Thursday, April 05, 2007

Will, you go to Khandala?

Considering the insane amounts of time I spend on Youtube, I've decided to do a weekly feature on my blog, of some of the best videos I discover. To start off the eve of this long weekend, the 'Video of the week' is Will Smith singing 'Aati kya khandala' on Indian Idol. I found it especially captivating because of the earnestness with which he tries to sing the words correctly. At the same time, you can see he's totally enjoying himself.

Video courtesy mannu530

And as I ooh'ed and ah'ed over how adorable Will Smith is in this video, I had a thought - why is it that when an Indian sings like an American, he's "aping the west", but when an American sings like an Indian, he is "CHO CHWEET" and "HOW CUUUUTE"? Is it that all we have are apes but nothing ape-worthy? (Errrm, no offense to the Indian cricket team.)

Well, maybe it will happen. Maybe one day in the future, American parents would be complaining, "Damn globalisation! Damn TV! The kids of today are so Indianised! They eat at home, do well in exams, respect their parents, and have like 'culture' and 'values' and stuff. Sheesh. All this aping of the east... what will happen to the future of this Zee TV generation??"



Unknown said...

Hey Sash!
muaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaa :P

Unknown said...

Aha! Puuurfect label Sash ;)
Will I be alive to see that day?? Really wanna :D

//"no offense to the Indian cricket team"

As for the video, its still buffering :)

Take care,

PS: *Does a nice victory dance*
I took the GOLD :D :P

Unknown said...

hehehahahahaha. Too good man! Great video. The way he sings the last line was really "tooo cute" :)

Thisisme said...

hahaha..gud wish there! amen to that!
and cant c video in office :P will watch from home! :-)
n will smith...oooh lala..woh hindi/chini/japani/english kuch bhi bole..cute hi lagta hai ;-)
n yea..of course..i get the silverrr..hai na??:D

Thisisme said...

ahhh..cudnot resist!! saw it!!:P:P
will...meri jaaaaaaan!!!
mar javan gud khake!! :))

ferret said...

Will Smith on Indian Idol!!!!
I promise i'll watch it, if they promise they'll bring him again. But then i'll vote only for Will :P

Anusha said...

Wha?! Will Smith was on Indian Idol?! How on earth did I miss this?! :O

Oh, man. That really was awesomely adorable. I knew the guy could sing, but whoa! The diction! Ah, just reason to love him more. :D

Neihal said...


make sure you make this a weekly laziest creature on Earth :D

I cant stop laughing....he looks cute :D

Rosh said...

Too good video! How did I miss this one? ;/

Any BTW, the reason for my absense was that I was lost in Hopscotch..
The pics were brilliant and you narration was the icing on the cake.


Just Jane said...

Will rocks, period! Anything he does, he's the Fresh Prince! Did you watch Pursuit of Happyness finally or not?? If not, jeez, you're seriously missing something in life!! :P

Sakshi said...

How did I miss this. Need to spend more time on "research" :/
Now let me listen to the vid again.. I think I have a chance of making it to the Idol :)

Dhaval Faria said...

well, thats happening :).

I m getting adicted to ur blog :P

raghu said...

saw it live! :D

Bivas said...

saw this last season...was superb :-)
btw...aping the indian team...wot r u talking abt...its so much fun watching the drama on the news nowadays ;-)

qsg said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! I love the last line too! :P And also the part where he closes his eyes and says "Suna!" :P :P :P

Hahahahahhaha! :D Couldn't resist it eh? Aphis mein kya kya karti rehti hai? :P


Egg-jactly! Oh the diction! Awesome! :D

Yeah I'll make it a regular feature :)

#The Lonely Traveller,
Thanks! :))

No I haven't watched it yet, will borrow the DVD! :D

Hahaha! Best of luck! :P :P :P

Thanks! :)

Lucky you! :D

Oh man I've gotta start watching Indian TV news! :D

You're welcome! ;)

Neihal said...

my way of thanking you for all the amazing videos you have posted.

maybe you have seen this *its still a thankuji*
I went roflllll when I saw this video. Bollywood at its best. :P

PS: first time I saw a Spiderwoman that too a flying spiderwoman

soleil said...

OMG! What was Will Smith doing on Indian Idol? Cool!!! :)

bharath said...

will smith is one of the coolest! entertaining and a interesting singing talent.

Sayesha said...

Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn! I had this one saved for one of my 'video of the week' posts! Nahiiiiiiiiiiiin! :'(

Hahaha... yeah man! Coooool! :D

Yeah, multi-talented man! :)

Neihal said...


sorryz :(

PS: but you do agree its an awesome video, my husband thinks I have lost my mind (humph!)

sorry again :(

Sayesha said...

It's totally awesome! Hahahaha! :D
ps: Don't apologise and don't worry, Sash will find more such hidden gems for her 'Video of the week' series! Muahahaha!:D

Neihal said...


Bivas said...

hey I actually remember that spidey+superman song...the movie was ummm...shall we say interesting :-)
Waise wot do u think...doesn't Kimi Katkar look like some serious competition to Toby McG ;-)
Spidey Outsourced!!! Imagine the hue n cry this cud lead to in the western world...India getting even the jobs of superheroes outsourced!!! hehehe... ;-)

Bivas said...

come to think of it...remember Puneet Issar(Duryodhan of Mahabharat fame) as Superman in a Hindi movie... :D

Sayesha said...


Sheesh! The days of Kimi Katkar! Hahahaha! Remember Tarzan? ROFL! :D

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