Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In search of the truth - I

I was suddenly reminded of the existence of my statcounter account when someone asked me how many hits the bar got in a day. So I paid a customary visit to see what's going on, and I rediscovered how very like an amusement park the 'keywords' section is. So here are some of the keywords that people were googling and landed on my blog. I think I should make this a regular feature!

  • Bhaigiri style jokes
  • Meaning of shamme faroza
  • achha ji main haare chalo maan jao na
  • Sayesha bhai B.Engg
  • ramu bhediya
  • meaning of behan di taki
  • dialogues in jab we met in hotel decent
  • laupat gamini
  • kiske mama ki gun hai
  • galyan sakli sonyachi meaning
  • sapne dekho bus unke poore hone ki umeed mat rakho
  • urmila madonkar aunty
  • men are like elastic bands and women like waves
  • haircut price in vlcc
  • kabir ke dohe in hindi with meaning in english
  • dragon fruit hindi name
  • simple chilli baby corn recipe
  • who is the girl in hero honda ads during hockey world cup
  • lyrics only of juba pe laga, laga re namak ishq ka song
  • www chuck ke rakh
  • when your soulmate dumps you
  • kunti with surya dev
  • badshah masala yeah
  • dragon fruit in India
  • phone numbers fo Chennai aunties
  • socha na tha Goa resort
  • koi ek thappad maar dialogue of lage raho munna bhai
  • girls sexy yahoo messenger id who talk english
  • utt panichkul gay
  • tere dar par sanam translation
  • what is the english name of the tree called aapto in konkani
  • Cin Forshay Lunsford
  • burpy lahiri
  • jiggar means
  • vis bhujang chandan
  • saas bahu serials and cinderella

All right bewdas, own up now -- how did you get here?? I have the rolled-up weekend edition of the newspaper (feared in many circles as the weapon of ass destruction) ready for you. :/


nits said...

Gold... :)

nits said...

i really wonder how many of these r even remotely related to the bar...

Revs said...

//phone numbers of Chennai aunties


Kya Bhai, bataya hi nahi aapne. Aapke paas Chennai mein rehne waale sab aunties ka phone number hai? :P

Meira said...

I am so boring! I actually came to the bar from somebody's blog! Let me go google.

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

hahahahaha! your blog seems to cater to a "wide" audience. and silver!

Tejal said...

//who is the girl in hero honda ads during hockey world cup???

Bhai ye sab kab shuru kiya?? now u support hockey instead of cricket?? :P :P :P

heheh..random searches..its always funny to read statcounter..
and i landed here from a blogroll so thats completely lame considering someone searches for "urmila madonkar aunty" lol

Baatein unkahi si said...

me landed directly on your blog :-)
"saas bahu serials and cinderella": when did this happen? On the bar? Let me search this too :-)

Taurus Girl said...

Sheesh, the things ppl google.. Wish i had contributed to this utterly hilarious list..n bronze!!

Arun said...

I landed here when looking for a ghazal. I was very quick to notice the blog was good :) (usually when hit on the head with a rolled up newspaper I tend to notice) :)

Arun said...

oops, i left out a sufficient number of "very"'s in the previous comment.


Unknown said...

// phone numbers fo Chennai aunties //
:O :O

// Sayesha bhai B.Engg //
Aapke life par movie bhi aa rahi hai?! :)

nidhi said...

burpy lahiri also found here?
I am so gonna google this right now to check out the link with your blog.

A Ramble in Aphasia said...

Not sure how I landed here but it might have been the “girls sexy yahoo messenger id who talk English”. Do you mean that’s not what this blog is about?

Jass said...

I demand a post on " meaning of behan di taki" ! :D

Kanan said...

For me, it was tumhari shawl and that happened more than two years ago. :D

And boy! Am I thankful for that or what!

How do we know said...

i've been reading u for so long, cant remember how i landed here.. but bhaigiri type jokes, wasnt it. promise.

Sayesha said...

//i really wonder how many of these r even remotely related to the bar...

They all seem to lead to the bar somehow. :'(

Heyyy that's not fair, ok? You forgot that I also provide yahoo messenger id of sexy girls who can speak English, ok???

LOL! Maybe your search will feature next week; be very very careful! ;)

Very wide... disturbing eh? :O

What?! You were not the one who got here using Madonkar aunty??? Tch tch, disappointing... kuchh karo... izzat ka sawaal hai! :P

#Dil se,
Hahahaha! Even I was wondering if Ekta Kapoor has started on something new! :D

#Taurus Girl,
Hahaha! Are you sure you were not the one searching for pictures of kunti with suryadev? ;)

Hahahaha! You just added the "very"s in time... warna.... :P

Me too going :O :O :O!! Why are people searching for Chennai aunties?????? :O

//Aapke life par movie bhi aa rahi hai?! :)

Akkhi life hi nautanki hai yaar, ab movie kya banegi! :P

Yeah I was surprised to see that too! :O

#A Ramble in Aphasia,
Yeah the moment I saw those keywords, I knew it had to be you! :)

Hahahahahahaha! :D

LOL! Do you know that since you commented on this post, more people have been searching for 'tumhari shawl' and coming here? :D

#How do we know,
Hahahaha! Out with the true story now! ;)

Kanan said...

Then we must have a post on "Bhai, tumhari shawl..."

Btw, chennai aunties was howlarious but what in the world is vis bhujang chandan?

sagar said...

Wonderful bhai! can u tell me how u went about creating this entire list plz. Everything mentioned in that list sounds so funny..I will need to actually google them and go through ur older posts now :D
And as far as I am concerned, I came across ur blog in some top indian blog lists.

buddy said...

haircut price in wish I had hit that!!

Geomon said...

someone recommended ur poem when i stopped blogging.
how could chandan vish vyapat nahi, lipte rahat bhujang lead to ur blog?
bhai ke dohey :D
@Kanan: it's a saying of good sustaining itself even in the company of evil

Dewdrop said...

I found you through some blogroll. I am so disappointed now looking at the interesting ways through which I could have landed up here :D

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

1> meaning of behan di taki
2> phone numbers fo Chennai aunties
3> girls sexy yahoo messenger id who talk english

ROFL .. Got up and again .. ROFL

Shikhar said...

I landed here courtesy garambhejafry...but I liked what I read...

Sanchit said...

omg.. am laughing out badly..
phone numbers fo Chennai aunties..

rt said...

incredible list!!
now we need posts on each of these -yes chennai aunties # also...
bulz recommended me ur blog- i dont knw hw she landed here

Angelsera said...

i was gonna rate the top 5..but as I went down the list all of them sounded funny!!

The bar has gone from hair salon to phone directory to translation site to gossip channel to.. I have no words..I am rolling on the floor, laughing

Sudeep said...

I wish I could say I was searching for urmila madonkar aunty who stays in Chennai and tells bhaigiri jokes (in English) from her yahoo messenger, and eats simply cooked chilli baby corn and dragon fruit (??) while watching saas bahu serials.

Mera sabse fav.. your label bar bar dekho.. awesome :)

Sudeep said...

Oh btw I was recommended by one of your frnds to visit your blog for the length and content of your posts. Both have kept me hooked for last 3-4 odd years aur tab se idharich aarela hai aapun.

P.S.: odd was for yrs and not the feeling :D

Atulaniya said...


I guess from some one's blog.... do not remember as such :(

Srishti said...

Thru stupido's blog. :)

Srinivas B.P said...

Hi Bhai,

I landed at your blog alomost 3 yrs ago and my search string was "Purani jeans " ...and landed at your awesome post where you describe the pile of cloths in your cupboard as your friends.. Amazing.. usi din mein phidaa hogayatha:)

- srini

Anonymous said...


Random Thoughts said...

did not google... i came to uur blog thru some friends blog

Random Thoughts said...

did not google... i came to uur blog thru some friends blog

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! :D Vish bhujang chandan is from a Kabir doha. :)

I just used the keyword analysis feature on statcounter. Did you really google everything? :D


Oh yeah that poem! :D

"Interesting" ways eh? You wanted to look for some Chennai aunties too? :D

Long time no see!! :D

Thanks! :)

I'm sure tuney hi yeh search kiya hoga!!! :P

Post on Chennai aunties? LOL! :D

Hehehehe! :D

LOL at your fantasy search phrase! :D :D
PS: Thanks for keeping the bar alive, purane bewde! :)

As long as it wasn't Urmila aunty! ;)

Ah that guy! :D

Thank you so much! :)

#Random Thoughts,
And thank you for doing so. :)

Kanan said...

Geomon & Sash, thanks for explaining that vis bhujang chandan. I kept thinking vis as in 20 (in Gujarati) but it's actually vish as in poison. Now it makes sense. :) thanks.