Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yara silly silly

My playlist usually consists of either very new or very old songs. Feeling kinda sick of them, I decided to play songs that were very popular during my teenage years. And suddenly memories came rushing back. Memories of the silliest movies with the silliest scenes and costumes and dances and songs that I had lapped up years ago when I was growing up in India, but which seem so incredibly ridiculous now that I decided I had to write a poem on them.

Silly movies with silly scenes
Silly heroes and heroines, silly costumes
Silly laughter, silly tears
Oh, how I miss my teenage years...

When there was no Abhay or Bobby
And Sunny was the only Deol
When he danced to 'Yara o yara'
The whole nation went 'LOL!'

When Ventakesh played a village boy
Tried to speak hindi and hoped for a fan
Anil Kapoor said, "Nice try, dude!"
But I'm the original muchhad man!"

Then Jackie Shroff went "Hey, what about me?!"
And put on a silk red shirt with bandhni print
When Urmila wore a slip (and just that)
And at the beach, she did a sprint

When Raveena wore long skirts
And her hair was big and frumpy
When Nana always played the husband
Screaming and bashing and grumpy

When Kajol refused to put on make-up
Dress well, or thread her unibrow
When Mamta churned out hit after hit
Everyone wondered, "How??"

When Shah Rukh wore a pink blazer
He somehow managed to pull it off
When Govinda tried that (with yellow pants)
We all went "Cough! *choke* Cough!"

When Sallu worked out in his room
In the hope of turning brawny
Bhagyashree peeled peas and cooked for him
Yet he stayed thin and scrawny

And when she wore hawaii chappals
Bata saw a sudden spike in sales
She cooked with her long hair all loose
And yet was the desire of all males

When Rekha, Sridevi and Jaya Prada
Wore clothes that made 'em look like aunts
Jeetendra did a little jig on the grass
In white shoes and white pants

When treating congenital blindness
Was really so simple
You didn't have to go to the hospital
Just DIY at the temple!

When 'caterpillar' Karishma wore jail clothes
And this dude called Harish did too
They looked so much like each other
You wondered who was who!

When mothers only knew how to cook
The stipulated three main dishes
Gajar ka halwa, alu ka paratha, chaawal ki kheer
Against the heart doc's wishes

Sisters were often blind or widowed
But they had the same culinary skills
And the poor fathers toiled
In the cruel bosses' cotton mills

When Meenakshi, the brave bahu
Hired a lawyer with a good physique
To scream in the courtroom on her behalf
"Taareekh pe taareekh pe taareekh!"

When Rahul Roy flicked his fringe
And all the girls went "Sigh!"
When they saw the plain Anu with him
They gnashed their teeth and went "Why???"

Kajol and Juhi turned up in silk shorts
And horrified people into sleepless nights
And Tabu ran after Ajay's bike
Wearing ridiculous red tights

When Ayesha wore frilly frocks
With huge pink bows in her hair
And dupattas were always released from a cliff
To go flying through the air

They flew to Switzerland to sing songs
In snowy weather that was freezing
The guy got to wear sweaters and overcoats
In a sleeveless chiffon sari, the poor girl would be sneezing

If the guy and the girl hated each other
They were bound to fall in love
And flowers (and sometimes apples!)
Magically fell from above!

Silly movies with silly scenes
Silly heroes and heroines, silly costumes
Silly laughter, silly tears
Oh, how I miss my teenage years...


Aysha said...

Very true.. they really look so silly.. :-D

Bivas said...

ROTFLOL...simply hilarious :D
but come to think of it...movies nowadays r methodically silly ;-) and every director/producer has a justification for it.
Of course barring the few great one's like Munnabhai

Unknown said...

Now lemme go & read :P

Take care,

Unknown said...

ROFL Sash!!

What a purrrfect start to the day. Was trying but verrry difficult to decide which is the funniest. I guess I'd pick Karishma & Harish wala para!!! But, on the whole, it was awesome!!!

Chalo, stupid silly stars bhi ab humse aage hain! Unpar bhi likh daali :(

Take care,

Anonymous said...

mithun daa kaa naam liya hee nahin?! :0


Dev said...

OMG, I cant believe it, now that you actually look back, I wonder how they managed to pull all that off.

Amazing poetry bhai... next post mein thoda limericks bhi dal dena ;)

(Top ten, btw, yippeeeeeee!)

Nirwa Mehta said...


When Karishma wore jail clothes
And this dude called Harish did too
They looked so much like each other
You wondered who was who!

ROFL! And Karisma's caterpillar eyebrows! :P :P :P That was Pre Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar era! :P :P Actresses with frilled frocks! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your poem takes the cake, the baker, the bakery, the baker's daughter and her mom. Great attempt. I am adding your blog to my favourites - Dilip

Mohan Kodali said...


omg! that was reallllly LOL!

Anonymous said...

I miss them years too:(

Iday said...

Too good :)

Yeah - i miss those years too!!!

Mysorean said...

"When 'caterpillar' Karishma wore jail clothes
And this dude called Harish did too
They looked so much like each other
You wondered who was who!"

What can I do if Nirwa also thought of the same place to laugh out!

I miss those days too. But I must add this, though I know I would be getting unnecessarily serious, 2006 has been the best year for Hindi cinema. RDB, Omkara, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Dor and Khosla ka Ghosla.

And further, this must be the golden era. From Lagaan in 2001 to Black (2004?) to all these movies in 2006, it's been just wonderful!

Boogerworm said...

Oh.. u r so right... those were some movies... I still love watching them (and thats a secret)... a really really really good poem.

Princessse said...

aww! this was toooooooooo gooooooodd sash!! :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Acha pottery.. oops... Poetry tha Sash.. How I miss those days too... Woh saare gaane, woh saare idiotic movies and those mooshy heros.. :D

Anonymous said...

And I use to bunk college to watch all that.... :) Too much.. :):)

Good one.. :)

Anonymous said...

haha good stuff! ah what simple times those were .. u could get away with so much..

Anonymous said...

ever heard 'yesterday once more' by The carpenters?..yaad aya while reading it.

Shekhar said...

//And dupattas were always released from a cliff
To go flying through the air

Remember the title track of 'Kareeb' ??

Awesome post Sayesha ji. :) Brilliant poem.

Anonymous said...

Gosh.. I do(n't) miss those years.
But it was such a well written humrous post. Kudos, girl - You did it again :)

Anonymous said...

when maa's made gajar ka halwa,
as iff they didnt know that u could make halwa out of sooji, doodhi ya phir apna mangalore se gehun ya kela.

when they thanked bhagwaan jee with laakh laakh shukar. why ?, couldnt it be hazaar hazaar ya even ek crore.

whn somebody loses yaad daash with a bang on the head and regains it with another knock- same place some other time.

Jiyo bolly wood jiyo. sayesha mazaa aaya yeh post padhkar. lage raho sayeshabhai!

Sayesha said...


Hehehe... yeah I agree! But Munnabhai has shown 'em all how good movies are made! :)

//Chalo, stupid silly stars bhi ab humse aage hain! Unpar bhi likh daali :(

I KNEW you'd say that! Hehehehe! :P Do something really silly, and I'll write about you too! ;)

Ah! Mithunda! How could I forget?? Will add in if something comes to mind :)

Thanks! :P

Oh yeah! The caterpillars! Added that in, thanks for the reminder babe! ;)

Thanks :)

Phew, you said something more than lolz! :D

Sigh :)

Thanks! :P
You watched a lot of 'em hindi movies too? :)

I agree! I think even if Munnabhai was the only 2006 release, it would still make 2006 very very very significant for Bollywood. As you can see, I still can't get over how brilliant the movie is! :)

Hehehe... I still watch them too! Last week I watched Ishq and that's when I saw Juhi and Kajol in silk shorts! ROFL! :D

Long time! :) Thanks! :)

#Smiling Girl,
Hahahaha! When you get here na, let's have an idiotic movies marathon! :P

Hahahahaha! :D

Thanks! :)

Nope, I haven't heard it. Will try and find it :)

Ah! Kareeb... whatta long dupatta man... like Draupadi's sari or something! :P Lekin songs were amazing! I still listen to the soundtrack a lot! :)

Thanks! :P

Hahahahaha! Thanks for reminding me about the gajar ka halwa, Asha! I just added in more verses to the poem! :P

dharmu said...

bhai, aapko is female ne, email se, appke gmail pe, mail kiya.

this one was too good! simply super i say.

Iday said...

//You watched a lot of 'em hindi movies too?
Yeah. Thanks to Doordarshan :D

Ritu Raj said...

Great rythm with great statisticaly orchestrated theme.I too write poems but this was realy cool and fun to read. Visit my blog

Do leace you precious comments

Tarun said...

Get it into Print ... ASAP ...
If u wish (& find time 2) write one on todays movies then it will have to be about copying and pirating along with item numbers and steamy videos ...
Also ever wondered writing on K series and Ekkktaa KkkAppoor?

rt said...

thats reall cooollll...
I do miss my teenage years but not for the same reasons ;)

Anonymous said...


The Smiling Girl said...

Sure yaar.. lekin abhi to tu S'pore aane ke baare mein baat hi mat kar.. chuttiyaan nahi hain.. :(

Anonymous said...

Poems and Poets!!
I could never associate with those but this one somehow made sense.


Di said...

he he he he he...but really brought back a looot of memories..

PizzaDude said...

Hilarious!!! I too found the karishma and harish wala para really hilarious!!

ferret said...

Talking of silly movies, this one is hilariously silly. I m pretty sure nobody including the director would hav watched this one.

I would love to read nirwa's review abt this one :D

Lalit Singh said...

Too good!!!
mazaa aa gaya
sare scene aankhon ke saamne daud gaye

Inder said...

// And Sunny was the only Deol
sunny is still that only deol. bobby who???

jeetu the jumping jack. nobody jumps like jeetu.

// And dupattas were always released from a cliff
and they invariably found the hero :P

shub said...

hilarious visual trip down the memory lane :D

Anonymous said...

You missed Mithun da girl :).. Awesome work again from the one and only.. u :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice

Unknown said...

Silly?? Ab kya karooon?? Full white safari pehenkar Krishan Kumar jaise dance karun?? :P

Wait till I meet you Sash.. I'll show you the silliest side of me :P

Take care,

PS: Don't ask for the update dear coz even I don't know yet! 'Patience' wants me to stay patient only :P Will mail you as soon as am sure of something :) Take care,
R "Trying to be silly" T

Basanti said...

LOL! Good one, Sayesha! :D

The Inquisitive Akka said...

That was funny!!No lines on Aamir and Sanju?? :)

Aslam said...

LOL. I'm pleased that you did not attempt to lampoon the greatest, that is AB. Agar kiya hota na, to accha nahin hota ;)

Anonymous said...


Reading your blog is the one thing i look forward to. You have been blogging here for a long time now but i have been following your blog for like only past two three months or so....
So, i was wondering do you have any favourites among your blogs???
Was there a blog which made you feel really good after you had finished writing, like we all readers do after reading it?? :)
I know its all questions and no comments...but i thought i would give it a shot...


Have Fun! :)


Sayesha said...

Bhai ne female ka mail gmail mein dekha aur female ko gmail se mail bhi bheja! :D

Hahahaha! Yeah I grew up on a staple diet of DD too :P

#Ritu Raj,
Thanks :)

Hahaha! Yeah, some day I will watch some Ekkkktaa Kkkkkapoooor serial just to write a post! :D



#Smiling Girl,
Ok ok get a vacation soon! :)

Thanks :)


Hahaha! Thanks! :)

Hahahahahaha! :D
Nirwa, are you reading this? ;)

Thanks! :P

OYE! Bobby oye apna Bobby! Tusi Bobby ko nai jaante??? Nikal baahar is blog se! :D

//and they invariably found the hero :P

Oh man! YEAH! :D


Mithunda! Oh yeah! Hahahaha! He was one hilarious dude! :D

Thanks :)

Krishan Kumar! How could I forget him??? Achha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka! :D
ps: Won't ask about update! :P

Thanks :)

#Inquisitive Akka,
Hehehehe... couldn't think of anything ridiculous Aamir did. And after Munnabhai, Sanju baba is GOD, can't insult him! :)

Aslambhai... aapke saamne AB ka insult? Sash ko jaan pyaari nahin hai kya? ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's always a pleasure when regulars post comments :)

As for my favourites, each blog-anniversary, I compile a list of my fav posts. This post has links to the 2005 ones :)

Strider said...

Somehow reminded me of DD metro and saturday eve movies..

GuNs said...

My GOD !!

You have got some serious talent. I mean writing such a long piece of poetry that makes sense and is funny too.

Wow...I bow my head to thee in respect. Bless thy humble admirer, whom the world hath yet known as GuNs', the humble one.


Rosh said...

Awesome read yaar...
I was away from the bar for some time now... but I am back now...
And I demand MORE!!


Pssst> I just love watching the so called horrible Hindi Movies...
Belie me, If you have company, thats the best time pass....
I went to a Movie called "Shikari"( Govinda Multi Colored Clothes Bhai played a villian in this), with friends and that was the best movie experience ever ;-)

Banvri said...

nice poetry :D

enjoyed :D

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Aashun said...

My little brother did not know what LOL or ROFLOL means...
Now he does...

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Chuck said...

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