Thursday, May 05, 2005

Of cars and Sayesha

I'm bad at cars. Very bad. Really really bad.

I was telling a friend about my boss' flashy red sportscar.
He asked, "So what car is it?"

"Well, errr... flashy red sportscar?"
"No, I mean what model?"
"Well, errr... flashy red sportscar?"

I grinned like an idiot. I really had no more words to describe it.
I can't identify cars. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can only tell if a car looks cool or not. Now don't give me the raised eyebrow "Really??"! Do you know as much Bollywood as I do? Gotcha! Hah!

When I was young, my Dad was transferred to this tiny town for two years. The town was so tiny that everyone knew everyone else. Honestly! If you were out on the roads, you would invariably bump into someone you knew every 10 seconds or so, and you would have to stop and chat. Kinda like walking to the water cooler at work.

The town was so small that there was not much to put it on the map, and so my O and A level results made the townspeople very proud. I was considered kind of a mini-celebrity there, and the local papers would carry my photo and articles about me now and then.

That was the town where Dad tried to teach me how to drive. On weekends, Dad and I would set off early in the morning and I would drive the car around.

Till the day, I rammed the car into a shoe shop.

It was 5 in the morning, and so luckily the shop was closed. And nope, I did not hurt anybody. So stop grinning!

Later in the day, I went to a shop to buy something. The shopkeeper grinned at me in a very weird way. The following is in its original form in order to preserve the rustic nature of the conversation.

"Toh? Subah subah gaadi thonk diye joota ka dukaan mein?" He asked.
("So? Rammed the car into a shoe shop early in the morning?")

"Aapko kaise maaloom?" I looked at him suspiciously.
("How do you know?")

"Haha! Sabko maaloom hai!" He grinned again.
("Haha! Everyone knows!")

"Achha?? Isko bhi paper mein kaahe nahin chhap diye??" Yes, I was quite the hot-blooded teenager.
("Really? Why didn't you get this published in the papers as well??")

It was very annoying and very discouraging. I realised that a town where it was news if I sneezed, was not the best place to test-drive. So I gave up. I have not touched the wheel since.

I love long drives. But I believe I'll make a terrible driver. One of my friends supports this by saying, "You shouldn't be allowed to drive people around. You're too hyperactive to be a responsible driver." I have a feeling she's right.

But one of my cousins says, "It's the people who think they can't drive, that have the potential to be the best drivers. That's because they know the importance of driving well."

Ah, well. Maybe there is hope for Sayesha :)


Anonymous said...

so what model sportscar does your boss have? ;)

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only one ignorant about dem four wheelers! Phew! that's some solace! ;P

Sayesha said...

It's a flashy red sportscar. :P

Welcome to the club! :)

Anonymous said...

Duh :P Should have seen that one coming sayesha...ever the prankster

Anonymous said...

since a few days have been digging at ur archives.
Simply put - you rock dudette!

keep rocking. .. .err . . i mean keep going strong :-)

PS: blogrolled you.

Sayesha said...

You know me so well, and still I gotcha? ;)

#Thanks, Ashish! :)
Took me a while to find which post you'd commented on when I found your comment in my gmail! :P

Humjoli said...

You reminded me of my home town. its actually like that, every few yards you bump into someone you know. I normally go home once in 3 months for 2 days or so. And all the time is normally wasted in meeting people only. Relaxing in my home town is something very difficult for me. At times its very irritating but at times it really feels good to meet people you know after a long time.

harsh chirania said...

hey tht town cant be the one i m thinking about.. and u stayed dere only for 2 years?? i stayed there for 16 yrs and no one knows even my name.. although i got only 0.2% lesser than u in the exam...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Bhavya said...

Ha! Finally I came across someone other than myself who cannot name car models either! I am so amused and so happy!!!