Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just in the neighbourhood

Life is full of amazing coincidences.

So this morning, I'm still thinking about how cool is.
And then my blog gets its first comment from Pakistan.

And then my Marketing Manager pops by my cubicle to tell me he wants me to go to Pakistan on work.

"Pakistan?" My eyes almost pop out.

"You mean Pakistan? Pakistan Pakistan?" I'm so excited I can't say anything after that.

"Umm... Yeah. Pakistan. Seven days. Three cities. Three presentations."

"Pakistan??" Ok, I'm beginning to sound dumb now.

"Well, of course I'll understand if you don't want to go... because of the...errr.. you know...."

"No no! I wanna go, I wanna go!"

I was stumped. I'd never even dreamt in my entire life that I would even think of going to Pakistan. Ever.

And here was a guy willing to put me on a plane which will take me from Singapore to the land of Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Shahid Afridi, Junoon, Strings and Jal!

I could not believe my luck.

No one in my family was a freedom fighter. Neither my parents nor I was around during partition. And yet, for some reason I am very emotional about Pakistan. And though I had recently blogged about how I wish India and Pakistan merged to form a single cricket team that whacks everyone's ass, the hunky cricketers are not the only reason.

To me, Pakistan has always been the forbidden land, the mysterious place. A country full of people who are exactly like me. And yet different.

And now I was so close to getting a chance to see it all with my own eyes.

"So? Can I confirm that you will be going?" The Marketing Manager shook me out of my dazed state.

"Yeah, definitely!"

"Great, I'll arrange for the paperwork then."

But suddenly I had a thought. That before even thinking about doing the three presentations to people in Pakistan, there was a telephonic presentation I would have to do to certain people in India.

"No, wait. I think I need to get my parents' permission first... because of the... errr... you know..." I said.

"Of course, of course. I understand. Let me know if they agree."

"Okie, sure."

Hmmm... now what?

I'm sure Mom and Dad will freak out. They're not anti-Pakistan, but I know they will fear for my safety, what with the bomb blasts in both countries, and all the finger-pointing. Sigh. When do I call them? Now or after they're back from the US? What do I tell them? How do I tell them? Do I just 'inform' them or do I 'ask' them? But whatever I do, I know what they will say. "What?? Go to Pakistan?? Have you gone crazy??"

How do I convince them to let me go?

Hmmm... Will getting someone to stop their newspaper supply, and disrupt their TV connection help?

I really really wanna go. Should I? Or should I just pretend that I am five, and listen to Mom and Dad? I may be 26, but on some levels I still believe that our parents always know what's best for us. Should I even try to convince them against what I'm sure they'll say?

I feel so lost.

Inshallah it will all work out fine.


Inder said...

that is a great chance!!! not many of us indians get a chance to visit pakistan. so, why not??? parents... i guess you can manage to convince them by stressing on the fact that it is just a week long trip. all the best!!!

shub said...

I mean WOW.
I hope your folks say okay >:D<
My grandma n grandpa lived in karachi for a while before partition..and my Grandma still regales us with stories of the partition time and how they came to India on a ship :)

shub said...

tell them u need to go someplace near Hyderabad, and taht you'll pop into to Lucknow (is taht wehre they are?) soon....they'll be like okay :D
then drop the bomb that u mean the Hyderabad in Pakistan :D

bomb n Pakistan in the same line, might ensure this blog gets blocked? :))

Princessse said...

awwwwwww girl!!!! You SOOOoooo should go!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would kill to be able to go!!! My conference in May landed me with a contact in Pakistan who invited me to come work at the University of the Punjab in Pakistan for 3 months but. .. my parents freaked out... so can't goooo.....

all the best girl!!

Princessse said...

Incidentally, my grandparents used to live in Hyderabad Sindh in Pakistan before the partition... (modern day Karachi I'm told)... I realllllyyy would like to go.

Sakshi said...

MHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUh.. In top 5 and after reading the post, unlike some people. Hint hint.
I am envious - My aunt went there last year on a biz trip. She loved it.
Hope you have a great time and take lotsa pics and post..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

elbowing my way into the top ten.

yeh kya din aa gaye mere. sash! forgot about system???

but yaar, this is going to be tough to negotiate, if you're going to want to go with parents "permission". take it from me, they'll go ballistic.

i've always wanted to go to pakistan to see Mohenjo daro & Harappa, for one. To visit my one of my closest friends' home, for another.

I wanna go!!!!!

P.S: My professor went for a meeting last year and had an awesome time.

P.P.S: which city? I can put you in touch with folks if you need.

GO ! GO ! GO!

Sayesha said...

//i guess you can manage to convince them by stressing on the fact that it is just a week long trip.

Naah, logic won't help in this case yaar :(

I hope they say okay too... I dun even know when to call them and how to even begin telling them about this. :|
ps: Mera blog mat block karwa yaar! :O

Shux man... they won't let me... :(

Pics? Hahaha! Let me go and come back first. :D

#Ipanema Gal,
System? Arre system toh usi din nashtam-bhrashtam ho gaya jis din tumne aur World Gal ne catfights band kar diye :D

//take it from me, they'll go ballistic.


//which city? I can put you in touch with folks if you need.

Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Will let ya know if I'm successful in my convincing act.

Sudeep said...

nice chance u have.. hope it works for u

pkblogs se pakistan ki trip.. hmmm
*hunts for some site with the country name i want to go*

Anonymous said...

Hmm...You have got a case on your hands here... One side its your eagerness to go to Pakistan on a business trip that can get you accolades from our co-workers for going to a place where the political structure is imbalanced and unstable. On the other side is your parents who are politically balanced and stable in keeping themselves informed about the conditions going on there. Do this...tell them that you are going to Rajasthan or Gujurat (Pick one state - because both these states have borders to Pakistan). Then also mention to them that since your presentation will be viewed by people from both countries in joint efforts to work together on establishing a good educational system, you might be extended an invitation to come to Lahore (its close to Rajasthan:)). Tell them that even though you highly doubt that, but you never know until the presentation and the feedback. And when the time comes, tell them Rajasthan presentation rocked and so you are going to Lahore. Then use the same principle and tell them that your Lahore presentation rocked and you are now going to Karachi and so on. I faced through similar situations when I had to go to Sri Lanka on a business trip. And I think no country is as dangerous as Sri Lanka with all the tensions between the tigers and the government. But if you present it good and be confident in what you present, I dont see any grounds for a negative response.
Bas aisa samajhlo ki you are giving a presentation in front of mamma and papa that is tough because of the years of acclaimed critical analysis they have .

Let us know what happens.

- Anjaan Ladka

Macho Girl said...

wow!! What a wonderful oppurtunity to visit Pakistan!!! Thats cool! I wouldn't mind going... can't imagine what my parents would say. I guess its all the same situation.

Good luck with your convincing act. Hope it works out :)

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha, Good luck.

Actually never thought about visiting Pakistan in life..:) I don't know what I would do if I get a chance. Hmmm but My dad was in Indian Navy and has fought in 71 war so I know what his reaction would be...:)

Good luck and Enjoy.

Aslam said...

I would never ever go. And certainly not after what happened on 11th July. 2 bit rogue failed tinpot dictatorship state.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Honestly, I would never go. Am a Scardy cat in that sense. But an intriguing thought, nonetheless!

InfJunkie said...

YOooo..Hopefully ur folks will say yes...So we also get to knw a taste of the "taboo land" for Indians :D

But u're to wear a purdah or stn while u're der, rt?
Have fun, babe ;)

Unknown said...

Aawww >:D<

You're right Sayesha.. Even if we're 26, for stuff like this, we do need permission from our parents and getting them approved for something related to Pakistan is almost next to impossible!! For that matter, for many, not only Pakistan.. its also muslims! A kind of biased attitude they have for al muslims in general which I can't bear!!!

I still remember my freaked parents faces when all I'd done was told them that I wanted to visit the mosque! :O :(
I remember going there w/o their permission.. They still dunno about it :|

Even though they themselves have been from cities which are now based in Pakistan.. things have changed alot over the years!!! Even I'd love to go to Pakistan.. at least once :)

Wish you all the luck dear..
Hope your parents understand & agree to it :)
Do give in a try at least, you never know.. Miracles happen :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

GO GO GO! I think it will be interesting. My collegue went there last year and stayed for almost a month and he loved it! And parents will be parents, anywhere around the world....I had to go to Sudan and my parents were NOT happy but I guess in the name of WORK they couldn't say no:) Just tell them it's a matter of career progression:D

May the force be with you!!!

Born a Libran said...

First time around here... A couple of times, in the past, I had wished that I could get a clear picture of how Pakistan really is by keeping an open mind and looking at the place myself but I know unless an oppurtunity presents itself to me, I wouldnt go.... So, I know how lovely it would be for you to go there... I hope ur parents say ok... And I also hope you would blog about ur experiences there so that I can learn about the place from you... away from the Indian political media...

R said...

Do not, DARE NOT MISS this opportunity. I'm telling you. It's a land of lovely people, who have been defaced by some religious fanatics.

True, they're like us and yet very different. Some of my friends have been there, and I am dying to go there too...someday.

I hope your folks agree. Or, heck, just lie. :P

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Its simple, just tell your parents that its imperative you blog about Pakistan, (otherwise you will lose valuable readership :))and that the only way you can give your readers an authentic picture is by actually being there! Easy peasy na???
Nah I know its not that easy, I hope you manage to convince them. All the best!
I am so conscious about commas now, I am tempted to put them everywhere! And punctuation was really never one of my strengths :(

Anonymous said...

cor, what an opportunity!! would kill for a business trip to pakistan. hope you get to go.

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly reminder to you, I think pakistan's animosity with india is the fact that a lot of indians fail to accept the creation of pakistan. You may have a great intention of thinking of merging pakistan and india, but the other side may not think the same way!! Better avoid that line of conversation when you are there...

Good Luck for your trip tho, since your parents have brought you up the way you are, I am sure they would not have any problems on your trip to pakistan.

kumarldh said...

Hey I also wish to go to Pakistan and cross the border from Quetta and enter Iran. I will go definitly and that too on my motor bike.

Persona non gratis said...

I think if one is able to get past the history of 4 wars, bombings, terrorism and the mistrust for the governing bodies, which is quite natural, one would find people of India and Pakistan quite alike in many ways.

A govt does represent the people , but never heard the neighbour to be much of a democracy. So thats a point to plead your case.

Shobana said...

i think its a good opportunity n u shud tell ur parents u want to go... good luck!

R said...

allah tala ki meharbaani rahi toh aap zaroor pakistan tashreef le jayengi, aapa

Anonymous said...

so, finally blogspot is working.

you will ask your parents, they wont give u the permission, and hence you will not go.

you have got to try atleast thou.

take care!

Anonymous said...

having said all that i wud like to add tht even i want to visit pakistan, and the lines you wrote were truly amazing.

toh you wait till i get some oppurtunity of going there, and then ask ur parents if they wud let you go pak with a responsible sophisticated and brave as sunny deol personality like me.. ohh! ya! they wud!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

dont ask them.
or make a hypothetical situation scenario. ;)

gosh. what a predicament.

Koi Pahailee said...

I am really thrilled
I am sure you will like the place and have fun

but I must caution you from my experience of an Indian team that visited my company some months ago...
they could not find enough vegetarian dishes in restaurant...
so they had to choose from very little
so all through its same food, its all meat..

thats it
do let us know when u are going and to which cities...
I am from Karachi and will tell the right places to visit (for shopping and fun)

Koi Pahailee said...

and to princess
Hyderabad is another city near Karachi
and Karachi has always been Karachi :)

Anonymous said...

:) Call me crazy, but I've always wanted to visit Pakistan.. I've had many good Pak friends over the years - which has only reinforced this idea.. They are so much like us, you wonder why we bother to fight.. :S I hope you do go - and hope you enjoy the experience!:D..I'd love to see the fotos soon!:)

Angelsera said...

my dad had gone to Pakistan last year...and he said it was a beautiful country..just with taller, fairer people than us :)
I do hope u get to go too :)

Sayesha said...

Hope it works out too yaar... haven't asked them yet... gotta prepare first... :O

//hunts for some site with the country name i want to go

Hahahaha! Guys like Swedish babes, isn't it? ;)

#Anjaan Ladka,
Naah I don't think there will be any accolades from co-workers... most Singaporeans won't understand how big this whole India-Pakistan thing is... I wanna go there because I just really wanna go there! :)

Your strategy sounds wicked, but parents, especially Moms see thru our lies in three seconds flat. :D

#Macho Girl,
Thanks yaar! Fingers, toes, elbows and ankles crossed! :O

Hehehe... no one in my faamily is in the army... hope that helps...

Arre Aslambhai... gussa kam... mera blog block ho jayega! :)

Yeah, one of the biggest dilemmas I've ever faced in my life! :O

Thanks! :)

But u're to wear a purdah or stn while u're der, rt?

Dunno... I definitely won't wear my usual clothes there... and I'm ready to wear whatever it takes to get me in and out of there safely :)

Actually my parents have no issues with Muslims.... I had tons of Muslim friends in school too.. but I think they will fear for my life... what with all the bomb blasts and all happening in both countries and so much finger-pointing...

//Do give in a try at least, you never know.. Miracles happen :)

Yeah, I'll break the news over the weekend. Wondering if I should say, "Mom, Dad, I'm going to Pakistan on work." or "Mom, Dad, can I go to Pakistan on work?" :|

Thanks yaar...

//Just tell them it's a matter of career progression:D

Sigh... they may just say career pyari hai ya jaan? :|

Welcome to Sayeshaz. I really hope I get to go and come back with great experiences to relate.

//It's a land of lovely people, who have been defaced by some religious fanatics.

I TRULY, DEEPLY believe so too.

//I hope your folks agree. Or, heck, just lie.

I can't! :'(

Hahahaha! Arre my parents don't even know I have a blog! If they did, you think this post would be here?? :D

// I am so conscious about commas now

Oh nooooo! I have ruined your peace of mind!!! :'(

#Kel Tamashek,
//would kill for a business trip to pakistan.

Scary choice of words... don't say that in front of my parents. :)

Yeah! Aside from work, I'm not gonna say a word! Me and my big hypermouth could easily land me in trouble! :O

//I am sure they would not have any problems on your trip to pakistan.

Hmm... I doubt it... they'll be really worried... and my other relatives will also think they're crazy if they let me go...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Pakistan on a motor bike?? Sounds AWESOME! :D


//u shud tell ur parents u want to go

Am afraid they will just say I can't go. :'(

#Raam Pyari,
Tu apni mausi and mausa ko samjha... meri baat nahin sunenge... I know it... :'(

//you will ask your parents, they wont give u the permission, and hence you will not go.

Thanks a lot man, that was so encouraging. :|

//then ask ur parents if they wud let you go pak with a responsible sophisticated and brave as sunny deol personality like me

Hahahaah! Thanks for making me laugh in my distress! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
//dont ask them.

I did consider it... and then I thought of how I would react if baby Aish did something like that... sheesh... naah, they deserve to know...

//gosh. what a predicament.

Tell me about it!! :'(

#Koi Pahailee,
Food shouldn't be a problem cos I'm a non-vegetarian.

Am going in September to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. You're from Karachi??? Wow, if I get to go, maybe we can meet! :)

I hope I get to go!! :)

Oh yeah... the beautiful beautiful Pakistan people... during cricket matches, while I'd drool over the Pakistani cricketers, my guy friends would drool over the babelicious spectators! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

islamabad mein tera intezaam ho jayega. let me know. i hope u go!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I did consider it... and then I thought of how I would react if baby Aish did something like that... sheesh... naah, they deserve to know...

come on!
anyways, i'll hold my peace now. tu decide kar...

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,

//islamabad mein tera intezaam ho jayega.

Could you please rephrase your sentence? That doesn't quite sound right. :O

//come on! anyways, i'll hold my peace now. tu decide kar...

Kya karein yaar... Been thinking too much... They allowed to me come live in Singapore by myself when I was just 18... I can't do this to them... :(

oxymoron said...

subhaan Allah!

Allah ke durbaar main aapki khwaishon ko panaah mil jaye,

issi bahane hindustan-pakistan ki dushmani bhi fanaah ho jaye!

too corny!

hope u get to go!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

oops. waise nai yaar! :)

qsg said...

I would personally like to go to Pakistan to see the places my grandparents talk about all the time!

Based on the recent events in the world, I am becoming more and more convinced that what has to happen will happen - might as well go ahead, soak up the sun and do what you want to do... que sera sera (yea, cliched, but true!)

Best of luck in your decision! :)

Born a Libran said...

Actually, both my parents were born in Lahore... I would actually like to have a look at Lahore eventhough I know it will be nothing like how it was when they were there... It is this foolish fantasy that I have because whenever I hear people talking about going to their ancestral village/town, I feel so left out...

R said...

yaar bahin..
I just went thru the comments here..
and I genuinenly believe ki mausaji n mausiji se jhoot bolane ka bilkul bhi nahi mangta!!!
soch, kabhi baad mein pata chala toh kinna trust tootega!

koi nahi agar nahi jaa paye...try to convince them..agar nahi hue toh ..well...maybe sometime later ..but totally unko bolane ka yaar..
p.s. Waise, I knw you wudnt lie to ur mum n dad...:) after all abhin kiski;)

aydiv said...

wow ! Thats great ! I hope your parents agree !I too always wanted to go ..
u must go and tell us all about how it is there !
but definitely safety is a concern but i guess all the arrangments will be made for that !!!
Take care

Vinod Ramamoorthy said...

GO Sayesha Go !! :) .. May b u can bring peace b/w the two nations. Anyways u dont ve to fear terrorists.They never seem to attack pak!

Anonymous said...

Pakistan.. "Sayesha...r u crazyyyyyyy"..:D
yaaar i feel its a gr8-gr8 chance to be at place,people from india rarely get a chance to visit..nd no way ever in ur life u gonna plan holiday trip to dere... so u can thnk of it.. nd after all "bhai log"(D gang:D) bhi too wahin hain naa.. :D
Doo-Char Supari leke aanaa.. hah a

Sayesha..i feel u gonna have a nice trip dere.. but dont freak out ur parents ..go only if they feel like sending u.. plzzzzzzz
chalo b
Ratan: ""

Anand said...

Hey wow,
This is a wonderful opportunity!
Dont let it go...well as for ur parents...just tell them "I have to go else boss will sack me"...heheh always me;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ayesha AoA!

You are most welcome here.If you plan to visit karachi then I would like to get in touch with you.

I will be out of town from end of july to 10/11 August and incase if you visit in that period that certainly I woudnt be able to contact you.

Anyway,which three cities are you visiting?

take care


Adnan Siddiqi said...

@Kumar:I know why you want to go Iran.

I have never visited India though always wanted to. My dadihal is from Kanpur and Nanihal from Merutt.Few other relatives live in delhi and Ajmer as well.

My dad who completed his bachlor in India from Agra University,often tell me about Indian Paani puri and aloo puri and some spicty stuff on banana leaves.The othere reason is Tajmahal.

I am not sure I would be able to visit places where my dad's foot prints still exist.Things are not well these days

Raj said...

As some people have already pointed out, not too many Indians get a chance to visit Pakistan. I think you should not give a damn about those media reports. I think you would be absolutely safe there. I'm guessing you would be visitng mostly big cities so there shouldn't be any problem :)

Raj said...

Oh, and btw, I've posted a link to the pic of my shoes :)

Fishy said...

Go for it Sayesha, My dad once visited pakistan and he said it was an incredible experience...parents do know whats best for us, but u've got wings now, use them. let them know you've thought about it and made the decision to go..
GO GO GO!!!!

P said...

Thats a country I have always been so curious to visit..I do hope you get to go..(I'l be living vicariously through you!!)..I'll be watching this space....

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Blinks* Pakistan? Pakistan???!!!
*Stamps her foot on the ground and cries* I WANNA GO TOO!!!!!! Waaaaaaaa!!! :|
I so love, not the government but the country as such. I mean, it's so damn fascinating! I could kill to go there once in my life. :D *Sigh* I'm jealous of you. :P
And as for he parents, ummm...I dunno. I'd have cried, begged, emotionally blackmailed (the same old you-guys-don't-love-me jazz :P) or plain threatened, even though I'm sure they'd never refuse to let me go there. They're rabidly Pakistan crazy too. :P I think you should tell them and try to convince them that it'd be all fine. And if they don't agree, say 'okay' and inform them that you'd be going to some other country for some work. Then, take the next flight to Isloo. :D Muhahahahaha.

Young Master said...

envy you. must go.

Apy said...

Hmm.. u still havent tol em??? or were u able to gather the courage and dropped the bomb.... ??
I have actually neva given a thought to go there.. i mean.. seriously.. wen i read ur post.. i went like .. whoa... but now i think why not.. its a nice place .. SHUD GO!!! Enjoy!! n Good luck

IndianArchie said...

Well..only hope you wont come back as a jihadi.


Sudeep said...

I do hope u go but never ever think of uniting the cricket teams of both countries...

bellydancer said...

hey i think this is such a cool opportunity! you should go!! i am sure your parents will be ok if you explain it to them...

harsh chirania said...

Salam Namaste Bhai,

Bahut dino se comment nahin dia is waste sorry.. kya hain apun ka test tha to thoda padhai wadhai kar raha tha. Ab apun wapas aa gaya hain.

Khuda haafiz.

R said...

WHAT!!! WHY CAN'T YOU!!! I'd kill to go there!!!


Sayesha said...

Wah janaab, kya likha hai! Baat dil mein utar gayi.
ps: I'm serious, I really liked it :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hehehe :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Finally! :)
Thanks for your wishes... and yes our generation understand the que sera sera but our parents' generation doesn't! :(

Tell me about foolish fantasies :)

#Raam Pyari,
Yeah I won't lie to them... I will ask them and if they say no, I will decide if I should just go off (don't see that happening either) yahan mera dimaag kharaab ho raha hai! :'(

Yeah, I hope so too! :)

Hahahaha! Yeah, that's what will bring peace. Sayesha visiting Pakistan! Hahaha! :D

Yeah, let's see yaar... everything depends on what they say...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Are you the HSBC dude? :D

And oh, the boss-sacking thing won't work. Mom will just say, "Theek hai, karne do sack. Hamein nahin chahiye aisa dangerous job." :|

Inshallah I'll be there some time in September... and if Karachi is confirmed, we'll surely meet. :) As of now, the plan is for Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
ps: And you should TOTALLY visit India and try the pani puri. There's nothing quite like it in the world. :P ~ ~

Arre I don't give a damn about media report... I'm just worried about my two home ministers' reports! :(
ps: Joote dikhaane ke liye kya din chuna, mere dost! :D

Nahin yaar... my parents gave me wings at 18... and I'm still grateful for that... I dun wanna upset them and go... :(

Welcome welcome! :) Hope your hope comes true! :)

#World Gal,
Hahaha! Phir se?? UN ki photos dekhkar bhi tu aise hi royi thi! :P Mere liye wish kar yaar... bas parents maan jaayein...

I wanna go too! :'(

I know I SHUD go yaar... all depends...

Errrr.... dude you okay?

Haan haan mere wish karne se toh jaise unite ho hi jaate dono countries! :D

Hey welcome to Sayeshaz! :) And I really really hope I get to go! :)

Tu padhai kar yaar... Bhai ki life mein bhot tension hai abhi...

Arrreeee it's not like I'm saying I don't wanna go!! X-(
ps: I hereby abolish the words 'kill' and 'bomb' from this post! :/

R said...

I am praying, woman. Jaldi se declare you ARE going. Or you're killed X-( You can't be missing this opportunity!

Edward Ott said...

What a fantastic opportunity, not just to see but by just being there you help build peace between two countries.

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

64 comments and counting!
just printout all these comments and present them to your folks. On the basis of public interest associated with your visit they might let you go.
Wont it be wonderful that you will write posts from pakistan and explain how different/similar things are as compared to india!
In case that wont work just tell your folks you going on presentation to singapore and theres one presentation in pakistan too. And either you can go to both or none!
They dont wanna jeopardise your they???

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

ohh par u toh already in singapore mein hai!!!
koi bahaana aaur maar le fir toh...China and pakistan trip.
umm..england aur pakistan zyaada ho jaayega.
afghanistan ka toh naam lena hee khatarnaak hai..
vaise b.t.w. bataana zaroori hai????

Koi Pahailee said...

Ah September! nopes not a chance
you should beware that not to delay it in october cuz it will be Ramazan then (mulim holy month) and the country changes completely then. You will be shocked!
but have a nice trip
and I dont live in Pakistan (recently shifted to UK for 2-3 years... and hate it) but do ask me if you need to know anything.
and best of luck for the permission thing. I know its hard.
and i dont know whether I should tell you this or not, but secretly i have always wanted to vists Lucknow and AMroha...two cities my grandparents are from and they have told me 1000 stories. I want to go and see the roads and their houses and everything. Someday, I will. someday!

Koi Pahailee said...
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Koi Pahailee said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Iday said...

caught this one a bit TOO late :)
when i went to Saudi some 4 yrs ago, i met many many pakis there!!! Mostly the Taxi driver types!!!

Everyone of them, i really mean EVERYONE, had only good things to say abt our country. There was this initial "Where did u say u come from. India, err... India!!!" moment. Just like the way ur manager stopped :) But then - they were cool. They'd speak about the happenings in our country and we'd ask them abt their country. I just dint find any hostility in them. And in many places i found that Indian and Paki drivers were staying in the same place as a group - all those things.

I seriously hope ur trip would materialise. I'd love to go there once.
As a proud Indian who dropped by to see what's happened of a place which he could very well have had as a part of his country!!!

Dev said...

Goodie! Have a happy journey! :D
Cant think of anythin to say other than that tho.. the ol' brain's jus not functionin this time of night. :P

Adnan Siddiqi said...

aray pahelie,ramzan hain tu kia huwa:kia ayesha rozay nahi rakhti aur chup chup kar pakoray khati hey fridge se nikal kar??:d

ayesha september,then its cool but yes i also second that either you come before ramzan or on eid.Waise ramzan in karachi is a different experience :)

Inshallah,I will sure visit India.

Adnan Siddiqi said...

aray rohit mian,naam aap ka talwar but batain bari achi aur meethi kartay ho

array aslam bhai, dubai ka chashma ,cheen ke chaddi aur irani chai kion til milarahay ho??? =)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

koi paheli ko koi bolo uska tape atak gayela hai

Tarun said...

Pakistan Hmmm.
Let's say best of "Journey".
Take some snaps, get some carpets.
Which three cities by the way?

Just Jane said...

send your folks some paki music, maybe that'll soften 'em up :)

won't your company ensure your safety? not saying they'll send black cat commandos to escort you (altho' that would be a funny sight :D), but maybe your folks wouldn't mind since its an official trip? would there be anybody else going with you or would you have to on your own?

Just Jane said...

lolling at TGFI's comment!!

Sayesha said...

I know I can't be missing this opportunity yaar.. tu mere parents ko samjha na!

Haha... I don't think I can contribute in any way to peace-building... but I jus wanna go there :)

Hehehe... if I show them the printout their first reaction will be "You have a blog?????" :O :O

//They dont wanna jeopardise your they???

Well, they don't wanna jeopardise my life either :)

//vaise b.t.w. bataana zaroori hai????

Haan. :'(

#Koi Pahailee,
Thanks yaar :) Will let you know :)

Yeah, I hope I get to go too :)

Happy journey already?? Let the journey happen yaar! Abhi toh woh bhi nahin pata :)

Hahahaha! Ek baat batao Adnan Bhai, aap fridge mein pakode kyun rakhte ho?? Hahahaha! :D

Aur waise, "Ayesha" rozay isliye nahin rakhti kyunki woh muslim nahin hai... in case you didn't know :)

Inshallah I'll get to go and aapse mulaqaat zaroor hogi :)

//aray rohit mian,naam aap ka talwar but batain bari achi aur meethi kartay ho

Hahahahah! :D

//array aslam bhai, dubai ka chashma ,cheen ke chaddi aur irani chai kion til milarahay ho??? =)

Arre nahin yaar... apne Aslambhai dil ke bahut achhe hain... zara gussa zyada aata hai bas :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hehehe.. I was thinking of the same thing :)

Thanks yaar.. hope it actually happens... If I go, it will be to Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

#Chosen One,
Arre music se kuchh nahin hoga... kuchh bhi karo, music toh Sash ko hi face karna padega! :'(

So far, it's not yet confirmed, but if I go, I'll be going with a team of speakers - I'm the speaker for Science, so there will be one for English and one for Maths. Plus, the Marketing Manager is also supposed to go with us. It's a very mixed group - one Chinese guy, one Malay guy, one Muslim lady and me.

Anonymous said...

go for it...i gues ur parents wont mind..

ritzkini said...

WOW !!
Say hi to Wasimbhai and ali Zafar for me,will ya ??
Still :O
Wow !! pakistan ! anarkali,lahore...
long kurtas,'bhaijaan'...

Sayesha said...

Yeah, they agreed without any big hoo-haa. Phew! :)

I know. WOW! :D

Adnan Siddiqi said...

lol @ "Bhaijan"

Sayesha said...