Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bhai at-tag-ed by two

I have been tagged by two bewdas of the bar!

Tag #1
This tag by Stupidosaur (his exact words were "I tag Sayesha - Who will probably write four lines from the double edition of the weekend paper, which will definitely have more than 123 pages.") made me hurl my hypothetical rolled-up weekend edition at him with great force over the bent-in-terror heads of all the other bewdas, but it kinda unrolled midway and did not hit him as hard as I'd intended. But then I thought to myself - let's honour the tag. After all, the poor guy was also ragged by the tag that someone sent his way. The tag may be pointless, but then think about it - how many 'pointful' things do we bloggers do anyway? Sheesh!

This is the tag:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Here goes:

"In spite of this brave statement, when Arjuna blew on his conch, he began to shake with fear and collapsed on the floor of the carriage. He was unable to hold the reins because his hands trembled. Arjuna explained, "When my conch is blown, its sound always makes my enemies tremble, but you are no enemy, be calm..."

Yep, you guessed it. I'm currently reading The Mahabharata by R. K. Narayan so it's the nearest book. And I just realised that by themselves, the above sentences make it seem like Arjuna freaked out at the sound of himself blowing the conch. But the person shaking with fear was actually the vain Prince Uttara who'd offered to be Arjuna's charioteer.

Tag #2
Now this one by Blue Bike states that you have to list down 10 of your secrets. There are two reasons why I can't do that. The first is that if I reveal them, they won't be secrets anymore. Secondly, anything that would be close to fitting the bill is already listed in this post. So I have decided it to modify the tag. A little bit.

Okay fine, a lot.

I'll list all right. But not secrets, but little-known facts. Not about me, but about this blog. Some of which may be known, but only to the mehfil ke puraane bewdas. And because my favourite number is 13, I've put down 13 facts instead of 10. (And yes, I'm totally aware that I have steered far far away from the original tag.)

Here goes:

  • I started this blog not because I had a lot of thoughts, but because everyone else around me seemed to have one and I felt left out damnit! :/

  • My initial projection of this blog's lifespan was one month. It's been 3.5 years and counting. Phew!

  • For the longest time I did not know what the name 'Sayesha' meant. I asked a friend who knows more Urdu than me and he said it means 'princess of hearts'. Oooh. I like! :D Mogambo khush hua!

  • This blog started off with Blogger's standard green template and was known as 'Sayesha's World' for almost a year. It turned into a bar only after this post, though I don't call this bar Sayeshaz any more (the z at the end is actually quite annoying, like the one in lolz and frenz). A few months ago, Viv helped me create the new blue look and new title. The picture was taken in February 2007 during our road trip in New Zealand.

  • There was a time when I used to write a new post every single day. Are my thoughts getting fewer and fewer?

  • There are two people whom I hang out with almost every weekend. I met them through my blog.

  • Though I've made many friends through my blog, I've also already had fallouts with some of them without ever meeting them. I guess I expected too much (my mistake, I admit) and I trusted too much (again, my mistake). I've since gotten wiser and also a bit cynical about blog friendships. I'm happy about the wiser bit, not so much about the cynical bit. :/

  • This blog is despised by some and I've had some comments from MACs (mean anonymous commentators), but I'm glad that I've never ever posted any mean anonymous comment on anyone's blog even when they really pissed me off.

  • I've come close to shutting down my blog forever only once. In hindsight, that was the worst idea ever.

  • My in-laws read my blog. Quite religiously at that. Sometimes they comment and then I don't know how I should address them when I reply to their comments. :P

  • My parents know I have a blog, but they don't have a computer at home (Mom thinks it will explode and she wouldn't know what to do) so they can't read it. Once in a while, I copy-paste my posts and send it to Dad's work email id like a Friday Forward.
  • My many alter-egos on this blog are actually all inter-connected. You see, Sayesha Smitten Showbiz Kitten (modelled after a character in the Britcom Goodness Gracious Me) writes for a newsletter which is edited by Sayesha the editor and circulated in a bar that belongs to her royal Bhai-ness The Bhai. The newsletter is called Akh-bar (the hyphen is important).

  • I've often wondered if blogging about something good will jinx it. In the end, I took the popular 'To-hell-with-it' approach and decided that I should just blog without thinking too much.

I tag anyone who fulfils all of the following criteria:

1. Has a blog.
2. Pretends it does not exist and hence neglects it completely.
3. Hasn't written a new post in the last three months.


raghu said...

yes the 'z'zzz are annoying :P

Stupidosaur said...

rrrrs are annoying too!

Stupidosaur said...

Waise my tag does have some sense to it.
1) You may get to know about hithero unknown profession of the person if related book gets picked for tag
2) You get to know about quaint reading tastes of people otherwise
3) Sometimes you get to know which language other than english can the person read.
4) Sometimes you also get to know whats happening in the life of the person (as in case of my tag post)

Stupidosaur said...

By the way who is Arjuna pacifying?

Stupidosaur said...

Oh I just read the lines, understood that its not Arjuna (Smart Stupid) and hurried to ask who it is in the comment.

*Stupidosaur sits expectant, waiting for the next 'anniversary edition' newspaper thrown by bhai, while the local raddi wala waits for Stupidosaur*

Blue Bike said...

Thanks for honoring the tag Bhai!
I've been a pretty recent bevda so those 13 points were totally unknown to me.
And really looking forward to next edition of Akh-bar


Sayesha said...

Gold it is! Yeah man... the extra letters are always annoying... dunno what I was thinking. :P

Hehehe... kabhi nahin sudhrega tu! :D
Char-char comments aur apne-aap hi replies? Hahahaha! :D
ps: LOL(Z?) at the waiting raddiwala! :D

#Blue Bike,
Thanks for tagging me man! We all complain when someone tags us, and when someone doesn't, we still complain! :P

Stupidosaur said...

//We all complain when someone tags us, and when someone doesn't, we still complain! :P

Yes bhai thats so true!
I am a Compla(i)n Boy!

satish said...

aslam bhai must comment on this post, i guess!

Urv said...

//(And yes, I'm totally aware that I have steered far far away from the original tag.)

Jo marzi aapki Bhai. because:

In the blogworld,
you are the Bhaiiis,
you are the Bhaiiis. :D

Kanan said...

Az alwayz, very entertaining! I simply loved the Welcome to Sayeshaz post. Thankz for sharing. ;)

Daroga said...

"her Bhai-ness" .... shaashtaang naman !!!!


Swathy said...

salaam bhai.
sahi tag kiya apne..
to 5 mahine se soya hua apna blog jag utha!!

Unknown said...

You don't know how to address your in laws? Very simple! Anybody who visits your bar is a Bewda! And regular visitors become your friends too! Don't they?

Tejal said...

ahem.. Bhai ko President ka namashkaar ;)
:) if that last tag was directed towards me then :P to u Bhai.. i just posted a new post! yeay!!!!! (ahem.. r the extra '!!!!' annoyin too?! )
btw i was pretty pleased that i knew almost all the lil-known facts listed in this post! cheers! :D

Ab said...

well, im sure yr green template lasted more thaa a year.... atleast till after u got married... (hmmmph)
i actually liked the way the text colour fitted on it.. in fact i think thats wer i got my ideas...

and too bad, i just posted after 4 months last week.!

chanakya said...

that is a very evil tag

shub said...

yeah I hated the 'z' too :D
But I loved the way you used to alternate posts in green and purple and miss that now!

starbreez said...

I coughed up a new blog entry the day before this post, so I escaped the tag, teehee!

Neha Malhotra said...

You're always funny. :)
AND, I don't know a person who HONESTLY made a blog for expressing their thoughts! It's like a mobile phone, you don't use it always but you need to have it. :D

PS: I was wondering, did you get my mail?

Sayesha said...

//I am a Compla(i)n Boy!

Hawwww! I cracked this joke years ago! :O

Aslam bhai bole toh? *scratches head*

Hahaha! Is it sung to the tune of "We are the world"? :D

Aaaarghhhh! Hehehe! Ok ok thankz thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :P :P :P

Hehehe! Sau putravaan bhava! :D

Hehehe... achha hua na! Jaage hue ko jagaakar kya faayda, hai na? Sone walon par pani phenke ka maza hi alag hai! :P

Hehehehehehe! Jaisi aapki marzi. :)

Tu toh mehfil ki purani bewdi hai, tujhe toh sab pata hai! :P

Eh? When did I say it lasted less than a year? Go up and read it again, the green template was there for like 3 years man! The blue one is only a few months old. :)

//after u got married... (hmmmph)

Hahahhaha! ROFL at the hmmmph! :D

Muahahahhaha! :D

Heheheh... yeah man... beetein lamhe... :)

You just about saved your ass, missy! :D

Thanks dear. I just sent you a mail, did you receive it?

rt said...

hey gud selection of people to be tagged !!
a good way to get rid of their blogger's block :)

Stupidosaur said...


you said "I am a Compla(i)n 'Boy'?
or did you say "I am a Compla(i)n Girl?

Oh wait you should say
"I am a Compla(i)n Bhai!"

Stupidosaur said...

Just within 2 days, through your post, 20 new visitors came to my tag post. They bravely went where no bewda had ever gone before!

Bhai aap Z security ka bandobast kar do.What if I am tempted to at-tag you again and again?

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Precisely! :P

//Oh wait you should say
"I am a Compla(i)n Bhai!"

Okay I like this one! Original hai, funny hai. Sabas India! :D

//They bravely went where no bewda had ever gone before!

Hehehe... treat them well okay? Kya hai na ki Bhai apne bewdon ko aisi waisi jagah direct nahin karta! :D

~vagabond~ said...

Ooh! Oooh! I remember the standard green template when it was Sayesha's world. Sheesh. Didnt realize I was thaat old a lurker in this bar. Usually I just sit in that corner, quietly sipping away at my booze, not saying a word, but then occasionally there's a post like this one, and I just have to turn into a giddy bewdi and proclaim my love for this bar. ;)

Stupidosaur said...

Bhai aisa mat samajhna ki upun ne tag kar diya isliye ye post pe jyasti footage kha rela hai.
Rela nahin, sirf vela hai.
Aur vele ne ek cheez notice kiya.
Aapka dono filmy poll ka result mein ek cheez bhotij dhinchak hai. Apney notice kiya kya woh cheez?

Sayesha said...

Hehe! Welcome back, giddi bewdi! :D

//Aapka dono filmy poll ka result mein ek cheez bhotij dhinchak hai. Apney notice kiya kya woh cheez?

Best movie bana worst movie? :P

Stupidosaur said...

Yahyah Khan

Reef by any other name said...


Unknown said...

Your thoughts are not getting any less, we just have so little time these days! I am amazed that I hadn't visited in probably weeks :O There was a time I used to check for new posts everyday religiously! Growing up is no fun:p

Bit Hawk said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I have subscribed to your blog from a long time (so no need to tell again that I like your blog :D) Laziness always made me just a bhai-stander in your blog :D