Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Me, myself and Ian

So after my first semester results were out, I sent the following email to my boss and the editors in my team.

Dear team,

Thank you for your support and co-operation in my first semester. I managed to get one A and two Bs. The annoying nerd in me is not too thrilled with the grades, but the editor swamped by work and cross-country travelling is quite proud of herself.

My classes have started for this semester, so I will be going off to NTU at 4 pm again on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do keep the timing in mind when you place stuff in my in-tray or if you want to schedule meetings where you need me to be present.

Thanks again!

My editor Banana sent me an email congratulating me on my grades. I sent her a note of thanks, but not before the cheekier side of me had gotten the better of me and added the words "Ian thinks that should have been 2 As and a B." She thought I was talking about some lecturer or classmate, but I wasn't.

I was talking about Ian = Inner annoying nerd.

In my school days, I was quite the nerd, but a somewhat fun one I think. In uni, being a nerd was 'uncool'. Not studying was cool. And so I tossed Ian into a box, locked the box and tossed the key in the Nanyang Lake. But Ian with his Houdini-like skills managed to escape three years later and presented himself to me, angry, dishevelled and in desperate need of a bath.

And now he's back in the groove.

Last Friday, when my monitor blacked out on me, Ian did a little victory dance when he saw me type the words on my blogpost, "Instead, over the weekend, I will utilise my computer time to indulge in the very interesting activity of doing homework."

"And you should get up really early and go to the library and do your Media Law homework. The library is open from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm."

"What?? I get up at six every day! I'm not gonna get up early on a Saturday, Ian!"

"But you must you must! You have to do better this semester!"

"I did very well last semester, Ian! Considering that the full-timers pull the grades of the part-timers down, I think I did good."

"That's nonsense. Who said the full-timers pull the grades of the part-timers down??"

"The lecturers did! They told us that the part-timers must work extra hard because we have to juggle work with studies and we don't have enough time for assignments and term papers and homework as the full-timers!"

"Whatever! We will prove your lecturers wrong! Go to bed now, I'll wake you up early morning tomorrow."

And he did. He woke me up at 7 am and I had to trudge my way to the library to do my Media Law homework for the week.

Today, in the Media Law class, my lecturer praised me. "Excellent analysis, Sayesha." He remarked.

"See see?" Ian had materialised out of nowhere and was nudging me.

"Offo! Yeah, okay fine. Thanks." I said grudgingly.

"You could say that a bit more dil se..." He sulked.

"Okay, don't create a scene here. I thank you baba. Dil se. Khush?"

"Khush!" He said happily. (Sheesh, he's exactly like me in some ways! Sulks and then immediately forgets everything and cheers up.)

I guess Ian's gonna keep me company for two more semesters. He's gonna push me to the limits, but he's gonna get me results. So yes, sometimes I'm thankful for his presence (and I said that because he's reading this over my shoulder.)

I think that on some levels, we all need an Ian.

To show us what we are capable of, to push us in what we know is the right direction. To rescue us from our laziest, most complacent side.

I think we all have it in us.

Do you have an Ian?


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

BRB...gotta read it now. ;)

Sahil said...

wow. posted at 11.24pm and first comment at 11.24pm.

and Sayesha, I always knew u were a geek at heart.

Stop giggling already. It's cute. :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Me bronze!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

IAN?! Oh, I loooove Ian. ;):P I mean, MY inner annoying nerd...but it's not khadoos like yours. I've a chilled out types, laid-back Ian. I kill it at the beginning of a new session but then, bring it back from its grave at the end of the year...and it helps me during the final exams!!! :D I killed it very mercilessly at the beginning of class 10 but it came back from the dead in Feb. and helped me...this time too, it has come resurrected itself before time and I'm sure it's gonna help me out in my Class 12 boards...eeeeeha! :D

P.S.: I might've missed the silver as I just came from outside and my fingers are frozen. :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Yes, I did. :/ Never mind...gold is good enough. :P

Anusha said...

Third!! And only because I read the post first, and afterwards casually sauntered over to the comments section. Next time, I'll make a mad dash!!! ;)

And on-topic, I seem to have lost my Ian. Used to hang around me all the time, but he seems to have gotten bored recently. Probably took a vacation. Ah, well..he'll come back soon. Hopefully, in time for my exams. *fingers crossed* ;)

Anusha said...

Double posting to say that though I might be leaving the fifth comment here, I'm still third. Right? Right?????

Anusha said...

Oops, triple posting. Missed ROS's comment the last time round. Yeesh, must have had an overdose of OJ tonight. Me woozy. Ok, thats it. My brain's stopped for the day. I'm going to bed.

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha an eye opening post. Why do I say that? I use to have an IAN and then he was lost somewhere. I don't know where. I was one of the best in my in class in my school/college. All thanks to IAN. After few years of working I started my MBA last year august but there is no IAN. I lost him somewhere.

Our grading system is a bit different. But if I compare it with urs I am getting B+ in every subject till now and I am happy about it. Where has my IAN gone. I should be getting or atleast aspiring for an A+. I don't...

I will have to go and find my IAN. Apan yahna pahilat kay(Did u see him)?


Anonymous said...

Good for you...personally I feel like I keep getting dumber with every passing year :O

anyways...intelligence has far fewer practical applications than you would think...

...at least, that's my theory and I'm sticking with it :)


Rays Of Sun said...

Sayesha first 10 comments are always for people believing that they are first, second or third only to realize that The gold, silver n bronze is already taken, soon after they publish:)))

starbreez said...

(Too weird for me to use Ian when I know Real People with the name!) Your i.a.n. is fearsome, man. Competitive edge is too gentle a phrase for what it brings you. But for some reason I keep thinking of i.a.n. as that gnome in Harry Potter II.

Anonymous said...

Have not got an Ian but have a Sue(sexy uber erudite) and she's hot.

Kathy said...

Congrats...it would be tough schedule for you naa.Goodluck and take care Kawaii^_^and give my kiss to your Ian ^_~


Anusha said...

ROS, so true.

Sayesha, make a new rule. Gold, silver and bronze given only to those who write meaningful comments the first time over.

Although, going by this rule would mean I lose out on all three categories. :P Ah, well...if it helps get rid of this feeling of impending stampede every time a new post appears on your blog, then its worth it. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Clueless: LOL...nice idea for a rule...but then, people like me who rush to get one of these medals will lose. AAARGH! :/

Rays Of Sun said...

I would lose! Coz I have still not read this post:D

Jina said...

I think my ian is dead after my tenth...sad but true...aaaa...melodrama follows..n yellow roses for my fellow ian....

but the only problem is i guess my ian belongs to the species of phoenix

Anusha said...

TGWSTW (too lazy to type out the whole name, sorry!! :P),
\\people like me who rush to get one of these medals will lose.
That's the whole point!! To make others lose so I can take over the throne here at the comments section and rule over the world!!
*cue evil laugh* ;)

see what i mean??? :D

if by now you want to bash me up for starting this whole train of thought, I totally understand. Just remember that I'm a very very young girl, sweet and innocent. Who, incidentally, happens to be having a rocking time tonite with all this...:D

And sorry also for going off-topic...remember IAN, ppl!! :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Remember, when the cat is away, the mice play:D
Khatarnaak Billi is sleeping peacefully:D

Thanu said...

I agree with u, we all have an Ian within us. Some of us listen to it, most of us just ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Hahaa..:-). Loved your post Sash.
When I read the title, I thought it was the name of a person. My bro has a friend name IAN..:-)).

Yeah Sash, I sure do have an IAN, and I must totally pay heed to its constant reminders about important things :-). It is so easy for the other part of us to dominate, because not doing anything, is the easiest thing to do.

lazy leo said...

Very well said sayesha. I agree completely. Work and studies together is a tough cookie....and thats when Ian helps the most. When Lib (lazy inner being)tempts you to snooze all morning on a weekend, Ian wakes you up and keeps you going. I myself have recently got back results from an exam I was all prepared to fail, what with the myriad of distractions I faced just before the exam... All I can say is - thank you, my Ian!

Anonymous said...

LIB. Thanks lazy leo :-). I was looking for an acronym to describe that part of us, hahaaa.

Global Indian said...

Sayesha, wonder why your Annoying Inner Nerd is a 'he'..

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

//To make others lose so I can take over the throne here at the comments section and rule over the world!!//
HAHAHAHA. If I can't win, you can't win either. :P Meaningful comments... Remember? HA! No one can write meaningful comments really fast enough to win...:P It'd ultimately be someone with a "me first!" comment who'll take away the prize...wah wah wah! How smart of me to tell that! :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

^^ Bhanuj, I think you're seriously high. Go, get some help.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Okay, Sayesha, it's a comment blizzard from my side...but trust me, YOUR BLOG IS HAUNTED! That negative creep posted his comment before I did and mine was a reply to his...see what your blog has done! How the hell could I know what he'd write? And that too, THREE minutes in advance?

Negative Creep said...

My Ian's too stoned out of his wits to care... when he was like 12, i introduced him to marijuana and ever since, he leaves me in peace... i make sure that he doesn't go onto harder drugs, bcoz if he OD's and dies, then it'll be a lot harder to get the new one hooked on to dope.... makes more sense to keep this one alive and stoned....

Vikram said...

Geez! Sayesha,

you are a nerd
you are a nerd
you are a nerd
you are a nerd


Sayesha said...

#The Girl,
Mere desh ki ladki sona nigle

Aha, we're back to the old 'oh I know you so well, Sayesha' mode, aren't we?

And Igg (Inner giggling girl) says 'Thank you'. I say 'Hmmmph!' :)

Bacha tu bhi? :)

#The Girl,
Maar daala?? Maar daala??
May the resurrected Ian help you in your exams! All the best! :)

//Next time, I'll make a mad dash!!! ;)

Eeesh, et tu, Cluelessus?? :O

I'm sure your brother will keep Ian captive for you and not let him go anywhere till you finish your degree! ;)
ps: Are you sure it's only OJ? :/

The best thing about Ians is that the moment you think of them and wish they were around, they will pop out of nowhere! :)

I don't think Ian has anything to do with intelligence. He's all about being hardworking and diligent.

What an observation! :D

Sheesh! :/
ps: I have never introduced to Ian, my dear. He would scare you. He scared me at times! :/

Err... whatever makes you happy :)

Thanks, dear. Ian refuses the kiss with a 'don't sway me from my mission' note to you :)

#Clueless, The Girl,
I KNEW I should have listened to Imp (Inner moral police) when he told me not to allow teenagers to Sayeshaz. Been smuggling 'non-OJ drinks' in, haven't ya? Huh huh huh? :/

Ab tak padha nahin??? :( Tu bhi bachon ke saath ulajh gayi?

Every Ian is a phoenix, my dear. He's around, don't worry. You just need to call out, and he'll be there. :)

Will let you off with a mild warning this time. Leave your glass there though, I wanna test its contents after you're gone. :D

Now you're propagating my sleeping timings to crazy drunk teenagers and instigating them to do danga at Sayeshaz?? Tujhe pata nahin what's the price of panga with Sayesha??

Aha! So you do too! :)

//because not doing anything, is the easiest thing to do.

Well said! :)

#Lazy leo,
True... life's a constant fight between Lib and Ian, eh? :)


#Global Indian,
Hahaha! Arre what kinda question is this yaar? Male hai toh hai! Why are you a 'he'? Same reason. :)

#The Girl,
Oye tu gayi nahin abhi tak? Side mein phone hai, ghar call kar, kisi ko bula aur ghar ja. And jaate jaate Clueless ko bhi ghar drop kar de. Aur haan, ROS ko road par drop kar de.

Sheesh! Just when I thought non-OJ drinks are the biggest threat at Sayeshaz, I have a stoned patron? Gotta recall the bouncers! :D

#The Girl,
Tere hi comments hamesha haunted kyun hote hai bacha??

I know
I know
I know
I know

Ian is just 25% of my personality though.

Rays Of Sun said...

Bar hai gundi! what do u expect:D
Abhi tak post nahi pada:(

Vikram said...

25% ?!!!

you are a total nerd
you are a total nerd
you are a total nerd
you are a total nerd

Negative Creep said...

Bah!! Bouncers are useless... I am the God in charge of advocating marijuana use throughout blogspace... Dope is the wonder drug, it promotes peacefulness and relaxation, Native Americans used to smoke up before negotiations so that the negotiations would go peacefully and it worked too... And once you're blitzed out of your skulls, your I.A.Ns are gonna be banging on the insides of your heads, begging you to let them escape... So remember kids, don't smoke, don't drink, do marijuana instead.... Sex, Drugs and Rock And Roll!!! Hooo Yeah!!!

Negative Creep said...

@TheGirlWhoRippedOffADavidBowieSongTitle: I wish i was stoned... i need to meet that friend of mine and tell the dude to give me my joints, i've been waiting too damn long...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Sayesha, you know of any good rehab clinic? The-Dude-Who Ripped-Off-An-Entire-Nirvana-Song-Title needs to be admitted, even though he says that rehab is for quitters. Oh, and I guess, mental asylum's no. might be required too...my poor friend has lost it.

//Mere desh ki ladki sona nigle//
ROTFL!!! Accha gaana hai. :P

// All the best! :)//
Thanks :D

//Been smuggling 'non-OJ drinks' in, haven't ya? Huh huh huh? :/
OH NO!!! Clueless, we're caught by the Smart and Cruel Sayesha (I stole Chapaat's word)...nahiiiin!

Oh, and I dropped Clueless at her place but ROS ko road par phenkne mein problem aayi. She kept on hopping back into our supersonic jet. :P Aage se aise passengers mat bhejna. :P

Negative Creep said...

^^ Rehab clinic for Marijuana?? they'll throw you out... Marijuana's not physically adddictive, so, where does rehab come in the picture??

Eclectic Blogger said...

Agree with Thanu :)

Just another ... said...

Yes I have an IAN too!

Chitra said...

He he he how about IUN - Inner Un-annoying nerd :) ??

Raj said...

I have a big Ian (nice name. btw!). He is very powerful and takes control over me at times against my will.
But I have never been a nerd ever. I think I know how to keep Ian in control.

Sayesha said...

Yeh apun ka bar hai. Bacha log ko entry case-by-case basis par milti hai, kya? :/

Mid-week drinking crisis, eh? :D

#Negative Creep, The Girl
(I have nothing to say to you guys. Please sort it on your own, or my bouncers will do the job I pay them hefty amounts for.)

Haha! :)

#Just another...

Or perhaps 'Inner Not So Annoying Nerd' = Insan! Hahahah! :D Tumhaare andar bhi ek insan hai! Haahaha! :D

//I think I know how to keep Ian in control.

I do too. But sometimes I let him be in charge. All for my own good. :)

Unknown said...

LOL...My IAN has been long dead and buried! Even a self-proclaimed godman wouldnt be able to bring it back alive! ;)

Anonymous said...

IAN hai..lekin uski chalti nahin!


Pi said...

sayesha, I ran face recognition using Myheritage.com for a photo that Viv, you and I took at Max's treat at Esmirada.

Here were the matches

Sayesha : 60% match with Annika Sorenstam (the champion lady golfer)

Viv: 63% match with Winona Ryder! Ha ha

And the software refused to recognize my face!

Pi said...

This is hilarious....

In another face recognition of a photo that Sinnerman, you and I took at Long Beach, Perenthian...

Sayesha: 68% match with Julia Roberts ;)

Sinnerman: 67% match with Hale Berry!! :P

Me : 71% match with Jason Biggs (American Pie movie star)... ha ha

virdi said...

My editor Banana

Hahahahaha... Every time I read Banana aisa lagta hai main fisal jaunga... ;-)

And so I tossed Ian into a box, locked the box and tossed the key in the Nanyang Lake.

are you Amitabhi Bachchni by any chance?? It like he asking the contestant on the hot seat in Kaun Banega Mera Pati...

Lock kiya jaye?? Sure confident?? pakka??

The contestant gets irritated and says "Abe lock kar de... Aur chabhi Nanyang Lake mein fek de... Kya dimag ka dahi kar raha hai yaar"

Do you have an Ian?


ritzkini said...

IAN ???
No need !!
OAN hoon mein khud !!

t said...

Haan Sayesha-di I have an Ian... college ke time mein sirf soti rehti thi; only wake up when thr was some exam...
and now I dunno whr she is... probably I'll c her just in time b4 my next presentation/submission hehe ;)

Pradyot said...

>>"You could say that a bit more dil se..." He sulked.

I would like to draw your attention to the pronoun 'he'... how come if it is a nerd it is a 'he' never a she... even if it is nerd inside a girl!! Gender bias... nahi chalega nahi chalega... humari mange poori karo... ladko pe attyachar nahi chalega nahi chalega... hehehe

BTW after 3 years in lake I don't think IAN needed bath. I mean he is a nerd and haven't bathed for only 3 years... I guess he can go on for another couple of years!

Pradyot said...

aur yeh humne aapki half-century poori kar de. ab aap Indian team main nahi khel sakte because you scored more than 50!

Priya said...

with regards to ur reply to my comment on ur previous blog..
SAY WAT??!!! :O
my hindi speakin/reading/comprehending skills aint tht profound!


lazy leo said...

The discussion on ian vs lib has inspired my new post...thanks, sayesha!

R said...

My Ian is just fussy. Doesn't cheer up easily like yours.

Anonymous said...

//Hahahahaha... Every time I read Banana aisa lagta hai main fisal jaunga... ;-)

Virdee tune mujhe sardar jee wala joke yaad dila diya. Ek sardar roz kele ke chilke par fisal ke gir jata tha...ek din usko kele ka chilka dikh jata hai road pe..sardar sir pakad ke baith jata hai "O SHIT YAAR,aaj fir girna padega" =))

Sayesha said...

#Vik H,
Sheesh! :O

Haan haan, waise bhi Tinku ji ke saamne kiski chalti hai?? :D

#American Pie,
Hahaha! Yeah that post of mine is coming up soon! :)

//And the software refused to recognize my face!

Hahahaha! I like this part the best! :D

//Sayesha: 68% match with Julia Roberts ;)

Eeeks! Must be my damn smile. I don't like Julia Roberts :(

You and Jason Biggs?? Hmmm... yeah maybe... but I don't like him either! He reminds me of scenes from American Pie and grosses me out! :S

//Hahahahaha... Every time I read Banana aisa lagta hai main fisal jaunga... ;-)

Sheesh. Kar di na sardaar wali baat??

My latest verdict:
Virdi ko lock kar diya jaaye, and throw the key in the Nanyang Lake! :D

Maaloom tha! At least one commentator HAD to say this! I was betting on Viv or Prad, but you were close enough! :)

Arre teri Ian ladki hai? Interesting! :)

Arre yaar, uska naam Ian hai, isliye woh 'he' hai. Aur koi reason nahin! :) Believe me when I say this, my class has more nerdy girls than guys!

//ab aap Indian team main nahi khel sakte because you scored more than 50!

Kar diya mere Hindustaan ka insult? Mil gayi santushti? :)

Hahahaha! Knew I'd get you that one. It's just means that you're so tall that the poor pigeons will get sprains in their necks tryin' to look at you :D

#Lazy Leo,
Aha! Will go read! :)

Hehehehhe :P

Sheesh!! Tinku, tu bhi Virdi ho gaya??
(Btw, Ian's not happy. Ian says, "The post was about me..." and sulks.)

Kathy said...

Hey Kawaii "Happy Republic Day" to you and to all Indian buddies here especially the members of Sayeshas.Cheers guys!
Have a nice day...

luv ya,

Koi Pahailee said...

came here from some blog
read a few posts
u write well

R said...

Oops, no new post.. I had thought kuch aur interesting padne ko milega.. Damn. busy celebrating Republic Day?!

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

#Koi Paihalee,
Hey, I've seen you here before! Didn't know you had a blog though! :)
ps: Thanks! :)

Hehehe... nahin yaar.. monitor was giving me more problems! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Sayesha..

I thought the max no of comments were already given in and I wouldn't be able to comment :p

Really cute post haan.. 'tossed Ian into a box, locked the box and tossed the key in the Nanyang Lake' ... 'and I said that because he's reading this over my shoulder'... loved reading it and not just once :D

You write really well dear.. keep 'em on always.

Take care,
God Bless You,

P.S: Thanks for visiting my space & for signing in my guestbook :-)

Sayesha said...

Thanks dear! :)

rt said...

its a cool post...
most of us have our Ians.. to be good/studious or something like that..
just that we all try to hide it most of the times from most of the people for most of the things..
neways thats y its called inner :)