Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My thumb-drive theory

Last week, my thumb-drive, containing a couple of my design assignments, crashed. I lost everything in it. And just like it happens in all drive-crash incidents, I had not backed up the data anywhere. Luckily for me, all the assignments on it had already been submitted. So I wasn't feeling too bad about it.

But it did remind me of my thumb-drive theory.

We store incredibly large amounts of data in our memories. Family, friends, things, incidents. It's all in there, jammed together, in a big crowd of memories. Real messy. But we know where what is. Most of the time, at least.

And then there are the tiny moments. Moments that we may not want to save in our main memory. Memories I refer to as 'thumb-drive memories'. I believe each of us has a little 'thumb-drive' meant for storing only the most special of our memories. I know I have one. I sieve through my memories and save my most precious moments in a thumb-drive in my heart.

These moments are really tiny, and they don't take up too much space. And to another person, they may not even appear significant. Which is why I store them separately. And I can carry them with me wherever I go.

These moments are independent of the rest of my memories. They are inaccessible to others, including the ones who are part of those moments. I can't copy them to any hard disk. I can’t show them to anyone. I can't share them on a network. I can't store them anywhere else. I can't back them up. I can't recover them if my thumb-drive crashes. That’s the way it works.

And if some day, I lose this thumb-drive, it will self-destruct immediately. Because it's mine and mine only. And no one can stumble upon it or take my moments away from me.

If I ever lose it (by choice or otherwise), I will have no regrets. I chose to save my precious moments in the thumb-drive. It was my decision to not back it up. Because there are some things you can't back up. You just let them be in that tiny thumb-drive.

'Cos if you lose those moments, you were meant to lose them.


Anonymous said...

Neelu tol me about this space! I have been reading all your blogs for the past two days!

Shall bring some of my friends here too.

Until then, keep posting! ;)

Rays Of Sun said...


Some memories always have a back up..come what may..they never crash..When a person gets Alzheimer's Disease..he always loses his most recent memory and what has has learnt long time back, is something he loses only gradually.(or sometimes never).So that shows, sometimes one memory that we have formed, ages ago integrates to such an extent that it can no longer be forgotten...

oxymoron said...

ur blog also comes close to a thumbdrive, which happens to be shared. some memories are stored here - for others to read and enjoy - that my friend, in windows lingo is called: File and printer sharing services! you own the memories and others have read-only access! me getting too techie here!

Pi said...

Sayesha : My thumbdrive of rants and raves has been erased. Because I think I was meant to lose them, so better update your links with the address of my new space.

. : A : . said...

Very interesting theory and philosophy.

Vikram said...

May sound redundant to you but I think you write exceptionally well. I'm going to track your blog whenever I get the time :)

Anonymous said...

U r getting better in each of ur post.

Da long deserved break had its effect it seems.


Sayesha said...

#Girly girl,
Thanks, girl! :)
(Ok that's way too many 'girls' in that comment! :P )

True, some memories always have a back-up, perhaps even without our knowledge. But there are some that we have control over, and we consciously don't back them up. 'Cos if we do, that would mean putting them in the same category as all other memories :)

#ROS, Sahil,
Please don't get worked up about the spam. Don't let it ruin your day yaar.

#Techie Oxy,
The shared memories on this blog are all from my main drive. Trust me, my thumbdrive moments will never make it here. Or anywhere :)

#American Pie,
I know man! Have been meaning to update your link, and also blogroll a lot of new pple on my blog, will do soon :)

#. : A : .,
Hey hey! Thought you disappeared from Sayeshaz! :)
ps: Guess what? This time, I did use the copy-paste function for your nick! ;)

#Hey Vikram,
Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
ps: Aren't you the same dude who posted that horse-PJ yesterday and then deleted it? Haha! Chal maaf kiya! :P

Thanks! :)

Vikram said...

Yeah it was me :D. I know the joke was pathetic, but the reason for deleting it was the fact that I made a wrong conclusion about what you had to say.

virdi said...

vikram>> sayesh gets all the comments in her G-mail... sayesha u forgot to mention that... ;-)


Vikram said...

Yeah I know that too. Infact I have enabled the same feature too. It's just one of things when you know you have done something wrong immediatly after doing it and you can't do anything to fix it. The least I could do was delete it from her blog :)

Sayesha said...

Achha yeh baat hai! I found it vreally amusing how you changed your mind and deleted it. :)

Yeah yeah, uda le mera mazaak, you sardaar with the sexy voice!
ps: Yes, all Virdi fans, here's a revelation -- apna Virdi's voice over the phone is ufff damn sexy! If you don't believe me (I too couldn't believe my ears!), call him and check it out yourself! ;)

Hahahaha! You're a funny guy! :D

Vikram said...

You can have your laughs now Sayesha. But trust me, I regretted posting that comment as soon as I had hit 'publish'.

Anonymous said...

dammit..why did you ve to pop up now n make kachchda outta my pact with sasha? lets take this to virdee's! n hey, hilton...lets get a room, girl! ;-)

see sasha, m taking this outta here! we are leaving for virdi's...but we promise to come visiting!

rimjhim said...

Nice post that was ..sayesha (AS EVER!!!)

feeling like singing these lines...

"din jo pakheru hote ..
pinjre mai rkh leta//
palta unko jatan se..
motee ke daane deta
seense se rkhta lagay"!!!!

ps :remember "mukhda" of this song???

PuNeEt said...

Lollzzz good one…

I like ur style of writing… u make me think a lot…
Good one dear

Take care

PS: I commented on ur earlier post only

Sayesha said...

Haha! Chill yaar. Ho jata hai :)


Of course I remember the mukhda! :P

Yaad na jaaye beete dinon ki
Jaake na aaye jo din
Dil kyun bulaaye unhein
Dil kyun bulaaye

Hah! Beat you to it, Keshav! :P

Thanks yaar! :)

MeAwinner said...

Sayesha !
Hey well thought & well-written.. Some memories you just can't forget.. sometimes looks like Zipped and kept in a hidden folder, but as soon as some1 hits it...everything comes infront of eye.. as it was never out of mind... never zipped :)
I am full of such memories..:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post :).

'Cos if you lose those moments, you were meant to lose them.'

If you lose deserve to lose them, something like that, u mean ?

The lines Rinku mentioned are some of my favourite lines !! Rafi is too good.

Hah! Beat you to it, Keshav! :P

You always do yaar :).

Sayesha said...

//but as soon as some1 hits it...everything comes infront of eye

My post was more about memories which no one can "hit" because no one knows of their existence. It's about moments which are hidden from everyone else. But I do get what you mean too :)



There's a huge difference between 'meant to lose them' and 'deserved to lose them.'

Don't put words in my mouth. I meant what I wrote.

ps: You're the old king yaar! Ooops, I meant 'oldies' king! :P

Vikram said...

Hey Sayesha, I hope I didn't give an impression of being a loose cannon. Chalta hai yaar! has lo, no problem at all.

By the way, me going to Ladakh next year as soon as spring sets in :)

Sayesha said...

That's a pre-requisite to hang out at Sayeshaz. You gotta be completely nuts. I think you fit the requirements. ;)

ps: Gosh! I wanna go to Ladakh too!

Vikram said...

Thank you for your evaluation :P

Sayesha said...

You're welcome. And hired with immediate effect. :)

ps: Gosh, gotta rush to work now!! Catch you later! :O

Anonymous said...

while your updating american pi's link can u change mine too.

Pi said...


How's next week to talk to you? Oct 21/22?

Sayesha said...

Yes yes, will do tonight! :)

#American Pi,
21st is a Friday, office in the morn, and I probably won't be back till late. Saturday morn sounds good. Skype?

Pi said...


21st in the US is 22nd in Asia.


Sayesha said...

#Arre mere pyaare AP,
You're asking me when it's good for me to talk, and you're not talking my time? B-school mein kuchh nahin sikhaate? ;)

Prahalathan said...

I like your analogy!
I tend to agree to a major portion of the post though not the mind lossing part.
Came thru Desi Pundit... I guess u edited the post after it was linked check that out and change what's necessary...

Great BLOG!

Sayesha said...

#Hey Prahalathan,
Oh yeah, I hyphenated thumb-drive later that's why the link is invalid. I don't think anyone will check it up, it's already an old link on Desipundit. But thanks for the tip. :)

Anonymous said...

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