Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby's day in

So it was my sister's good fortune that I decided to relieve her of her fulltime job at Motherhood Unlimited for a few hours while she went to get her shopping done. On the other hand, it was my good fortune that she actually trusted me enough to let me baby-sit Aish without supervision.

Barely had I shut the door when the phone rang.

"What's she doing??" My sis asked.

"Huh?? Are you even out of the lift??" I asked.

"What's she doing??"

"She's looking at me talk to you, you crazy woman."


"And..?? There's an 'and'?? Errr... She's not crying?"

"Oh okay then."


Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang again.

"What's she doing??"

"She's sleeping... and not crying!"

"Oh okay."

This happened another hour later.

"She's not crying! Stop calling me!" I hung up.


OhdearGodAishwasawake!!!! :O :O :O

"Uhh... let's get you into your stroller, okay?"

I did that. She became quiet. I drove her around the house, and she chuckled. But soon she started looking really bored.

"Now what?" I looked at her.

She gave me a "you're-supposed-to-know-that-you-dhakkan!" look.

"Shall we watch some TV? Oh yeah, let's do that!"

So I turned on the TV and started flipping channels. I felt like Chandler as he sat with his chick (as in the bird and not the woman) and explained the storyline (is there one?) of Baywatch when they were watching TV together.


Himmesh Reshammiya appears on screen.

Me - Look Aish, that is Himmesh Reshammiya. We don't like him. But he doesn't care. Because he has made a lot of money from all that oooooing that he does all day about the surooooorrrr of his huzoooorrr.


Brett Lee appears on screen in his album with Asha Bhosle.

Me - That is Brett Lee. He is a cricketer. We don't know/care which country he plays for. He can't sing in hindi for nuts. But we love him.


Abhishek Bachchan appears on screen.

Me - That is Abhishek Bachchan. We don't like his dad too much but we like him. He just got engaged to Aish so we gotta wait and watch.


A bored lion appears on screen.

Me - This is a lion on the national geographic channel. We will not watch this channel. You can watch when you grow up.


Newsreader appears on screen.

Me - This is a news channel. They show the day's happenings. We won't watch it because we are here for a wedding. There's enough happenings in the house already.


Rakhi Sawant appears on screen.

Me - This is Rakhi Sawant on Bigg Boss. We think she's too innocent for a show like that. And oh, we hate the show.


Akshay Kumar appears on screen.

Me - This is Akshay Kumar. Your mom doesn't like him, but we do.


A large over-dressed family appears on screen.

Me - This is a serial by Ekta Kapoor. She can't spell for nuts. And her stories are all the same. The evil bahu always has short hair and a weird fringe, and wears silver or purple lipstick. And see that old woman in the corner? She's been on the show so long, she must be 140 years old. Nice saris on the show, though.


Siddhu appears on screen.

Me - That is Siddhu. He used to play cricket. He did some cricket commentary too. Also killed a man. Now he laughs at senseless jokes on a stupid show called 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'. We don't like him.


Aish appears on screen.

Me - You see that? That's Aishwarya Rai. She's the most beautiful woman in the world. Doesn't she look super hot in this song 'Crazy kiya re'? We don't have that face, but we should strive for that body, ok?


Me - So which one do you like?

Aish looks at me, puzzled.


John Abraham appears on screen.

Aish - Thisssss!

Me - That's my girl! :D


Anonymous said...

GOLD..!!! :) :)

my first comment in this blog...and that too a gold...!!

I really want to post comments on the article...but got an imp work.... :(

And let me tell you coding is getting delayed because of your BLOG...because I keep reading every single post in archives also..!
Don't be surprised if my TL sues you for this..very soon..!

Anonymous said...

Super Cool!!!!

manju said...


Very cute post ! Loved it :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


main soch raha hun kee aapki saadi ke liye poore mumbai mein laddu batwa dun!

love to baby aish. :)

Anonymous said...

*giggle* Aish already has a great taste in men :D

Anonymous said...

Haa Haa... Kids at that age can be quite adorable :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...even i used to do that with my niece,..its actually loads of fun :)):))

and hope u havin a great time :)

Anonymous said...

Are bhai.. yeh kya .. aur competition kyu khada kar diya? How can I compete with baby Aish......
Dil toda kisi ne mera..

Oh Btw- My S-i-L called me up every 1/2 hour to check how the baby was doing the first time too....still tease her about it :)

Shekhar said...

Considering that she's Baby Aish and not Baby Bipasha, she should've flipped when Abhishek Bachchan, not John Abraham, came on screen. :P

Shekhar said...

Considering that she's Baby Aish and not Baby Bipasha, she should've flipped when Abhishek Bachchan, not John Abraham, came on screen. :P

Unknown said...


You've really taught Aish quite lots haan. Bilkul apni maasi par gayi hai!! Hey, will she be coming to Mumbai too?????????????

Reply sooooooooooooooon dear :)

Wish you all the luck, yet again :)
Take care,

Bivas said... who were u 'kid'ding thr? ;-) john huh :P

Anonymous said...

:D :D

Now you are exaggerating!!


dharmu said...

oh god! baby aish also likes Johny boy?????

cool, we have one more in our team. yipee!!!!!!!!!

Iday said...

Oh!!! Kids...
Awesome fun :)
Is she coming to "u-know-where"??? :D

HaRi pRaSaD said...

I guess seeing Baby Aish's wet diaper later you must have realised she was actually saying "Pisssss!" and not "Thisssss!" you dhakkan!!

What wud the tiny tot do after seeing the likes of Himesh Reshmiya, Sidhu and all!! She must have been really terrified!

rajeev said...

You are a great baby sitter too - you managed to watch tv while baby sitting. And even kept the little one entertained all the while . Kudos.

Mohan Kodali said...


btw Congratssssss :)

was away from net and the bar for loong time.

chanakya said...

poor little baby.
Such torture having to look at hiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmeeeeesh blah blah.

cute kid though. You got the slippers for her btw ?

Priya said...

welcome to the club aish :)


Anonymous said...

I like Aish already!!! Good taste in men ;-)

- sylvy

Tejal said...

ha! baby aish was havin one rockin tym huh? be careful in da wedding though.. all cute girls r hunted down by da guys at these humdrum occasions..n considerin her taste in men.. hehe.. ;)
so u got her da matchin hair stuff Di asked for or not????

Anusha said...

The girl knows her hot men. *nods*

And yeah, way to baby-watch, Sash! You managed to keep yourself and Aish entertained while doing "serious" work! Now that's what I call multi-tasking. ;)

Di said...

yay!!!!!!!! ye tho apni hi bachhi nikili..she'll do well for herself.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Chooo Chweet Aish :)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Thats my girl as well!!

rt said...

thats cute!!
u r biasing aish's opinion tho!!

Anonymous said...

Atta girl, Aish...
Grow up to be great, but never like Aish Rai.. :)

R said...

Forcing your liking on an innocent kid! Bloody...kya zamana aa gaya! :P


Elf said... are patient! I just train my kid to use the remote control himself OR tell him that all other channels aren't available except for the soccer one ;P

Anonymous said...

Aish knows who is the current heart throb ;-)

Didn't manage to read all your posts yet....but thoroughly enjoyed the ones I did.

atul lakhotia said...

aish must have been terrified by luking at the likes of himesh and sidhu..b4 finally choosing john... :D :D :D

Unknown said... better entertainer than yourself!

Sudeep said...

kya haal hain sayesha.. :)

it is almost 2 am here n thnx to the post i can sleep with a smile..

lol @ u-supposed-to-know-dhakkan n NG channel

aur tu kitne shows dekhti hain re.. pehle toh doubt tha lekin ab pukka yakeen ho gaya ki tu kaam nahi karti :P

n happy new yr :D .. haan bhai thoda late ho gaya

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write more frequently? You blog is not so attracting with a three week old blog which is the latest. So plese do blog more frequently.

Sneha said...

good baby aish!

Soumya Lokura said...


chanakya said...

are u shutting down this bar and opening a new one ? or the wedding getting to u finally ? :D