Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back with Da-bang(g)

So Sayesha Smitten Showbiz Kitten (SSSK) was invited to the Dabangg success party at Shatrughan Sinha's house. She almost fell off her portable treehouse when she saw the invitation addressed to her. But then she saw the tagline at the back of the card - 'Arbaaz Khan Productions. Publicity ke liye sala kuchh bhi karega.' - and it all made sense.

Even though SSSK reached the place exactly on time, it was already crowded. She somehow managed to push her way through and find the main cast.

Malaika (pokes Arbaaz in the ribs) - Oh shit. She's here.

Arbaaz (howls in pain) - Ouch! I told you not to do that, Malaika! You're all bones. It hurts!

Malaika (gives Arbaaz a dirty look) - She's here!

Arbaaz - Who??

Malaika - SSSK...

Salman - Who is SSSK?

Malaika - That third-class reporter who climbs trees... writes trash... cracks bad jokes and laughs at them herself... We need all the publicity we can get, so I sent her an invitation too. Beware of her, she's 100% cuckoo and tends to ask very uncomfortable questions...

SSSK walks towards the Khans.

SSSK - Hello, Khan-daan! (giggles uncontrollably at her own joke)

Malaika gives her a dirty look. Everyone else politely nods at SSSK.

SSSK takes out her notepad and a pencil and gets started.

SSSK - So Salman, congratulations on the hit. What a comeback after Veer!

Salman - Thank you, thank you.

SSSK - So what made you cast Sonu Sood as the bad guy? His body looked so much better than yours!

Salman - Ughhh... not this question again.

SSSK - Well?

Salman (in a depressed tone) - Well, I had already cast him long ago. I was labelled fat in Veer so I thought I'd train and get my abs back to show off in Dabangg. Looks like Sonu had trained harder.

SSSK - Then why didn't you simply replace him? Say with... Daler Mehendi?

Salman - Sigh... you know me. Ek baar jo maine commitment kar diya... toh main khud ki bhi nahin sunta. (grins proudly)

SSSK - That's a line from Wanted.

Salman - Erm. Don't you have questions for Arbaaz and Malaika?

SSSK - Sure, let's go with Arbaaz first.

Arbaaz (under his breath) - Oh crap.

SSSK - So Arbaaz, why are you in all of Salman's movies???

Arbaaz - Uhh... errr...

SSSK - Thank you. Malaika, why are you always doing item numbers? Do bache ho gaye, kuchh toh sharm karo.

Malaika - Duh! I'm hot, that's why. (walks off)

Salman - Erm. Come, I'll introduce you to Sonakshi.

SSSK is introduced to Sonakshi.

SSSK - So Sonakshi, how was it working with a superstar like Salman? Scary?

Sonakshi - Salman se darr nahin lagta, SSSK. Flop ho jaane se lagta hai.

SSSK - Arre wah, tum toh abhi bhi Dabangg mode mein ho.

Shatrughan Sinha walks towards them.

SSSK - Shatruji, badhaai ho. Beti ki picture hit ho gayi.

Shatrughan (raises both hands and looks up) - Sab ooparwale ki meherbani hai.

SSSK - Achha? Salman second floor par rehta hai????

Shatrughan - KHAAMOSH!

SSSK - Sorry sorry, just couldn't resist that. Waise, Sonakshi looked good in the movie. Hemaji ki yaad aa gayi.

Shatrughan (beaming) - Really? Hemaji??

SSSK - Yeah! It's been a long time since we saw a fat heroine in our movies, no? Very refreshing.

Shatrughan - KHAAAMOSH!!

SSSK - Sorry sorry. Next question. So now that Sonakshi's career is set, what is next?

Shatrughan - Well, next we're going to work on Luv's debut.

SSSK - Erm, didn't Luv already debut in the superflop Sadiyaan?

Shatrughan - KHAAAMOSH!!!

SSSK - Sorry sorry. So Salman is helping with Luv's debut too?

Shatrughan - Oh yes, Salman is like family now. We're all working like a family to promote Luv.

SSSK - Even Kush?

Shatrughan - Of course!

SSSK - Of course. Luv ke liye sala Kush bhi karega...

Shatrughan - KHAAAMOSH!!!!

SSSK - Sorry sorry. Waise I think Luv and Kush should both join politics and become MPs like you.

Shatrughan - Really? What makes you think that?

SSSK - Naah, then you three can call yourselves MP3. Heh heh heh!

Shatrughan - KHAAAMOSH!!!!!

SSSK - Sorry sorry. I must go find Sonu Sood.

SSSK walks towards Sonu Sood. Suddenly a girl screams, "Sonuuuu! Sonu is here???!!!!" Many hot girls scream and run towards where Sonu and SSSK are standing. Sonu Sood grins to himself, adjusts his hair and puts on sunglasses.

The girls come to a screeching halt.

One of the girls - Uhh... this is not Sonu Nigam. Who said Sonu is here??

Uncomfortable silence surrounds them. All the girls retreat. Sonu takes off his sunglasses, puts them back in his pocket and leaves the party in gloom.

SSSK finds Arbaaz again who is really drunk and is humming "Zandu balm Zandu balm peeda-haari balm".

SSSK - So Arbaaz, what is with the Zandu balm lawsuit?

Arbaaz - I don't know what's wrong with those people. They make a painkiller but they themselves are a pain! They paid us to put their name in the song and now they're suing us. Bloody leeches, trying to maximise publicity. And they succeeded too. In fact, they owe us big time. Their sales sky-rocketed right after the movie!

SSSK - Really?

Arbaaz - Oh yes, people rushed out in flocks to buy Zandu balm right after the movie! Some couldn't even wait till the end of the movie, they ran out during the interval itself! How cool is that??

SSSK - ...


Nidhi said...

GOLD!!!! And awesomax post!!! Loved all the puns! MP3 had me in splits :D :D

Navin said...

MP3 was brilliant !! :)

Arun said...

LOL! SSSK, the terror of Bollywood!

Arun said...

...or menace (as in Dennis the Menace).

Hema said...

Lol! That was funny...

I was wondering how the zandu balm sales went up...now I know :D

Anonymous said...

Wiping away my tears of laughter as I read this!

TMaYaD said...

Not to be bragging,
Wanted is a scene to dialogue copy of superhit telugu movie pokiri.
And that line mentioned has been spoofed/punned/modded to death already.

mythalez said...


SSSK is gaining reputation now, is even being invited as 'press' .. does this mean that the tree-top location will be abandoned? :-s

Obscure Optimist said...

Baapre.... I wish this gets published in Times.. These are the exact replies that the alter egos of all these stars would have given to all your questions :D
And SSSK,you toh rock...fultoo... :)

rt said...

this is not the tree climber SSSk.. but gud as same..
MP3...my God wat an overdose of PJ's(Press jokes ;))

prathi said...

Well, errr....SILVER!

I thought that Sonu Sood was really hot and girls should be running behind him rather than the other Sonu..

R said...
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R said...

it ended all too soon!!!


G2 said...


Good u said Hema ji ki yaad aa gayi..and not Reena Roy..!! Shatru ji wud hv got Senti otherwise!

Awesome post Bhai..bole to ..ek dum Hud Hud Dabanggg.....

Deepa said...

hey good one...MP3 had me in spilts. I didnt like the movie though. Total crap. Veterans like Anupam Kher, Tinu Anand, Om Puri n Mahesh Majrekar wasted in 2-bit roles. Also, sonakshi's bro is PA to the CM but Sonakshi makes a living by selling earthen pots :O...Wanted was much better...

Somya said...

lol...good one as always...finally saw this movie last week...well quite liked ur hemaji jibe on sonakshi...rather I think if you put the height factor aside Sonakshi looked, sounded and acted so much like Esha Deol that one really wondered which one is it...good atleast they wouldnt have to look far for their duplicates(funnily despite the fact that Sonakshi is much taller than Salman in all close shots Salman was few inches tallers than him...isse kehte hai special effect..).

Deepa Minajagi/Kore said...
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Achu said...

top class!! :D

// Uhh... this is not Sonu Nigam. Who said Sonu is here?? - superb!!

But even I felt that it ended too soon.. wanted to read more... :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks. :)

Thanks. :P



Hehehe! :P

//Not to be bragging

Err, did you write that line? :P

Hahahah! No way man... SSSK will always remember her humble roots... err... I mean trees. :P

Thanks. :D


Naah I think girls still prefer the hairy Sonu... :)

#Raam Pyari,

//Good u said Hema ji ki yaad aa gayi..and not Reena Roy..!! Shatru ji wud hv got Senti otherwise!

LOL!! Reena Roy the original nagin! :D

Hehehe... I didn't even go to watch it! :P

Oh wow she's taller than Sallu? Damn if I knew it, I'd have incorporated one more "KHAMOSH!" moment in the post! ;)

OMG did you just compare SSSK with the horrible Rita Skeeter??? :O

Thanks. :)

Arun said...

I vote for a SSSK sit-com :)

Arun said...

अरुण (और विव) को अता का कोई पता नहीं!

Stupidosaur said...


Blog Barfer said...

hahahah nicely put

humblog said...

I liked the movie, well at least the first half. Salman was fun to watch as Sonakshi glared incessantly.

Honestly, munni badnaam hui was a let down.

I would have had a longer jugalbandi between the two at end.

It would have been cool to see Salman go "Shahrukh Khan hui darling tere liye!"

Some other honorable mentions - "Hrithik Roshaan hui, Singh Manmohaan hui"

What was your take - you like it?

dharmu said...

Bhai, back after ages. And as expected, it feels awesome to be visit the bar. Really happy to know that you bar still rocks and still the adda of fultu talli bewdas.

Arun said...

:( looks like SSSK took one of Shotgun Sinha's "KHAAAMOSH"es to heart :(

Sudeep said...

Sonu joke and the ending portion was awesome. MP3 wala bhi achha tha (ji haan maan liya yeh bhi Viv ka nahi hai).
Btw Malaika looks hot, 2 bachhe gaye bhaad mein, keep the item numbers coming :D

Sudeep said...

for a second i thought ki Shoba De bhi kahi hogi post mein par looked at the date; main hi late aaya hu.

Unknown said...

reeally funny...can't stop laughing....MP3 got m!! hahahha