Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cold treatment

You know how when you travel, you keep wondering what you left behind and it completely drives you nuts and only when you realise what it is that you left behind (yes, there's always something) that your mind is at peace? Nope, never happened to you? Okay fine, good for you. Just asking. Hmmph!

Anyway, so before my parents left, I went from room to room on an inspection tour to check if they had left anything behind. Of course, one always leaves one thing behind, but I wanted to make sure it was only that one little thing and not anything important. They followed me around, highly amused.

"You remembered to take everything important?"

"Yes." They answered.

"Did you leave anything in the drawers?" I asked.


"Anything in your bathroom?"


"Anything on the dining table?"


"Anything in the drying yard?"


"Anything in the washing machine?" I opened the lid and peeped in.


"Anything in the fridge?" I opened it and asked.

"Fridge???" Both of them burst into insane laughter.

"Okay fine. Laugh all you want. I'm just trying to ensure your peace of mind. Hmmmph!" (Yeah, you can tell from my tone I was kinda mad at them for going back so soon.)

So they reached my in-laws' place yesterday (yes, they're having a gala one-week holiday there!) and my Dad called.

"So did you realise what you left behind?" I asked.

"Hmm... Yes... I did leave something very important behind." He said, with a very sad tone in his voice.

I felt a gush of warmth in my heart. He was gonna say, "My darling daughter", wasn't he?

Well, he didn't. :/

"Ginger sprout." He said.

"Ginger sprout??????? What ginger sprout? I thought you only took coconuts to grow in your garden!"

"Oh no, I bought a ginger sprout to plant here, but I left it behind." He sounded inconsolable.

"Sigh... Where did you leave it??"

"Erm... in the fridge."



Geomon said...

of all places in the fridge! :P

Arun said...


nidhi said...

awww I feel sad for your dad.


Obscure Optimist said...

Awww... Probably he meant "you" when he said Ginger sprout!! :D

Anonymous said...

Ha, I knew they’d turn out in the fridge! Though I’d never have guessed it would be ginger sprout!

Navya said...

Hahahaha .... Dads!

mythalez said...

ginger sprout .. lol .. 'kadva sach' !! :P

Unknown said...


Hehe :)

Have started reading your dad's blog, he is awesome!

Meenakshy said...

:) looks like project coconut import is successful.. do keep us posted in how it grows here back in India :)

rt said...

Wat a motherly daughter!!!
awesome awesome awesome...
dads are like that - my dad leaves his mobile charger mostly :)
neways have u posted ur dad's blog link somewhere already?? dint find it!!!!

Sowmya said...

LOL! He had to leave it in the fridge! :D

And I love your dad's blog.. its full of wisdom and wit.. like reading Champak and Tinkle of the 80s n 90s :)

I don't know if you watch How I met your Mother, but your dad's like the Barney Stinson of blogworld - AWESOME! :D

Achu said...

Wonderful!! Absolutely wonderfully written!! :)

And... I always go through that feeling when I'm travelling. And I start wondering, about what have I left behind, from the moment I reach the end of the road. :(

PS: There's always something left behind :-/

Sudeep said...

he he he..

Btw I had a feeling ki 'my son-in-law' bolenge when you were expecting daughter.

kknundy said...

I always leave the most important things in a pile marked "V.V. Imp!", and then forget to take the entire pile, just because I don't remember it exists!

Neha said...

Your Dad!!

But I am sure, he really wanted to say, "my daughter"! That's how Dad's are,cant express :)