Monday, December 13, 2010

Have a Bolly good time!

One of the bewdis of the bar AA sent me the ultimate baap of Bollywood quizzes. [Yes, those are her initials and not me calling her an Anonymous Alcoholic though I just realised that all bewdas and bewdis at the bar are actually anonymous alcoholics.]

It was too good not to share with my Bollywood buddy Pizzadude. So we met over the weekend, watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to get into the fultu Bollywood mode, and cracked the puzzle.

You guys wanna take a stab at it? :)

A is one of the lead actresses of movie B. In the movie, there's a famous cabaret number C picturised on her and D, a close relative of a well known Bollywood director E. E's relative F made his debut with a flop movie G. G happens to be the launch pad of another debutant H. One of H's relatives I is famous for producing a healthy mix of Bollywood hits and flops, most recently being J, featuring K and L. K's father M is a talented actor who is now working with H for his movie N. N is also the name of another old movie which starred a super talented actor O who immortalised a character P in a super hit movie Q. Q also starred a famous Bollywood couple R and S. S tried her hand at directing a movie T which also featured a famous Bollywood star U and late V. U and V also starred in U's first movie W which also had X, who happens to be another relative of E. X starred in some famous multi-starrers, one of them being Y, titled on the names of its lead characters; also having Z as one of the leads. To complete the cycle, Z also featured with A in B.

PS: Okay, sooner or later, one of the bewdas/bewdis will crack the code, but the true Bollywood fan will not peek at the comments box until he/she has cracked it himself/herself, okay? Okay!


Navin said...

Am i the first one.... heck i can't believe it..... i will have to think a lot before cracking this one :-)

mythalez said...

looks like I am quite vella nowadays ... as I seem to feature among the medal winners frequently .... oh yah silver or gold (if Navin doesn't want it :P)

as about the puzzle .. whew .. but given that there are so many actors/actresses related to each other and acting together .. it's really hard without a clear cut starting point!

Revs said...

I have no clue what the answer could possibly be but just dropped in to say that your titles are AWESOME! :)

And oh! bronze! :)

PizzaDude said...

*high five*

Arun said...

The person who came up with the puzzle must be the most Bollywood-smitten person in the world! The persons who can crack it come in second :)

There is so much I don't know - but this time I'm feeling good about my ignorance :)

As usual, great title!

I think for the bewda/bewdis here the appropriate puzzle would read something like this:

A featured in a blog post here along with B. B said something funny in a blog post C which included one of the funniest keywords in the "In search of the truth" series. The bewd(a/i) who got gold on blog post C has only three other bronzes, on posts D,E,F with no other medals.....

Sandwalker said...

Firstly here is what I believe to be the solution. It fits all the criteria as I see them.

A - Parveen Babi
B - Namak Halal
C - Jawaani Jaaneman... Haseen Dilruba
D - Shashi Kapoor
E - Raj Kapoor
F - Ranbir Kapoor
G - Saawariya
H - Sonam Kapoor
I - Boney Kapoor
J - Milenge Milenge
K - Shahid Kapoor
L - Kareena Kapoor
M - Pankaj Kapoor
N - Mausam
O - Sanjeev Kumar
P - Thaku Baldev Singh
Q - Sholay
R - Dharmendra
S - Hema Malini
T - Dil Aashna Hai
U - Shahrukh Khan
V - Divya Bharati
W - Deewana
X - Rishi Kapoor
Y - Amar Akbar Anthony
Z - Amitabh Bachchan

Brilliantly set puzzle. Kudos to whoever designed this. And thanks to Bhai for putting this up. Hope we see more such stuff in the bar so that I get to post more comments :)

Stupidosaur said...

I just cracked a bigger puzzle: Sayesha's dad's blog. Or so I think :)

basskeyz said...

kudos sandwalker crack maar diya

Sayesha said...

Think think! :)

For me, the clear cut starting point was "Q also starred a famous Bollywood couple R and S. S tried her hand at directing a movie T which also featured a famous Bollywood star U and late V." :)

Thanks! :D



For the second time in the bar, rocking performance, sir/ma'am!!! Congrats!! :D

//Hope we see more such stuff in the bar so that I get to post more comments :)

Waaa! :'( So you'll only comment when I ask Bollywood questions? :'(

Tu Stupido ka Stupido hi rahega! No wonder you get the THWACK all the time. I have declared in half a dozen comments that Dad's blog is in my blogroll as 'The banker's garden'. :|

Yeahhh! :D

nishant said...

Ohhh man, i got 21 out of 26 correct.
had i taken a minute or two more, i wud hv cracked it. well, the wrng ones are:
A=Zeenat Amaan
B=Yaadon ki baarat
C=chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko
D=neetu singh
Z=neetu singh

I thought chura liya hai tumne was picturised on zeenat and neetu both.and thats where the equation went wrong. anyways i m happy to crack 21. hehe

Sudeep said...

I zipped past the comments just in case kisine answer de diya ho toh. To get more in the Bolly mode (and wipe out Sheila ki jawaani from your mind) I strongly recommend you to listen (and preferably watch) Tinku Jiya from a new movie Yamla Pagla Deewana.

Afterwards pls forget (and forgive me) who recommended.

Geomon said...

I came, I saw(Sandwalker), I was humbled. (The great Sandwalker strikes again)
Then I had some shots and went home :P

humblog said...

i couldnt get k l m. i guessed on N to be Sholay and my O happens to be Gabbar Singh.

BTW A is parveen babi and Z is Amitabh?

Am I right? I promise I didn't cheat. Nice question btw. You should have left the responses hidden.

humblog said...

Reading the comments above, I agree the giveaway is late divya bharati followed by movie title on the name of lead characters that meant AAA or JJJ.

Now that I think about it bollywood family starts and ends with the kapoors.

Khan (Feroz tying in with Roshans) and Dutts (tying in with Rajendra Kumar) come up a sorry second.

Anonymous said...

You should have hidden the comments! We (ok me, and a collegaue) cracked it too! And it matches the set above, phew! Awesome!

R said...

wow! people actually managed to crack that one? aprticularly the first one, sandwalker!

Hats off to you guys!!!

R said...
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R said...
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Stupidosaur said...

Comments kon padhta hai idhar :P

Ragini said...

Hats off Sandwalker :)
Wuhooo.. wat a quiz !!! n who said Bollywood is not intelligent.. :D

Sayesha said...

21 is pretty good. :D

OMG. OMG. OMG. Sudeep I will NEVER forgive you for making me watch 'Tinku Jiya'. NEVER. :|

Hahaha! :D

Hahaha! Yeah even Pizzadude and I thougth that O is Gabbar Singh at first. :) Yep, your A and Z are correct. :)

Colleague? Hawwww office mein vellagiri?? :P :P :P

#Raam Pyari,
:D :D :D

The non-stupido people. :)

Hehehehe! :D

Rabi Agrawal said...

Hey Sayesha,
Is your papa targetting senior citizen as readers for his blog ? Wy all big font bold letters ? :)

amitjoshmachine said...

Amazing stuff.. I just got E right and gave up :).. well done to Sandwalker though!!

Stupidosaur said...

But I didn't! In fact I thought you were against publicizing it based n what u said initially. So yeah kudos to me I realized its your dad's the instant I reached it. banker. retired. gardener. who else cud it be!!!

Forex Starter said...

First time commenter but couldnt resist responding to this one -

Sandwalker's answer fit the bill, though there can be alternative -

A- Parveen Babi
B- Shaan
C- Pyar Karnewale
D - Shashi Kapoor are similar (though it might be a stretch to consider Pyar Karnewale as a cabaret number)

Great question and great blog.


Sudeep said...

Main? Who me? ME??