Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A hot topic

Every once in a while, a post on fitness and hotness makes an appearance on my blog. Such posts are mainly for me to motivate myself, and if aate-jaate kisi aur musafir ka bhala ho jaaye toh subhan allah. Putting it down in black and white (green and white in this instance) just makes sure I don't cheat on my resolution till the post is off the main page at least.

But this time I decided to be a little different. This time I decided to combine two of my passions - fitness and hot men who can sing. :D

A few days ago, I came across two videos on Youtube. Going by how many posts originate from my watching something on Youtube, if they ever close the site down, my blog may also have to shut down. *shudders*

Youtube ki jai ho! Watch this!

The after

Video courtesy Nishas810

*swoon & thud*

Ladies, you may want to replay the video from 02.22 to 02.20 for an added *swoon & thud* effect. For the benefit of the cutie-curious (curious about the cutie, duh!), this is Shekhar Ravjiani who has the ability to bring any Saregamapa cynic back into the game. For those of you who are wondering who the heck this chap is, well, he's Shekhar of Vishal-Shekhar, the hot music composer duo who are also mentor-judges on Saregamapa. I admit I do not watch the show as I still maintain that I have not heard one unique voice in such contests since Shreya Ghoshal's crystal one, but this, my friends, is one unique face (*swoon & thud again*) which I'm sure is more responsible for raising the TRPs of the show than the incredibly inane fights that Himesh 'main-tumhaare-ghar-aakar- roti-banaunga' Reshammiya gets into on the show. And also responsible for music-lovers like me you-tubing the show like mad in the weekends. Anyone who decides to jump and yell that he's married and has a kid and blah-blah will really get it from me – eye-candy is eye-candy. Eye-candy is never engaged/married/has-a-kid/blah-blah.

And now watch this...

The before

Video courtesy Megandiva

So after watching these videos (particularly the first one) a million times over, two 'How the heck' questions popped up in my mind.

1. Between the 'before' and the 'after', how the heck did this guy get so hot?

2. How the heck does this guy manage to look 10 years younger than he looked 10 years ago? (did you check out Sonu Nigam's clothes and hair in the second video? Those were the days, huh? ROFL!)

I started to list the changes that seemed to have gone into his amazing makeover. New haircut. Youthful clothes. A fitter body. And of course, the most important one - a brand new attitude encompassing that confident-naughty smile that reaches his eyes (ah, time to watch the video and pause at 02.22. Again!). The new and improved Shekhar (as opposed to that other Shekhar [Suman] fella) is amazingly easy on the eyes. Looking at the 'before', who would have thought he had so much potential? In the first video, he just looks like "random singer chap I couldn't be bothered about", but in the second, he's... errr.. "hunky and talented crush-material I can't stop obsessing about". The man has practically turned back time. He looks better now (I'm guessing he's in his 30s) than he did a decade ago, and I won't be amazed if he's still this sexy at 40.

And it set me thinking. Remember how we say, "She looks like an aunty!" and "He's like some 40-year-old pot-bellied uncle!"? Well, looks like there are no such generalisations anymore. Just because you're 40, you do not have the license to carry the 'aunty' or the 'pot-bellied uncle' look. The new 40-year-olds have arrived and they do not look like Rishi Kapoor in a pullover in the month of June. Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan are just two of this new breed that has redefined the age. Agreed, they are celebrities and they must look good to stay in the game, but when a 40-year-old gets himself a six-pack in three months for an inane song (of all the freakin' dards in the world, there's a dard-e-disco? Sheesh!), you know something has changed. And when music composers start looking so good, when they don't have to, and probably don't have the time for, you know something has drastically changed. Forget the celebrities, it is now trickling down to the common man's level. Phrases like "baby fat" and "I'm genetically fat, I can't help it" and "This is the prosperous look" and "I am what I am" and "why the obsession with youth?" and "I'm married. Who cares how I look?" and "I'm too old for all this" and "I'm too busy at work" and joking about one's own weight, denial ("I'm not fat. I'm just chubby.", etc.) are mere excuses for laziness. Being too much into one's looks may not be good, but being totally out of it isn't too good either. It is surely laziness, for who here does not want to look young, fit and pleasant? What really bugs the hell out of me is that fitness has no bad side effects. It's good for your health, and the only side effect is that we look and feel great! How much more of an incentive do we need?

Beauty may be skin-deep, but it does not mean we incorporate another layer of fat under our skin. Yes we may have flaws - everyone does - fat thighs, bad skin, a stubby nose, thinning hair, small stature, a paunch, but there is so much that can be done without resorting to plastic surgery. The right clothes, the right shoes, the right hairstyle, the right diet, the right workout regime, the right make-up, a genuine smile and the right attitude can more than make up for our flaws. Everybody has the right and ability to look good. Only if they want to. I consider myself a fairly fit person, and even I fall short of my own expectations. And joining me are my friends from all over the world who would like to lose some flab or get some abs or just get generally fitter. How many of us are going to get better-looking in our 30s than we are now? Do we really want to wait till we're 40 and then see how things look before we buck up?

I think our generation, particularly our age – is a unique one. We are well-read and aware and driven and energetic. We're sufficiently crazy to stay happy, yet mature enough to understand a little of this puzzle called life. We do the maddest things, laugh at the silliest things and behave in the most random of ways, but we still know the value of values. We're between the boring and the immature generations. We're young at heart and will probably stay so till we die. We just need to put in a little effort to make sure we look as young as we are. But the problem is - we're also the generation that likes to procrastinate. We've had an easy life and we're spoilt. We're the generation that follows a sinusoidal curve when it comes to fitness or any other form of discipline – one month we're all charged up, and the next few we're back to our old ways. We need spurts of inspiration every now and then to keep us going. Something that friends and family can't provide, because they're too damn exhausted. Especially when we're going downhill.

And then suddenly, the clouds part and the sun shines through. What seemed so difficult is suddenly deemed easy. One hot guy on TV is all it takes to bring in the much-needed spurt of inspiration. Not just any hot guy, but a not-so-hot-before-but-now-smokin'-hot guy. To inspire us to look a little better. Or at least to put in a little more effort into looking better.

Good looks may be over-rated, but looking good surely isn't.


satish said...


what to say??! *shrugs shoulders*

satish said...

sayesha bhai, bande taapna band karo. you are married now.

cant watch the video. not that i wanted to anyway! how about putting up one shakira's video??

Sayesha said...

#Satty ke bache ke baap,
Video dekhega na... you will lose your orientation! :D

//sayesha bhai, bande taapna band karo. you are married now.

I will answer that by quoting a friend of mine who used to respond to similar idiotic questions with "I'm married. Not dead." Muahahaha! :D

shub said...

sorry off-topic, but! he's the man behind that voice? WOW!!!

Divs said...

"aate-jaate kisi aur musafir ka bhala ho jaaye toh subhan allah"

I have been pretty sad about my weight and this is a very well timed post for me :) Am leaving office right now to go for a (very much needed)walk. Thank you!

Bivas said...

yup...pretty cool but all said and done...i still think Adnan's change has been the baap of all makeovers and he has redefined the getting into shape concept. :-)

Sayesha said...

Nahin re! The background song is the video is sung by Kay Kay, but Shekhar composed the music with Vishal. :)

You're welcome! And good luck! I gotta buck up too! My weight is okay, but I badly want toned abs! :D

Hehehe! That's true, but he's not as 'crushable' as Shekhar! :D

Thisisme said...

:))))) u completely echo my thots on fitness..
i m quite a fitness freak..with a great ability to gain weight easily :-s ..if i dont workout..i gain smthng like 20 kgs in flat 2 mnths :(( so m a compulsory fitness freak :D ...n i must say..i luvvvvvvv it :))))
i think everyone shud work out irrespective of whether vr fat or thin..its a better way to live :)

Thisisme said...

n btw..i recently saw adnan's pics..n blv me..he luks soooooo guddd..and very much crushable..completely my kinda guy ;-)

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! I knew you would make an appearance for this post! :P

//i recently saw adnan's pics..n blv me..he luks soooooo guddd..and very much crushable..completely my kinda guy ;-)

Sheesh! Why is everyone talking about Adnan? Why isn't anyone talking about MY Shekhar??? :/

shub said...

phew! toh aise bolo na! even the video says shekhar etc etc aankhon mein teri or something!

I was wondering who the HELL sounds AS good as KK! I am in LOU with this song BIG time!

Thisisme said...

ur post prompted me to go for my 1 hr evening walk inspite of jst comin back from a longg shopping spree..thanks :D

Shiv said...

u know wat....I was thinking of a post on similar lines...only If i cud get my diet and workouts right...sigh

Anonymous said...

#Shub, some randomly weird fan must've made this video, hope its not Sash.. :)

Sash, Shekhar R just saw the video, and when I stopped at 2:22, he gave that smile to me... I must tell u, he looks really good! :)

Manchus said...

Quite inspiring!! But am I the only one who sees the resemblence...Shekar has the looks of Nitish Bharadwaj (Krishna from Mahabharat) for some reason. I guess the smile and twinkle in eyes. I used to really like NB then...but that was teenage :)

Just Jane said...

i cant believe u mentioned the other shekhar!!!!!! :P

and wasn't it 1:50? *puzzled look*

so this ravjiani chap is cute and all, but mark my words, i will be cuter! ;) and you can take some credit when that happens! :)

Bivas said...
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The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...



async said...

couldn't agree more. Shekhar is the only reason i watch Sa re Ga Ma Pa.

Somya said...

Thanks urs is just the kinda post I needed to read to push myself outta my slumber...Shekhar is hot but I guess Adnan is even more cuter n hotter and his voice is like awesome...but yup even I started watching SRGMP coz of him n Vishal..they are the only tolerable ppl with sane heads on their shoulders unlike the few others on the show*read himesh reshammiya, Bappi Lahiri*.

Raj said...

I agree with you on our generation being more aware. And such before and after examples can definitely encourage people. I think its everybody's right to look and feel good! :)

- Raj
Rhythmic Dissonance

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

hmm that second serving of chocolate brownie.
The right diet means my taste buds die an unnatural death.

lazyConfusedBoredPessimist said...

Your post inspired me to collect the health club membership card from our office facilities department today. I had applied for it 2 months back and those guys promptly issued one, however I never collected it till today:-) Thanks and keep up the good writing

shub said...

Last comment on this post, God promise. Given how totally nuts you're going over this guy, I demand that you don't mix up issues and make a separate post on the guy alone :D

Unknown said...

I read this....as i have grown watching SRPG (now P) , i really liked this

We're sufficiently crazy to stay happy, yet mature enough to understand a little of this puzzle called life.

i completely agree with u :- ))

qsg said...

What is the fuss about...huh?

Kalpana said...

Hi Sayesha! I've been following ur blog for quite sometime, but this is the first time I am posting my comment. I sure got inspired reading this post. Thanx for that. :-)

Chickoo said...

Oh man! After reading this I gotta take up my cardio conditioning classes again. This post is very motivating.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I don't find him hot :-(

Sayesha said...

You remember that song 'Dil se mere' from 'Pyaar mein kabhi kabhi'? Shekhar sang that. :)


Then get it right yaar! :)

Chal chal! Aukaat dekhi hai apni?? Kahan kahan se chale aate hain Shekhar par haq jamaane. Chhutta nahin hai, aage badho! :/

Hehe... yeah I agree there is some resemblance... even I used to find Nitish cute, but Shekhar is HOT HOT HOT! :D

//and wasn't it 1:50? *puzzled look*

Embedded videos ulte chalte hai. :)

//so this ravjiani chap is cute and all, but mark my words, i will be cuter! ;) and you can take some credit when that happens! :)

Jam ke gym jao, kuchh ban ke dikhao! :D


#The Girl from Ipanema,
Lo aa gayi aur ek... keep your grimy paws off my man! Kambakht bouncers are not doing their work properly... arre leke jao re isko... mere bar ka farsh ganda kar diya apni drool se! :/

#@$ (ahem, this looks like I am abusing you, eh?),

Hehe... I still don't find Adnan hot... you can have him! :D

//even I started watching SRGMP coz of him n Vishal..

Hehe... yupp! I especially love it when Shekhar gets angry... *swoon & thud* :D

Thanks :)

*thwacks Sandew with her weapon of ass destruction*


Hmmph! Jealous buggers! Mere paas Shekhar hai! Tumhaare paas kya hai? Rupa ka baniyan? :D

Thanks. :)

Ja re... tere level ki baat nahin hai... :)

Welcome to the comments space and thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

PHEW! All the better for me. THANK YOU! Babe, you're the only one who cares about me. There are already enough women falling all over him, I could really do with some who don't find him hot. :D

HaRi pRaSaD said...



Check out my blog! :)))))

Adorable Pancreas said...


Damn! I drooled all over the keyboard.

Sayesha said...

Whoa! Long time no see, buddy! And CONGRATULATIONS! I had a fun time reading about "your friend Mani"! :D

#Adorable Pancreas,
Muahahaha! Drool from a distance, darlin'. He's all mine. :D

Sukhaloka said...

you forgot the major bane we have. Instant gratification. Which is what makes plastic surgery an option in the first place.

All in all, the post makes sense.

Iday said...

Did u like try to take ur hubby parameshwar to the gym and miserably fail at the attempt??? Why so much tensan...

Sayesha said...

Yupp, I agree. It is perhaps the lack of instant gratification that makes us so complacent.

Hahaha! Nice try to get out of the guilt by pretending that this post is for everyone except you! Buck up, buddy! :D

Iday said...

Oh come on. Apun lost lot of weight only, after coming to Chicago :D

Unknown said...

hahaa yes 2.22 was CUTE! :-)

Sayesha said...

And what makes you think losing weight is always a good thing? :)


Iday said...

Losing weight is a good thing, if u already had a lot of it ;) I did - so it is!

But no - i cannot get myself to look "hot", how much ever weight i lose!!!

MeAwinner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MeAwinner said...

Hey Sayesha,
Hope u remember...me,Though I have been reading your blog...but didnt commented for long time.
This post inspired me alot...I am thinking its worth putting effort.. and more importantly being consistent... for your own fit body.. which is important for good health and to feel goood.... sel-image.. :)
Thanks.. for writing so well.. as always.. you are very expressive and impressive..
Cheers !!

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