Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Have a Bolly good time VII

Edit: I have amended S-Z based on feedback from bewdi skirtsanddupattas. If you really want to know what happened, read the comments. The answers in the first two comments by Varsha and M are correct based on the old version.

The theme for the 7th Bollywood A-Z quiz is: Actors who were not the first choice. Can you identify A to Z?

Actor A starred as a murderer-lover in revenge saga B, a movie that cemented his position in Bollywood. This unconventional role had been turned down by his arch rival C, as well as not-so-arch-rival D. D's wife E was approached by successful filmmaker F for a role in movie G which he had specifically written with her in mind (even the character had been named after her!) but she turned it down, possibly because the movie started with her death scene. This role ultimately went to H, but not before it had been rejected by almost all the leading actresses of that time, including actress I. Actress I got rid of 80% of her eyebrows and appeared with a complete makeover in blockbuster J, a movie that had been rejected by beauty queen K because she wasn't sure that she wanted to be an actress. K's relative-by-marriage L had starred in M, one of the most iconic movies of all time, but he wasn't the first choice. The first choice had been N, who played a mix of good and bad characters in his movie career, and whose daughter O is now in the movies. M also carved the career of actor P who played the iconic baddie Q, which was supposed to have been played by actor R, whose son recently made his Bollywood debut. The producers were not too happy with P because they thought his voice was too weak to play the baddie they had envisioned, but P's dialogue delivery in the movie attained cult status. The movie also starred actor S who had rejected the blockbuster T that made a superstar out of L. S's son U played the good guy in movie V opposite actress W. V also featured A as a psychotic stalker, a role that had been rejected by actor X. Incidentally, X played a character half his age in Y, one of the all-time hits of Bollywood, which was based on a bestseller Z. To complete the circle, the first choice for this role had been A. 


Varsha said...

a- shahrukh khan
b- baazigar
c- salman khan
d- akshay kumar
e- twinkle khanna
f- karan johar
g- kuch kuch hota hai
h- rani mukerjee
i- urmila matondkar
j- rangeela
k- aishwarya rai
l- amitabh bachchan
m- sholay
n- shatrughan sinha
o- sonakshi sinha
p- amjad khan
q- gabbar singh
r- danny denzongpa
s- jaya bachchan
t- nagina
u- sridevi
v- chandni
w- juhi chawla
x- Darr
y- aamir khan
z- 3 idiots

M said...

C=Salman Khan
D= Akshay Kumar
E=Twinkle Khanna
F=Karan Johar
G=Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
H= Rani Mukherjee
I=Karishma Kapoor
J=Raja Hindustani
K=Aishwrya Rai
L= Amitabh Bachchhan
N=Shatrughan Sinha
O=Sonakhshi Sinha
P=Amjad Khan
R= Danny Denzongpa
S=Jaya Bhaduri
U= Sri Devi
W= Juhi Chawla
X= Darr
Y = Aamir Khan
Z= 3 idiots

Anonymous said...

same answers as M, but I am wondering if Nagina was ever to star Jaya Bachchan????

Sayesha said...

Varsha, M,

I found this (see #14): http://movies.ndtv.com/bollywood/indian-cinema-100-actors-who-almost-didn-t-play-famous-roles-360757
PS: However going deep into google tells me that it might have been Jaya Prada instead. Hmmm...

Sayesha said...

Ok, I have made some amendments to the quiz to fix this. :)

Varsha said...

Even, I googled for Nagina and found Jaya Bachchan. However, my first guess was JayaPrada, since this role required lot of dancing. Jayaprada was a trained classical dancer and Jaya Bachchan has 2 left feet.

Anonymous said...

ok, I am total vella today..:D, but Sayesha, you may want to correct this:
S's son U played the good guy in movie V opposite actress W. V also starred A as a psychotic stalker, a role that had been rejected by actor W.

I guess instead of actor W it should be something else, acc to this W= Juhi Chawla, why actor W again?

Sayesha said...

Yikes! What's wrong with me today?? Fixed it. I hope. I cam going to have to hire you as the blog's QC consultant. :P

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..:D i would be more than happy to QC any bollywood post..:D

Anonymous said...

ok New answers from S onwards:

S= Dharmendra
U= Sunny Deol
W= Juhi
V= Darr
Y= 5. Someone
Z= Chetan Bhagat
T= Zanjeer? Not sure...
X= Amir Khan

vinu said...

B - Baazigar
C - Salman Khan
D - Akshay Kumar
E - Twinkle Khanna
F - Karan Johar
G - Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
H - Rani Mukherjee
I - Karishma Kapoor
J - Dil Toh Paagal Hain
K - Aishwarya Rai
L - Amitabh Bachchan
M - Sholay
N - Shatrughan Sinha
O - Sonakshi Sinha
P - Amjad Khan
Q - Gabbar Singh
R - Danny Denzongpa (son who debuted recently?, thought it was Tiger Shroff/Jackie Shroff initially)
S - Dharmendra
T - Zanjeer
U - Sunny Deol
V - Darr
W - Juhi Chawla
X - Aamir Khan
Y - 3 Idiots
Z - Five Point Someone

Ketaki... said...

LOL! If you look at Tiger Shroff, he does look more like Danny's son than Jackies.. He has an asian look