Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bindaas in Bintan

During our recent Bintan trip, Viv and I discovered things about each other we hadn't known in the last decade of knowing each other.

I discovered that Viv has a phobia of snakes. Simply put, they make him go EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Viv discovered that I should never ever be allowed on the driver's seat of any aquatic vehicle. Simply put, they make me go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Both of us discovered after being flung off our jetski into the middle of the south China sea that lifejackets are indeed LIFE jackets.

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Bhavya said...


Bhavya said...
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Unknown said...

I claim silver... Even I hate Snakess!!!!

Unknown said...


mythalez said...


Dewdrop said...

:) HaHaHa... short n sweet!

Pi said...

All cool people are scared of some kind of reptile or the other.

Pi said...

All cool people are scared of some kind of reptile or the other.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Bhai, looked at the photos. Bhagavan aap dono ki jodi salamat rakkhe :)

Deepali said...

Bhai to heroine lag rela hai :) ..
Very nice pics and writeup..maja aaya padh ke.

A G said...

You've been tagged Bhai.


Charan Deep Singh said...

hey sayesha... reduced frequency of blogs... kya hua? and you have stopped responding to comments and mails yaa.... evrythng fine??

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Gold lekar EEEEE? It should be WHEEE! :P



Sheesh! Everyone's gone bonkers I see. :P


#The Narrator,
Hahahahahahaha! Sure sure! I take it you're one 'em cool people? ;)

Thank you, yaar! >:D<

//Bhai to heroine lag rela hai :) ..

Hahahaha! That sounds weird but I like it. Thanks! :P

#A G,
Noted. Will take it up soon. :)

Sorry yaar, just been crazy busy at work. I haven't even updated Day 3 of Bintan yet. As soon as I do that, will hop back to this blog. I know I owe you an email too! Thanks for checking in yaar. Don't worry, all's good! :)

Anonymous said...

purani botal..nayi daroo...wah bhai wah