Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Addy the guitarist

A friend of mine once told one of the bar-top dancers at CU, "I think I am falling in love with you." I was as highly amused as I was amazed, when I heard about it. I wondered what made him make a statement like that. Falling in love with her? He barely knew her!!

It was only when I had a vaguely similar experience last week, and I was forced to rethink the whole thing. We were out to celebrate Soldier's big night. As part of the senseless bar-hopping, we were soon at Bar None. As we made our way into the place, we bumped into a long-haired guy. My friend the Sinnerman asked him, "Are you playing tonight?" And long-haired guy said, "Yes, in half an hour." Now Sinnerman knows all the right people in town, so I figured this dude had to be someone important. Definitely more important than Douglas Oliviero, who did not get any attention from us as he walked right past us.

Anyway, long-haired guy turned out to be Addy, the guitarist of the band 9Lives, that plays at Bar None. And then Addy played. And Addy sang. And Sayesha watched. And Sayesha listened. And Sayesha danced.

How do I even start describing Addy the guitarist? There was nothing extremely striking about the way he looked. He looked like one of those shy guys who are extremely talented, but are really humble. Someone you probably wouldn't even notice on the streets. And yet, he had this familiar air about him, as if I had seen him and spoken to him before, a bit like Daniel from my hostel in University.

But you could see the real Addy when he started playing the guitar. And as Addy played, you could see how much he loved what he was doing. It was almost inspiring.
And the night became all about Addy the guitarist.

He played only four songs and stopped, leaving us craving. What is it about guys who can play a guitar, that make them so mysterious and desirable? As he was packing up, I went to talk to him, and told him how great he was. And when I came back, I realised I was gushing. I had spoken to Addy the guitarist.

Geez, I was actually gushing! "What's wrong with you, girl?" I asked myself. Sayesha doesn't gush after talking to complete strangers!

True, I did not "fall in love" with Addy. But on some level, I think I understood what my friend was talking about when he confessed his feelings for the CU girl.

Every day, every night, is a new revelation.

And that's Addy the guitarist


Anonymous said...

that sure was a sight to watch... a gushing sayesha! :)

coming to the subject... isnt it interesting to note... that you see an "inexplicable" thing, and suddenly when you have a similar personal experience, you can relate to it and things make sense...?

arent there so many things you have come across in "guys" that are inexplicable? :P arent those things just waiting in a queue for validation? :P

even tho we say women are from venus, blah blah, isnt everything just one step short of validation?

Sayesha said...

I totally agree! And I'm so amazed that there are so many things I'm discovering, and there's still so much more to discover!

And yes, the endless guys vs girls thing is just a complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

when Eddie plays Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall.. you know it is time to shut up and lose yourself in the music.

that guy has got amazing talent and he is more approachable than DO.

reminds me I haven't been to Bar None in quite a while.

Sayesha said...

Sad that the DO's of the world get all the TV coverage, and 'real celebrities' like Eddie don't.

But then, if Eddie had the TV coverage, perhaps he wouldn't be the Eddie we know :)

Anonymous said...

ooh ! how did I miss this guitar post :) well thats cool ...Nice to know that girls really like guys who can playing guitar !! so I din't make a mistake ;) Yes !! I bought a guitar a couple of weeks ago and taking classes too. Its tough to play and the only thing I can play properly is rite now is Beethoven's "ode to joy"...but I'll get there some day :).

Anonymous said...

typo typo tsk tsk...

Its tough to play and the only thing I can play properly rite now is Beethoven's "ode to joy"...but I'll get there some day :).

Sayesha said...

Hi Keshav,
Wow, my reply is like five months late! :P
Yeah, girls really dig guys who can play the guitar! ;)

kewpiedoll said...

Just thought I'd say I can sooo relate with your experience, more than half a year after you wrote about it and all...

True, Addy (I believe that's how it's spelled) has that kind of charisma that just draws you...he's not Brad Pitt-hot but when he plays, he's on fire!

Too bad the guy is married, with children! (gasp!) And according to someone I know who happens to really, really know him, he's known for doing 'backstage quickies' during band breaks if you know what I mean...too much information, I agree... ;)

Anonymous said...

Kacchi thi samajhdari apni,
Ki ab tak naye ehsaas hote hain....