Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bless you, my child

So Mom told me of all the things she's taught baby Aish to say. I was eager to test her. So when my sister called, I asked her to pass the phone to Aish.

Sis - No no... She will just hang up on you.

My thought bubble - What the...?!

My speech bubble - But I want to talk to her! I want to test what Mom taught her.

Sis - Okay, I'll put the speaker phone on.

Me - Hello, Aish! AAAA-CHHOOO!

Aish - *silence*


Aish - *silence*

Me - Sis, why isn't she saying what she's supposed to say?

Sis (to Aish) - Aish, Mausi is sneezing!


Aish - Blechyu!

Me - OH. MY. GOD. I can't believe this! Did she really say "Bless you?"?? Even we don't say "Bless you" when someone sneezes!

Mom (beaming proudly) - Of course! I taught her to say that whenever someone sneezes.

Me - But she's not even 2! And she said "Bless you!"

Sis - Yeah, she repeats whatever you teach her.

Me - This is unbelievable. I have to hear it again. Aish, AAAA-CHHOOO!

Aish - *silence*


Aish - *silence*

Me - Sis, tell her I'm sneezing!

Sis - Aish, Mausi is sneezing! What do you say when Mausi sneezes?


Aish - Babblebabblebabblebabble!!!

Me - Huh? What was that??

Sis - No idea...

Aish's thought bubble - I said "Go see a doctor, you crazy woman!"



Aathira said...

couldn't resist saying GOLD!! :) btw, its raining here... yaay!!!

Aathira said...

p.s: can we have more Tiny Tapori posts?! they are loads of FUN to read!! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


stop scaring the poor kid i say! :)

ferret said...

huh! the torture of the poor kid, learn one new thing and there goes the mausi!

Neihal said...

I love these Baby Aish posts..but then who doesn't :D

Bivas said...

arre abhi se uske peechhe pad gayi...poor kid...tests and exams by Mausi!! :-) ;-)

Zahid said...

Kids say the damnest things...Kids thought bubble involves quite a few intelligent things...And this one was one of them !!! Haha...The tiny tapori !!!!

Alameen said...

my lil niece (3 years old) refused to give me a kiss. She refused because I am a man and a girl is not supposed to kiss a guy... LOL...

Kids are too much...

Iday said...

Aah the nightmare of being a smart kid. Once they learn something, they have to perform that again and again for the entire ghar khe khaandhaan.

That too, the audacity of these mausis :O International call mein torture...

The Mad Girl said...

All I can say is...awwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Amey said...

The things kids have to endure... Just so that the parents can show off to others :D

mythalez said...

rofl ... last line was awesome
reminded me of the movie 'look who's talking'

chanakya said...

Dman baby Aish is soo sweet,
and her masi is sooo crazy :D

Crime Master said...

Aluminium!! :P

Aish is adorable!

Tejal said...

lol.. i luved the last line.. infact i'm tryin to imagine the whole post from Baby Aish's point of view..
Baby- *silence*
(thought bubble- aww darn masi has a knows how terrible it is masi..dontcha worry masi...nani wil find the napkin wich u must've lost..jus lik mom finds mine *gives a smug look to her mom*)

Ab said...

oh no... you got me wrong... i didn start th sentence with 'no offence'.. i ended the previous one with it.... and that makes a whole lot of difference me thinks.. :)

anyways, funny noone else thot of it... and ya, may i repeat 'no malice ntended'... was jus in a pj cracking mood....

chanakya said...

btw Star Gold shows hindi movies all day long.
They are goona be showing Don next week I think :D

Anonymous said...

Aww that s lovely, the way the lil tapori says blechu!! babble always sounds like music.. Am i sounding like a mommy?? BTW i aint... atleast not yet! :P

Anonymous said...

Aww that s lovely, the way the lil tapori says blechu!! babble always sounds like music.. Am i sounding like a mommy?? BTW i aint... atleast not yet! :P

HaRi pRaSaD said...

That was nice! But why should someone bless when the other person is sneezing? I don't get it. Today I was at the Music world store and browsing peacefully through the English section when the elderly person next to me suddenly went into a fit of sneezing. How can I bless him when I felt like...okay..he was an elderly person get it right?

So is there some history behind this crazy practice or is it really crazy?

And yeah... it has been a long time. Nice to be back. Happy New year!

Unknown said... fun to teach kids :-).
Teaching bless u is sooo sweet! A 2yr old saying that, I wouldn't know how to react! haha. she is adorable.

How do we know said...

hee hee hee!

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! We just about missed the rain ah? Lucky! :P

//p.s: can we have more Tiny Tapori posts?! they are loads of FUN to read!! :D

Hehe! They're loads of fun to write too! Good thing that tapori is never short of antics! :P

#Ipanema Girl,
Hehe! :P

Hehehe... what to do yaar... this is the birthright of all mausis! :D

Thank you! :)

Hehe! :P :P :P


Hahahaha! :D

//International call mein torture...

Muahahaha! :D

#The Mad Girl,

No one shows off yaar... I'm the one who tests her all the time! :D


Hehehe! :P

#Crime Master,
I know! :D

Gosh itna lamba thought bubble! :P

Well, I think no matter how harmless the intent was, a sentence that is phrased "Doesn't he/she have a mother?" is offensive and inappropriate. Anyway, post gaya, baat gayi. :)

Eeesh! I don't want to watch movies all day yaar, itna time kiske paas hai. I want some variety - some Saregamapa, some Boogie Woogie, etc. :)

Hehehe! :P


Welcome back! And happy new year to you too! :)

Hehe, thanks! :D

#How do we know,
Hee hee hee back at ya! :D

Priyanka said...


Ankur said...

thats sweet, my daughter is 2 and like this only,,we call her TOTA (parrot) and she repeats...god bless Aish

Solitaire said...

She truly might have thought just that!!

Sayesha said...


Ohh 2-year-olds are awesome are repeating! I have a friend whose son is 2 and he's so fun to be around!! Your daughter must be an entertainer too! :D :D :D

Oh I am totally sure! :P

Unknown said...

i know the situation isn't what I am going to interpret now, but still...
did anyone, besides me, think of the child being treated like a parrot...

you know how people train parrots to talk right?

hey, maybe its me, but I can't help think of the poor kid as a parrot here.
Still funny though