of luck gal..and hope u spread happiness everywhere u go :))

Anonymous said...

hi again,

humne yahaan baithke, aapke farewell party ke maze liye!

are u guys planning to settle down in india?

either way, maze karo, enjoy karo. happy days are here to stay! ( a la thums up ad )

Anonymous said...

Bronze!!! that too after getting kicked out of the bar and stumbling back. :P.

35 km long posts are back! woh to the point waala Mr. Sash kidhar gaya be?

:-) hehehe very touching, your farewell. must've been hard to leave after all that ? Best of luck girl, I'm sure it'll do you loads of good. :)

Deeps said...

That must have been really touching :-\. It must have been really good to know that people would go to such extents for you. Maybe, you should reconsider your decision after all ;-).

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWW.. So sweet. Since I have recently said goodbye to the few people who kept my sanity in check, I fell for the fellow office people :)
But a girl's gotta to do what she has to..
Happy Holidays, Bhai!

Bivas said...

Well well...this sure is another one out of the sure r turning new leaves in ur zindagi ki kitaab ;-)
it is quite strange as well...u know y? coz a very close friend of mine is also quitting his job to move on after working 4 yrs in his organization...n the way he did it was the best part...he is on vacation...n from home he couriers his resignation to his office :D
neway...ATB again :-)

Anonymous said...

uhh! a lot is happening in your life. best of luck for whatever you do.

Iday said...

Heck - that was awesome. To have 17 people try stop u from leaving is really something u shud be very proud of girl.
But knowing you - i think this is very very justified. They sure will miss you - inside and outside work :)

But then - you are a flowing river and can(should) never stagnate.
You gotta move on when you gotta move on...

Anonymous said...

I jumped on the blog after ages and was highly albeit pleasantly surprised. Congratulations! On the marriage, not the suicide attempts. Well, that too.

TMaYaD said...

Its chooo chweeeeet...
...that it hurts 'ouch'!!
*wipes a tear*

anoop said...

you must really be something at ur workplace to get such a send-off!
btw, came across ur blog thru basanti's.

Anonymous said...

:( i dont have girls in office to have a crush on.
Nice to have friends like yours though. Looks like you are really going for a complete makeover.
As long as you keep blogging though no complaints from here :D

Anonymous said...

well, like they say one man's loss is another man's gain...hehehehe, in this case all us bewdaas get to enjoy...the bar is now open 24/7 :)))


PizzaDude said...

Wow!! That was one heck of a send-off!!! They must miss you a lot!!
But I do agree very much with your "I decided that since I'm going to take a long break from work for the wedding, let it be a clean break - no strings attached."

Bivas said...

kya dance steps the...could not make head or tail of it...guess a demo wud be rqd. to understand :D

Anonymous said...

mind blowing


PS: finished studies and started work. got busy. :(

Anonymous said...

rotfl!! mannnn, some colleagues you have!! I hope all the dancing was filmed :D Wanna see it!

Unknown said...

Awesome one Sash! How sweet of your colleagues to do all that. I actually tried to visualize the whole thing but in vain, I realised its something best felt only when experienced :)

You were really tough Sash to be able to keep upto your decision after all that, me in your place would probably have given in!!!

But, its for good, needed at this time. All the very best to you dear.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

awesome!...I wont say you re lucky...coz I guess you deserved it...."The love you give comes back to you" :)

Di said...

man!! even i was so very touched...ur lucky to have known such adorable people and they sure must have considered themselves lucky to know u for them to have done all this for u.. :) heres to wonderful friends...*clink*..

Strider said...

So sweet!
(and i use tht very rarely indeed)

May Bhai find such friends whereever she goes!

I cant imagine how difficult it was for u to leave such good friends!

Tejal said...

Er..considerin i've been already kicked i allowed to comment?
nevertheless..i will :P
hhehehe... wow.. singaporeans dancin on salaam namaste!!! dat must hav been quite a sight.. awww
u've got awesome collegues ya..
but u kno..its bcoz U hav been such an awesome editor to them.. :)
Long Live Sayesha Bhai!!!

Apy said...

Congrats Dudette.. came here after a long time.. read all the missed out stuff.. Apy baba ki good wishes are with ya ... god bless both of ya...

Anusha said...

Man, that's awesome, what your colleagues did for you. Very, very sweet. Speaks volumes about how much they care about you, huh? :)

The Smiling Girl said...

That was absolutely sweet of those folks yaar.. too sweet.. :)
Things like that dont happen with us here in IT.. :)

chanakya said...

does anyone have a video of the dance ???
you tube it plzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sneha Acharya said...

Tht was cute :-)))))

Sayesha said...

Thanks dear. Yes, I'm indeed blessed :)

Nahin yaar, we're coming back to Singapore in March. :)

Abbe bewdi, tu ladkhadate hue waapas bhi aa gayi? Mr. Sash bada ladla ho gaya tera? What happened to the good old days when I used to be your laadli? Hmmph! :/

//must've been hard to leave after all that ?

Sigh... you have no idea :)

Nahin yaar... I have made up my mind... I may consider joining back (if these guys are still there when I get back to Singapore) but as of now, ze decision is final. :)

Thanks! To you too! :)

Leaves? Boley toh yahan akkha ped hi badal dala! :D
ps: Mast resignation dala tere friend ne! ;)

Thanks! :)

Yeah I'm very proud to be a part of their lives and that company :)

Whoa that was one long break! Welcome back! :)

Arre Gaalib row mat...
Arre Gaalib row mat...
Yeh motorboat hai! :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Basanti ke yahan se aao, ispesal treatment milega! ;)

You don't have any chicks in your office??? What are you waiting for?? QUIT AT ONCE! :D
ps: I shall blog as long as I have a computer and an internet connection. :P

Hahahah! :)

I dunno if they miss me now or not, but I sure miss them like hell! :'(
ps: You contemplating a resignation too, eh? :)

My thoughts exactly. I was laughing like mad when I first read the steps... kuchh samajh mein nahin aa raha tha... I dunno how they synched the steps man! :P

Hi, you're not a regular at the bar anymore man.. so busy? :(

Wohi toh problem hai... the camcorder battery ran out... so the Captain could not shoot the video of that cosmic event!! :'(

Thanks babe! :)

//You were really tough Sash to be able to keep upto your decision after all that, me in your place would probably have given in!!!

Almost did re... almost... :|

Thanks :) But I'd say I'm damn lucky to have them :)

*dheere se clink back*
ps: Bar ke glasses mat todna! :D

Hahah! Yeah, guys rarely use words such as 'sweet' and 'cute' eh? :) Thanks for your wishes! :)

Sheesh you're back? One big kick to you again! :D

Thanks for your wishes! :)

ps: Achha I'll be dropping by your city too, during my Bhaarat bhraman! :)

Hey Apy baba welcome back! Kahan rehte ho yaar? :)
Thanks for your wishes! :)

Yeah man... I was reeling for a day or two... couldn't believe what I'd witnessed! Mass resignation, suicide attempt and Salaam Namaste on the rooftop!!!!! :O

#Smiling Girl,
Tu shuru kar na wahan par! Just takes one person to start a revolution! :)

I'd have LOVED to youtube it, but the Captain ran outta battery when he was camcording :'(

Yeah! :)

Unknown said...

Sorry Sash! :)

Iday said...

Now that ur not goin to work, can we expect more posts???
Or r u too busy with marriage preps?

BTW - When r u coming to India???

Anonymous said...

By the way, there are a couple of people, waiting to see you here in Mumbai :) welcome home :)

Anonymous said...

I need the address of your office desperately and I dont care if there arent any vacancies!! :D


ps: Even my beshhttt friend is leaving the company in Feb :'(

Anonymous said...

Now that was a stunner.

Although u kept saying that you wanted to quit some day never pictured you actually doing that. Hope u find something else which would make u as happy as you were with ur old job.

Heres to Sayesha's new beginning. Both personally and professionalyy.

Anonymous said...

Best. Booting. Ever! Darn, with the dead camcorder!!! Ask them to film it for posterity la!

Black Tulip said...

awww... :)

R said...

That's incredible. I know how it feels to be treated like this! Sheesh..I wanna get back :|
I'm glad you stuck to your decision though! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Not immediately, but I guess I will have to sometime if I have to move on in life :)

Tejal said...

WHOA!!! sash in my city??? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt!!!!!
temme v u come ok? anxious to meet ya...

dharmu said...

hey, you leaving????

what about me??? i planned my whole singaporre trip coz of you... *hmpf***


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Lol @ the dance steps. too funnaaayyy!! :)

arre mr. sash kidhar gaya? we're missing him here. :P

Sayesha said...

Sorry kaiku babe? :)

I'm neck-deep in freelance work yaar... will try :)
ps: Am going to India on 5th Jan.

Hi, I figured you had to be someone from the family. Thanks for the e-welcome, I'll see you in Bombay! :)

My office? There's always a vacancy there! Hahahaah! :D

Thanks for your wishes! :)

Yeah man! That's what I told them - to do it again just for the camera, but they won't! :(
ps: Maybe I'll get them drunk at the new year's party and get them to dance again! :D

#Black Tulip,

Thanks! They just rock, don't they? :)

Okie dokie :)

I'll just be touching BBSR yaar, unless we drive there to party on one of the days :)

When are you coming here??? Not when I was in India, pleeeease? Aarti was here when I was in Pakistan and now you'll be here when I'm in India???


Meri shaadi rukwa rahi hai?? :/

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahahah! Yeah I know what you mean! :D

//arre mr. sash kidhar gaya? we're missing him here. :P

Please contact him alag se - I have temporarily kicked him outta the bar... uski wajah se sharaafat levels badh gaye they... :D

Unknown said...

ROFL Sash @ your reply to Lajjo! "Sharaafat levles badh gaye the" hehehe :P

Apology, you know for what! :P

Take care,

Sayesha said...

//Apology, you know for what! :P

Don't worry about that, babe! Hota hai hota hai! :)

Anonymous said...

Am back and soooooooooooo jealous you quit!:p And the prospect of going to work tomorrow does not help:( But glad its all working out well for you then:)