Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unseen and unheard

I wanted to write a 'best of 2009' or 'worst of 2009' kind of Bollywood post, so I looked up the list of all Bollywood movies released in 2009.

And that's when I nearly fell off my chair.

Check out the list below. When did these movies come and go?? I am stumped.

Okay, be honest, how many of these had you heard of?

3 Nights 4 Days
42 Kms
Aao Wish Karein
Aasma: The Sky Is the Limit
Accident on Hill Road
Ada... A Way of Life
Aloo Chaat
Bachelor Party
Bad Luck Govind
Barah Aana
Blue Oranges
Chal Chala Chal
Chal Chalein
Chatur Singh Two Star
Chowrasta Crossroads of Love
Coffee House
Daddy Cool
Detective Naani
Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge
Dulha Mil Gaya
Ek - The Power of One
Ek Aadat
Ek Se Bure Do
Ek Second... Jo Zindagi Badal De
Fast Forward
Har Pal
Horn Ok Pleassss
Hum Phirr Milein Na Milein
Jai Veeru
It's a mismatch
Kaashh... Mere Hote!
Khalbali - Fun Unlimited
Kisse Pyaar Karoon
Kusar Prasad Ka Bhoot
Let's Dance
Little Zizou
Love Ka Tadka
Love Khichdi
Marega Salaa
Maruti Mera Dosst
Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye
Meri Padosan
Morning Walk
Mr. Fraud
Pal Pal Dil Ke Saath
Phir Kabhi
Raat Gayi Baat Gayi
Rang Rasiya - Colours of Passion
Red Alert: The War Within
Right Yaaa Wrong
Royal Utsav
School Days
Shaabash! You Can Do It
Suno Na
The Stoneman Murders
The Unforgettable
Vaada Raha... I promise
World Cupp 2011
Zor Lagaa Ke… Haiya!


mythalez said...

- little zizou is a movie about football :P
- aloo chat is about hindu-muslim lo
ve marriage
- stoneman murders is a real life story based detective drama
and i can go on about a few of the other movies as well :D

oh yeah .. GOLD !!

Art said...

What!!! all these movies released this year???

Neha said...

maybe its because of the names no one noticed!! :D
I did hear (i think) of these though:
Aao Wish Karein
love khichdi

~ Lopa said...

I fail :O

Didn't hear any of them... may be they are B or C grade movies not with known names associated, that's why !
Don't know !!

iyer-the-gr8 said...

"The Stoneman Murders" - thats a bollywood movie? and did you already take out the ones that everyone's probably heard of?

Love LJ Joshi said...

strangely i have a vague idea of checking out some of the rushes on TV... even better, have seen a couple of them from your list :)

LoSt iN tHe cRoWd said...

:O..so many unknown movies

Piggy Little said...

42 Kms: was supposed to release in jan 09 at the time of stan chart. bombay marathon..bt released much much later (may or somethign)

Aao Wish Karein: after aloo chat, it was the second movie starring aamna sharif n aaftab shivdasani, had a voice over by SRK, released i think oct/ nov. 09

Accident on Hill Road: releasing 31 dec 09

Agyaat: some horror movie came in the middle of the yr...

Aloo Chaat: this was a fun movie, slapstick comedy, inter religion, likeable, one time watch if u ve nothing bttr to do. mid 09 release.

Baabarr: abt some weird guy with long hair...

Bachelor Party: heard abt this too..oct release i think

Barah Aana: this starred naseerudin shah...sank without a trace, altho got some reviews coz i think it had naseer...i think came sometime in sept/ oct...

Detective Naani: sank without a trace, had leads played by tv actors who were famous some yrs ago n now ve faded into oblivion...

Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge: sounds like a detergent tag line, bt was a movie :D

Dulha Mil Gaya: will release in jan 2010, starring sushmita sen, srk...

Fast Forward: i think this was based on dance...

Firaaq: nandita das' debut movie...decent, gripping..well made for a first timer...

Fox: starred sunny deol, udita goswami n one chick from chak de india. sank without a trace

Horn Ok Pleassss: it did release ;-)

Jai Veeru: tenu leke...that catchy song the music for which has been given by bappi lahiri's son..the only good thing abt the movie

Jugaad: heard it had released...

Kaashh... Mere Hote!: know it released...

Kissan: stars sohail khan n nahueed cyrusi n dia mirza...

Little Zizou: boman irani, imaad shah..nice cute movie on football..etc...

Lottery: i think oct release this was..

Maruti Mera Dosst: i know it had released...

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye: randeep hooda n raima sen....critically it was considered to be a good story premise badly executed

Mohandas: critical acclaim for this movie...

Morning Walk: anupam kher, sharmila tagore..n that kid for balika vadhu..

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi: releasing dec 31

Rang Rasiya - Colours of Passion: not released yet

Shaabash! You Can Do It: i know it released...

Shadow: it released...

Sikandar: its abt violence n how kids get sucked into violence in the valley..has that kid who acted the young rani mukherjee in black..

Straight: vinay pathak, gul panag ..

The Stoneman Murders: based on real life incidents in bombay in 80s i think...

Toss: released...

World Cupp 2011: last week release, sank.

:D :D :D

Stone said...

..know what...my answer is mostly all, except the few ones you've mentioned but actually never got released in 09.

Anyway, seems like you've missed some real good ones like..
Barah Aana
Little Zizou
The Stoneman Murders

and some timepass comedies likes Aaloo Chaat and Straight.

Swathy said...

I proudly announce I have actually seen jugaad , aloo chat, jai veeru(just the titles),42 kms(just the dvd cover as a filler movie)..
and heard of love khicdi.:D
am I the winner??
waise Aloo chat is ok,ok..

Sowmya said...

I think most of them are remakes of regional movies..

buddy said...

aalo chaat is worth a decent watch actually
and the rest of the list is priceless ROFL

Macho Girl said...

Vaada Raha was a weird movie that had bobby deol discover a cure for cancer by reading basic science text books and watching animated tumor cells on his laptop :-/ Makes me wonder why I struggle so hard in lab when all of life's medical questions have their answers in humble text books :P :P :P

Neha said...

Where did u get this list from? What happened to the famous ones?

Maybe its a list of B and C grade movies :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no... I have actually heard of 12 movies from this! power of watching trailers on showbiz ;)

Anonymous said...

Chatur Singh Two Star LOL!

Bhavya said...

Herad of 16 of them and actually saw three of them. Barah Aana was quite good actually, with Vijay Raaz n Naserruddin Shah. About a lower middle class guy's struggle to live.

Jass said...

I have heard of exactly three movies.
I knew I sucked at movies, but yeh to kuch zyada hi suck ho gaya bhai.

@Piggy Little:

WHOA! You are one bad ass bollywood fan!

Ashwin said...

Have seen three of those. Aloo Chaat and Straight were funny one-time watch.

"Vaada Raha...I promise" cracked me up. Funny how the tagline for some movies is just translation of the title. Either the makers are completely devoid of imagination (which says a lot about how the movie is gonna be) or they take their audience to be severely challenged in Hindi/Urdu (Which doesnt make sense bcos these movies dont normally release overseas).

May be they were expecting a blockbuster run in Tamilnadu. :)

Sayesha said...

Impressive! :)

Yeah! Tell me about it! :|

Hahahaha! :D

I failed too. :P

//did you already take out the ones that everyone's probably heard of?

Of course I did. The post is about unheard movies. I only retained the names that had me stumped! :)

Hahahaha, awesome! :D

#LoSt iN tHe cRoWd,
I know! :O

#Piggy Litte,
Hahahahaha! Mogambo khush hua. So many hours did you spend on google huh? ;)

Will try to catch them on DVD. Thanks! :)

Everyone seems to have liked Aloo Chaat. :D


Yeah I'll definitely try to catch that!

#Macho Girl,
You watched it? Hahaha! :D See, how Bollywood can help you get that PhD faster?? :D :D

I googled for all movies released in 2009 and filtered out the ones I knew of.

I should totally start watching TV again!!


Wow! I'll try to watch some of these. :)

Hahahahaha, haan yaar SSSK ki bhi izzat mitti mein mil gayi. :P
PS: I think Piggy Little cheated! :P

Love your point about the taglines. Though I am also amused at some taglines that have nothing to do with the movie like 'Daag the fire'! :D

Thousif Raza said...

dulha mil gaya.... still have to be realsed.. and lil zizou is a good movie i liked it....

but nice list... merry christmas... and aa very happy new year... take care

Rahul Katarey said...

Guys i guess you forgot Bollywood produces almost 300 Movies per year (irrespective of grades).

Ashwin said...

Yeah. If they just dropped the D in Daag the Fire, it'd fall in the same category I mentioned before :)

Anonymous said...

Shadow: Lead character was a blind guy in real life who isn't blind in the movie. Ah I remember the tagline, "Pehli baar ek andhe aadmi ne ek dekhnewali aadmi ka kirdaar adaa kiya hai"

rt said...

Even i have heard and seen the shadow trailers on the TV.
the title song has really amazing hand movements to go with (may be some call it dance :))
have heard 3-4 of the above!!
looks like the other bewdas have got better exposure to bollywood than BHAI?!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Bivas said...

heard of 18 of those in the list and guess what...sadly have been unfortunate enuff to watch a few of them as well!!!

Happy New Year :-)

Anonymous said...

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