Thursday, September 21, 2006

Going coup-coup

Some things get jinxed even if you don't blog about them. :|

Argh. There goes my weekend plan. Just when I needed that stress-busting vacation with my gal pals.


Some day, Greg Uttsada Panichkul, some day... I will visit your beautiful country.

Till then, stay hot! ;)


Sudeep said...


Sudeep said...

yeh kaun hai.. pavitra pyaar wali aatma? :D
kaunsi country? u were planning to go to another country for the weekend? Thailand toh nahi na.. mat jaa abhi

Sayesha said...


Hmmm... that was a bold move! ;)
ps: Ok that was a bad one :P

//yeh kaun hai.. pavitra pyaar wali aatma? :D

Haan toh!

//u were planning to go to another country for the weekend?

Haan toh!!

//Thailand toh nahi na..

Haan toh!!!!!! :'(

Anonymous said...

aaah!! what are we supposed to do??

"OO My GAWD!! he is hot!". is that what you want to here from us? haan??

sorry girl. no man can replace SRK in our(??) life.

Princessse said...

toh yahaan toh aa saktein hain na aap bhai? apun hai na.. tension nahin leyne ka hai bhai!

Haan, lekin yeh chicknaa yahaan nahin mileyga... uthaakar laanaa padeyga.. .. tu bol na bhai ..tere ko mangta kya? apun hai na ;)

The Ghost said...

Whoa, woman!! control!!! :D

Sayesha said...

//"OO My GAWD!! he is hot!". is that what you want to here from us? haan??

Naah. I don't need that. Tu na bole toh bhi sach ko jhuthla nahin sakta muahahahaha! :D

Arre aapka desh toh dekh liya... Utt jaisa koi nahin mila... :)

//uthaakar laanaa padeyga.. .. tu bol na bhai ..tere ko mangta kya? apun hai na ;)

Haan please 'utt'haakar le aao na :D

Control??? You're asking me to have control?? Have you taken a good look at the dude???? :D

Inder said...

and i was wondering what the coup was all for... :P :P :P

greg... greg chappell nahin???
uttsada... udita nahin???
panichkul... panipuri nahin???

The Smiling Girl said...

Me no understand re.. thoda khul kar bolegi .. :)
Ok... abhi padha maine upar ke comments... u planned to go to Thai to get a Thai massage from this dude, is it?? ;)
Tikh thakh hain ladka.. chalega.. :D

rads said...

he is cute. very cute :)
now I have to go google him.

R said...

yeh kaun dude hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yehhh mera haiiiiiiii!!!!

p.s. can I call u di?

V said...

Tut Tut Tut...

Sneha said...

*drool* yea, plans are weird- they get jinxed if u talk about them, blog about them, think about them, write about them. sheesh.

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

Sayesha Kaur,ok we love reading your blog, but don't post something just for the heck of it!

Shouts of Nothingness said...

who is this cutie? :-)

qsg said...

I would make a weekend trip for him! :P

Even if it's Thailand! ;)

Iday said...

It is proven now.
Countries where u plan to visit are getting into SERIOUS trouble.
What's happening?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Well you are always more than welcome in Malaysia! Come come!:) But don't think you will find a VJ Utt lookalike here! Gee, couldnt see who everybody was raving abt! Drats I never see photos loading at work, but thank god for Google:D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeh item kaun hai be? chalega types....

no fights over this one..but sorry you had planned the trip now! better luck next time.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yeh chikna kaun hai? Bhai aap dadagiri chhodne ki to nahi soch rahe hain? :D

Unknown said...

VJ Utt is the hotness..nice pic!

Btw some people I know are going to the Kingdom regardless of the coup..

Anonymous said...

" just inspired my next blog post!"

So this is what i inspired??? :|

Very disappointed,

The Inquisitive Akka said...

He does look kinda cute :) But since I am respectable married woman and all I shall NOT ogle :)

Anonymous said...

"Launda" to theek thaak hai but Thailand???!!!

Why go Thai,
Just to 'bust' stress...
and say it bye?

Nirwa Mehta said...

Aah, and when you do, don't forget to get a few dozen elephants for me! :D :D :D


chanakya said...

just came back from phuket on Tuesday. Not a bad place to vacation at all. Though didn't spend much time in the beach :D

Shekhar said...

Yeh sab kya ho raha hai wahaan Singapore mein...Aunty-Uncle ko phone lagau kya ?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Is he a Thai actor?

He looks gay according to my naked eyes... ooopss sorry, girl! *giggles*

Have a great weekend!

surreal reality said...

Wonder how much he paid for that nose..

Sayesha said...

No Greg chappal and all! :D

#Smiling Girl,
Thai massage from him?? Eeeeesh! :O

Hahahaha! Toldya! ;)

#Raam Pyari,
OYE! Yeh bhi tera??? I thought tera mere flatmate ke saath taaka bhida hai?? Tu mere Utt par se nazar hata le yaar... yeh sirf mera pavitra pyaar hai! :D

//p.s. can I call u di?

Call me whatever you want, baby. Tere liye sab qurbaan. :) NO, Utt is not a part of the qurbani package! :D

Utt Utt Utt... :P

Only you seem to understand my plight re... :)

Hmmm... the last time I checked, this blog belonged to me... hmmm...

This is MTV VJ Utt from Thailand, and he's GORGEOUS! :D

Hehehehe... sab sistahs are getting attracted and flying here :D

It's not the countries, it's THIS WEEKEND! I was supposed to leave for Pakistan tomorrow. Not gonna happen. Then I was supposed to leave for Thailand tomorrow. Not gonna happen. :|

I've seen the best of Malaysia already... my eyes are on Thailand now :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Tujhe nahin chahiye? PHEW! :D Now the fight's just between QSG, Jane and me :D

Hahahaha! Bhai dada-giri nahin chhod sakta... yeh sab toh pulis ki aankhon mein dhool jhokne ka masterplan hai... :D

Hey, long time no see! :)

//Btw some people I know are going to the Kingdom regardless of the coup..

There's four of us... even if one is unsure, we can't really go yaar...

Uffff! Drama queen, meri maa... tera kya hoga Kaaliya? :D

I started writing that post lekin realised it's gonna need some work... so saved it as a draft :)

I'll tell you what my married friend said once "Of course I check out guys. I'm married, not dead!" Hahahaha! :D

Sheesh... :)

Arre India mein haathiyon ki kami hai kya?? :/

Yeah, Phuket's on my list too! You should go to Tioman/Perhentian/Redang. They're the bestest! :)

Kyun re? Dhamki deta hai?? Dhamki deta hai??? Ja bol Uncle-Aunty ko! Woh bolenge "Arre isse achha ladka toh laalten lekar bhi nahin dhoond paate hum!" :D :D :D

He's an MTV VJ, but he does act in tv shows :)

You have a great weekend too! :)

Sayesha said...

#Surreal Reality,
Awwww come on! Don't be such a chick! ;)
Some people are just naturally gorgeous, face it! :D

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. i liked the joke

new pic.. hmmm.. accha dikhta hain yeh.. kal wali pic se toh definitely better

thailand plan chaupat.. arre re.. chal next weekend chali jaana shaant hone ke baad

Iday said...

//It's not the countries, it's THIS WEEKEND!
I was never blaming the countries.
I was blaming the tourist :P

Shouts of Nothingness said...

I did fultu google search yday and landed on UTTSADA.COM. :D

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your gal pals and whatever it is that you intend to do.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Wrong identity.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Haan yaar, kalwali pic se achhi pic mil gayi toh badal dala :D

//thailand plan chaupat.. arre re.. chal next weekend chali jaana shaant hone ke baad

Yeh toh gal pals par depend karta hai ki kaun free hai... I hope we get to go soon :)

Hmmmph! :/


Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Bhai , kidhar hai naya post. apun yeh chirkut ka chehra dekh ke na pakk gaya hai

Sayesha said...

Arre apun idhar hi hai re... and how can you possibly get tired of looking at chirkut... errr... I mean Utt?? :D

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