Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Booked out

Xena is now about two and a half years old, and reading books with her has never been more fun. I graduated from reading to her to reading with her, and now she does most of it herself. I just sit, listen and laugh.

The first video has her going through a book on seasons, and the second, the one that made me die laughing, is one where she points at the udder of a cow and declares that "there is a small pig inside the cow". :D


Nidhi said...

ROFLMAO!!! Cant blame her...it actually looks like a pig inside a cow :D

Unknown said...

Ah the lil one is back in form. Btw what a otal gundi pose in the 2nd one, hath main kuch, anther one on chin...hmm!

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! Cow ke andar pig ghus gaya, was ultimate!! :D

Totally loved these videos. And.. she speaks SO fast!! :O

Alice said...


She's smart, it does look like a pig ghusofied inside. Poor cow :(

Deepa said...

LOL! The pig inside the cow video had me in splits.
T totally loves the videos u post of Xena. She keeps asking me to play the 'Angry birds wala video' again n again :D