Sunday, August 21, 2016

Free space

"Ours is an era of distraction. It's a punishing drumbeat of constant input. It follows us into our homes and into our beds. It seeps into our... into our souls, for want of a better word."

Viv and I have been binge-watching 'Elementary' on Netflix lately, and though initially I found this version of Sherlock quite OTT, almost grating on the nerves, I've come around to not entirely disliking him. And I believe it was this statement of his that caused the switch. He'd finally said something that showed his vulnerable side, something a regular person could instantly relate to.

I often think about this. The constant cacophony of noise, news and distractions in our lives, and our inability to escape them even though a part of us really, really wants to.

And it is for this reason I love the beach next to our place. It's a beach all right, but the part where we adda-maarofy is different. People do not come here to make noise. They come here to sit and watch and listen and contemplate. I've lived near this part of Singapore for nearly 12 years, and even now, I just love, love, love it.

It's amazing that in the busy, crazy, noisy, crowded, unforgiving, relentless, fast-paced, metropolitan city that is Singapore, there exists a space that tells me that my home is but a tiny little island and if I seek it, I can find both joy and serenity in the same place.

Photos taken during a family picnic last evening at the beach


Arun said...

Have you watched Sherlock?
It is on Netflix, I think.
I really liked it.

I haven't watched Elementary, so I can't compare the two.

Sayesha said...

Yup, watched it. I was beginning to get into it but the last episode I saw was too bizarre (the one with the waterfall and the time-travel) for my liking. Maybe I just didn't get it. :P

Arun said...

Netflix USA doesn't stream Elementary. :(

Bubblegum.... said...


I have a HUGE window. Mumbai :D

The only reason I love beaches is most of these beaches are peaceful. They let you build your own lovely world for the time being.