Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Not your average Joe(har)

Regular blog bewdi Prathima sent me this link of a Karan Johar interview, where he makes fun of his own movies. I love KJ and his movies (except KANK, which, bleah, I cannot forgive him for) but I also love his personality. His brutal honesty and wit in this interview had me in splits, especially the part where he talks about how translation can ruin a Hindi song, using 'Yeh kya hua' as an example.

Thanks, Prathima. This is the video of the week at the bar:

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Thisisme said...

guess what.i m watching this right now and this is srsly brutally honest of karan johar!!

other way is..i blv that u need to be super confident of urself to be able to run urself down this much publicly!