Friday, October 28, 2011

The warrior princess diaries - IV

So Shub reminded me that it has been a while since I posted any updates on Xena's health. (Yes yes I know I know. The bar is increasingly becoming a reminder-based system, and all posts are baby-related. Blame Xena, not me.)

  • So here are some updates from the last few follow-ups Xena had at the hospital. The brain scan showed that the bleed is now smaller but it's still there. They will scan again in two months to check the size. Her heart scan showed that the 'unnatural hole' that the doctors had hoped would have closed has still not closed. They will scan again in a year's time to check on it. Her weight gain is quite slow; she is gaining about half of what regular babies gain each month. As she was very premature and had very low birth weight, some other developmental delays may occur, such as the timeline for crawling, sitting without support, etc. Let's see.
  • Before her heart scan, the doctor asked me, "Pacifier ready? Milk ready?" I nodded, wondering how much she was going to cry. To our surprise, not only did she not cry at all, she even held the doctor's hand and tried to guide the sensor as if saying, "Offo, this is how you do it!" The doctor and the nurse were amused to no end.
  • At her last blood test, the nurse was examining her hand to find a vein when she said, "Wow. So many!" I looked at her hand to see what she was talking about and saw them - poke marks from all the blood tests she had had in her ICU days. I think I counted about 19 in total on both hands. :(
  • Every single time she went to the hopsital, the doctors and nurses referred to her as 'he'. Sheesh. Even when she was in a PINK bodysuit! Double sheesh. So for her vaccination appointment, I made her wear a romper with words that said it loud and clear - Baby Girl.
  • Xena had fever after her vaccination. It was the first time she was unwell at home. It's really really scary when babies get fever. Viv and I were up sponging her, giving her paracetamol and taking her temperature every now and then. Fortunately, she was totally fine by morning and showed all signs of her usual cheerful self.
  • Xena outgrew two outfits. Finally. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was.
  • Mom has gone back and suddenly the house seems odd. I have had my parents or in-laws at home with me since January, so it seems everything has suddenly gone quiet. Xena and I do try to make as much noise as possible though. For example, we danced to Ra.One's 'Chammak chhallo' today!
  • There was a problem with Mom's ticket and she jokingly asked Xena to 'fix it'. Next thing we know, her departure was postponed by a week. YEAY! I told her that our little 'travel agent' had 'fixed it' and kept a nice bonus for herself -- an extra week with grandma! When I told my sister, she was horrified. "Here I am, hoping to make Aishu the President of USA, and you're calling Xena a travel agent???"
  • I found some home remedies on google for Mom and Dad, and Mom was so impressed. "Yeah, I have an MBBS from Google University." I told her. From that day, Mom started calling me 'Doctor' and Xena 'compounder' from that day! (You can only imagine my sister's horror when she heard this.)
  • I had a wonderful heart-melting moment last week. I woke up, stretched and turned to look at Xena who had been sleeping next to me, and she had also just woken up and was stretching in exactly the same way!
  • Speaking of waking up, Xena thinks my nose is a knob that she needs to turn at 6 am every day "in order to wake mommy up".
  • She has discovered that she can hold both feet with her hands and 'shows off' at every opportunity she can get.
  • She has learnt to pull her own hair in frustration. I suppose she figured that she had pulled almost everything off Mommy's head already, so it was time to move on to 'blacker' pastures. Luckily, she doesn't have much on her head at the moment. And I know you guys are going to ask me what I did to frustrate her thus, so here it is -- I was singing. Happy now? Hmmmph!
  • I caught her doing crunches! All right, who called her fat??
  • She has started a new trick of giving 'taal' by beating her palm on my hand, as if she is singing some major Indian classical piece.
  • Remember how our moms used to say, "You will understand when you have your own kids." at every opportunity they got, and we never took it seriously? Well, from experience, it's true. You start to see the world and your life in a completely new light once you have a kid. And the biggest change that I have noticed is that even though I had always been terribly close to Mom, now I appreciate her so so SO much more.


mythalez said...


and what a beautiful post on which to have this honour ;)

basskeyz said...

Sayesha...loved this post...and falling in love with the little compounder as well :-)

Arun said...

Great post! It is always good to hear from you, and baby posts are fine by me.

Glad to hear the li'l warrior princess/compounder/travel agent (that's a lot of careers in such a short time) is doing ok, and hope she does even better as time passes.

Archana said...

Keep them coming! I usually am not a big fan reading baby-related stuff. But you writing about Xena is the major exception. I totally *love* reading those posts! Xena is looking lovelier by the day - I am stumped that the docs and nurses can't she see that she is a beautiful baby GIRL!!

sumitra said...

Such a cute post. I love reading about Xena! Keep them coming.

humblog said...

Life between appointments is tough. Hang in there.

Obscure Optimist said...

It was great to read about Xena. I pray she gets ekdam fit and fine! :)

Bubblegum.... said...

lots of love!

Kavs said...

Xena - our brave little warrior princess! :)
Best wishes to you all.

Divya said...

I had gone home for Diwali and I come back to see 3 new posts...what a treat!!...lovely to know that Xena is doing great...and lovelier still, to look at her lovely little face :-) God Bless!

Aneesh said...


Happen to reach your blog through an other blog that I frequent. Just thought of commenting after reading your baby story. We have a son who was born at 28 weeks at 800 grams. Completely understand what you & husband had to go through. Hang in there and I am sure things would turn out okey. Our son is going to turn 3 this month and except that he is a slow eater everything turned out to be fine after the initial struggle. So hangin there and I am sure things would be allright


Sum said...

Very nice post Sayesha..... Love baby Xena's posts... She'll be completely alright very soon... and will be a big gundi, so don't worry!

Bubblegum.... said...

split second wala post nahi khul raha hai! :(

Arun said...

For a split second, I thought there was a new post on the blog. :)

Stone said...

split second split second ...We want split second :-)

Unknown said...

I was about to complain about the less frequency and how you only write about Xena these days, but realised that it would be very unfair to you. You and Viv have been going through a lot and obviously Xena baby is going to be the centre of your universe!

It's really heartening to see her smiling pics :D Fighter that she is, I am sure she will be absolutely fine in no time!