Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flipping out

I have something to say to the woman who audaciously jaywalked across Ophir Road just before it meets the highway, at approximately 6:05 pm today:

"You! What were you thinking?? Are you aware that it is a crime to wear flip-flops with formals????"


Arun said...

Hydrogen (#1)!

So you admit the category of fashion crimes? :) Is Vogue your holy book? :)

Arun said...

btw, I think you posted this more for the title which as always, is excellent :)



I got it for first time

shub said...

1.It wasn't me!

2.Maybe her the heel of one of her shoes broke or something. Cos you don't see such heinous crimes here otherwise, do ya? :P

Raja said...

:-) At least she was "hatke". Daring to be different and not just going with the herd. As long as she was ok with it and was not harming anybody, I think she is quite entitled to her dress sense. :-)

Or is it just me, who loves non-conformists? ;-)

bluejay said...

" Cuz I make my own rules... :) " she might have said!.. or maybe she wanted to be noticed :P and it worked!!..

and... SILVER!!!.. yaaaaay!!!

mythalez said...

fashion-"flop" ? :P

anyway, i think flipflops with formals are different ... and good
[runs away from the newspaper!]

Stupidosaur said...

Oh yes definitely.
Wearing flip-flops with formals doesn't pay. And they say crime doesn't pay! So yes of course wearing flip-flops with formals is a crime!!!

Arun said...

This site's for you!

Sayesha said...

Hydrogen! LOL! :D Shuru se shuru? :D

//So you admit the category of fashion crimes? :) Is Vogue your holy book? :)

No way! I'm not really a fashionista, but I do think that murdering the sanctity of formals is a punishable crime. :)


Hahahahaha! I KNEW you'd comment on this one I just KNEW IT! Hahahaha! :D

//Maybe her the heel of one of her shoes broke or something.

Don't you sympathise with these criminals, Shub. This is the third instance of formal skirts with flip-flops I've seen this month. There sure are a lot of heels breaking. :/

//As long as she was ok with it and was not harming anybody

Oh she was harming all right... my eyes! My eyes!! :P

Nahinnnnnnnn.... yeh paap hai!!! :P

LOL at fashion-flop! :P

//[runs away from the newspaper!]

Sigh... log kab seekhenge... dude, you cannot run from the newspaper. It is rolled, it is deadly and it's flyin' just behind you. :)

I think I can simply create a "thunk thunk" template to auto-respond to all your comments on my blog, what say? :D

LOL!!! Oh my goodness! HILARIOUS!! :D

Angelsera said...

actually i see a lot of them in the morning...heading from their cars to the gym wearing formals and flipflops..cos the gym gives them workout attire and they prefer wearing their flipflops ard the changing rooms

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

pah! may be you should give her a couple of ya shoes! :P

Pepe444 said...


t said...

You should've pinned her down and hit her with her own chappal! Ugh, when will they learn?!

Stupidosaur said...

Then I wouldn't understand your reply at all. Hope Viv does.

Stupidosaur said...

Sayesha said...

Oh no now they have sullied the sacred gym too? :P :P :P

I don't have enough myself!! :P

Uhh... are you spam?



Sanchit said...

have u seen a guy wearing sort of formal loafers with shorts.. if not, let me enlighten u by the fact, that our mr. urv pulled 'em off.. i wasnt present so i don know how good, but yes he did

Neha said...

Arey forget the poor girl who wore the flip flops...think about the girl who yanked out! Man...she must be preaching fashion, or else she could not have considered this as a crime!