Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Emoticonal Quotient part 5

When regular bewda of the bar Arun told me that my emoticonal puzzles provided much delight at a party recently, I was thrilled. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to do up those puzzles! I told him that I really should do some more. And since there is no better time than RIGHT NOW, here is the 5th one in the emoticonal puzzle series.

There's a leeeeeetle catch though. All the songs are from Himesh Reshammiya movies. No, I don't mean the movies he gave music for. I mean the movies starring him. Yep. Muahahahaha.

Painful? Well, think of me. I had to listen to some 20 of his songs to find these 8! (My Mom didn't judge but going by her expression, I bet she was wondering what had happened to my taste in music.)

Enjoy! :D


Arun said...

4. looks like "Dil ka radio bajne...", but shouldn't it be "mann ka radio"???

Sayesha said...

LOL. I thought of that but I couldn't find the perfect icon for 'mann', which to me represents a combination of heart and brain. I chose heart because I feel that's closer to mann than brain. E.g. pani puri khaane ka mann kar raha hai. :P

Arun said...


Anonymous said...

What is this topic Sayesha. Totally in my area of expertise :)

Arun said...

Having to be familiar with the Reshamiya ouevre is a big downer.

For 3. I think it is "Icecream khaungi, Kashmir jaungi...".

Stone said...

Usually I relish any Bollywood quiz, but this time I give up. Anyone who attempts this deserves a bravery award.

prathi said...

2. Ek has elena thi ek deewani tha
3. Icecream khaungi
4. Mann ka radio
8. Tandoori nights

prathi said...

* haseena thi

Arun said...

1. Dard Dilo Ke Kam Ho Jaate, Main Aur Tum Agar Hum Ho Jaate ????

prathi said...

5. Yeh tera mera milna dilon ka khilna..

Arun said...

6. Jaane Ram, Jaane Ram ??? but is it from a Reshmiya movie?

Divya said...

6th is Hari Om from Karzzzzzz?? Thanks to you, heard it for the first and the last time!!

G2 said...

I am quite embarrassed to say that i got them all! Pls pls dont judge me! :-|
1.dard dilon ke kam ho jate hum aur tum gar hum ho jate
2.ek haseena thi ek deewana tha
3.icecream khaungi kashmir jaungi
4.man ka radio
5.ye tera mera milna
6.hari om hari om
7.Is Duniya Mein Jo Ishq Di Lagan Lagayi sisak sisak ke
8. ta ta ta tandoori nights

Arun said...

G2, whatever else, brilliant! :D

Sayesha said...

LOL! Come on. Try. Try one. :P

Well done. But that was the easiest! :P

See how many brave souls there are in the world! :D

Well done! Especially for getting the 'tan tan tan tandoori nights'. :P

Awesome! :D

Once again, yeay! Champ. :D

Hurry om hurry. :P

Spot on. :P

Congrats! Prathi se copy toh nahin mara na? :P