Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rock on, Farhan!

The move to the new house and a thousand things at work had not given me any time to go watch Rock On, in spite of the movie featuring Farhan Akhtar (FA). Shub and I have been fighting like two giggly teenagers over whether he belongs to her or me (me, of course!), and she went one up on me by watching it before I could. And since then we have been bantering about nothing but him.

Sample this SMS conversation:

Shub - *yet another raving message about FA*
Me - Waa! Stop it! You're killing me! I wanna see my FA! Now!!! :'(
Shub - There's a scene of him in the shower too. :P Muahaha!
Me - Bleah. My pyaar is pavitra unlike yours. No shower. Though FA is a brand of shower foam...
Shub - No shower? Then it's not pavitra. It's dirty, no?

So finally, Viv and I decided to set the unpacking aside, take a break and go watch it, before people on the streets started saying, "Hawww Sayesha, you haven't watched Rock On yet??" I must admit I was afraid that Viv, in his usual style, would find the movie to be more Rock Yawn than Rock On. But surprise, surprise, this movie will go down in history as one of probably four hindi movies that managed to keep him awake the entire time.

I, of course, really liked it. In fact, I liked it before I watched it. I liked it the moment I heard that Farhan was acting in the movie. DCH and Lakshya were both so great, and just when you thought the guy had run out of talents to pick out of his box and surprise us with, he starts acting! And boy, can he act.

So here are my notes from the movie:
  • Ahem. I love Farhan Akhtar.

  • I wouldn't put the movie in my top ten, but Farhan stays right where he was - as one of the most talented guys Bollywood has.

  • I'd read the review on Rediff before watching the movie. I actually thought the band was called Magik (pronounced ma-geek). And I spent like a whole day wondering if it was an Urdu word with a very deep meaning. Sheesh. Why, oh why, are they doing this? First Singh is Kinng, and now Magik? Did Ekta Kapoor demand to have this spelling before she released her precious Bani?

  • Although most of the songs are quite catchy, you gotta admit - Farhan is not really a 'singer' singer. In fact, I was almost tempted to say 'Croak on' in some parts. But I suppose he does have a rock singer's voice and hence suited the songs.

  • The lyrics of the song 'Pichhle saat dinon mein' were totally cool. But 'novel' doesn't rhyme with 'bill'! :/

  • Purab Kohli's beard in the flashback scenes looked so fake I wanted to reach into the screen and tug it off!

  • The transformation in Luke Kenny's get-up from flashback to the present was simply amazing. I couldn't believe it was the same guy!

  • The snake song 'Zahreelay' was hilarious! Javed Akhtar rocks.

  • The movie reminded me of DCH so much at times, it was actually annoying.

  • Loved Arjun Rampal's bandanna look. Didn't like the look in the second half so much.

  • Farhan Akhtar is so fit! No wonder they got him shirtless in like three scenes. He looked totally dapper, especially in the formal shirts. Did I mention I love him?

  • I found the whole ex-girlfriend angle completely unnecessary.

  • What the hell was Anu Malik's role in the movie? Why exactly was he there again? That too, talking about original compositions??? Or did they give him that dialogue on purpose to make fun of him without him realising it?

  • The dandiya to Aashiqui songs was howlarious, especially the expression on Arjun Rampal's face.

  • Prachi Desai wasn't as bad as I expected an Ekta Kapoor actress to be. She did look like a doll in some scenes though. And not in a good way.

  • Sahana Goswami, who played Arjun Rampal's wife, was totally awesome. She portrayed the very complex character of Debbie amazingly well.

  • There were actually subtitles when KD sang "I will survive." But that's not the weird part. The weird part is that the subtitles got half the words wrong!

  • I just got home and watched 'The making of Rock On' on Zee. Did you know that Purab Kohli's drums were digitally added in? When they shot the scenes, the guy was just beating on a flat green pad against a green background!

  • And oh, I think I forgot to mention something. I love Farhan Akhtar. :D


anantha said...

Shub - No shower? Then he's not pavitra. He's dirty.


Btw, why is the first raving message about FA edited? mhmm? mhmm? One demands the whole story to establish the circumstances behind that extreme PJ!

Anonymous said...

u didnt say anything abt arjun rampal's looks!!!! :(

shub said...

heyyyyy! I said 'then it's not pavitra, it's dirty', no?. How will I say such things about him HUHHHHH?!!!

Nidhi said...
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Nidhi said...

Since no one has claimed GOLD as yet.. I claim the GOLD :D

I haven't yet read the post.. will do it now ;)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

FA...:-)(i like the initials)is a total genius i must say...firstly he made 2 great movies and now hes a part of the third one..and hes really good..his croaky voice..anyways managed to make the songs sound really really good:-)
And yeah...did I mention..i totally loooooooove FA:D

Prady said...

Finally someone beside me saw the annoying and blatant ctrl+c ctrl+v (copy paste) from DCH. I hated the move as it had so much "borrowed" from DCH and Jhankar Beats.

Sayesha said...

Hahahahahaha! Not all of Shub's and my sms conversations are fit for public consumption! ;)

#Hari Krishnan,
Ooops! Totally forgot! Have added that in now. :)

Ohhh! Hahahaha! That's what I remembered! Hahahaha! Okay baba, I changed it. Ufff! Nothing changes. He's still mine. Muahahaha! :D


Oh noooo! More competition?! Richa ki bachi, Shub and I are the original FA-natics. We will totally take you down! Muahahaha! :D

Yeah I totally agree. The DCH parts were very annoying, especially the way Aditya turned up at the rehearsal pad and everything... :/

venkatesan said...

We saw it too!The movie rocks!!

gypsy said...

loved the way u have put it up...

quite kewt and kewl...

I havent yet seen it ( sigh sigh sigh )

~anu~ said...

hey i loved the movie too. now tell me why are we taking the credit of 'Don' away from FA :)

Ekta said...

hey sayesha,
I absolutely agree with all ur comments...bang on!
Love FA...loooveeeee hiimmm!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...
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santasizing...Fantasizing said... competition...I am ok with Joe too:-)
but ya...did i mention I love FA...:D

rt said...
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rt said...

/* but did i mention I love FA */

The repetition of this got me more laughing than the over all post..

I havent seen it yet :(

Prats said...

Indeed it is an awesome movie....

Me 2 liked it....
Have you seen a Wednesday that too is an awesome movie.....

Its a must watch...

Stupidosaur said...

If Farhan is such a fovourite of yours, how could you wish a Rock on Farhan in the title. So mean of you :P

(Ah don't mind. As usual, I am insane these days)

Unknown said...

Just came across this video of Rock on...... Don't know if you've already seen it..... Anyways here it is....

Tarun said...

Yes the movie did reminded me off DCH.
here were lot many similarities.

Arjun Rampal is dead wood.

Prachi look cute.

Movie was chequred in the sense there were some holarious scens and in some scens u could go and hunt for popo corn and cold drink.