Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My dog Frodo

This is my dog Frodo.

He is of British origin. He does not pee. He does not poo. He does not bark. He does not bite. He does not have fleas. He does not make a fuss about baths.
He does not need to be taken for walks. He does not need visits to the vet. I can go off on a long holiday without worrying about leaving him alone in the house. He doesn't lick my friends' faces. Or worse, mine.

Frodo with friends


Kiran said...

Hey Sayesha!!

Ummm..Hi Frodo!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Look Sayesha, a flying bird!!! *Sayesha looks up and Navdeep goes and steals Frodo*. Muhahahaha...birds always fly, Sayesha! *Trots off with Frodo* :P Yeeeha!!!