Monday, November 29, 2010

Down the drain

'Twas a usual day at work, just another Friday
But as you'll know from this story, it just wasn't my day
Without much further ado, let me spin the yarn
About what happened that fateful day, that made me go, "DARN!!"

Agreed that I'd bought you for a measly two bucks
But you were so pretty... Shucks! Shucks! Shucks!
You were this big, sparkling, purple earring
Classy and gorgeous, with just a hint of bling

'Twas just my bad luck that you went and fell
Headfirst, before I saw, into the death well
Well, not so much a death well, as the office toilet bowl
My heart broke thus, and no one could console

A quick mourning session
Followed by deep depression
Then panic began to set in
And I began sweatin'

'Cos you were lying there at the bottom of the bowl
And of the situation, I didn't have much control
I felt like a killer, with a body on his hands
"Get rid of the evidence!" Such a situation demands.

There were people waiting, who also had to pee
And before I got out, I had to get rid of thee
So forgive me, beloved earring, I had to press 'flush'
And soon you were out of sight with a sudden gush

I pocketed the other, and made my way out
The day was a disaster, I was miserable throughout
I don't know what to do with your partner who's now single
So I decided to go home and write, erm, this very long jingle.


Unknown said...

My First GOLDDDD!!!
Time for a new pair of earrings

R said...

Thats a story well told
A reader's attention, it sure does hold

Not many can get such glory
For as sweet and simple a story

Arun said...

The classic version of this jingle, is of course,

hoomka gira re
jhoomka gira re bareli ke bazaar mein
jhoomka gira jhoomka gira jhoomka gira
haai haai haai jhoomka gira re....

Bivas said...

Silver :)

you wrote a full 28 lines kaa 'Doha'!

Dat too for an errrm earring...He Bhagwan :P

Anonymous said...

When Fickle Fate throws thee for a loop
When faces thee thy jewel in a cauldron of poop
Hark thee - oft better than a flush and a mope
Is an arm outstretch'd, eyes shut, and a bar of soap

How do we know said...

@ chengiz: I am laffing out loud at thy response.. OMG u r ogden Nash reborn! Hark Hark..

@ Sayesha:poetry? poetry? i mean.. i started following ur blog a few months before Aish was born, and she is 4 now.. neva have i seen poetry on ur blog.. its hajaar well written and all.. but like..WHAT is Viv doing to you?

Arun said...


From the two options you presented to use,
The wise woman knows which one to choose.
The former if for two bucks it sold.
The latter for if it is diamond and gold.

Nandini said...

@Arun wah appke jawaab ka jawaab nahi!

Nandini said...

dammit *aapke

Anonymous said...


Mere wise doth weaken the species
Be thou wiser - 'tis only faeces.

Manasi said...

How chweeet! U reallly value everything in ur life! That is a quite not all have... :))

sagar said...

kya baat!
kya baat!!
kya baat!!!

rt said...

I too lost my purple earring last week .. on Wednesday though!!! Thankfully in some unknown places and not in the toilet bowl...wait i dint chek it there...but it wont be of any use.

Geomon said...

Tamba! yet again!
@chengiz and arun: good going!!!!

ogden nash is too lowly to compare,
the bard in you is no less than shakespeare.
I, for my part, am just a drunk youth,
and poetry and wine, doth my nerves sooth. :P

Geomon said...

*soothe :P

Sudeep said...

I felt a tinge of Barney (from HIMYM) in you while reading this one. In one of the episodes he cries and talks to one of his suits. Btw this pair might be one of the 300-400 pairs you have, right? :P

Tumhare jingle ne kaafi chuppe shayaro ko jaga diya.. Good going Arun and Chengiz.

Arun said...


I venture to say that you would not be so bold,
If you had to sift through dung for not-gold.

Sport purple plastic on your ear, would you?
When said item has been through doo in the loo?

Wiser it may be to not flinch from the muck,
If only to save but only a buck;
Wisest it is though, you'll have to admit,
To know when to fish and to know when to quit.

Meenakshy said...

@Arun and Chengiz: WOW..
@Sayesha: I can only understand and mourn for the loss. :)
I think this post has to be tagged with the posts in which comments get more interesting than the original post.

Sayesha said...

Yeah I need to buy the same kind though, they were gorgeous!! :'(

#Raam Pyari,
Thanks! :P

Hahahaha! That's one Bareli ka bazaar that no one would want to shop at! ;)


Ok firstly, there was no poop. EWWW. And secondly, your suggestion? EWWWWWW!! :|
ps: Your poetry rocks though. :)

#How do we know,
//neva have i seen poetry on ur blog

WHAT?! *falls of her chair in shock*
There's a whole tag just for my poetry!! :O

LOL! :D Though I am pretty sure even if was diamond or gold, I'd have flushed it away. And that's why I never buy diamond or gold! Muahahaha! :D

Hahaha! It's like a mehfil in here eh? These two doing jugalbandi and us enjoying the drama. Wish the topic was a bit more pleasant though! :P




//wait i dint chek it there...but it wont be of any use.

Hahahahaha! :D

Hahaha, et tu? :D

Hahahahaha! I have been called Phoebe several times but this is the first time anyone compared me to Barney. Legen - wait for it - dary! :D

//Btw this pair might be one of the 300-400 pairs you have, right? :P

300-400? I wish re! :P Maybe 150 only. :)

Hahaha! Rocking performance, sir! :D

//I think this post has to be tagged with the posts in which comments get more interesting than the original post.

Can't agree more! :D

இசக்கிமுத்து said...


Arun said...

I'm jealous of Chengiz's second.

Geomon said...

@Arun: I concur!
Bhai, yeh dono toh stole ur thunder.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the Academy...
Srsly Sayesha's poem was awesome inspiration and Arun you were more than equal to the task :)
Thanks all!

Sayesha said...

Thanks. :)

Hahahahaha! We can do another one sometime. On a more pleasant topic though! :D

Wohi toh!
Kiya toh kiya, woh bhi kaisa blunder!
Bhai ke bar mein aake stole uska thunder?!

Aha! Found out on FB yesterday who you really are! Welcome to the bar, my friend! :D

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Good one.

Neha said...

What were u doing that this happened?

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

I think the hook had almost come off my ear so it was about to fall anyway and anywhere. Too bad it happened in the toilet! :(