Friday, September 08, 2006

Face off

So I was going through the fresh stack of resumes that had landed on my desk today when I came across a familiar name. It was a girl who had done her internship in my company. I had worked with her too and had a good impression of her. Always eager to hire people who are familiar with the workflow and procedures in my company, I picked up her resume to find out what she'd been upto after her internship.

The resume stated that last year she had worked as the Chief Editor of the very popular XYZ magazine.

Wow. I was impressed. Very impressed.

Mainly because the Chief Editor of XYZ magazine in the last two years happens to be me. :|


Anonymous said...

Give her a break yaar....she proabably meant 'cheap editor'. Interns are paid sooo poorly sometimes......although I'm not sure if editors are allowed to make typos on their resume :O


Anonymous said...

holy shit !!!!

Anonymous said...

haha...thats really whats FACE OFF.
so what rold wud u rather like to play......nicholas cage or john travolta???

just shifted over to blogger beta.....n ai m not able to comment on non beta i am "anonymous"

Me said...

And why did she send it to you? Just doesn't seem a bright bulb!People just want tot ake your identity away first namkeen and now this khattai!!!

The Ghost said...

hahahaha.... ROTFLMAO

dimaag ki batti ekdum gul hai uski...

or did u pick ur own resume by mishtake? ... :P

Deeps said...

God!! She has some nerve!! Lying in resumes is common, but this is blatant!!

A similar incident happened here in my hubby's company (Say named "A"). One of the Indian companies (Say "B") who were providing some services to "A", sent a resume of one guy saying that this guy will be handling the project. Shockingly the guy was still the employee of "A" and was still being recruited to "B". And guess who got the "sent" resume? The guy's current Manager in "A"!!!

This actually resulted in a huge legal issue and "A" actually terminated all contracts with "B"!!

Hope the whole thing made some sense :-p.

Anonymous said...

maaf kardo sayesha bhai, bachchi hai.

(lying on resume should be made legal.) :|

Anonymous said...

it was me by the way!

(thanks for the small post tho, as i have my exams starting frm tomorrow)

dharmu said...

god, and she actually told it to you ???

i cant belive it, just cant belive it. being in HR i did get some really "juicy" resumes but this one beats them head down.

poor soul, feknaa bhi nahi aata, not at all a professional phefofyer.

Koi Pahailee said...

double check
must be your CV....

Inder said...

looking at our old things is always fun - be it photo, diary, notes, resume,... :D

R said...
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Pi said...

call her on it. give her a call and tell her what she has done.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

When I read this the first time this is what I assumed -
This girl lied on her resume that she worked as the Chief Editor for XYZ.

And then it struck me that it was your resume :-P

rads said...

lol. Resumes are such fun! Ive learnt that while running resumes, you need to take not a pinch, but a whole teaspoon of it!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! :D

//Interns are paid sooo poorly sometimes......

Interns are paid poorly and so are editors... :)

Exactly! :@

//so what rold wud u rather like to play......nicholas cage or john travolta???

Sheesh, I watched it so long ago I can't even remember who the 'good guy' was! :P

ps: You are not anonymous!

I have a feeling she did not know that I would be looking at the resumes. Or maybe she applied to like a million companies with her lie, and forgot that this company was one of them? :O

Sheesh, why would I send my own resume to myself? Mere dimaag ki batti gul hai kya?? :D

GOSH! The things that happen in the corporate world... :D

Tujhe toh saari abla naaris par taras hi aata hai! :/

//(thanks for the small post tho, as i have my exams starting frm tomorrow)


I don't think she realised she had sent that resume to my company without editing, and she probably had no clue that I would be looking at the resume.

#Koi Pahailee,
Sheesh! Why's everyone saying that?? :O

Another one! Sheesh! Inder, yaar it was not MY resume! Tu pitega mere haathon se!! :/

#Raam Pyari,
Apun padh liya tera comment bahin, mere email mein! :D

#American Pi,
Really? Should I? Viv also suggested the same thing.

Sheesh! Et tu? :'(
Babe, your first assumption was correct! :|

Hear hear! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I think you should definitely tell her off! She shouldn't get away with such a crime.

Anonymous said...

Aah the things people get away with on their resume. few end up in hands which actually catch them red handed, so a lot of ppl manage to lie and get away with it. a pity.

Mohan Kodali said...


Siddhu said...

I'm baaaaaaack!! :P Bet you didn't notice :'(

Iday said...

I guess u shud call the female and warn her. If u can drop this incident apart and STILL think the female is technically qualified, u shud hire her me thinks.

People get desperate at times and do things which they really wudnt do under normal circumstances...

shekhar said...

Arre bhai, wait kis cheez ka kar rahi ho ?? Ja jaake lagaa de do kaan ke neeche....

Err...sorry..just remembered your previous post...!!

In view of the Gandhian principles that one must follow (ahem), call her up and tell her "Listen beta, mere company mein to naukri milne se raha tujhe...ab sach ka sahara lo aur apni galati sudharo."

aditi said...

just watched lage raho... ::):):):):) keeping in mind the gandhian principal, i think u shld call her.. and tell her what she has done.. atleast she'l never repeat the mistake again...and after all this..if u still think shes smart and capable, hire her... :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm..... dont go harsh on her. Talk to her woman-to-woman and explain to her what she has done and if she gers nervous and apologizes, then tell her to resubmit her resume to u and you will give her a fair trial. You dont want to lose her (especially if she has worked as an intern before and is well aware of the expectations at your firm) over this.

Hmm...i cant help not saying this... what if she turns out to be the blog-chorni - NAMKEEN? :O
Then? AIYELA...phir kya hoga?

We got to tune into your special segment of: KYUNKI INTERN BHI KABHI CHIEF EDITOR THI...

-Anjaan Ladka

Anonymous said...

I have to nominate her for the "Stupid" award I give out to my students (generaaly trying to pass off plagiarised material). She is a sure winner.

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

Two points:
- the XYZ magazine is truly a name to reckon with thatz why she thought about bragging about a position with XYZ mag.
- You should do something about ur own PR if someone believes that they can be you without anybody else actually noticing it, then u seriously need to do some thinking!

Anonymous said...

do not pardon.
don't let the idea across that 'it's OK'.
i for one feel that these small things are the reason for such high levels of dishonesty and corruption in my country.
it's ok to bribe a traffic cop.
it's ok if u do it first time.
it's ok because i am poor.
no. it is not. coz if yeah the more priveleged and maybe rich get it easier, well if you deserve it than fight for it and get it. don't say you deserve it because others got it too.
instead you should send her a letter, hey, i really had a good impression of you, but not anymore.
attitude is everything and it's our social responsibility to foster a right one around us.
help those who fought and couldn't make it not the wrong doers who want to lie their way into it.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

was it your namesake?????
:) but yes, seriously, call her out on it. chodneka nai.

BP said...

What the $%*#*%!!?!
WHO had such nerve (& stupidity!)?

Anonymous said...

It's sad that people do such things to get some mileage. I know of a person who turned up for cricket training at uni. like once (and wasn't very good at it) and his resume said he was in the uni. team!

Anonymous said...

wht hapnd neksht???

qsg said...

Wow... are you kidding me! Such a blatant lie! Amazing! Disgusting, I tell you!

Deranged said...

i would echo wat bananapen said..
wat the @$%^# ?? atleast customise ur false build up according to the company ur trying for!!!!

~jus deranged~

Sayesha said...

I'm still thinking what I should do. I have half a mind to email her and tell her that I know, and to ask her to send me the amended resume. Let's see what Monday brings :)

Yeah, I have seen people playing up their achievements on their resume, which is not that bad... compared to impersonating your interviewer! :D

Sheesh, you're laughing? Damn, now I am too :D

You mean you're back AGAIN. This has been your second disappearance-appearance, buddy! :)

I have something like that in mind. I'll probably ask her to send me the amended resume and then consider.

Frankly speaking, Munnabhai has inspired me on the action that I think I'm gonna take :P

Yeah, that's what I think too :)

#Anjaan Ladka,


People have got to read their own resumes before they send it off to a company, isn't it? :)

Bragging is okay, but bragging about an achievement that's not yours but belongs to the person you're bragging to?? Hahahaha! :D

//You should do something about ur own PR if someone believes that they can be you without anybody else actually noticing it, then u seriously need to do some thinking!

Hahaha! Unfortunately, in Singapore Chief Editors of children's magazines are not high-profile people. If I were the Chief Ed of a women's or lifestyle magazine, that would be different :)

Yes I do plan to send her an email on Monday, and see if she wants to take up a second chance.

#Ipanema Girl,
Ghanta namesake! Ainwain! :)

Hahaha! Remember the intern who used to get phonecalls from a stalker? That's the one ;)

The thing is - most people DO get mileage out of it, till they get caught. So if they don't get caught, their lie eventually becomes a truth cos it's been repeated and believed so many times.

Nothing yet. This happened on Friday evening, just before I left the office. Ab monday ko dekhenge :)

Kya karein yaar, sabko Sash banne ka hai! ;)

//atleast customise ur false build up according to the company ur trying for!!!!

Hahahaha! Exactly! :D

ferret said...

hahahahhahah!!!!! talk of stupidity :D
there was once when i was applying somewhere and i copied the resume format from my sis, i filled in all my details in this format and sent it, the only change that i forgot to make was the name :D
(when i realised it i sent my resume again, but then as expected i dint get a call)
And abt this girl, i dont think she should be considered for this job at all, she should be sent a reject letter stating the reason for her rejection. Integrity is really important an attribute according to me, as important as your skills. imagine your own company, do you think you would hire a person who wants to get in by crook, i never would.

Sudeep said...

aila.. dhokha!.. pagli kudi hain woh toh..

btw, thnx for reminding 'bout resume i have to fwd 2-3 resumes of frnds.. yahan recruitment drive chalu honewali hain

R said...


padh liya!!!!!

Maverick said...

call her interview and give her some tips on how to lie in a resume:D

Shouts of Nothingness said...

Uff! Heights only...Fafridi makes a potent point there...if you're going the Gandhigiri way on this, nobody placed a higher value on integrity than he did! It has to count for a lot, not just for something, in any time or age, no matter what the circumstances. Besides, did she work elsewhere after interning at your company? Who would buy that an intern would suddenly jump to a chief ed's position in 2 yrs!!!

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...


Anonymous said...


Sayesha said...

LOL @ your copy-paste error! :P
Your point about integrity is a valid one too... darn now I have to think this thru all over again! :)

Dhokha man! :D

#Raam Pyari,
Sab kuchh! ;)

Hahaha! Yeah I have so much time at work to do this, you see :D

//Besides, did she work elsewhere after interning at your company?

She went back to finish her studies, and did some freelance writing here and there.

//Who would buy that an intern would suddenly jump to a chief ed's position in 2 yrs!!!

Exactly! That's one of the things I was wondering, what on earth was she thinking? That she sent the resume to my company without proofreading it is certain, but did she really think that she would get away with this with other companies? And that's what I wanna find out by reverting to her about her resume.

About the integrity point, I'm not so sure if we can pin this kid down on integrity. Yaar I dunno whether to pity her or blast her! :|


My first thoughts exactly :)

Siddhu said...

LOL! So you did notice!! :)

Soon I'll be working, and only working. Which means I'll spend hours reading your blog. :P


Anonymous said...

Awesome !! I had a good laugh reading this post. I guess you should call her for an interview, ask her about her experience in XYZ company, sit back and listen to her story. I'm already imagining you doing it. Oh man :))


Restless Rain said...

Many people believe in faking it till they make it. However, in this case, it's gone overboard already....

Shreyansh said...

She was a courageous girl. Sayesha se panga le liya. :P
I think that is an attribute worth considering for the job.

Pi said...

yes. You should. It's best to tell her what she has done wrong so that she does not repeat it.

Anonymous said...

just curious, what was the nationality of that girl? if it confidentail, don't bother...else mail :)
am reaching sg tmrw morn..tata!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Please please puhleeaz post about the interview :)

BP said...

Maybe she meant 'Co-ordinator' but I distinctly remember that she went on long MC, so I did most of her 'co-ordinating' work anyway!! Grrr.......

Mysorean said...

Probably you stole the resume from somewhere. I am 100% sure it was not intended for your eyes! So, keep it back where you picked it from! :P

Ok, seriously speaking, resume padding is fine. But lying in resume is not at all fine. This is bad. Very bad.

The Smiling Girl said...

Me no understand.. does that mean that it was ur resume or does that mean that she faked that experience??

The Smiling Girl said...

Ok.. me understood.. :)
She faked it.. man, she has great guts to do it and send it so negligently.. uff..

Nirwa Mehta said...

She made a boo boo!! :D

Anonymous said...

shame shame ho gai uski.

dearbharat said...

I would give a benefit of doubt. It may be typo error. I would probably take an telephonic interview to figure out the exact details of what she meant. Probably it is her poor english.

Sayesha said...

Of course I noticed! You're one of the purana diljalas of the bar :)

Heheheh :P

#Restless Rain,
Hehehe... could be just a case of ignorance though :)

Aur nahin toh! Abhi nikalega apun supari! :D

#American Pi,
Thanks. I did it :)

Jo nationality tu soch rahi hai, wohi thi :)

Hahaha... ok if I interview her, I'll write about it :)

Yup yup, that was it :)

Insaan job ke liye despo ho toh kya kya karne lagta hai...

She faked it re... unintentionally apparently (I contacted her and she told me).

Hehehe :)

She was quite sharminda when I contacted her... lekin shaayad anjaane mein kiya...

Hahahaha! Poor English? Then I shouldn't consider her for an editorial post in the first place, what say? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sayesha, was that your resume? Or was it a fake resume though it is not that I disbeleive you.

Sayesha said...

Oh gosh NO! It wasn't my resume. Someone actually submitted that resume to my company, not knowing that now I am in charge of recruitment. :O