Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Billions of blistering Bollywood barnacles

I was working on my computer with some random 90s' songs playing in the background. Xena was doing her homework.

Thanks to Youtube's autoplay feature, suddenly 'I am very very sorry tera naam bhool gayi' from Chand Ka Tukda started playing.

Xena started bobbing her head to the beats. All of a sudden, she stopped and looked up.

"Mama, this song..."


"Signora Bianca Castafiore can sing this to Captain Haddock!"  


Arun said...

Xena is a fellow Tintin aficianado? Awesome!

Charan Deep Singh said...

hmmm... sweet

Sayesha said...

Yes, she's a big fan! :D

Thanks. :)